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LEDwholesalers 12-Volt DC Waterpoof LED Power Suppply Driver Transformer with 3-Prong Plug, 60W, 3204-12V

  • LEDwholesalers 12-Volt DC Waterpoof LED Power Suppply Driver Transformer with 3-Prong Plug, 60W, 3204-12V

LEDwholesalers 12-Volt DC Waterpoof LED Power Suppply Driver Transformer with 3-Prong Plug, 60W, 3204-12V

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Secure Payments

  • 14 Days Return

  • IP68 waterproof rating
  • Converts AC voltage to 12V DC
  • Wire leads and 3-prong plug for easy connections
  • Automatic thermal & overload cut-off, short circuit protection
  • Efficient, long life, stable, and reliable
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Customer Reviews

Replaced same unit purchased in July 2017I use this to power two led strip light runs setup in kitchen with touch switches. The two runs aren't long and are well under the 30W output. It began randomly shutting off lights intermittently a few weeks back then finally shut off for good. Original was purchased in July 2017, this replacement Dec 2018. Not really satisfied with that lifespan, but not a terrible price. I couldn't really find anything comparable when looking to replace, so just went with this one again. Hopefully will get better life this time...3Works greatNice little power supply. The output measures at 12.07 with no load. But for my use it can make a high pitch humming/buzzing noise if the output is limited below 12 volts. I use this with a 12v dimmer (item #B003L4KKF2) to power some LED ribbons, and when I turn the knob to anything but off or full on the supply makes that noise. I'm not sure if it's the dimmer or the supply's fault. The dimmer is PWM (pulse-width modulation), so it switches the voltage on and off at a high frequency, which is probably why the power supply buzzes when the voltage is limited. I'm not sure if this will be annoying in the long run as this supply will be powering some LED strips that will most likely be dimmed. Maybe I'll just have to find a new 12v dimmer (item #B004AGZSQG) that doesn't appear to be PWM.UPDATE: I have found and fixed the cause of the humming/buzzing. It was the dimmer's fault. By putting 2 16v 1000uf capacitors across the input of the dimmer, I was able to reduce the buzzing by 99%. I'm sure the correct value of capacitor will fix it 100%.5Great for what it isBuy this ONLY if you are using it in an aquatic area.Otherwise save yourself the money by using a cheap 12v charger in your house or buy on cheap on amazon if its for use with those 12V LED spools.Quality: 5/5-Excellent build quality-Wont fail for years to come-Very waterproof-It does get warm when in use, a little more that a normal AC adaptor-It only gets warm when the unit its connected to is onVoltage: 5/5-Very stable 12V current-Constant AMPerage supply at full voltageThis works great with the waterproof 12V LEDs that come on a spool.That being said, I do not regret buying thisBut if your using this indoors, just use a cheap charger and save yourself the money.5Well Built - Great ProductA solidly built, well made LED transformer. Nice cast aluminum waterproof case. Some units come with just 110 v pigtails, while others have a molded on 110v plug. This is my second transformer I have purchased. The first one has worked flawlessly for over a year controlling spot lights at our communities front entrance. The second one I purchased will control spot lights on trees in my front yard. Only thing I wish was that the 12volt output wire was a little longer in length. Great product! good price!5Short lifespan with load lower than the rated output!I have this power supply powering 9 LED lights that have rated load of 3 watts @12VDC each (total load of 27 watts). This power supply is suppose to be rated to supply 30 watts. 27 watts is only 90% of claimed output. The seller said that I overloaded the power supply. The first power supply started flickering on and off after about 6 months. It took many emails and having to return the defective unit (I had to pay to return cost) to get a replacement under warranty. Now 6 months later the replacement is starting to flicker on and off.UPDATE (3/17/16) The replacement died this morning. That's 2 in 14 months.1Vendor does not honor warrantyDied inside 1-year warranty but supplier, LED Wholesalers, failed to replace it under warranty. They responded and then blamed their supplier for not responding and then decided to ignore my emails for help too.1Like much of the stuff from china, this has no manual or instructions Seems to work okay, I'll give it 5 stars for now because it does what is is supposed to do. I still think there should be some kind of tech specs, warranty information etc. To be fair, it isn't difficult to figure out. This is the fourth transformer I have purchased for the same LED system of two 16 foot stick on LED strips. The other three were lemonbest and died in about a year with one component or another melting. 5Caught on fire.Installed by professional. Started out great... Used for lighting in horse trailer "living" quarters. So maybe about a dozen days per year.. Not left on for long periods of time, etc. about a month ago, I went and turned the light on and this thing caught on fire!! Apparently there's suppose to be a mechanism to shut it off or "blow it out" before it gets hot enough to catch on fire.. Well apparently mine didn't activate that. I'm extremely disappointed but happy that I'm ok and my trailer is ok.2RecommendedSolid material, comes with fixing brackets and good quality cables. Great source for long strips of LEDs. Recommended. Note it is not UL listed, but it has the CE stamp. Also, you need to either solder the DC cable output or use a mechanical patch.5Had one die after 18 months, due to water.Runs cool and quiet. I used it to replace the AC landscape power supply. When coupled with a date/location aware timer, it adjust on and off times daily. Set and forget.Update: down to 3 stars, as it died after less than 18 months of use. I have another in service and that one is still working just fine. The box took on some water and short circuited. That board got very hot!3Does the trick for me, but may not be for everyone.Works...but there are a couple of small issues. I connected this to a 5 meter reel of LED lights.http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B007JF2A6G?redirect=true&ref_=cm_cr_ryp_prd_ttl_sol_63When I flip on my wall switch, the lights don't turn on instantaneously...you have to wait about 4 secs. That's fine for me because these lights are just decorative, but for other areas where you want the lights to turn on like a normal light, this won't work. Second issue, the transformer gets warm. At first, I was going to install all the hardware behind my drywall for a really clean look, but after feeling how warm the transformer gets after about 2 hours of continuous use, I changed my plan to install this thing outside of the wall (allows some convection cooling and avoid fire risk).3
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