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LEATHERMAN, Style PS Keychain Multitool with Spring-Action Scissors and Grooming Tools, Built in the USA, Black

  • LEATHERMAN, Style PS Keychain Multitool with Spring-Action Scissors and Grooming Tools, Built in the USA, Black
  • LEATHERMAN, Style PS Keychain Multitool with Spring-Action Scissors and Grooming Tools, Built in the USA, Black
  • LEATHERMAN, Style PS Keychain Multitool with Spring-Action Scissors and Grooming Tools, Built in the USA, Black
  • LEATHERMAN, Style PS Keychain Multitool with Spring-Action Scissors and Grooming Tools, Built in the USA, Black
  • LEATHERMAN, Style PS Keychain Multitool with Spring-Action Scissors and Grooming Tools, Built in the USA, Black
  • LEATHERMAN, Style PS Keychain Multitool with Spring-Action Scissors and Grooming Tools, Built in the USA, Black

LEATHERMAN, Style PS Keychain Multitool with Spring-Action Scissors and Grooming Tools, Built in the USA, Black

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • TRUSTED TRAVEL-TOOL: The ultimate pocket-sized multitool for travel, campsites and life on the go; Made with stainless steel and glass-filled nylon
  • 8 TOOLS IN 1: Includes all the necessities, from spring-action needlenose and regular pliers to spring-action wire cutters and scissors, screwdrivers, combination carabiner and more
  • OUR GUARANTEE: Were proud to stand behind every product that leaves our factory in Portland, Oregon; Thats why we offer our 25-year warranty, so you can be confident your Leatherman lasts a lifetime
  • TSA COMPLIANT: Your Style PS is compact, lightweight, key-ring friendly, TSA-compliant and always within reach when you need it
  • ONE-HAND ACCESS: Sometimes you only have one hand to spare. Style PS only requires one hand to open and use all the tools
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Customer Reviews

making them much easier to use and much more useful. I have used every component of this tool ... I've been using the previous version of this little Leatherman daily for almost 6 years now, and is permanently attached to my keychain. After having it taken at an international airport a few weeks ago, I bought this as a replacement. Not only does it now come in red (yay!), the scissors are now spring-loaded, making them much easier to use and much more useful.I have used every component of this tool over its lifetime, and use some part of it pretty much every day. Examples:Bottle opener / carabiner: great at parties!Pliers: great for quick fixes / bolt tightening / etc.Wire cutter: good for cutting tougher things like wire, but works on plastic package shells, nylon ropes, etc.Scissors: fingernail clippers, paper cutter, etc. Surprisingly sharp and effectiveScrewdriver: invaluable for tightening up little loose screws that I find all over the place. Works on both phillips and flat head.Nail file: good for filing down both nails and various bits of plastic / wood / metal. It can also serve as an effective cheese knife on a picnic.Tweezers: good for splinters and can serve as a toothpick in a pinch.Overall, I highly, highly recommend this product -- keep making great products, Leatherman. 5Everything you need - nothing you don'tThis has all the tools I require in a multitool: pliers, screw driver, and scissors. The build quality is excellent--very strong and sturdy. It has a thin profile and is very light. It is a little thinner than the Leatherman Squirt or Micra. It is the same height as the Squirt, except for the additional height of the carabiner on top.I got this as a TSA-friendly travel version of the Squirt I carry every day. It functions perfectly. I have been through TSA six times without issue, though I have heard that other people had it confiscated. Even if I did have it taken by the TSA, I would purchase another. It is that good.Pictured are: Leatherman Syle PS ($30); NarwhalCo Chrome Pen ($12 for two); Maglite Solitaire Flashlight ($10); Custom Leather Case by CajunLeatherWorks on Etsy ($35).5I don't feel naked anymore! I love having this little gadget on me at all times. Sadly, I just had to buy a second one. My blue one lived on my keychain for like five years, and I used all the tools on it. Wrench, bottle opener, nail file, and tweezers come in handy all the time. I loved the scissors as well, until one day, the spring broke and it wasn't really useful anymore. Then I found out that Leatherman covers their tools with a lifetime warranty, and when I mailed it to them they sent a replacement strikingly fast! I was thrilled- but then the spring broke on that pair of scissors as well, within two weeks, before I'd even had a chance to use it once!My biggest concern however, is the keyring clip. Just from being in my pocket, my other keys would sometimes knock it off the ring. I worried it was going to get lost one day, and finally it did. =(I kept hoping I would find it, realizing that I felt naked with it gone. I hesitated to get a replacement because I figured the chances were decent that I'd lose it again, or the scissors might break like the other one. I checked out other Leatherman models, and several other companies too, but they didn't have very encouraging reviews, or they had tools I didn't need, or they were bigger than I wanted in my pocket, or didn't look very sturdy. Sometimes it was all of the above.In the end, I purchased another Style PS, but in red. The size is perfect, and I am going to be more careful not to lose it. Sure, the scissors are likely to break again, but the other tools still make this a fantastic product for me. If I were going to add two more tools to this Letterman, it would be a Phillips head screwdriver, and an actual little knife or blade, perhaps instead of the unimpressive scissors?Anyway, at the moment... I don't feel naked anymore! 4Great little non-knife multi-tool.This thing is small. Keep that in mind. It's supposed to hook to a key chain. But I think it's big for that however. I bought this for our cruise, but Royal Caribbean still took it away from us when we boarded. They gave it back to us when we debarked. It really surprised us. But they also took a tiny tool kit I bring along with me to fix small items. I guess they don't want people dismantling stuff on the ship. And possibly because they don't want drug traffickers to hide things onboard. That's just my guess though. All that said, I really like this to travel. It should be TSA approved, but haven't tried flying with it yet.5Handy little tool for every scenario This tool has been a lifesaver on a multitude of occasions. I realized it was time to write a review when I used this tool alone to disassemble, repair, and reassemble my sister's laptop when I'd left my tools at the office. Returning bottles the other night, I used the scissors to cut a bottle open and the pliers to form it back into shape. I've used the tweezers for screws, hairs, splinters, and other small things.It's small enough to keep on my keychain but doesn't have a blade, so I can carry it through security. So far I've carried it through a few different security searches with nothing but a pause to look at it to see if there really was no blade. Though a bit on the pricier side, the build quality is immaculate, and I can see this tool lasting through years of use and abuse. 5More fragile than I knewPliers are a handy thought and the fingernail abrasive file is a nice touch. Bottle opener and built-in carabiner a good idea too.That said, a pivot joint broke when I was trying to pull a credit card from my wallet, of all things. My hands are weak and arthritic and pulling cards and D.L. from the "stepped pockets" are sometimes beyond me without aid.Very disappointed, as Leatherman is usually a quality brand.P.S. The tweezers are extremely hard to extract, too.1Better than nothing, and gets past TSAIt's better than nothing, but if you don't need to carry through TSA or similar checkpoints frequently go with a full-sized, full-featured model. The scisors are very sharp, but somehow struggle with things that pose no challenge to the ones in my 25year old Swiss army knife. In fact, they can't even handle cutting my nails - though the nail file side of the screwdriver tool is nice. So while it's nice to have something I don't need to worry about forgetting to take out of my pocket before calling a Lyft to the airport, I'd ditch it in a heartbeat for a full-featured multitool or pocket knife if going through security weren't such a frequent part of my life.Update: It turns out the Capitol Police consider this a weapon and will confiscate it even though it doesn't have a blade. That's probably worth knowing on its own. Because of that experience, I ended up ordering a replacement. The scissors in the new one seem to have a better hinge, and therefore handle most cutting tasks better than my first one did. It's still not as good as the same tool in my Swiss army knife, but much better than in my first Style PS. I'm not changing the number of stars because I don't know which one is the outlier.3Three Months of UseThe tool showed up just before the start of 2017, and I immediately appreciated its size, weight, and functionality. The tweezers were tough to remove the first time, but after the first time they came out easily enough while being secure in their place. I carry the tool every day and use it frequently. The scissors are great for snipping strings, fingernails, and other small items, and the small pliers offer exceptional leverage and grip. The snips at the hinge of the pliers usually work for cutting zip ties, but have struggled to cut through a plastic tie more than once. Once I realized this potential weakness, i learned to support the snips more while cutting and I can usually avoid the problem. The main problem and reason I am writing this review occured two days ago. I suffered a splinter and immediately reached into my pocket for the Style PS, pulled out the tweezers, grabbed the sliver of wood, and the tweezers fell apart in my hand. The two tiny tack welds failed the first time I used them, forcing me to cut out the splinter.Bottom line:This tool is nice because of its pocketable size and needlenose strength. The scissors can't do much more than cut fingernails, and the tweezers (at least on the tool I recieved) are useless. I bought for the scissors and the pliers and I'll continue using them. Nice tool but could be stronger.3EDC Essential I keep this multi-tool on my keychain and it is exceptionally handy to have around. I have never had any trouble getting it through airport security or into government buildings, though I once had an overzealous security guy at an MLB game give me a hard time and force me to take it back to the car. You are unlikely to be able to build a house with it, but it is more than adequate for effecting simple repairs and has saved the day more than once. It is well deserving of the appellation EDC essential. 5Best keychain multitoolA lot of people are upset this doesn't have a knife, but I always carry a dedicated pocket knife anyway so I actually thought the TSA compliance was a bonus. It Never has to come off my key chain. The knife is terrible on the Style CS / Micra / Squirt anyway, so I don't know why people are upset. I guess if you want a backup of your backup backup backup, then you'll miss it. I'd rather use scissors to cut a frayed string than a pocket knife, or when my wife chipped her nail, the scissors came in handy. (no scissor problems yet)I love the carabiner. Whenever I need to use the PS, I simply pop it off my keys whereas the Micra and Squirt would require me to unwind it from the key ring, or fiddle with the multi-tool and a handful of keys and car fobs...no thanks.You can tell the pliers aren't going to disassemble an engine block, but use them carefully and it will likely last a long time.Highly recommend if you want a minimalist approach to being handy.5Great general use tool with no blade but WILL get checked everytime at airport securityThe Good:-No blade so will pass most airport security in USA but you will be stopped almost every time-Good general use on key chain-Lightweight-DurableThe Bad:-CONFISCATED in Sydney airport since they do not allow scissors or plier type toolsThe Bottom Line:I ve had this Leatherman for 3 years and taken it on many trips within the USA without it being confiscated (I was stopped most times at security and when they saw no blade, they let me keep it). However I am in Sydney airport and it was just confiscated since they do not allow scissors or plier type tools. I bought this originally so I could travel with it so obviously having it confiscated is dissapointing. The overall design is great since it can hang on your keychain with enough tools to handle most really small jobs. It is well built and durable as it lasted 3 years with no issues. Overall I would recommend with Leatherman for use around the house or in town BUT I would not recommend for travel as you will always get stopped or worse have it confiscated.*If you found my review helpful, please let Amazon know by clicking the helpful button below!3Very handy little multitoolOrdered this June 2015 and it's still on my keychain to this day. Do I use it very often? Honestly nope, I actually more often than not forget it's even there. BUT, that's part of its charm. Those little moments in life where your friends jewelry clasps are loose and you wish you had a plier to fix it or you have a small nut to tighten or a splinter to pull or something small to cut this thing is a god send!It has a ton of utility in a tiny and light package. On your keychain it's slightly bigger than your average house key but smaller than your average car key fob so it's very unobtrusive. Clip is also very easy to snap on and snap off of things. can easily grab it and disengage with a simple press of your index finger or thumb for quick access and just as quick snap it back to free up your hands.How I always ran it was on a retractable key chain and it was VERY HANDY because i could open up the plier and the clip wouldn't interfere with the plier tool function it actually complemented it! could use my plier for something and just easily let it go to free up my hand and quickly go back to using the plier on the fly. I seriously love this thing, it's simple and efficient and I literally never leave home without it.My only gripe with it was that on mine, the spring bar for the scissor that would push the scissor back open when cutting seemingly just snapped off. Let me emphasize though, it didn't happen during the act of cutting anything. Flipped the scissor tool out to cut something and heard a little piece drop on the pavement and realized it was the spring for the scissor. Not going to dock the rating for it, maybe I just got a lemon in that regard. Check out the pictures of the scissor and see the broken piece and where it's supposed to go. I still love it but I'm someone who doesn't use the tool heavily or in extreme conditions or toss it around carelessly but somehow this one part of it broke. But other than that it's a very solid tool, feels good in the hand and has plenty of uses! Highly recommend!Used a AA battery for scale and the board it's on top of has inch increments. Hope it helps!5Great tool; however, TSA-compliant doesn't mean what you might thinkI use this tool at work all the time; larger tools would be better, but this fits in my pocket and is still effective.NOTE: I had one of these confiscated by Jamaica's version of TSA; the agent admitted that it doesn't have a blade but said that it could scare passengers if they THOUGHT it MIGHT have a blade. That was one of the most ridiculous things I've ever heard, but my husband dissuaded me from arguing. I asked a TSA agent about it the next time I flew; he explained that agents have "discretion" to confiscate anything, so "TSA compliant" is a marketing phrase - the TSA does not acknowledge the right for ANY particular object to be carried onto a plane. Hmmph.Still, after going without for a week, I plunked down the money to replace it; that's how much I like this thing.5UPDATE--Beware The Scissors!!!When I was a young 20 something, a family member who was worried about my "tomboyishness" got me a pink Swiss army keychain knife. I loved it and carried on my keychain for years! At some point it cracked and was lost, and not finding the pink, was replaced with a cool translucent red one. Both those tools were super--came in handy quite frequently.When the red one cracked, I was nearing 40 and had a good 10 years of home improvement and tool collecting behind me, including a leatherman super (awesome) tool. So when the micra came out, I thought it would be great replacement--I knew from the super tool that it was highly likely the micra would be sturdy and last for a long long time. Well, I was right. The micra is a wonderful tool, and can handle much bigger jobs then the classic Swiss army knife. I promptly tried to carry it on my keychain. It was much heavier than the puny swiss knives. I didn't like the weight on the ignition. It was a hassle to take on and off. Then I got a position wherein I occasionally had to run to court--I would rush over, forget about my keys, be refused entry, go outside, take the micra off, hide it in the bushes...it became a hassle. I stopped carrying it.I still have that micra and use it all the time, but I keep it in my car and so am often without it. When I saw the style ps with the carabiner and no knife so TSA compliant, I was excited, but I had trepidation for two reasons--one was the mixed reviews, and 2 was that the scissors were a side tool and not the featured tool. (I guess I would have preferred that the cs was the one that didn't have the blade because I use the micra scissors so much).Well I am here to tell you that although the scissors are small, they are springy, so performance is adequate. They are NOT as good as the micra, but they are WAY better than the ones on say, the Wave. I am pleased with the other tools, surprisingly so with the pliers, which are also spring loaded.I was worried that the flimsy tweezers would be worthless, but I tried them and they work ok for a pinch. Only thing is, they don't want to seat back all the way in the slot, so there is the potential that they could work out and get lost.I love love the carabiner--the tool is too heavy to have hanging in the ignition, so I can easily unclip and reclip to my keychain. Other reviews have mentioned losing the tool due to the play on the clip. Hard to tell yet, but so far it hasn't been an issue.Overall, I am pleased to find a sturdy tool to supplement (not replace) my beloved micra.***************UPDATE******************It's been a little over a month. The micra is now in a drawer. I love the PS way more. It is SO much easier to open the tools! I love the clip--so easy to get off the keychain. I don't miss the knife--I can use the file/screwdriver to open boxes! (Besides, it's given me an excuse to buy a pink kershaw chive!)Another big plus--when my very handy 6 year old discovered it, I realized it was the perfect first pocket tool for a child--no knife! He can even take it to school! He already has his own regular tool bag and is great with them (it took me until adulthood to get the concept of pushing when you use a screwdriver), so he is more than ready for his first pocket tool of quality. I was going to wait until he was older for his first pockettool or knife--just couldn't take a chance of him cutting himself when I am not around. With the PS, no worries!!! I am such a happy mom about that, I had to update this review!PS-- be cautious with the carabiner--it will come off, say, a backpack, fairly easy.********UPDATE 12/12*************I do find this tool incredibly handy, BUT, the scissors broke--the piece of metal that serves as the spring snapped. I bought another and mailed the broken one in for warranty. A couple months later, the scissors broke again. I think this will be a continual problem. Its great that leatherman will always fix or replace, but the hassle and a few bucks to mail in each time will add up. Very disappointing. Have to drop my rating two stars because this is a significant flaw.3
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