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JapanBargain S-2045, Japanese Plastic Noodle Soup Bowl, 38-OZ

  • JapanBargain S-2045, Japanese Plastic Noodle Soup Bowl, 38-OZ

JapanBargain S-2045, Japanese Plastic Noodle Soup Bowl, 38-OZ

₪ 202.00 ₪ 121.20 Save: ₪ 80.80
₪ 121.20 ₪ 202.00 You save: ₪ 80.80



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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Material: Plastic Lacquer
  • Bowl dimension: 6-1/4in Dia x 3-3/4in H
  • Microwave and Dishwasher Safe
  • Made in Japan by JapanBargain
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Customer Reviews

Love the bowl Love it. Exactly what I wanted. It was 4.99 as an add-on which I thought was high, but I wanted to see how it would work for me. (My everyday bowls I got for free with the ramen, and they came with a lid! Same shape, just smaller.) Turns out it works well, holds a little over a quart (nobody said to fill it to the brim!) perfect for donburi, pho, whatever you'd like in a big bowl. It's light weight but sturdy/attractive. It promises to wear well. It is great in the microwave. Of course now that I determined this is what I want, the price went up. Be mindful that there are many different sizes of what looks to be the same bowl. For my needs this is the most versatile size. Be sure and seek out those long handled Korean spoons, makes it that much more fun to eat bibimbap. 5Great Microwave Safe Bowl I absolutely love this bowl for one simple reason: it's microwave safe. I use this bowl to cook spaghetti in my microwave, leaving it in there for about 12 minutes with it about half filled with water. There's no boil over (where other cups and bowls I've used tended to leave a puddle in my microwave later). It's also safe to touch after the 12 minutes despite the contents being piping hot by grasping the top and bottom lips of the bowl.I've included a picture of the bottom of the bowl because it's all in Japanese... 5Nice looking bowl for when I'm pretend to be in ... Nice looking bowl for when I'm pretend to be in a ramen shop instead of my dorm room eating microwaved cup noodles. These bowls are also very sturdy. It would probably survive an impact after reaching terminal velocity. So, it pretty much doubles as a helmet. Only complaint is that sometimes it is extremely hard to clean off all the oil from the bowl. 4Very light large bowl, maybe too light. I love this bowl!Hand wash it.Never put it in the dishwasher or microwave.It s a very light plastic, and you can tell it ll melt if overheated.Also, if you serve yourself super hot soup, the entire thing gets hot, so be careful.I like it too serve myself snacks and light meals, or salads.Just please keep in mind it s a very very thin plastic, so I wouldn t fill it up with hot soup and walk around with it lolI would recommend it for the large light convenient bowl, but keep these warnings in mind. 5Nice cheap bowl This is a nice cheap bowl. It's a nice looking bowl and holds a nice meals worth. The walls are very thin. This concerned me. I've used it several times in the last few days and it seems to be holding up outstandingly. It is easy to hold one handed, the most comfortable way to hold it keeps your hands away from the hot sides. It's easy to pick up and put down. It doesn't take much desk space and seems to be sure footed. While the walls are thin I expect to be using this bowl for a very long time. 4Awesome for ramen, perfect size. These are awesome bowls, I've owned two of these bowls for a year now, and I'm ordering two more. They are microwave safe and just the right size. You can boil water in these bowls and take them right out of the microwave with your hands because of the lip on both the bottom and the top, the edges remain cool to the touch. They are perfect for this type of ramen:Nongshim Shin Ramyun Noodle Soup, Gourmet Spicy, 4.2 Ounce (Pack of 20)You can cook the ramen right in the bowl. I place the ramen in the bowl then fill the bowl with water till the noodles just start float. Put it in the microwave for 2 minutes, turn the noodles over, then microwave for another 2 minutes. stir, and let the noodles sit for about 10 minutes (they'll continue to cook in the bowl). Super easy and delicious ramen! 5High Quality ramen bowl Made in Japan! This is a great bowl for those us of that eat a lot of Ramen! It is made in Japan, so naturally it is of high quality.The noodles don't stick to this bowl's slippery walls, which is good (meaning you can easier drink the broth and remaining noodle particles). It can take scorching hot boiling water. It doesn't permeate. It is very deep and can hold a very large amount of ramen. om, om, om!For preparing instant noodles, follow my recommendation:- Place dry noodle block inside bowl.- Add vegetables and broth powder.- Now add the boiling water that you heated separately in a pan (or whatever).- Cover the top of the bowl with Aluminum Foil.- Let it sit 5-10 minutes.- Get rid of the foil paper and now add the Oil packet, and the Nutrients packet to the bowl.- Enjoy your favourite nutritious instant Ramen! 5I was disappointed. The bowl seemed small When I first opened the package, I was disappointed. The bowl seemed small. My immediate thought was to return it, but I decided to at least try it once. Wife wondered why I needed a bowl just for ramen. She doesn't love noodles like I do.It can hold a bowl of ramen and veggies. I've come to love this lil half sphere. It's the right size for a package of Shin Ryu Ramen, an egg (or two), about half a cup of veggies, and even 5 ounces of beef/chicken. An entire satisfying and tasty meal.I've even used it as a cereal bowl.Very happy with my purchase, although my wife still gives me that quizzical look over my need for a noodle bowl. Oh well, can't win her over anyway. She has celiac disease. Although I hope to one day share my fondness for noodles with my son. Hopefully I can get him his own bowl too 5Very large, very light i was confused as to how big the bowl actually was from reading the description, reviews, and even other peoples pictures. So I took my own. The bowl has 2 cooked packages of ramen inside. it can easily hold 3. Very large bowl.Another positive: the base has a circle of raised plastic lifting the bowl about 2/3 of an inch off the table. The positive about this is you can hold onto the bottom of this. If your bowl has boiling liquid in it, its very easy to carry because its so high and theres such a large buffer of insulation on the bottom to carry.The last part is the weight. To me, I dont care. It is very light for a bowl this size though. Some people might not like it, as premium things are generally heavy. I think the bowl is premium and light at the same time in my opinion.very good bowl for the price. 55/5 Made in Japan. It's light, yet feels rock solid instead of cheap. It doesn't heat up in the microwave at all (besides the areas in contact with the food), making it easy to handle. It can also be handwashed very quickly due to the weight and how there are no interior ridges. The only negative is that I don't know how well the plastic will stand up to the use of metal utensils over time. If faint scratch lines or marks bother you, you should probably stick to only using wooden utensils Besides that, I'm loving these. 5
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