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Hudson Durable Goods - Professional Grade Chef Apron - Black - 100% Cotton

  • Hudson Durable Goods - Professional Grade Chef Apron - Black - 100% Cotton
  • Hudson Durable Goods - Professional Grade Chef Apron - Black - 100% Cotton
  • Hudson Durable Goods - Professional Grade Chef Apron - Black - 100% Cotton
  • Hudson Durable Goods - Professional Grade Chef Apron - Black - 100% Cotton
  • Hudson Durable Goods - Professional Grade Chef Apron - Black - 100% Cotton
  • Hudson Durable Goods - Professional Grade Chef Apron - Black - 100% Cotton
  • Hudson Durable Goods - Professional Grade Chef Apron - Black - 100% Cotton
  • Hudson Durable Goods - Professional Grade Chef Apron - Black - 100% Cotton
  • Hudson Durable Goods - Professional Grade Chef Apron - Black - 100% Cotton

Hudson Durable Goods - Professional Grade Chef Apron - Black - 100% Cotton

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Built To Last - Build quality that the cheap work aprons can't match! Handcrafted from heavy weight, yet soft & breathable 10 oz cotton (compare to standard 8 oz or less). Machine washable. Constructed with gun-metal grommets and rivets. Double stitched pockets. Thick top and bottom hems for strength and structure.
  • Cook All Day in Comfort & Style - Prevent neck pain with cross-back straps. Flat-black color for a stylish, upscale chef look.
  • 4 Pockets & Towel Loop - Large pockets in front (6.5 inches tall x 8 inches wide). Quick access cell phone/pencil pocket on chest. "Kangaroo" style hand pocket. Towel loop on right hip.
  • Adjustable Size & Quick Release Buckle - Bib apron measures 27 inches wide x 34 inches tall for full coverage and unisex sizing (recommended for 5' 2" or taller individuals). Extra long straps with quick release buckle accommodates wide range of sizing up to men's XXL sizes (50 inch waist).
  • Broad Use - For professional and commercial use. Grill apron, barbecue apron, bbq apron, kitchen apron, cook apron, chef apron for men, professional apron, grilling apron, restaurant apron, bakers apron, barista apron, butcher apron, artist apron, man apron, men's apron, manly apron for the grill master, artist apron, aprons for men, and more.
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Customer Reviews

Great apron!Very solid product! I work in a kitchen and my coworkers commented on how nice the apron was compared to the basic ones the company provided them. The maker of this product takes pride in their work, the apron feels like it should last me a while; very fast responses and easy to contact. Would definitely recommend to others!My only gripe is that the breast pocket could be deeper. The pens I have don't clip on perfectly unless I angle it slightly, so when I bend over at the waist they tend to fall out. Or maybe my pens are just too long. Other than that, it's been a great apron for work!5Surprised by the Handiness. Ok, first off: I am NOT an apron guy. I have resisted this notion for some time, even though my wife has several times pointed out the advantages of having one when I am grilling and smoking meat. I finally gave in, and ordered this apron based on her recommendation. At least it's a manly denim apron, and except for not being thick leather, the design is reminiscent of the welding coat (I refused to call it an apron!) I used to wear when I was working with hot metal. So, much to my surprise, when I wore this the first time smoking ribs and chicken this weekend, I LOVE IT! It is comfortable, adjustable to my "full figured man" physique (with plenty of room to grow), the pockets are really handy for timers, my instant read thermometer, cell phones, and other things I keep with me when I'm grilling. And when I get charcoal dust on me, I can just brush it off. I actually wish I had bought one of these years ago. If I ever do wear it out, I will definitely order another one. 5I am totally impressed with this!!! Hudson rocks!OK, guys, fellow cooks and kitchen magicians, let's get this straight right now: This is NOT "an apron," it is a "MANPRON" and there is likely no good lady in your life who will want to borrow it! LOL, it's just way masculine designed, and looks, feels, behaves like the good stuff I buy from my favorite "man-stores" which begin with "C" and "D" for those in the know!!! I love this thing...robust material, unique design, all sorts of "hi-lo" pockets, etc., to put stuff in (even a side loop to hang something from)...and even has a slot pocket for a pen or pencil! Wow, THAT is thoughtful. I'd darn well wear this to the market, then straight to the kitchen for cooking...LOL. I'm a shorty "bear," 5'6" and 175#, but the straps and the way it fits is so flexible that I think it would fit anyone, and it STAYS in place because the straps from the front cross over the shoulder, then across the back (straps held in place by a very clever bit of leather "X-guide"), down to the waist and connect at the small of the back with a secure plastic BUCKLE with the adjustable straps to make sure it holds in place no matter how tight or loose you prefer...no need to "tie a knot"! You might even have to spend a minute or two to figure it out (I did) because I have never seen anything like it; VERY well thought out!!! It's a heavy denim type fabric, sewed strongly for durability. I got the grey color...nice and "business-like;" and no frivolous decorations, words, silly sayings, etc., on it. It ought to wash well, and soften a little (it's a bit like a new pair of jeans right now...) with proper care. A personal hint: do NOT use fabric softener on this as it reduces/eliminates the ability of the fabric to absorb liquid/s; bad for the cooking business! Guys, cooks...get one of these, and YAY-shoutout to the single Dad who makes these! My vote: 5 stars!5UPDATED!! Fantastic customer service...Great- but wrong- product.?Ok so, I purchased the "heavy duty" not the waxed one because the "waxed" one was supposedly unavailable. Upon recieveing my "heavy duty" apron I washed it cause I was going to apply scotchguard to water proof my apron. Well I then realized that they sent me the "waxed" apron--which I originally wanted but couldn't due to being "unavailable"---and the waxed apron can't be washed!!! So now my beautiful new waxed apron is ruined with soap scum.!!I would love to give 5 stars but there was obviously a miscommunication--update--After my first review they immediately reached out to me sending me a brand new waxed apron AND let me keep the first one I washed. So now my chef boyfriend is using that one at work and he LOVES it!!!They are stiff at first due to the sturdiness but just keep wearing it and it will break itself in.5 stars5its really good but...comes stiff, after a few washes it softens up. material is nice and thick and rivets are sturdy.ima big guy 6'2" 290lbs. could be a little wider. says it sizes to a 50" waist but then would be right at your sides and not much coverage at all. the length is a little short too imo. so if i was a little shorter and skinnier this would be perfect it would fit how it should so this is a no brainer if your smaller then me. awesome.now to cover the added features that made me buy this product. first over the shoulder straps not around the neck has that leather X in the back to make more better the straps.... ok well this actually makes it feel weird but you get used to it but it must be in the right spot for you otherwise it just drives ya nuts and you remove it.the clips to secure it it together. ok they dont ever get tight enough to stay in place. often times they just come off the ends. i have to just tie it now cause they wont stay. these are my only 2 flaws but they are what made me buy this one over others so it was kinda a fail.despite the good quality of the product i really dont feel it is worth this cost and is overpriced.4Made nicely, design not for me, thoughI did not get this for BBQ grilling long time outside, but for routine indoor kitchen use. I got this because I wanted all cotton that breathed and didn't pill, and the navy because I didn't want something that would show stains and such like my old navy and white striped twill cotton apron. It is made nicely but found putting on with all the straps and plastic snap buckles just too much and time consuming as if I'm getting dressed for combat and was unnecessary. So I returned this and ended up choosing an apron somewhere else, at a specialty kitchen chain that had a plain cotton navy apron to throw the simple loop adjustable neck over the head and quick tie in the back that had no plastic, it also had a little wider coverage on the chest area than this one.4It's not an apron. It's a kitchen armor mod!Or at least it will be for Fallout 4 if I ever find the time.Seriously, though...If this apron can withstand the rigors of the post-apocalyptic wasteland, imagine what it could do in your kitchen.comfortable, durable, lots of pockets, an accoutrement strap and even a pouch... a POUCH!I can now play papa kangaroo to my green cheek conure who now insists upon diving in there and then poking her head out so she can properly supervise the salad making process.I'm giving this apron five stars because I cook--a lot.And in all those years, I have never, ever encountered an apron with so much thought put into it.There's even a pocket for a paper notepad.I use it for my phone and listen to music, but I safety pin the pocket closed because it is an open pocket and I don't want it to fall out if I have to lean over and grab something from far below.Other than that, it is really honestly the best apron I've ever purchased.The stitching is top notch too.So, my official recommendation is to buy this.Oh, one other thing...There's clips in the back that snap together to belt it to the waist, which I thought was pretty cool.Most aprons require a little skill in the backwards bow tying department so they even took into consideration people unfamiliar with such dexterous deviltry.That was nice.Edit: Bought this back in early 2017 and here it is on the cusp of 2020 and still going strong...I don t want to set the world on fire...War never changes...5An apron fit for my KingThis is a manly apron, for sure! I wanted something for my husband to wear while he was grilling, because he ruins all of his t-shirts. Why he can't grill one single meal without splattering some oil on himself is beyond me, but hey, it is what it is, and it ain't going to change! His "aprons are for girls" mentality had me on the search to find something that he could wear and still feel like a dude.Well this is it. What I hate most about my aprons are the ones that have the tie around the neck. It is just uncomfortable. This apron does not have that and is very comfortable and also clips in the back instead of ties. For a guy who built our two car garage with his bare hands, and by himself, it escapes me why he can't tie something behind his back. But he can't.This is very well made, worth the price and I highly recommend this apron. If you are reading this, just buy it already. You won't regret it!5Messy and inaccurate I ordered this apron for my dad and am incredibly disappointed with the craftsmanship. The top pocket is way different from the image. It s about two inches bigger in height and width and sits awkwardly off-center. In the picture, it sits on the left side of the chest but mine looks like someone lazily sewed it on and misaligned it. In one picture you cam see that the edges of the pocket aren t even straight. The edges of the pocket are crooked. Also it is sewn about an inch in so the pocket is technically 2 pockets? A pen holder and notebook holder??? Not displayed like that in the photo so looks like a sewing mistake. The fabric is a nice denim and the straps feel sturdy... but the pockets look so janky.I m so disappointed and feel like I got scammed. I trusted the reviews and it seemed like a reliable brand but the product I got does not show the premium quality that they promise. 1Out of my own pocket i bought 10 of them worth evey dollarJust finished an event for 225 ppl these apaon were a big hit with my crew .the apron were so comfortable that you forget you have them on. that's is because of the design its not pulling down on your neck 5 star to youYes i know these will cost you a little more but worth every dollar nice looking plenty of pocket, great towel holder nice touch too fits all sides5I love the kangaroo pocket as I can have a clean ...I never write reviews of Amazon purchases (I think this might be my very first) but this apron is the bees knees. I am a high school art teacher and my apron is my work uniform. Over the past 20 years I have had oodles of aprons for varying lengths of time. This apron is supreme. It is the apron to rule all other aprons. I have had this apron for a year now. I love the kangaroo pocket as I can have a clean pocket for my hands when the other pocket begins to accumulate clay tools. X-Actos and bits of plaster, I thought the straps were going to drive me nuts and get tangled and caught up in everything (like my ID lanyard), nope, never an issue. The fabric is really soft but damn durable; I usually clean my brushes on my apron, use it to dry my hands, pin things to it, stick tape onto it, wipe plaster and clay on it. And it cleans up like a breeze (I am not claiming that acrylic paint washes out because it doesn't, that's not paints job, paints job is to bind to material), I just chuck it in the wash (cold/cold), hang to dry and we are ready for action. This apron has saved my clothes because yes, I love teaching art and making art, however I do not need to look like a stereotype of an art teacher when I am in public and messy is unprofessional. I love this apron so much that: A) I wore it in my school yearbook photo and B) I am ordering one for home use. It is my little superhero teaching cape of awesomeness.5This apron is not inexpensive, but it's definitely worth the asking price!I enjoy cooking outside... a lot! But I also spend a tremendous amount of time in the kitchen doing prep work, using the stovetop, and using the oven when necessary. Otherwise, I'm outside tending to one of the smokers, bending over a cast iron pot sitting upon an open flame or just grilling on the BBQ.So I needed an apron that could do it all without getting in the way or becoming a potential fire hazard. My apron must be really breathable, remain close to my body regardless of how I'm bending, kneeling, or standing during a breezy day, and maintain its safe distance from an open flame. Finally, my apron must be easily removed in case of an emergency. This apron does that and so much more....I've been using this apron for many weeks now. It features quick release buckles, easy adjustability, and plenty of pockets for whatever you need close at hand. A loop even accommodates a towel to wipe your hands. Anything missing? Well, I'd like to hang my heat-resistant leather or silicone gloves and even my Dew Rag from an open plastic ring (similar to a keychain ring) that hangs either from the waist strap or even better, from a reinforced patch sewn into the body fabric. In fact, add a ring to each side of the apron. Other than that, this apron is perfect for my wide-ranging needs. I'm so impressed with this apron, I bought another one as a gift for my son. This apron is not inexpensive, but it's definitely worth the asking price.5
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