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Kitchen Elements Ultra-flex Blue Silicone Padded Mitts, 2-Pack

  • Kitchen Elements Ultra-flex Blue Silicone Padded Mitts, 2-Pack

Kitchen Elements Ultra-flex Blue Silicone Padded Mitts, 2-Pack

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Keep your hands safe during cooking with these Kitchen Elements flexible blue silicone oven mitts. These mitts feature a thick fabric liner and a 12-inch length to protect the wrist and forearm.
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Customer Reviews

Different, but I like them. I wasn't too sure about buying silicon gloves, because I didn't think I'd like the feel of them, but they're lined with fabric, so I took a shot.Pros:+ Grippy! I hadn't considered this, but they are a lot grippier than cloth mitts. I'm not as strong as I used to be, and these are really good at gripping stuff, so I don't worry so much about dropping it.+ Moisture proof! My cloth mitts would burn the heck out of me, if the thumb got into something wet, and these don't get wet, so you could plunge the whole mitt into your pot, and no worries about the wet conducting the heat through.+ Clean! I wash my cloth mitts all the time, but they never seem clean enough, because they're stained & burnt. This won't absorb anything, so it won't stain, and if it get's burnt, I suspect it would melt, before it would turn black.+ Keeps the heat off of me. The silicone itself will keep the heat from burning you for a while, but just in case, these are lined & have raised lines, shaped like quilting stitches, so there's a bit more than just a thin layer of silicone.+ They fit me well. I'm an average height woman (5'5"), but have biggish hands, & these fit well. They go several inches past my wrist, so my arms are protected, as well, and the thumb is still workable, with fingers fully outstretched.Cons:+ Grippy! Blessing & a curse, because you have to PUT things down, you can't just slide them out from under a dish. They don't slide. : )+ They said they'd go through the dishwasher, so I tried it. They were fine, but it took a really long time setting them over the heater to dry the insides. I think I'll stick with just washing the outsides in the sink from now on, so the insides stay dry.+ They fit me well in the hands, but they are a bit snug at the mid-arm. Admittedly, I'm kinda chubby, but if you have heavy or muscular forearms, be aware they may be snug.Overall, I like them - so far. Haven't had them long, but they do their job, and I'd recommend them to friends who asked. 4Best Oven Mitts Bar None We have been using these for 3 years now (I just began more reviews on Amazon). As an avid cook, I bake homemade pizza, roast vegetables, handle deep frying in my iron skillet -- you name it. I have had food that is over 500 degrees -- and when I grab it with these mitts, I do not feel the heat.The mitts have a very soft interior lining. It is not too thick to make your hands sweat (or to make it too difficult to grasp things). The mitts do not slip when you grasp things either. They are imprinted with ridges. So you think it will slip when you look at them, but they do not.When you clean them -- everything just washes right off of them. There is no cause for concern about mold or food materials infecting them, like natural fiber mitts. There has been no "burning" or "melting" with these, like I have found with other mitts. And these have last for 3 years in perfect condition.These are the most durable pieces of kitchen items I have purchased ever! 5Not perfect, but 5 stars none-the-less. When I first received these mitts, my wife looked at them and said, "oh, they are such a bright red they are too ugly and we have no place to keep them!" But because I had burned my hands so many times before, using mitts that had did not protect the hands well, I was determined to give these mitts a try. So I found spot, located next to the kitchen's bright red fire distinguisher to hang the mitts and my wife stopped complaining. After using these mitts for over a couple of weeks now, I am so glad that I have them. No longer do I fear pulling anything hot out of the oven . These mitts are great. They are perhaps a little too large for my hands, but I don't care. They are terrific; the grip is great and they work great. As far as I am concerned they are irreplaceable and I will not work around a kitchen without them. 5Silk undies for your hands These gloves are pretty great. I had my doubts about silicone when I placed my order, but they were quickly allayed once I actually tried them out. I use a cookie sheet for a lot of cooking and reheating and it usually ranges from from 350 to 450 degrees. Although the gloves are rated for 425 degrees, I haven't had any problem up to 450. The other reviews mention the soft comfy interior making it "slippery," but I honestly can't see how these would slip out of someone's hands unless maybe they were holding them incorrectly. In fact, the gloves feel pretty awesome when I put them on. It's like having silk undies for your hands.One of the reasons I was hesitant about silicone is that my last oven mitt was one of those cloth mitts with a silicone grip which melted on me within the first week. These have been with me for a month and they still look brand new. I cannot recommend them enough. Great buy. 5Still loving after a couple months use I've been loving these gloves after using them for a few months! I got these after being burned multiple times using the regular cotton hotpads I've used for years. When emptying hot pots of water, if cotton pot holders get wet you get scalded. Also, when pulling out a lower rack of food, if the top of your hand touches the upper rack, your knuckles get burned, and if the pad slips, your palm gets burned. None of these situatinos is an issue with these gloves! Yes, they are huge and bulky, and they can be a bit awkward to use because of that. But it doesn't matter because for a klutz like me they protect so much better than regular hot pads or quilted gloves.BTW, some of the reviewers got gloves that were not padded. Mine are heavily padded and came with a tag that says they are dishwasher safe. But there has been no need because the outside of the gloves rinses right off in your dishwater.I give these two big, bulky red thumbs up! 5Don't much like RED.. But as one other reviewer said, they don't get lost in the kitchen..I never wonder where I laid them down. They're the only red things in there !For handling my cast iron pots and pans, these gloves are the greatest. The thin polyester-like material on the inside makes these so easy to slide right on...(and off)...super convenient. After all, If you have trouble using them easily you might try something else. This doesn't cause them be hard to grip securely. I've had no trouble, in that, there are two gloves allowing a more natural gripping and holding. Didn't notice anything slippery about them as one reviewer mentioned. Oil causes slippery. Any that might get on them can be easily washed off as if you were washing your own hands under the tap. It's great having mitts that are clean enough to handle hot food if necessary. Say "BYE" to burns and dirty fabric mitts. Get these !Update Jan 2014I found that these mits are the perfect tool for spreading peanut brittle on the sheet pans. At 305 degrees, these gloves make handling the hot candy easy and, what with their being made out of silicon, they're completely non-stick ! What a perfect application for these great oven mits ! Haven't gotten burned around the kitchen since I got these either ! 5Failure On All Accounts Over mitts have two primary purposes. 1) To protect your hands from heat. 2) To help you grab hold of something that you are removing or putting into an oven.These mitts fail on both accounts.As my wife and I began to use these mitts, we quickly realized that we were having trouble grabbing hold of things. They are inflexible and bend in all the wrong places, not facilitating grip. Moreover, while the mitts do have a bit of texture, it does not prevent the silicone from being slippery against cookie sheets, jelly roll pans, and the handles to skillets.This is bad enough. However, once you do finally get a tenuous hold onto the object you're supposed to be gripping, you will soon discover that your hands will quickly become uncomfortably hot. For instance, tonight I re-heated some pizza in a toaster oven at 300 degrees. In the distance from taking them out of the toaster oven, turning around, and placing the pizza on the table, the heat had traveled from the pan, through the glove, and into my hand. The item description states that these are heat resistant up to 425 degrees. That is simply not true.So please avoid these for the sake of your fingers. 1Best oven mitts I've ever used, super cleanable! These are amazing! I was fed up with sub standard oven mitts, that only let me pick things up for 5 to 10 seconds before it got too hot to hold. I bought the thing off Amazon that had the best reviews, and I can agree with everyone else. I have no problem getting things out of the oven with these, and the added bonus is if I spill something on them, I can just run them under the faucet to rinse them off. I love not having to throw my oven mitts in the laundry anymore. I've had these for over year now and still love them as much as the day I got them. 5Great insulators They are great at keeping the heat at bay but I also like that they are washable with soap and water. This allows us to touch food, if necessary, when cutting or moving it to a plate without burning our hands and feeling like we are getting them really clean when we are done.UPDATE:These oven mitts have stood up to the heat tests (pulling stuff out of the broiler) without any challenges! I had relatives visiting and they were so impressed I ordered a set for each of them before they left (thanks to prime!). I love that the whole mitt is silicon because that means I can touch hot food with them on and washing/sterilizing them is a breeze. 5Really good oven mitts I was looking for ambidextrous oven mitts, because the vast majority out there are for right hands only. I didn't want to buy dedicated left and right ones either. I just wanted to go into a drawer and pick out a pair and put them on and not burn myself.I sorted by rating and saw that these were the highest.I saw silicone was rated higher for heat than that silver stuff on oven mitts.I saw my old oven mitts and agreed that the silver stuff does peel off after awhile.I bought these oven mitts and they're the best mitts I've ever owned.They were cheap too.You know why you're looking at these...Silicone, ambidextrous, cheap.The insides feel good too. 5
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