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Klein Tools 2100-5 Electrician's Scissors

  • Klein Tools 2100-5 Electrician's Scissors
  • Klein Tools 2100-5 Electrician's Scissors
  • Klein Tools 2100-5 Electrician's Scissors
  • Klein Tools 2100-5 Electrician's Scissors

Klein Tools 2100-5 Electrician's Scissors

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Designed for telecom, electrical and heavy-duty use applications
  • Strong, tough tempered steel
  • Nickel-plated finish resists corrosion
  • Scraper and file on outside of both blades
  • Screw hinge permits adjustment
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Customer Reviews

Klein Scissor/SnipsBoth my husband and I are retired telephone technicians...Since we retired we no longer can get our "snips" as we call them from our former employer. We have used this same kind of product from different suppliers over many years of working...The top product we liked the best were these Klein snips...Take it from two people who used this product for well over 60 years of combined service...this is a quality product! They last!!!!5Expensive scissorsMost expensive scissors I've ever bought. Let me explain... the package is the type of plastic that's melted together and when I opened, it cut me so bad I had to go to the ER for stitches. Scissors seem fine. Scared to look at them.4A must haveI'm a mechanic and do a lot of electrical diagnostics and these scissors get used quite often for opening up wire harnesses. I'm not sure which sick individual decided to start wrapping vehicle harnesses in fabric tape but that stuff is the devil to try and unwrap and you're better off cutting them open in most cases. There's a special tool for slicing that stuff open but they break constantly trying to push through thick tape. These make light work of that stuff as well as the standard plastic wrapping. What I really like is that these have a blunt tip that helps prevent cutting or puncturing the wires in the harness when you're slicing open the tape etc.. American made, very high quality/sturdy, and razor sharp. These are actually priced very well since the other guys who have these bought them off the tool truck for upwards of $40. Mine are only a few months old but there's other pairs in the shop that are 10+ years old and still used often. You just about need a pair of these to open the plastic container they came in but that's the only complaint and the scissors themselves are outstanding.5Killer scissors that make you feel like you can cut anythingThe serrated edge on one of the blades and the razor sharp edge on the hefty blades will open anything scissors can be applied to and more. It not only cuts most wire easily, it also cuts through thin plastic bags that often get pushed between the blades of normal scissors. The serrated edge makes the difference - but be careful because these will not let things slip out after the scissors start to cut. These do not have a long cutting edge, but for their size, elctrician scissors work better than any other scissors I have ever tried. I now have several pairs and use them for tasks all over the house, including electrical work.5Great scissors.You don't know how much you need scissors until you actually take one to work. More than shaving thin cables I used them to cut various things throughout the day like electrical tape (we use black vinyl tape for everything) I'm talking about 6 layers of tape. It cuts like it's nothing. Mule tape, wrapping plastic. Very good investment.5Free fall performance, rock bottom price.I work for a Security company as a technician for alarms and camera systems. this is the single most useful tool on my hip next to my 3m electrical tape and soldering iron. Everything from cat-5e to 16-2 stranded is easilly cut by these little powerhouses. For cat-5 and phone wire the strippers on the side of the shears works wonders but it will cut stranded wire so you're better off using the shears. To strip wire, you grab the shears and lightly cut into the shielding while turning them around the wire. The idea is to score it deeply without cutting into the copper. Then you grab a spot after the score mark and twist the shielding opposite directions until it breaks clean and peels off. This works great if you're working with wire that doesn't have a pull string and you don't want to risk cutting into the smaller bundles of wire inside. I would't recommend cutting through solid wire much heavier than 16 gauge but it's possible if you roll the shears on the wire as you apply pressure. if you just try to muscle your way through 14-2+1 romex you WILL roll the edge of your shears and they will not cut correctly without filing it down. Use wire dikes for anything that heavy and you'll have no problems. A coworker of mine has a pair of these from 2004 that still sail through wire and strip like the day they were made. A light coating of ballistol or your favorite CLP will ensure these shears will outlast you int he years to come. This is an excellent product and excellent company that I've made sure to buy several to have backups in the event production ever ceases. I cannot rate these high enough for low voltage work. Between this and a good 11 in 1 screwdriver, you have most of what you need for anything short of wiring a house with mains.5Love these for general purpose cutting as well as wire cuttingWe just needed something to occasionally cut and strip wires, but also cut plastic packaging, fabric, paper and all kinds of stuff regularly, and found electrical scissors to be the best scissors for most of that stuff. This one is my favorite because it can be used like regular scissors or held in the palm for heavy cutting.Since we were building tool kits for people around the office, we also bought the Klein Free Fall Snips 2100-8 and the Fluke Network D Snips.These other snips are geared for use in the palm. Klein's version can be held both ways, but the finger holes are a bit small if not held in the palms.The Fluke can only be held comfortably in the palm because of the position of the finger holes, but it actually works the best in that position of all the scissors.These are all good scissors, it just depends on what you're trying to do.5Just like the good old daysWay back in the mid 1960s I went to work for Ma Bell and was issued a pair of these scissors. They were so mechanically sound and the steel so well tempered that a quarter could be cut in half with them. And that was the first thing I tried with this pair. I wasn't disappointed. They cut that quarter in half as slick as a whistle. From that little experiment I concluded the quality of these scissors had not suffered over the last 5 decades.5High quality, low price, great valueGood scissors that work like scissors should. That is not something to take for granted. We ve known how to make quality scissors for a long time. We ve known how to make a number of things for a long time like pitchers and measuring cups with spouts that poured easily without liquid running down the side. (Not to mention pyramids and the like.)But we seem to be losing the ability to build/manufacture a lot of things. Scissors, high quality scissors, seem to bo one of those things. These scissors are built correctly. Not only are they sharp, but they have the proper spring tension to keep the two blades properly held against one another when cutting.I think they are a bargain.5Mainstay of any tech, a must have.After working for a telecom company doing cabling and phone system installations I fell in love with Klein Tools. I purchased these as a spare and they truly the mainstay of a tech and are the MacGyver of snips, I've used these things to cut a great deal of things they were not designed to so including heavy gauge metal pallet straps with ease.As others have mentioned, its best to keep these coated with Ballistol or similar product to keep them from rusting. Something I failed to do as you can see from the photo's I've provided.If you're on the fence, I suggest going for it. With the price and value of these you just can't miss.5
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