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iDesign 36700 Euro Plastic Sink Saddle, Glassware and Sink Protector for Kitchen, Bathroom Pots, Pans, Dishes, 11" x 12", Clear

  • iDesign 36700 Euro Plastic Sink Saddle, Glassware and Sink Protector for Kitchen, Bathroom Pots, Pans, Dishes, 11" x 12", Clear
  • iDesign 36700 Euro Plastic Sink Saddle, Glassware and Sink Protector for Kitchen, Bathroom Pots, Pans, Dishes, 11" x 12", Clear
  • iDesign 36700 Euro Plastic Sink Saddle, Glassware and Sink Protector for Kitchen, Bathroom Pots, Pans, Dishes, 11" x 12", Clear
  • iDesign 36700 Euro Plastic Sink Saddle, Glassware and Sink Protector for Kitchen, Bathroom Pots, Pans, Dishes, 11" x 12", Clear
  • iDesign 36700 Euro Plastic Sink Saddle, Glassware and Sink Protector for Kitchen, Bathroom Pots, Pans, Dishes, 11" x 12", Clear
  • iDesign 36700 Euro Plastic Sink Saddle, Glassware and Sink Protector for Kitchen, Bathroom Pots, Pans, Dishes, 11" x 12", Clear

iDesign 36700 Euro Plastic Sink Saddle, Glassware and Sink Protector for Kitchen, Bathroom Pots, Pans, Dishes, 11" x 12", Clear

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • SINK GRID: Strong sink grid slides over divider to protect pots, pans, glassware, dishes, mugs, and sink from scratches and damage when washing and drying. Ideal for kitchen, bathroom, and laundry room sinks
  • OPEN DESIGN: The grid design prevents water and bacteria from being trapped between the mat and sink wall
  • STAYS IN PLACE: Sturdy suction cups stick to the sink wall and prevent the saddle from sliding around
  • DURABLE: Strong plastic construction designed to withstand years of use
  • IDEAL SIZE: Each saddle measures 11" x 12" to fit over most sink dividers
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Customer Reviews

I don t get it.I just don t get this product. The size is too small to efficiently cover the saddle between my sinks (I m not saying the size was misrepresented, but I don t have an oversized sink). The suction cups don t hold regardless how many times I re-secure them. And what s up with the cut-out holes of the design? If you do rinse spaghetti sauce off a dish it just goes through the holes and collects underneath the clear surface, which not only is nasty but you have to take it off, rinse and re-secure. For the zillionth time. What am I missing?2Good product.I have a double porcelain sink and the center piece (the ridge) between the sinks has always gotten black streaks on it when I wash pots. With the sink saddle, that problem has been ended. The suction cups hold it firmly in place and I'm very satisfied with the product. The only problem: when it arrived, one of the vinyl ends that extend along the top ridge of the sink was bent up. It's been on my sink for a couple of weeks now and the vinyl still hasn't settled down onto the sink. The manufacturer should attach a piece of cardboard to it when shipping so it retains it's shape. I've run hot water over it and it settled a little. If it doesn't settle down as it should in two weeks, I'm going pour boiling water over it, or, as a last resort cut it off.4Stains terriblyI just got this and was rinsing out a dish with some spaghetti sauce on it when some of it splattered on it. It stained orange and I tried to scrub it off, I could not remove the stains. I decided to put it in the dishwasher because I dishes even plastic with sauce on them come clean. Instead of removing the stains now the whole thing has turned orange. I have no idea what kind of plastic this is made out of now but it is not made how it used to be. I had one that looked just like this for years that had yellowed and cracked over time that I was replacing but it never stained like this one has. Terrible product. I only gave a star because I had to.1InterDesign Sink Saddle, ClearWe have a double sink that is made of white porcelain and the hump in the middle kept getting scratches in the finish. Since this sink is inset into the counter and the counter is tiled, it would be a real pain to replace. So, we went out looking for something to protect the finish and found this item, so we ordered it. Here is what we like: 1. Since this is a clear mat, it goes with any finish color. 2. There are enough suction cups to hold it firmly in place. (Hint, soak in warm water first and then fit it over the hump. That allows the material to conform to shape and then holds that shape well.) 3. As long as you rinse it quickly, the material does not pick up accidental color from tomato sauce. I would NOT make a regular habit of that though. This was an accidental splash of sauce and we rinsed it off right away. The item did not pick up any color from that dousing. 4. Most importantly, this provides very good protection for the hump from pots, pans, and other items.What we did not like as much: 1. Mostly just getting used to seeing this where there was nothing before. It has been several days now and we just do not even notice that it is there anymore.I would highly recommend this if you have a double sink and want to protect the hump area from scratches.5Works perfectly in my colored sink Semi-opaque (not 100% crystal clear) sink saddle works perfectly on my sink. Opaque enough to not show "film" residue from rinsing/washing dishes, but clear enough to have the color of my sink show through. Small holes allow water to go through but not so large that you need to worry about things rubbing through against the sink (like a pot/pan or whatever); the holes also allow water to get through, minimizing the mold/mildew problem. Small suction cups seem to help keep the saddle from sliding around, but not too secure that you worry about having them come off (when you need to remove it to clean it or under it). Great value for this item, highly recommended. 5I wish I could say this product sucks but......I don't like to give bad reviews but I was disappointed in this because of the cheap suction cups on the back side. I have a stainless steel sink, so unless I missed something in the description that said it wasn't suitable for SS, it does not stick. No matter how clean I keep my sink and the cups it will not stay in place. There's not much of a curved surface to the cups they're pretty flat so they can't get a good grip. I still use it because I want to protect my sink but it aggravates me everyday because it won't stay in place2serves it's purpose These have little suction cups that are supposed to keep the side stuck to the sink. I can say on my stainless sink it's really not working. I ran it under hot water to 'mold' it as others have suggested and it really has not taken on the shape I needed. So, it's there, the top protects the divider between the sinks, but doesn't really look that good because the suction cups won't stick 3Sink ProtectionSince the brand I've been using was very stiff and refused to adhere to the sides and would never stay clean--that's when I decided to try something new and different. I like that this is clear and the suction cups stay put and is flexible and easy to clean.5SMELLS LIKE A FACTORY!My kitchen is still permeated by this industrial smell, like many cheap plastics, and the thing is beginning to yellow, after one month. Soaks in hot soapy water, cold water do not phase it - still smells. Ordering a Rubbermaid on Amazon, at least I know they stick with safe pthalates and their sink mats (antimicrobail) have been great. I do NOT recommmend this product1Does not stick to the sinkI bought this to avoid further scratching-up the center divider of my kitchen sink. I am short in stature and I find it difficult to reach and wash pans sitting on the bottom of the sink. So, I generally hold pots and pans on the top edge of the sink divider while I wash them. This plastic sink saddle seems like it is thick enough to protect the sink but the little sucker-tabs designed to hold it in place won't stick to the sink, so it slides around and falls off. This does not help me and now I must look around for something else. To be fair, I have not yet contacted the seller so I don't know whether they will be willing to accept a return.1Good Except for the Worthless and Useless Suction CupsWe have been using this make sink saddle in our stainless steel sink for many years (we have gone through a couple of them) and find that it lasts longer than expected and does not fall apart with age. We like it and would give it 5 stars but the suction cups that are part of it are totally and completely useless. They do not hold on for more than a few seconds, even when new. They have been making it with these worthless suction cups for years and I have seen other reviews complaining about them. It is hard to understand a company that ignores such a common complaint from its customers, especially in today's social media driven consumer society. I really wonder if anyone at the company ever did any product testing to see if the suction cups actually do anything besides frustrate you when you try to use them.3Poor quality sink divider matTypical poor quality mat - no more made in USA quality sink mats. Bought and used daily since Nov 2014. Have wanted to replace all along but thought I need to make it work - after several months turned yellow, and it does not stick to the sink with the suction cups.2These look nice when you get them and I was happy with ... Item is not the quality that I had previously. These look nice when you get them and I was happy with their appearance when first placing them in my sinks but within one day of using they stained and at first I thought this wouldn't be that big of a problem because with my old ones you could soak them in bleach and the stains would be removed but this doesn't work on the new ones! They must be made of a different plastic so within just days they look terrible. If the kids dump out kook-aid, or anything with spaghetti sauce or tomato base your mats will be discolored for life! This is NOT a good thing! VERY DISAPPOINTED WITH QUALITY! 1
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