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Kai Wasabi Black Yanagiba Knife, 8 1/4-Inch

  • Kai Wasabi Black Yanagiba Knife, 8 1/4-Inch
  • Kai Wasabi Black Yanagiba Knife, 8 1/4-Inch
  • Kai Wasabi Black Yanagiba Knife, 8 1/4-Inch
  • Kai Wasabi Black Yanagiba Knife, 8 1/4-Inch

Kai Wasabi Black Yanagiba Knife, 8 1/4-Inch

₪ 590.00 ₪ 354.00 Save: ₪ 236.00
₪ 354.00 ₪ 590.00 You save: ₪ 236.00



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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Japanese style Yanagiba knife, used for slicing ultra-thin slices for dishes such as sushi and sashimi
  • Made with Daido 1K6 high-carbon, stainless steel for superior edge retention
  • Unique, single-sided blade design, embellished with the Japanese character for' Wasabi'
  • Blades are bead-blasted to an attractive finish, handle is sturdy, clean polypropylene blend
  • Dishwasher safe, hand washing recommended; Limited lifetime , made in Japan
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Customer Reviews

Exceptional Value, Great PerformanceI am shocked at what I got for the price. I already had the Kai Wasabi Deba, Usuba, and Yanagiba, which I was happy with. But the blade size on the paring knife is *perfect*, it comes absolutely razor sharp, and I have been able to keep it in great condition. I have even been lazy enough (shame, I know!) to put this knife in the dishwasher. A quick run across the honing steel and it's gliding through tomatoes again. I do recommend, however, that you do NOT put this knife in the dishwasher. It is very easy to hand wash. Just use a sponge and be careful along the blade. I've used this to dismantle roasted chickens, cut cheese, slice tomatoes and other veg, and cut sandwiches full of rotisserie chicken into parts. It has met every job without a problem. For the price, you really will be hard pressed to get another paring knife as capable as this. Despite being a "cheap knife" (in every sense of the word) I am very impressed, and I think this knife will offer years of service with a little bit of care.5Works well, seems well built, and cuts all types of bread easily!Works well, seems well built, and cuts all types of bread easily. From French bread to dense, chewy, as well as hard breads, this knife handles them all with aplomb. It will even cut straight and thin slices, too. I appreciate this knife much more than I thought I would and prefer it to the Chicago Cutlery bread knife that I also purchased along with this knife. In all fairness to the Chicago Cutlery knife, a previously purchased (ca.20 years ago) version of that knife was much better quality than the recent version of it. In sum,this knife definitely outperforms its price-point.5Excellent knife! I have many chef and nakiri knives and for the money, this is an excellent knife and what a tremendously sharp blade outta the package. In fact, of the 20 some knives I own, I would have to put this in the top 3., incredible. 5Best value in a kitchen knife I researched for over 30 hours of the span of a few weeks before deciding on the Kai Wasbi Black knives. I gave 2 away as presents and the recipient has since added to their collection of them themselves. I love the one I have. I only have to steel it every few uses to keep it scalpel sharp and after much use I still don't need to sharpen it. The knife specific stainless steel is a little more sensative to corrosion than the cheaper softer stainless knives and require a little more babying (IE, don't leave them lying in the sink) but still way better than any carbon steel and takes and keeps an edge nearly as well.I have since given away the large block as a wedding present and I hear about how great the knives are every time I talk to the recipients. For knives that will get used, I don't think you can beat the Wasabi Black series. 5Great petty knifeI'm not gonna go into great detail about this knife, because from the all the good reviews you can probably already tell this is going to be a good buy. I can tell you that I have somewhat of a knife obsession, and when I was looking to buy a new knife this size I didn't really want to get this (in my opinion) off brand knife. With the price being what it was I decided to take a chance and make the purchase. I have to say when I received the knife I was very pleased, the construction is super solid. The thing I was surprised about the most was the quality of the blade, like I said I have a lot of knives and out of all of them this one has the second longest edge retention, edged out only by a santoku with a VG10 layered blade. The manufacturer of this knife KAI also produces Kershaw knives.5Great working(wo)man's knife.I work in a busy production kitchen in major West Coast city. I need a strong knife to get me through 50 hours of cutting vegetables each week, oftrn consisting of brunoise or julienned cuts of large portions (gallons). Being that I am not making a lot of money at my job and just need a simple workhorse knife to get me through the day, I picked up this nakiri style knife from Kai/Wasabi.The knife came reasonably sharp, but a few rounds on the whetstones and then finished off with a decent honing rod has it in tip top to start. After using it for the past two weeks, I do not feel as if I will need to hit the whetstones any time soon as a minutr or two of honing per day keeps it sharp. Much better than I can say for plenty of other knives, including a few at higher price points. The steel is better than to be expected at this pricepoint. But i guess that should be apparent seeing as how Kai also produces Kreshaw and Shun cutlery as well.In terms of beauty, this knife isn't going to win any awards in comparison to any of its damascus steeled brethren. It's handle is also no looker, but will fit those who may enjoy a Japanese style handle as opposed to the bulky Western handles like those found on Henckels and W rsthof knives. It's simple and it works.The size and weight of the knife suprised me a little when I removed it from its quality (and reuseable if you don't have a knife bag) plastic box it arrived in. I actually expected a slightly shorter knife despite the ad clearly advertising the 6" blade. The weight was heavier due to this, but it is not terribly off balanced nor is it by any means heavy.Overall, i would recommend this knife (and brand) as a great workhorse. I would also recommend it for trying new styles of knives before you purchase more expensive brands (i.e. want to try a deba knife but don't know if you'll enjoy the style of cuts it makes enough to warrant a $400 handmade knife? Try a wasabi first for $25).4An all around great utility/prep knife. You'll be glad you bought it.After a few weeks with this knife, and 90 something hours of using it on everything from cherry tomatoes to chicken, it has become my go to blade at work. It's sharp, lightweight, and comfortable to use for most styles of cutting. Nice hard Japanese steal, so it'll hold it's edge for a good while if honed periodically, but does require a touch more effort to resharpen if allowed to get too dull.5My new favorite kitchen knife! Ridiculously sharp. Goes through all the goods like buddah.So after years of the old scoutmaster sharpening the knives around the house, I thought I'd try this one out.THIS is my new favorite, go-to kitchen knife for all the things.Ridiculously sharp. Goes through all the goods like buddah.Blade is a single, 45 degree edge so don't plan on running this through your usual kitchen sharpener without ruining the edge.5Wonderful and Affordable!Delighted with this knife! The ergonomics of the Japanese knife aesthetic combined with dirt low price is a winner in my book. I love the feel, thinness and light weight of Japanese knives,Shuns in particular, but the chipping of the layered steels is ridiculous, and the price too much.These Wasabi knives are perfect for a pinch grip, light weight and don't have the "seen way too much" 3 western style rivets on the handles. Some may find the plastic/bamboo powder handles too plain Jane, but their matte black recessive quality works for me.Arrived not quite as stealthily sharp as a Shun or other $100+ knives, but perfectly respectably sharp for most home users. Edge retention has been good--better than my softer Henckles German steel. I will be using with my Chefs Choice Asian hand held sharpener to always have respectably sharp 15 degree light weight Japanese knives on my counter for a fraction of what Shuns, Miyatas or Globals--along with some decent whetstones--cost; yes, those higher end knives are better, get and stay a bit sharper on stones, yes... but you have to pay for it and work on sharpening skills or pay for sharpening. These Wasabis are so close in terms of sharpness and edge retention, and so much more affordable, again, I'm sold. Plan on getting the Nikiri and the utility knives soon...5LOVE this knife and use it often!I had this knife on my wishlist for a couple of years before I finally splurged and got it. I'm not a fancy knife person, I just need sharp, good quality, comfortable knives that will be durable. My bff gifted me with a Kai Wasabi Utility knife several years ago and I've been delighted with it so I've purchased the Chef's knife and now this Nakiri knife from the same line.I use this Nakiri knife more often than the chef's knife. It's great for chopping/slicing veggies and herbs. Very comfortable to hold and easy to control and super sharp. Holds an edge well. I'm happy!5Kai Steel Tops. WRONG!Update: After less than two years, the blade has lost its ability to take or hold an edge. We were thrilled at first, but time has been no friend to this blade. A very gentle hand will pull a modest edge that lasts only a few minutes. The "bargain" from Kai turns out to be overpriced and ready for the trash.Original: Kai scissors are better than any other made in this world. The steel is worth everything in Kai knives. It's probably a 4 star overall, but the keen, long lasting, durable edge overwhelms any minor issues . . . but we haven't found any minor issues yet!2Excellent for beginnersGot this two of these for a beginner sushi chef, and a new prep guy. For both of these guys, this will be their knife.If you are new to owning knives and sharpening them, mostly likely you'll mess up when you first start sharpening.Finding the right angle of the edge and sharpening evenly throughout the entire blade takes time and practice.I remember when I first started sharpening my knife that the knife actually became more dull AFTER sharpening.To invest a lot of money on your first knife is foolish at best.With this affordable, decent quality, and easy to maintain knife, the noobies can get a lot practice that they need before purchasing moreexpensive, higher quality, high carbon knives.Only downside is that the handle of the knife is a bit slimmer compared to knives of similar size.4
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