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LighterBro - Lighter Sleeve - Multi-tool - Stainless Steel - Stealth - Black

  • LighterBro - Lighter Sleeve - Multi-tool - Stainless Steel - Stealth - Black
  • LighterBro - Lighter Sleeve - Multi-tool - Stainless Steel - Stealth - Black

LighterBro - Lighter Sleeve - Multi-tool - Stainless Steel - Stealth - Black

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Razor Sharp Knife -- Easily opens boxes / packages -- Cuts tough cord / rope
  • Micro Screwdriver -- Perfect for eye glasses -- Repair small electronics, phones
  • Bottle Opener and key ring attachment -- Save time searching for a bottle opener when you need it
  • Spring-action scissors -- Super sharp -- Trims your nails -- Precisely cuts thread, cloth, paper, packaging
  • All on this compact stylish lighter sleeve -- 100% SATISFACTION, 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE!!
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Customer Reviews

Fantastic All In One Lighter piece ** Would Recommend ** Would buy Again This is one amazing piece of ingenuity !!The metal is super thick and well built and will last many years.The pressed metal rivets appear in good quality and don't show any signs of wear after opening and closing several times.Looks awesome and has a belt loop or key chain hanger on the bottom.PROS: Sturdy, well built, perfect accessory for any smoker as it cleans the bowl, pokes down the yucky's and clips off burnt tips and such.I also love that the poker is a philips screw driver which makes it double good.The scraper is sharp but not like razor so makes a great cleaning scraper, and or kief scraper.CONS: A little on the heavy side for some, however I don't mind it, but I could see it being cumbersome to some that are used to a Kasher which is light weight and nice to have but doesn't even compare to this one in feature set and quality of build.SUMMARY: Fantastic all in one lighter piece, that will leave your leatherman feeling jealous :) Would purchase again !! And WILL recommend to friends >>ONE LOVE 5Make your standard Bic lighter even more useful. Ingenious little tool that turns a standard Bic lighter into a handy multitool. My only complaint is when I got mine my knife wasn't sharp. So I took it to a local knife sharpener had it sharpened and added an edge to the front to kind of make it a Tanto edge knife. Also wish the knife had more material. A couple of millimeters on the width and thickness of the knife would make it even better. 4Great lighter tool This is my third one, and I always come back. Each lasts me about a year.Feels great in the hand, especially since I have large hands. It has just the tools I need without anything superfluous. Bottle opener is awesome. "eyeglass screwdriver" is a wonderful pokey-stabby and it's great having one always on hand. The knife comes razor-sharp and stays so for a while if you aren't hard on it. I use it to slice open cigars, does so like a breeze. The scissors are wonderful for cutting cardstock to roll into tips/roaches. also great for cutting open cigars, trimming the ends of rolled cigarettes, and just general use.Highly recommend it to anyone whose needs would be met by this description. 5Great gadget! Razor sharp Great gadget! Razor sharp, resilient blade and truly tough hardware. I ve bought five since my first purchase a year ago, and my original survives regular fishing and garage use and abuse with ease and an occasional fine sharpen. Shows a little rust at the joints, probably due to the excess saltwater exposure on old faithful. I m a smoker (no sh*t) and I ll guarantee you ll never lose a lighter to casual pocketer ever again with this pocket tool, I keep a hoard of empty Bics like trophies now. It s literally MacGuyver in your pocket. I haven t even wielded the pro version yet :O 5All you need to know I read reviews about the lighter not fitting all the way into the lighterbro. This is the way it's meant to fit. There is a small space at the bottom to give space for the bottle opener.I'm happy with this product. The metal is solid and won't bend. The tools are good for what they are meant for. For the reviewers who said to get a real knife.. This tool isn't meant for hunting. It's meant to use when smoking so you have a scissor to cut open bags, knife to slice blunts, poker to stir the bowl, lighter for the obvious and crack a beer open while you're at it! 5Stop NOT owning this! The best EVER! so handy! and the black version is SO low pro looking. Gonna go for gold next. sharp knife, perfect poker- i mean screwdriver, and sharp precise scissors. Quality product, all around 5You know what you're buying it for. I was a little thrown off by the price but it's been worth every cent.PRACTICALITYThe bottle opener is a no-brainer for convenience. The razor comes sharpened;emphasis on sharp. Even the scissors are sharp. Surprising precision for something so small, too. I actually used them to trim a busted fingernail. The mini-Philips screwdriver is great for watches, glasses, etc. It's like having a swiss army knife attached to your lighter."RECREATIONAL"That sharp razor? If you ever need to scrape some gunk off something, it's good to go. Works great on both metal and glass. The scissors are great for trimming many things. Works great on herbs; try snipping some parsley up! Or trim up the air filter's cardboard. And the screwdriver is great for poking and stirring things. Plus the bottle opener is great for cracking one open in case your mouth starts getting dry. So so so dry. 5Solid Smoking Multitool I got the Icon Silver color option. The product meets all expectations. The three tools all work as pokers of various sizes, and it's good to have pokers! The bottle opener works well. I like the heft of the lighter in the multitool. I have not had any issues with the tool getting in the way of the mechanisms for the lighter.I think it should be a little obvious, but you should only use the screwdrivers as screwdrivers in a pinch. They are primarily pokers, and if bent the wrong way they will break, especially the Phillips head. Sure, you can tighten your glasses with them. Don't take apart a laptop or do any other involved project. Grab real tools for that. For example, if you're going on an outdoor trip and you might need to repair various pieces of equipment with screwdrivers, bring a real tools and do not rely on this.The great value of this product is you will never have a frustrating "Anyone have a poker?" moment of searching for bobby pins and pen caps, because pokers are attached to your lighter. 5Any daily smokers, or lighter users, this is a must have!! I absolutely love this lighter sleeve! I've used many lighter sleeves, or cases, but this one is by far the best one out there!Not only does it come with 4 tools attached to it, but those 3 tools are made from quality material and actually work as they're designed to!The knife is sharp, and I use it almost daily for some random task. The poker is very sturdy, and I even used it one day to pop a rivet out of a door handle by hammering on the lighter sleeve while the poker was extended and in the rivet hole. The scissors are awesome and have very sharp blades on them as well. They have a little "spring" to keep the blades apart while cutting. The bottle opener on the bottom is just the icing on the cake. I ALWAYS have my lighter on me, so now I always have a knife, scissors, a poker and a bottle opener.Excellent product. It's everything 5If you carry a lighter around for whatever reason, and/or like to have compact, but high-quality tools with you most of the time Bought as a counter gift after a friend got me one as a gag. Turns out these things are tightly machined and engineered out of what appears to be spring steel. The hidden hinge points are well made, the edges are smooth and nicely beveled, and the collection of tools included are shockingly useful. I surprised myself by liking this thing so much that I ended up buying one for my friend as thanks for finding it in the first place.The little phillips screwdriver is robust and tightly machined (like the rest of the lighterbro). I've used it on notably larger screws and it worked excellently.The small knife blade retains an edge well and comes in handy more often than I would have expected.The scissors are as good as those included in a swiss army knife or quality toiletries kit.The bottle opener works better than the dedicated one I have in my kitchen.Pro-tip: you can force a lighter all the way down to the bottle opener "hook" if you want to make it take up a little less space. Can be a little tricky to pop it back out to use the bottle opener, but works great once you get the hang of it. You do have to remove the small keyring to do this, however. 5
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