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IQUALITE 12pcs Diamond Shape Crystal Glass 30mm Drawer Knob Pull Handle Usd for Cabinet, Drawer

  • IQUALITE 12pcs Diamond Shape Crystal Glass 30mm Drawer Knob Pull Handle Usd for Cabinet, Drawer
  • IQUALITE 12pcs Diamond Shape Crystal Glass 30mm Drawer Knob Pull Handle Usd for Cabinet, Drawer
  • IQUALITE 12pcs Diamond Shape Crystal Glass 30mm Drawer Knob Pull Handle Usd for Cabinet, Drawer
  • IQUALITE 12pcs Diamond Shape Crystal Glass 30mm Drawer Knob Pull Handle Usd for Cabinet, Drawer
  • IQUALITE 12pcs Diamond Shape Crystal Glass 30mm Drawer Knob Pull Handle Usd for Cabinet, Drawer
  • IQUALITE 12pcs Diamond Shape Crystal Glass 30mm Drawer Knob Pull Handle Usd for Cabinet, Drawer

IQUALITE 12pcs Diamond Shape Crystal Glass 30mm Drawer Knob Pull Handle Usd for Cabinet, Drawer

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Material: Clear Cut Crystal Glass and Aluminum Alloy Base
  • Crystal Diameter: 1.18", Height:1.1", Base Diameter: 0.6"
  • Screw Length: 1"
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Customer Reviews

Buy these knobs! They are lovely!Okay, I've only opened and used four of these knobs, but the four I used are SPECTACULAR! They make my cabinet look SO classy! I love the sparkle. they are cupboard knobs (not door knobs) so don't expect them to be really big, but they're the perfect size for a cupboard or cabinet or dresser. The screw piece is a bit longer than my doors' thickness, but nothing a washer won't fix. Well worth the money!5From Blah to Fancy! Love it!So in love with this knobs! They totally transformed my blah dresser into a fancy amazing one and the price was just perfect for what I was looking for! Will definitely purchase again5The difference between 40mm and 30mmI wanted to replace 1-1/4" knobs. I first ordered the 40mm from seller "Storm Store". (See my other review and photos there titled "VERY BIG and beautiful"). They were very nice quality, but huge.So this time I ordered 30mm from seller "iQualite". The 30mm are a very close equivalent to 1-1/4". They look great on the vanity. (First two photos.) I'm glad I ordered 12 when I needed 7, because the centers on these are not mirror, but machined. I had to sort them into ones whose centers matched, rejecting a couple stinkers. (next two photos). The last two photos show the 30mm compared to my 1-1/4" chrome, and then with the 40mm.These 30mm from "IQualite" came each in an individual box, with only a single screw per knob. No washers, nor alternate screw size assortment. I needed to swap with some of the screws and washers that came with the 40mm set from "Storm Store".Once I got them installed with the choicest of the lot, they look fabulous! They shine up nice, and look much better than the acrylics sold for a lot more at home improvement stores. They are just what I was looking for.5Clear and very pretty shape/material, sturdy and screw in perfectly and ideal size. A steal at $1 eachI can completely see why this is a #1 best seller - finally something cheap and perfect! We get so conditioned to stay away from things that are priced too low and I find myself gravitating towards things a little more assuming they will be equally "better" but this is one case where you get MUCH more than what you pay for!GREAT PRICE of $12 - a dollar a pull is just an amazing price; they are clear, bright, well made and feel good and not at all too light or cheapo!Screw on perfectly and come with a long screw (but other sizes can easily be bought at any hardware store) They have a great amount of space for your hand but don't come out too much; there's a little beveled part near the base exactly as the photo shows which at first I wasn't sure about but looks nice and a little more special than just plain chrome.The size of the crystal is perfect - not huge and fake looking like some of the ones on Amazon and around, and not tiny where you barely see them or they just look dull and boring. Unless your furniture is HUGE or for some reason you specifically want something really big or really small, you will be happy with this size! We have them on our night stands as shown in my picture and they are perfect!Zero issues with glue or parts falling off, 10 of 10 were perfect and while we're only using 4 right now we checked them all and no issues whatsoever. Assuming they last they have more than earned the 5 star rating and look a lot more expensive than they are for sure!Paid $13 and well worth every single penny! Attached a close up photo below...5Used on Ikea Hemnes - Hardware Recommendations w/ PicsI would say the quality of this item depends purely on the batch you receive. I would give the first batch I received 4 stars, but the second batch only 2 stars. That being said if you get a good batch, these are beautiful drawer pulls. The sparkle is really eye-catching and they totally transformed the dresser I used them on.Here's the reason I ended up with two batches:The first batch I received was generally good, except for one knob which had a sizable chunk of the crystal missing from the side. I contacted Amazon who handled the problem with excellent customer service and offered to send me a new set. The second set I received was actually slightly different than the first set. The backsides were stamped with "iQualite" and every single one of the knobs had an imperfect glue job. In the first batch, the backsides were plain and only a handful of the knobs had imperfect glue. In my opinion, the imperfections/incompleteness of the glue takes away from the overall look of the knob if someone was looking closely enough to notice. That being said, if you're using these on a large piece or where the knob centers are not close to eye level, it probably wont be a problem. It's mostly noticeable when they're all lined up and being compared to each other before installing.Specifically regarding the Ikea Hemnes Dresser:I used these instead of the stock knobs on a new Ikea Hemnes 8-drawer dresser in an effort to make it look more feminine. Both the screws that came with the knobs and the ones that came with the dresser were both too long. I went to my local Home Depot and purchased #8-32 x 3/4 inch round head machine screws and #8 flat washers. For installation, I used 2 washers per screw on the inside of the drawer. I want to note that it was necessary to use a screw driver and a decent amount of force to really tighten each knob. However, after tightening they feel very sturdy and don't rotate in the holes of the drawers. Please see photos.I'm very happy with the outcome and the dresser looks really pretty and sparkly now!!4These look amazing! I used these on my ikea Malm dresser These look amazing! I used these on my ikea Malm dresser. Some of the screws were too short to fit through the drawer holes. But we just bought some screws from our local hardware store, & we made it work. Happy with my final look.*If you find my review helpful please let Amazon know by hitting the Yes helpful button :) 5Didn't hold up to use.These are pretty, however, have not help up well at all. The "glass" part has ended up coming off of every one of these because they are simply glued onto the post that hooks to the cupboard door, We have re-glued but still, they don't last. I will be shopping for others and hope to find ones that are one piece or attached more securely than just glue being expected to take the brunt of the pull when you open your cupboards.If this review has been helpful in anyway please give me a thumbs up below. so I know if it is worth my time to keep leaving reviews. Thank you,2Real glass and beautiful. Ignore negative reviews!I really didn't think these knobs would really be glass but they are!Absolutely beautiful when the sun shines on them you see the prisms of colour around the room and on the floor.The one thing I will say is **don't bother trying to buy new screws** - these are metric and a pain to replace don't bother just do as several others did and **just use washers** I only needed to use 2 washers for each of the screws and they fit perfectly. The back of the screws don't stick out either.Am very happy with this purchase and saved myself $90! because at H.D. and L**es these are $5.95 each!!UPDATE 3/15/16: So its been a couple of months and we use our drawers every day and they are still looking good and had no issues like some where the glass knob came unglued. (added photos)5Beautiful but has its problems.These are pretty awesome. I refinish tons of furniture and was brought a piece as an emergency. It was in desperate need of knobs but the little satin buckle ones I had on hand just didn't do it. I was in a rush but didn't want to spend a bunch of money (it wasn't for me or anything), so I decided to check Amazon. I saw these and thought they would be perfect. They were acrylic which is nice because this dresser was for a young child's room. And With my prime they would be here in 2 days, yay!They actually took 3 days to arrive... That wasn't so great but alright. They came in packaged quite nice. Each in their own individual box. MOST even included screws!I worried, after reading a few reviews that their might be distinct dissimilarities between knobs and that would pose a problem. That was not my case. Each knob looked the same. The knobs, though acrylic, looked and sparkled like prism cut glass. They are stunning.The main problem I have with these knobs (and what cost a star) is the machining. Most knobs and pulls are threaded 6mm or 1/4" deep. This is definitely not the case here. These knobs are only threaded about 4mm deep. This is a serious problem. I foresee the knobs getting lost. I see them working their way loose in a week. Having to constantly be tightened. Eventually, one (or more) will be lost. There is not enough thread to keep them on very long. Another thing that cost a star is lack of information. A screw was missing. For me, this isn't a problem. While I refinish tons of furniture, I also work for a screw company. I knew this screw was a m4 screw 20mm in length. Most people don't know that. In fact, 99% of knobs and pulls purchased in the US require a USS 8-32 screw. Anyone walking into a big box hardware store looking for a replacement screw would automatically be given an 8-32 because it's so common. Please share with your customers the size of this screw even if it's just in case they need a different length.3upcycledI ordered these knobs on a Thursday night and they were in the mailbox on Saturday. I don't have Prime so I was very surprised at how fast the shipping was. It was great! I wanted to "upcycle" my Grandma's old dresser and these knobs worked out amazingly. They are very pretty and you can't beat the price. (12 similar knobs at Home Depot cost me $78) I read the reviews on them before my purchase and they were all right, the screws were too long. As others did, I used a washer or two and then it was perfect. I am so happy with my purchase and my finished product.5put them on a dresser and LOVED them. Great qualityWe bought this set a year ago, put them on a dresser and LOVED them. Great quality, and they have held up well. No cracks, nothing broke, they were all clear, I was and still am very impressed. We put those on an antique dresser and since it was thicker, the screws were the perfect length. We did add washers because prior dresser owners added some strange knobs and there were big holes-so we needed to add washers.Fast forward to an entire year later- and we bought an IKEA Hemnes dresser and wanted to get prettier pulls for her. So, we ordered again. Once again, great quality, no defects or problems in any of the 12 knobs we received. The ikea dresser has much thinner drawer faces, however. The screws that came with these knobs were too long. Instead of adding a lot of washers to make it work like others have on here, we just went to lowes and got new screws that would be the appropriate length. We spent $3 dollars on that. It was easy and fast, and these less than a dollar pulls dress up this dresser so much. Worth every penny. I'm sure they will hold up, just like the last ones.5
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