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Hyperikon 6 Inch LED Recessed Lighting, 14W=75W, Retrofit Dimmable Downlight, CRI90, UL, Energy Star, Soft White, 16 Pack

  • Hyperikon 6 Inch LED Recessed Lighting, 14W=75W, Retrofit Dimmable Downlight, CRI90, UL, Energy Star, Soft White, 16 Pack
  • Hyperikon 6 Inch LED Recessed Lighting, 14W=75W, Retrofit Dimmable Downlight, CRI90, UL, Energy Star, Soft White, 16 Pack
  • Hyperikon 6 Inch LED Recessed Lighting, 14W=75W, Retrofit Dimmable Downlight, CRI90, UL, Energy Star, Soft White, 16 Pack
  • Hyperikon 6 Inch LED Recessed Lighting, 14W=75W, Retrofit Dimmable Downlight, CRI90, UL, Energy Star, Soft White, 16 Pack
  • Hyperikon 6 Inch LED Recessed Lighting, 14W=75W, Retrofit Dimmable Downlight, CRI90, UL, Energy Star, Soft White, 16 Pack
  • Hyperikon 6 Inch LED Recessed Lighting, 14W=75W, Retrofit Dimmable Downlight, CRI90, UL, Energy Star, Soft White, 16 Pack
  • Hyperikon 6 Inch LED Recessed Lighting, 14W=75W, Retrofit Dimmable Downlight, CRI90, UL, Energy Star, Soft White, 16 Pack
  • Hyperikon 6 Inch LED Recessed Lighting, 14W=75W, Retrofit Dimmable Downlight, CRI90, UL, Energy Star, Soft White, 16 Pack

Hyperikon 6 Inch LED Recessed Lighting, 14W=75W, Retrofit Dimmable Downlight, CRI90, UL, Energy Star, Soft White, 16 Pack

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  • ADJUSTABLE 5IN OR 6IN - Hyperikon LED downlights come 5" ready, simply adjust the screw to increase to 6" and fit in the canister housing. Ideal recessed can lighting kit solution for new construction as well as retrofit fixtures.
  • ENERGY STAR CERTIFIED AND UL-LISTED Certified to deliver the quality, performance, and savings. This product has been tested and listed by the Underwriter Laboratories meaning it has met their nationally recognized safety requirements. Model Number: HyperDownlight6-302, UL Number: E59780
  • 3000 KELVIN & 69 LUMENS PER WATT These 6 Inch Recessed LED lights have a lumen count of 970, a beam angle of 120, and a life span of 25,000 Hours. Replace your old cfl, halogen or incandescent bulbs with Hyperikon's 5-6" dimmable LED downlights with soft white light of 3000k.
  • SMOOTH DIMMABILITY - Smooth dimming capabilities from 100-20% with modern LED dimmers allows you to control the look and feel of your space.
  • 5 YEAR WARRANTY - When we say we've got you covered, we mean it. Should your product fail within the first 5 years from the date of purchase we will fulfill our promise and replace it free of charge to you.
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Customer Reviews

Reordered but the lights are different and lower grade! Very angry watch the video! Re-ordered the second time of the lights that came are different than the first time didn t find out until the handyman installed almost all of the new lights my wife noticed when she got home that the lights were different from the last order see the video attached this is ridiculous now I have to rip them out out of the ceiling and who s going to compensate me for my handyman costs. Very angry! 1Product has changed to a sickly greenish tone Over the past couple of years, I have installed many Hyperikon 4000K bulbs and downlights and have been extremely happy with the color. So, I was surprised to get a disappointingly greenish light from the lights in my latest order. I have attached a picture (white-balanced at 4000K) that shows the difference: old bulb on the left; new bulb on the right. I emailed Hyperikon support 6 days ago, and they acknowledged that there was a product change - the new boxes say "990 lumens" instead of 980 - but they do not yet have any explanation for the color problem. I will be returning these and will post an update if I get any information about what went wrong.Update (2019-03-30): Hyperikon support suggested reordering, so I did, but the new ones are also greenish.Update (2019-04-09): I have been waiting more than a week for replacements from Hyperikon, but they somehow lost the original replacement order. Spent 40 minutes on hold while they looked into it and set up a new one. Still hoping that new ones directly from their warehouse will show up and be good! 1Buzzing With Dimmers Designed for LEDs UPDATE: Added a star because their customer support is awesome! I called in to get help and they were very willing to find a solution to remedy my buzz problem. This seems to be a solid company and I regret that I can't make it work this time around!I'm currently finishing my basement and I installed 12 of these on two different light circuits (8 and 4). I have 8ft ceilings, and spaced them approximately three feet off the wall and four feet apart.I used Lutron LED/CFL three way dimmer switches specifically designed for LED lights like these. You can find the product I used here: Lutron MACL-153M-RHW-WH Maestro 150-Watt Multi-Location CFL/LED Digital Dimmer KitEvery single light that I installed had a definite buzz - some louder than others but all very noticeable. With 8ft ceilings the room essentially hums when the lights are on. Both circuits sounded exactly the same. I had a few other other dimmable recessed LEDs from a different manufacturer that I tested to ensure it wasn't just the switches, and they did not buzz at all. I have since read through all the reviews on this product and others have reported buzzing while dimming as well. I'm sad to say that I have to send all of these back and look for another manufacturer to give me 4000k LEDs.It's a shame because other than the sound they are perfect. They appear to be of high quality and consistency, and the light they put off is beautiful. I imagine that if you are not planning on dimming these they are an inexpensive way to upgrade to high efficiency LED. I also highly recommend 4000k in a basement. It is white enough to compensate for being underground, but not overbearing like 5000k can be. 3Execllent Product - Good Company -I bought 24 of these to change out ... Execllent Product - Good Company -I bought 24 of these to change out my entire house.Product: The Warm white was best with the lower ceiling in the basement, the soft white was better in the higher ceiling in the kitchen. I can't imagine the "day light" unless it was for a retail - publicly used envrironment. The dimmable only dims about 30% before it shuts off, which is fine, and maybe due to the type of existing dimmer switch I have.Installation: Fairly simple installation as long as the cans you have allow for a simple bulb screw in change. I have just 1 fixture that will have to be changed out completely before I install this retro-fit kit. Total time probably 5 min per fixture.Company: I chose this company's product because I noticed that every negative feedback was responded to by the company with an offer to help remedy the situation - which is how I handle reviews on my small town business.Cost: 1 word -- Warranty. This product is a bit more than some others, but from my perspective, I will do this once and if I pay a little more to do business with an US based company with a warranted product a few extra bucks isn't a big deal.Soap Box Moment: To the internet shopping public- Why would you give a company a negative 1 star review before reaching out to the company for a potential remedy? Chill out for crying out loud- a little empathy goes a long way. 5It took me a while and some frustration to figure out what the problem with the fit into a 6" can was until I noticed that the s NOTICE: IMPORTANT note about relocating the spring clip location. It took me a while and some frustration to figure out what the problem with the fit into a 6" can was until I noticed that the screw holding the bendable wire slide clips was a removable phillips head and not a rivet like the older version. YOU HAVE TO RELOCATE THE SLIDE CLIPS INTO PROVIDED 2ND HOLE to get them to fit properly into a 6" can. They come configured to fit into a 5" can. There was no mention about this whatsoever in the directions.I bought the older version late last year and they buzzed like crazy on a dimmer. Customer support was excellent and suggested I wait to get the new version and so I did and they just did an exchange this week at no cost to me and there is no noticeable buzz. Great product at a great price with great customer service and a 5yr warranty that they seem to stand behind. 5Works great and fixtures look super clean. Easy install! I just finished installing these in my kitchen. It took me about 15 minutes to install all three (I guess I have a spare now). I installed them into 5" cans. The hardest part was recognizing that i had to move the mounts to the 5" part of the frame since these shipped set up for 6" cans.The previous owner of my home did not do a great job installing the cans originally. There was visible patchwork around the rim and the housings didn't sit flush against the ceiling. Since these Hyperikon fixtures were designed for both 5" and 6" cans, they have a very thick trim that covers almost all of the defects from the original installation. It looks so much better! See attached image.I purchased the 3000K units. The light color is exactly what I wanted. They are quite a bit brighter than my previous halogens though. I'm not sure if they are perfect or a touch too bright. I'm going to let my family adjust to them for a few days, and then decide if we need to put a dimmer on them.Overall, I'm super happy with these. Especially at this price. I was getting very tired of replacing the halogen bulbs every 6-9 months.Edit 04/08/17: I just installed a dimmer switch (Lutron DVCL-153P-WH Diva Dimmer for CFL, LED, Halogen, and Incandescent Dimmable Bulbs, White), and they work perfectly. No buzzing or flickering at all. I'm very pleased with this product. 5Great lights (when arrive undamaged) and okay to great customer service - stay 2700K when dimmed, great warm color rendition When I tried these out in my current LED downlight fixtures I noticed they are (1) brighter and (2) don't turn a unnatural blue/green tone when dimmed (they stay a warm tone close to their 2700K at full brightness). They replaced Cree EcoSmart CR6 downlights that turned a blue/green shade as they were dimmed anywhere below 90% brightness. It's a huge different with more lumens and a much better warm tone.There are two weak points to an otherwise great light:(1) the tension springs are not attached to the assembly very well so a couple had to be adjusted or replaced to allow a flush installation. This is a common issue with many manufacturers though.(2) the gimbal version has screws that fall out of the adjustable part of those lights. I think this happened during shipping and they were good about replacing those.I also had a problem with flickering on a set of 6 lights on a single dimmer switch; this was because of a standard LED dimmer switch that I replaced with the Lutron DVELV-303P-WH Diva Electronic Low Voltage Dimmer. This (expensive) electronic low voltage switch also reduced already quiet humming or buzzing lights ... now I can't really hear it even when it's silent around the house. I can hear some buzzing with the non-ELV dimmers, but it's very minor and you really need to listen for it even when there are no other noises in the room.I had to work with the Hyperikon support staff a few times through the process. The first time I called they were great: immediately answered the phone at 9:00pm and resolved my issue within 5 minutes. The second time I called it was because some lights arrived damaged ... the packaging just isn't great. I couldn't reach anyone (it was 6:00pm) but they called and emailed back the next day. The replacements didn't arrive soon enough for my electrician to install but I put them in myself, easy. When I called a third time to ask if I can just pay for the original standard lights they sent my mistake, they weren't sure how to handle it but eventually sent me an invoice with a correct price.Their support staff a quick and helpful but they don't have complete authority to resolve issues even when it seems like it will save them money. However, the lights that were not damaged in shipment are excellent, great CRI and accurate lumen rating.The website description is accurate ... for the 4000K lights which do have 970 lumen. However, the 2700K lights only have 920 lumen which is not clear from the website. The support staff at Hyperikon said they'll have their marketing team fix that on their website and Amazon, so I'll count that as good customer service. 4Several technical flaws. Great customer support, but I would prefer the product to work so that I don't have to contact support. The color options are great to satisfy most people's preferences. But several technical flaws.Pros:* Color options* Customer support when you encounter issues which you definitely will.Cons:* Slight flicker on Hyperikon supported dimmers. (-1 star)* Major flicker on dimmers that are not on supported list.* The lens through which the light shines fell out of one of mine. (-0.5)* Half of the lights looked as expected visually, but the other half show a darkened area between the lens and LEDs. (See attached picture for the example) (-1 star)* Slight buzz. In ceilings that are tall I cannot hear the buzz. But in my basement with 8 foot or less ceilings the buzz is significant. (-0.5) 2Light output is great, no buzzing, but finish is a toss up. Be ready to exchange. I am having a tough time picking the number of stars for these. The lights work great, and they don't buzz with my C seta dimmers, so that is worth 5 stars. Unfortunately, the quality of the finish on these is all over the place.I ordered 4 originally from Amazon. 1 of them had bumps and scratches, and the other had a stick residue all over the metal plate that came off, but there was some on the plastic lens that did not. The other two were ok, but still did not look like a new quality product. When installed in the ceiling, only I can tell they are not perfect.I'm in San Diego and I was near the Hyperikon warehouse, so I stopped by to exchange my two defective units. Customer service is top notch, response is super fast and the people I worked with at their office were very responsive and friendly. They brought out two lights for me to replace, and asked me to check them out before leaving. Both of them had a ton of scratches on them. They brought out another two, and those were much better, acceptable, like the 2 that are already installed in my ceiling.I got home and found that Customer Service had shipped another two lights. I opened those boxes up to see if the lights were in better condition, and found them both to have more scratches than I would consider acceptable.So that's 6 out of 10 lights that I considered unacceptable in terms of finish. That's a very bad number. In contrast, the Feit lights I got at Costco all had perfect metal rings. Unfortunately the electronics in the latest models sold at Costco make these buzz like crazy with the C seta dimmers, so they are going back.I wish Hyperikon would spend more time on their quality control and make sure all the lights are perfect. Oddly, it does not look like the scratches come from bad packaging, since the flat, visible surface of the metal ring sits against the cardboard and is inside a plastic bag. The packaging is pretty well designed, and even the metal clips are extra flat to allow them to fit in the boxes they are shipped in. There's a paper card and a manual that are well made, as well as having the screw on adapter inside a separate plastic bag. Lots of thought seems to have gone into the whole packaging, but the finish issues were disappointing. 3Too many problems with these lights -- advice from someone who has installed about 90 of these I previous wrote a 5 star review that I'm going to retract. While the light emitted by these lamps is fine, the quality of the physical build of the lights is lacking. I've installed almost 8 dozen of these lights in my house and feel this is a large enough sample size to get an idea of the workmanship of these lights.What I've found is that about 1 in 5 has some kind of cosmetic blemish in the finish of the trim. These are mostly light scratches in the powder coating and mostly not noticeable when they are on the ceiling, but they are far from perfect factory condition. Around 1 in 10 has a chip or deep gouge that exposes the underlying metal and is noticeable when it's installed in the ceiling. Around 1 in 20 was clearly dented and should have been noticed by the person packing them in their boxes. These are quality control problems that I wish I would have known were possible before going all-in with this brand to replace the lights in my house.The package insert and website says they have great "unlimited" warranty coverage and will replace lights with problems--even if it's your fault from accidentally dropping it. Everyone buying these should also know that HYPERIKON DOES NOT HONOR THEIR WARRANTY UNLESS THE LIGHTS ARE PURCHASED DIRECTLY FROM THEM. This is not stated anywhere in their warranty terms and conditions. (EDIT: They have since updated their website specifically in response to problems with me.)I went toe-to-toe with Hyperikon customer service to get them to replace damaged lights for one of my orders that was purchased as a Warehouse Deal though Amazon. They said that they couldn't warrant their product after it had been returned because they had no idea what previous customers had done to the lights. Fair enough, but not stated in their warranty coverage at the time. Also, this completely ignores the fact that all the damaged lights were still factory-sealed and only "used" in name because 1 out of case of 16 lights had been opened. This also ignores the fact that lights that I bought as "Sold by Hyperikon" had the same defects as the factory-sealed Warehouse Deal lights.The customer service supervisor I spoke admitted that there is a problem with the finished quality of their lights and that warranty returns for the cosmetic problems were common. She even explained they are looking into changing their materials and manufacturing to address it.These are among the most expensive LED retrofits at around $10/light in bulk and even more at lesser quantities. Had I know about these issues beforehand, especially their warranty coverage, I would have gone with a different manufacturer to replace all the lights in my house.EDIT 1/14/2019: Quality control problems continue while customer service has been a little better. I requested warranty replacements on two more of these lights with unacceptable damage (more chips and gouges) that were specifically purchased as "Sold by Hyperikon." They have no problem warranting the lights when sold by them.One of the replacements that was sent was previously used. It was not packaged like a new light. The can springs were already bent and there was nothing else in the box besides the light and the adapter. No protective plastic and no documentation. Cosmetically, it looked okay, but when installed, there is obviously a problem with the electronics that control the LED. The light took at least twice as long to turn off as others of the same model in the same circuit controlled by the same switch. It had a long dimming effect when turning off where the others turned off right away. I even moved the light to a different fixture controlled by the switch to see where the problem was and the problem followed the light (ie, it is a Hyperikon defect, not a switch, fixture, or wiring problem). I will say with all the cosmetic problems with all the other lights, this is the only one I've installed that actual didn't work right.Customer service responded and sent out yet other light, which they assured me will be brand new. I'm able to install these things myself (including rewiring the cans to bypass the ballast that ran the previous CFLs), but it takes time and has drawn out the retrofitting of my house to nearly 3 months. It would be even more frustrating if I had to rely an electrician or handyman to come back to redo things that should just be working from the onset.My advise to anyone who reads this is to consider a different brand of lights if you are doing a large project. If you absolutely have to use this brand, make sure it's "Sold by Hyperikon" so they can't deny you warranty service. Open every light and visually inspect all of them at once and request warranty replacements for all the unacceptable ones immediately. As consumers, we shouldn't stand for sub-par quality and the company needs to turn out products that match their high prices.EDIT 1/28/2019: I wasn't surprised at all to have received another sub-par fixture from Hyperikon as a warranty replacement. This was to replace the first replacement, which wasn't working as described above. The second replacement came in a used box with a damaged socket adapter (one of the wires was completely pulled out of the base) and the plastic lens cover unglued and detached from the fixture. I had to point this out to customer service again and finally, on the third try, they managed to send an acceptable working replacement. 1
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