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Kootek 5 Pack Super Mini Flashlights LED Waterproof Zoomable Bright Flashlight for Kids Child Outdoor Hiking Biking Camping Cycling Emergency Light (0.83 Inch Wide)

  • Kootek 5 Pack Super Mini Flashlights LED Waterproof Zoomable Bright Flashlight for Kids Child Outdoor Hiking Biking Camping Cycling Emergency Light (0.83 Inch Wide)
  • Kootek 5 Pack Super Mini Flashlights LED Waterproof Zoomable Bright Flashlight for Kids Child Outdoor Hiking Biking Camping Cycling Emergency Light (0.83 Inch Wide)
  • Kootek 5 Pack Super Mini Flashlights LED Waterproof Zoomable Bright Flashlight for Kids Child Outdoor Hiking Biking Camping Cycling Emergency Light (0.83 Inch Wide)
  • Kootek 5 Pack Super Mini Flashlights LED Waterproof Zoomable Bright Flashlight for Kids Child Outdoor Hiking Biking Camping Cycling Emergency Light (0.83 Inch Wide)
  • Kootek 5 Pack Super Mini Flashlights LED Waterproof Zoomable Bright Flashlight for Kids Child Outdoor Hiking Biking Camping Cycling Emergency Light (0.83 Inch Wide)
  • Kootek 5 Pack Super Mini Flashlights LED Waterproof Zoomable Bright Flashlight for Kids Child Outdoor Hiking Biking Camping Cycling Emergency Light (0.83 Inch Wide)
  • Kootek 5 Pack Super Mini Flashlights LED Waterproof Zoomable Bright Flashlight for Kids Child Outdoor Hiking Biking Camping Cycling Emergency Light (0.83 Inch Wide)

Kootek 5 Pack Super Mini Flashlights LED Waterproof Zoomable Bright Flashlight for Kids Child Outdoor Hiking Biking Camping Cycling Emergency Light (0.83 Inch Wide)

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Great output XPE-Q5 LED bulb producing an intense beam of bright light, output brightness up to 300 Lumen ( Max ).
  • Super small portable flash light, light weight, small enough to fit in/clip on your pocket, handbag, belt and purse. ( 3.7 inches L x 0.83 inches W ).
  • 3 Modes brightness switched by button, bright / dim / strobe. Powered by 1x AA battery or 1* 14500 battery ( not included ).
  • Adjustable focus light, with easy slide action to adjustable beam focus for long distance observation or large area illumination.
  • Water Resistance ( IPX6 ). Solid Aluminum body casing resists rust and corrosion, which makes them very convenient for camping, car, cycling, hiking, power failure, tool drawer, BBQ, etc. Great for Christmas gifts.
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Customer Reviews

Good task lights These light appear to be well made. The lens is glass and the body all aluminum. The clip is strong, but technically only faces one way. You can flip it around, but it's not as secure as I would like. The thumb switch is recessed a little too much making it a little hard to use. I cannot use my thumb and must use the end of one of my fingers. The light has 3 modes, high, low and strobe. The light always starts in the high mode. To change modes, you can quickly, fully press the switch, you have about 3 seconds before it resets. Or you can push the switch lightly and it will change. This is the preferred method as it is less wear on the switch, easier on the fingers and no resetting to high if you miss the 3 sec cutoff. The front barrel slides in and out to focus the beam. It works, but there is a outer ring of light projected which is annoying and if you zoon all the way in, you get a squareish beam which looks bad. There is a usable amount of zoom through that is useful. For the price, not sure if there is a better deal out there for some mediocre task lights. 4GREAT!!!!! These are great little flashlights. I love them. Exactly what I was looking for. I carry keys on a ring that I attached to the lanyard hole at the rear end. Then slide the light in the waist of my pants with the keys hanging on the outside.The light is sturdy and well built. Feels solid and strong in your hand. It is very bright on high beam. Works fine on low beam and has a flashing mode or "tactical" mode to either blind an attacker or signal for help.This is definitely a YES product especially as you get five for a low price.Having read a lot of reviews I would like to clarify a few items as some of the reviews seemed like a response and clarification was needed.1. There is a belt clip. The belt clip is removable from the flashlight if you don't like clips. It is just attached to the flashlight with a clip which will just easily pry off with a small screwdriver and be reattached if desired. There was discussion about which way the clip was "facing" when on the light. It is attached to the light so when the light is on your waist the lamp end is facing upwards. I like this because as mentioned the light can be placed on a cap visor and be shining forward freeing both hands3. There is a lanyard hole at the switch end of the flashlight. A small lanyard cord could slip through it. Or, you can put a SMALL split ring in the hole if you need a larger hole for attaching something4. Switch is sturdy and reliable. It is sunk a little into the flashlight body. But just enough to keep it from getting turned on by accident. No problem accessing switch with fingers.5. Four modes:. Off. High. Low. Flashing.Toggles through each of the modes with HALF PRESS of the switch.Steve 5Small, led flashlight runs on 1-AA alkaline or 1-14500 Li-ion. These flashlights are bright, bluish tint beam, EBL 800 MAH 14500 makes this light come alive, the 1AA is a nice beam and won't get hot on high. Well made, Zoom and Switch feel good, use tip of finger to turn on (small button), fits in pants pocket nicely. Removable clip. I have ordered 4 boxes of the flashlights now, I have given them to family members and friends to use and let me know how they like them. Each person has said they are bright on the 1AA battery and very handy because it fits in your pocket or purse nicely. None of them have Quit working, only replace the battery and it's like new again. Hard to find such a good deal at about $3.00 each.. update I have bought about 4 more box s of these to give out to friends at our clubhouse. Found 1 flashlight out of the box not working properly and Kootek sent me a new box of flashlights for the inconvenience. Service with a smile. Now that I have 4 extra flashlights I am still waiting for one of the flashlights to quit, the first flashlights I handed out have been in service for over a year and no complaints, Just replace the battery when it starts shutting off. If you run the 1AA alkaline it s about 120 lumen, which is ok. But if you run 14500 li-ion it jumps to the 300 lumen with a bluish tent beam (Bright) for the size of flashlight. Remove the clip and easy to store in front pants pocket, Switch is recessed and will not turn on in your pocket or purse. 5Great light for every day use and emergencies I ve been carrying small flashlights for 30 years. I ve carried everything from small (AAA) mag lights (not very bright, very basic) to a Sure Fire halogen lights (very bright, special battery, a little heavy). This light is a great little light! Three modes: brightest, a little less bright and flashing. It uses a single AA battery. This has become my everyday general use light. I have been switching my lights to:LEDStandard battery fitmentThe reasons being that they are bright, reliable and durable. The second reason is that I can use my compact/folding solar panel to charge the batteries. I have been stranded with no power due to storms; this keeps me from being in the dark. I ll be buying more for family.The only thing I adjusted was to remove and reinstall the clip facing in the opposite direction; this allows me to clip it to my shirt collar and it s pointing down. 5Very nice little lights No issues with quality, they seem sturdy. They're perfect for indoor use or shorter range outdoors. If you want a light that is bright enough to use as a bike headlight or to see longer distances you will need a much more expensive little light or else a bigger one. I chose these particular lights because the clip is oriented so that I can attach them to the bill of my cap when I need both hands free like when working on my vehicles. Other choices would have the light pointed at my forehead. 5Great daily carry flashlight, especially for the price I was looking for a smaller, mini, flashlight to carry with me daily in my messenger bag along with something to have in the car that wouldn't take up a lot of space. Took a chance on this pack of 5 Kootek flashlights, based on the price and reviews and we aren't disappointed. We had a similar flashlight we would take with us in the back yard when letting the dogs out, but sometimes it was hard to see them if they went too far. The ability of these flashlights to zoom in and out makes all the difference. If we need to focus the light to see further when the dogs are in the back part of the yard, we just pull out on the end cap. It's small enough to fit in a side pocket of the messenger bag I carry daily to/from work and even fits in the small center console of the car. We even took a couple with us on a road trip and due to the small size, they didn't take up too much room in our bags. The build quality seems sturdy and rugged, but can't speak to how durable they would be if they were tossed around or handled roughly. From our light use so far (1 1/2 months), we haven't had any problems. We even bought a second set based on the price per flashlight, so we could take one to work and put them in other places throughout the home (seems you can never have enough flashlights). Would definitely recommend these due to their size, the ability to focus the light (zoom in or out), and the price per flashlight. Other nice options is the belt clip as it allows you to clip on the side of the pocket in your bag, purse, etc. Didn't think that would actually matter and even thought the clip may get in the way, but I find myself using the clip to keep it in place in my bag.If had to find anything negative, would say the button may be a little too recessed or hard to push at times. This is helpful when it is in a bag, purse, etc. so it won't turn on by accident, but have found myself a couple times having to concentrate on turning the flashlight on or off due to the button being deeply recessed or hard to push. Think this mainly comes from the flashlight being skinnier than other flashlights we have. My wife doesn't have a problem, so could just be me. Not a big deal of course, which is evident by us buying a second set months after buying our first set, but I always like to find at least one issue I could see potentially being a problem for others since nothing is perfect. Again though, would definitely recommend these to anyone and I could easily see us buying a 3rd set at some point since we always seem to misplace flashlights. 5A slimmer, lighter alternative, and best of all the clip is reversed. Unlike virtually all its competitors, these lights have a clip pointing the other way. This means you can clip them to the bill of a cap and have them point in the right direction! It seems strange to me how few lights allow that, as everyone seems content to sell the exact same thing (or close enough) as everyone else. These lights are also a bit more compact and lighter, as they seemed to realize that lots of metal doesn't give you one bit more light. So I give them credit for not being the same as all the rest. 4Versatile light! Highly recommended! Picture shows detachable light clip so you can mount this light in either direction !!!! This light is well-made simple to use and very versatile you ll see in the reviews that people like this light because the clip is in a position that you can clip it to your hat which I must say has worked out great for all of my nighttime light needs but for the people complaining that they wish they could turn the clip around if they would just look it s nothing more than a detachable clip just detach it from the light turn it around and snapped it back on I already blew through my first five lights because I ve given them to friends to put on their hats. I m ordering another 10 and I m gonna do my best to hold onto one of them for me before I give the rest of the way to other friends in the business. I m in the trucking business and work the night shift this light fits in the pants pocket, my work shirt also has a pin holder in my breast pocket and it is thin enough to fit in that pin holder as well as being able to clip it onto the bill of your hat. Highly recommended! 5Very Cheap but Descent Flashlight Pros:First and foremost is that this flashlight is cheap, a five pack costs just under $14, which makes it great for tossing in a few bags as backups. The wight feels good in your hand and pocket. It isn't heavy without being so light that you feel like you are going to lose it. The Aluminum body is showing its toughness. It has been dropped numerous times over the past few weeks onto hard surfaces from a few feet and has not shown any serious damage, and almost none at all. I have also been happy with the brightness of the light and I personally prefer flash lights that have no more than three modes. I also dislike proud buttons so any flashlight that has a recessed button that is still easy to reach gets a bonus in my opinion.Cons:There are some issues with this light in its construction mostly. First, the clip can be a problem. It does not have strong tension, so it is easy for it to get knocked out of your pocket. It would also be nice if you could reverse the clip's position, however there is no location for this. I have also had some problems with the focusing mechanics. The biggest irritation is that the red piece that threads into the body of the light catches around the LED sometimes when focusing it back to flood. I personally dislike lights that focus but that is a personal preference that I tend to get past. I have also found that a couple times in my pocket the top has come somewhat loose but not all the way off. In the last picture it is seen completely removed. This is the point of contact that I mentioned before as well.General Thoughts:Overall I like this flashlight, especially because of the price point. I really like the size and the fact that they kept it mostly simple with the button placement and modes. I have a few gripes but have still been carrying this flashlight even past my initial testing period, and it has become one of my most commonly carried flashlights. 4Packs a huge punch for a great price. Pretty surprised, shocked even, to get these mini-flashlights - and discover that they boast the same features as other, more expensive flashlights, at a fraction of the cost. Previously I owned very cheap Dorcy brand LED flashlights. They were bigger but the switches on them were iffy and sometimes didn't work. With the Kootek 5 Pack - each flashlight was smaller - borderline tiny even - but they have the feel and weight of something that's solidly made. Only two things to note: 1) the switch on the bottom is small and, 2) the battery cover end cap has to be slowly and precisely screwed on otherwise it will pop out of your hands. However, to get so much light from just ONE AA battery is pretty amazing. Fits in your pocket and very portable. Loved them so much I ordered again and I now own ten (10) of these flashlights stationed in every imaginable spot in my home, with two of them in both of our cars. 5
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