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Leick Riley Holliday Westwood Corner TV Stand with Storage, 46-Inch, Brown Cherry

  • Leick Riley Holliday Westwood Corner TV Stand with Storage, 46-Inch, Brown Cherry
  • Leick Riley Holliday Westwood Corner TV Stand with Storage, 46-Inch, Brown Cherry
  • Leick Riley Holliday Westwood Corner TV Stand with Storage, 46-Inch, Brown Cherry
  • Leick Riley Holliday Westwood Corner TV Stand with Storage, 46-Inch, Brown Cherry
  • Leick Riley Holliday Westwood Corner TV Stand with Storage, 46-Inch, Brown Cherry
  • Leick Riley Holliday Westwood Corner TV Stand with Storage, 46-Inch, Brown Cherry

Leick Riley Holliday Westwood Corner TV Stand with Storage, 46-Inch, Brown Cherry

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Holds TV's up to 50" with a sturdy, 240 lb. weight-bearing capacity
  • Constructed of durable hardwood solids and wood veneers for years of enjoyment with a Hand applied multi-step brown cherry finish
  • Center compartment with beveled bronze tinted glass for easy remote control use and an adjustable shelf for electronic components
  • Each side compartment houses 1 adjustable shelf for DVD ad CD storage, Bronze hardware with highlights, Bullet catch glass door stay
  • Perforated back for wire management
  • Simple unfolding assembly takes minutes. You expand the hinged cabinets, install the bottom panels, insert the back panels, and fasten the cabinet top. Then you just install the shelves and attach the door pulls, and you're done!
  • Dimensions: 46" W x 20" D x 25" H, Component opening size: 17.5" W x 17.5" D x 20" H
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Customer Reviews

A very happy customer 5 stars for packaging. A combination of heavy cardboard---felt like metal, and styrofoam, as well as other cardboard,surrounded the pieces, particularly strong on the sides and corners. Plastic wrap and Tyvek? encased the individual pieces to protect the finish. Although there were a few nicks, bends, and cuts on the outside box ,the pieces were in perfect condition.5 stars for ease of assembly. Directions even weren't that bad---we were able to follow them. It took no more than an hour and felt like one of those jigsaw puzzle with big pieces like you give children. Although we are seniors, the delivery man slipped the box in the front door onto a throw rug and we just slid it back to the family room and tipped it onto the floor. We opened the box and removed the individual pieces which were not that heavy. The main body of it unfolds (see video on the main Amazon page somewhere) then you slide various other pieces onto it. When you put in the bottom of the center section, be sure that you wiggle the sides (which arrived folded) to make sure it is square so the bottom piece fits relatively tight. That will keep the shelf from tipping.5 stars for presentation. As I said, the finish was perfect, no marks whatsoever. It looks like it cost 3 times what it did. I couldn't be happier. It turned out better than I had hoped. I was expecting it to have some nicks or scratches. You can see the perfect finish on the front and top. The couple of white dots are pieces of styrofoam I missed wiping off.The only negative, it has a little bit of odor from the finish but it is not strong except when you have your nose right down next to it to put together the pieces. I'm sure it will dissipate soon. 5Love,love it! Fantastic purchase! This tv stand is beautiful! I couldn't. E happier with this purchase. I highly recommend it. It has tons of storage and fits perfectly in a corner. The color and finish is superb. It is made of real wood and is the easiest thing ever to put together. It literally unfolds and the top bolts on. It took maybe 10 minutes. It took longer to wipe down the dust and glass on it from the packaging. I did not receive any compensation or free items for this review. 5Looks like it cost a LOT more than it does! Wow is all I can say. It's not often that an item actually looks better in person, but this does. And the genius who engineered this product, making it incredibly easy to assemble using nothing but the included Allen wrench, should win a medal. Anyone who wrote this was difficult to assemble clearly didn't read the directions and probably isn't used to putting things together. Took me about 30 minutes, by myself, and I am a 56 year old with bad shoulders, knees, and artificial hips!It WAS exceptionally difficult to get this from the back steps of my condo building into my unit. But I knew that was going to happen. I ended up opening up the box and carrying the pieces of the stand up a few at a time. Then I disposed of the box and styrofoam while it was still down stairs.This is a great size, and so practical! I was so sick of all of my electronics being covered with dust all the time--this solves the problem completely and immediately. The solid doors on the ends provide much needed extra storage. I have my massive coloring book and pencil collection in one side, and all of my empty boxes that go to expensive electronics that I will trade or sell one day in the other side.The huge cord management slots and holes are a major bonus!If you have a big TV like I do, hanging on wall like mine is, you NEED a longer piece under it and not a dinky little piece like I had. This is fabulous! 5Super easy assembly I was amazed at how easy this was to assemble. The instructions said that two people should participate in the assembly, but being the adventurous type, I decided to do it myself. It took me all of 30 minutes to complete.One small caveat to the order of assembly in the instructions. You should put the pulls on the doors BEFORE you put the top on the unit. If you shut the door with the top attached, and the knob not in place then you will be hard pressed to get the door open without scratching the finish. Other than that, it was perfect. 5Incredible TV stand easy to put together Just an amazing quality product. The materials are much better than I expected. Very nice smooth wood deep rich color. The most AMAZING thing is the product is almost put together when it arrives. I have put a lot of these types of things together, hours of frustration. I set this up in 15 minutes! I saw their description that you just put on the backs and top and your done but did not believe it, I was wrong. You unfold the main unit, slide the sides and back in put the top on and place three provided screws add the handles and the shelves and your done. Seriously 15 minutes. Best furniture that needs some assembly EVER. Completely thrilled with the quality, look, feel and most importantly ease of setup. This is a winner. 5Good design, but two glue joints failed and the ... Good design, but two glue joints failed and the packaging was insufficient for the weight - it arrived with a broken stile, sheared off at the base. I had to drill it out and glue in a new dowel. But it split the stile as well, so there's an unsightly crack that needs refinishing. At least they mounted the doors in proper alignment. Don't follow the directions too litteraly - after I put the top on, I had to take it off because I could not open the doors . They didn't mention that the knobs had to be installed on the doors first. They didn't mention them at all. 2Great overall. The stand was delivered quickly. Upon opening, there were a couple of small scratches where it could have been protected better when it was packed. Very easy to put together, you just kind of unfold it. It is hinged in the main part of the cabinet. You have to install the back panels (which slide downward - these are not hardwood and thin, but easy to install), shelves, the entire top of the unit (which is in one piece and sets down on top of the unit), and hardware (knobs) for the doors.I really do like it and it looks quite nice. At first, I thought the hinged idea was a fabulous one, because it would make it that much easier to put together. Only problem with that is, the unit isn't as secure and tight fitting if I had assembled it completely.It is fairly light considering it is wood, well most of it is wood anyway.If I could have, I would have given it a 4.5, but that isn't an option.Overall, I really like the look of it...looks exactly like what is pictured. I just wanted to give a more indepth review of how it was made.Also, we have a 55" LED TV, and it fits just fine. It would support a larger TV as well. 4So Impressed! I can't remember the last time I ever took the time to write a review but was so impressed with this purchase I had to share. This is a quality piece of furniture. I have done some research and read all reviews. Leick furniture has been around for a long time and has an excellent reputation for making quality REAL furniture...not particle board laminate with decal overlay finishes like Sauder. This unit is a fantastic design and beautiful assembly process! Arrived fast and not a single scratch or blemish. I was hesitant to pull the trigger on this due to some concerns others have brought up such as the smell or the color being lighter than expected. So here are my responses and opinions after having received the product:1.) Smell...there is none really! Yes, if you lay your check right on the surface and inhale deeply you will smell the aroma of a new wood product that smells like it was made with quality but not some sort of industrial stain or glue smell. Maybe others have had units that were somehow not fully dried but this was not my experience.2.) Color is a nice cherry with a slight amber. Looks deep and rich; not washed out like one other reviewer's photo seemed to indicate. All other reviewer photos look very close to the color of the unit I received. Maybe that one reviewer's unit was somehow a bit off but I suspect it was more an artifact of the photo lighting. I have tried to include photos in different lighting conditions during daylight hours with light from my windows as well as in the night. Certainly the exposure of the photo can change the appearance of the color but believe me the color is indeed an accurate representation of the product as shown in the listing. If anything it may have a richer color with a bit of shimmer rather than the product listing that seems to show a more flat color. But it is a deep rich cherry color that is less reddish than a true cherry. Basically the perfect color for complimenting the furniture in a room with actual wood tones.3.) Size is Perfect for my 55 inch TV! Seems that most TV stands for large screen TV's are either 60 inches wide (too wide) or around the 42 inch width (too narrow). I have have a 55 inch TV on it and the width is PERFECT! I also like the 20 inch depth that gives me room to actually rotate the TV for different viewing angles in the room as needed. Most units seem to be around the 16-18 inch depth so the extra couple inches in depth is perfect without being too deep and bulky.In comparison I would not recommend the "Sauder Palladia Panel TV Stand" which seems to be comparable but less expensive. I saw that unit at a local store and the quality was terrible. Gaps and poor fit and finish everywhere...and that was on the display model. Not to mention that the assembly looks like a nightmare. Yes it is a bit cheaper but one could easily tell the the laminate surface was little more than a plastic sticker that had already begun to peel up from the corners and edges on the display model. Buying it would be a mistake unless it is needed for an ultra cheap throw-away occasion like a college apartment or something. In conclusion I would say that if you are looking for a TV stand to fit a 42-55 inch flat screen and wanting a nice wood unit this is a perfect choice! A unit of equal quality at an actual furniture store would be in the ballpark of $600 or more....believe me I have been shopping for one for over a year. 5Quality piece of furniture! I am so happy with this stand! It was shipped expeditiously and safely without any damage. It is made of solid construction and was super simple to assemble on my own in less than a half hour. Supports my older 55" TV and has plenty of room for accessories behind the glass doors. The side storage is a bit awkward, but it is enough for my small collection of DVDs. This is $100 cheaper than an identical on Wayfair, and I'm so glad I found it here! 5Which is pretty good to get from Chicago to CT First off, I paid full price for this item. I know that some glowing reviews by "verified purchase" customers are because they only paid $1.00 for the item. My opinions on this item are my own.I ordered this item and it arrived in 4 days. Which is pretty good to get from Chicago to CT. The item arrived without any damage. That is the only thing that I worried about. But upon unpacking the box I can see that it's almost impossible short of deliberate abuse. The box is full of both cardboard and foam packing. Each piece is individually wrapping in more foam. All of the shelves were packed near the outside with the unfinished sides facing out so that they could protect the finished pieced sandwiched in the middle of the box. All of the corners had double protection as well. When I finished assembling the cabinet I couldn't believe how much packing there was to get rid of.The assembly as a breeze. The front and back sides are connected with the folding cross members (resembling a ladder) in the middle. Once you unfold this main part it will stand on it's own. So there are no doors to install or hinges to fight with. You simply drop in the bottom shelves onto alignment pins which square up the item. Then you drop in the middle shelves on the provided shelf clips (all metal with rubber bumpers). Then the two sides slide into place. The last step is setting the top on and putting in 6 machine bolts. This product was amazingly easy to assemble and when completed was solid as a rock and looks and feels like something you would have paid $1000.00 or more for at a furniture store. In all it took me less than twenty minutes to put this cabinet together. I spent more time gathering all of the packing material (I filled an entire commercial trash bag) and cutting up the cardboard into manageable pieces than the actual assembly.I placed my 65" TV on it and it's a perfect fit. I couldn't be happier to have this piece of furniture be part of my media room! 5
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