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Lutron MA-T51-BR Maestro Countdown Timer, Brown

  • Lutron MA-T51-BR Maestro Countdown Timer, Brown
  • Lutron MA-T51-BR Maestro Countdown Timer, Brown

Lutron MA-T51-BR Maestro Countdown Timer, Brown

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • For use with incandescent and halogen bulbs only
  • Saves energy by automatically turning off a fan or light
  • Use with exhaust fans
  • Use with lighting to ensure lights are never left on for a long period of time
  • Controls a 3 amp fan or up to 600 watt and VA (5 amp) of incandescent and halogen or magnetic low-voltage lighting
  • Tap on to start timer, touch rocker to adjust countdown time
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Customer Reviews

Lutron MA-T51-WH Maestro Countdown Timer Recently purchased and installed the Lutron MA-T51-WH Maestro Countdown Timer. This can work as a direct replacement for an existing fan switch, which is what we did.Simply turn off and insure the power is off to the existing switch at the breaker panel. Remove the old switch. Connect the wires back up to the Maestro including the ground wire and you are good to go.An advantage of this switch is no neutral wire is required which makes wiring and replacement easy.A couple observations... it is not obvious but all you do to turn the fan off if it is already running is click the switch once, you don't have to wait for it to turn itself off if you want to shut it off.It has a nice little orange indicator light that is on all the time and helps to locate it when the lights are off at night. Kind of like a little pilot light.As you can see the metal surrounding the switch is a bit thicker than standard wall switches which requires a little extra care to get the cover plate seated flush to the wall. 5Great countdown timer, but the switch on the one I received was upside down. I have a few of these timers in my home and they are certainly helpful in preventing the bathroom fans from running too long. The one I just received had the switch installed upside down. There are 2 small tabs on each of the long sides that hold the plastic switch to the assembly. Just use a small screwdriver to depress the tabs and the plastic piece comes off. Once off, there are 4 more tabs that hold the button piece to the outer plastic assembly. Gently push those inward and the insert comes off. Flip around and re-install.Functionality wise this switch gets 5 stars, but because of the inconvenience and complete lack of quality control I can only award it 3. 3Disappointed in Lutron Digital Timers and Dimmers I have approximately 30 Lutron digital fade dimmers and timers in my home. This includes single pole dimmers, multi-location dimmers, "5 scene" units, and countdown timers. These devices are constantly breaking. I've owned my home for approximately four years. When they work, they are nice units. They are stylish, modern, cool, and make a statement. Unfortunately, that statement is increasingly becoming "this switch does not work!". It seems like there is a small delicate piece inside of these items that fail regularly, rendering the entire switch inoperable. I've replaced about 8 or 10 of these already, and I've decided that I'm fighting a losing battle. There are only 2 of us in the house, so it's not like there are kids running around banging on them all the time. They break with very light and infrequent usage. I was just about to purchase 3 more replacements, and I decided, enough is enough. I plan to start replacing these with basic switches. There are plenty of other manufacturers out there that make switches that are are stylish and modern, without the frequent breakage, and the high price. I used to be impressed with Lutron, and was willing to pay extra for what I thought was going to be high quality. After owning these Lutron switches and timers for a while, my perception of them has dropped immensely. 2Handy way to let the fan run after you do. I used these in my last house, to control the fan time. Experts suggest that your fan should run 20-30 minutes after you're done with your shower, to rid the room of excess moisture. The problem is that you're likely to forget that the fan is on, maybe for HOURS. With this switch, you can set the amount of time for the fan (or light) to be on. The next time you use it, it defaults to the time you set last. You can also over-ride the switch to on-until-you-shut-it-off, if you remember to shut it off. 5Positives outweigh the negatives This is an attractive, easy to install and use device. It has nice options like setting the countdown time and it remembering that time each time you use it until you change it. It is perfect for a bathroom fan so you don't have to worry about going back in and turning it off. A couple things I don't like so much is that the indicator light for the countdown time is an orangish color and will glow orange even when it's off. To me it looks like a fault of some sort (like a GFCI indicator light) every time I look at it. In my opinion this would be better green just like the constant "on" mode. Not sure why this needed to be a different color as it is pretty clear by looking at it that it is counting down regardless of the light color. The other thing is that right before it goes into the final countdown when the orange light begins to rapidly flash, it cuts out momentarily. Perhaps this is to let you know it's going to turn off but it's a bit annoying to me. At first I thought there was something faulty with it then realized that is a characteristic of it. Seems to me this could shorten the life of whatever it is connected to. Hopefully not. Overall I'm pleased with this timer switch and the positives outweigh the few things I'm not crazy about. 4Turns out I needed a neutral connection I bought the MA-T51-WH switch because it was a good looking countdown timer with increments up to 60 minutes as well as an always-on mode. I also liked the fact that it didn't require a neutral connection... until I installed it and found out that the lack of a neutral caused a problem.I have a fan and fluorescent light which are connected to the switch, and when I pushed the switch, it would turn on for a moment then turn off for a second or two and then turn on again (and stay on). After contacting Lutron technical support (which is excellent), I learned that the lack of a neutral connection makes the switch less robust for certain types of loads. It probably works for most people, but since it didn't work for me, they recommended that I get the same model of switch that also has a neutral connection (MA-T51MN-WH). Since I have a neutral connection in my switch box, this wasn't a problem for me. The neutral connection did the trick and now the switch turns on as it should. One more thing that I learned is that the model without the neutral can have the two wire leads connected in either order, but once a switch with a neutral connection is added, the order of the live leads is very important. If they are connected in the wrong order, the switch won't work.Now that I have the correct switch and all the wires connected correctly, it's working admirably. If you have a neutral connection in your switch box, you may want to play it safe and just get the switch with the neutral. It only costs a little bit more and could save you some trouble. 4The control is very nice. Unfortunately it doesn't work with efficient fans. The control is very nice. It had all of the features I wanted. The switch has both screw terminals and push lock terminals for the hot wire. The push lock terminals are meant for 14awg wires, but you can fit 12awg in there.It worked great with my old fan for the few weeks I had it. Then I upgraded the fan to a newer Delta 80cfm fan and the switch stopped working properly. The fan would turn on and off every few seconds, and when the switch was off, the fan kept running at very low speed. I replaced the fan, thinking maybe I got a bum one, but the same thing happened. I then replaced the switch, and same thing.Turns out this switch requires a minimum of a 40 watt load to work properly. The new fan pulled 23 watts, and there lied my problem. I wish this was stated in the description, as it makes it worthless for any of the newer efficient fans. They do make another switch, which I will be trying next, that only requires a 5 watt load. It's the MA-T51MN. Unfortunately, it costs an extra $10.For that reason, I'm giving it 3 stars.Edit 2-17-2019So I bought an MA-T51MN timer shortly after writing this review. I replaced the original timer with a normal switch temporarily. Well, temporarily turned into over 2 years (yeah I'm a super lagger). Anyway, I finally took the MA-T51MN out of the box and hooked it up to the 23 watt Delta fan and it works perfect! 3Does not work with my Panasonic bathroom fans This a great looking timer switch and has some elegant design features, but it doesn't work with my Panasonic bathroom fans. Upon calling Lutron tech support (which was mediocre at best), I was told that the switch has a minimum load requirement of 3 amps. Panasonic fans are very efficient and draw less than that (about 2.3 amps). The indicator lights on the switch worked, but the load (i.e., the fan) would turn on and off sporadically - on for a few seconds, off for a few seconds, on for a few seconds, off, on, off, etc). The support person said that low draw applications like my fans (and presumably if you're using the timer for fluorescent and LED lights), you need a different model (MA-T51MN-WH) which DOES require a neutral wire. If you have a neutral wire in your switchbox, this model should work for fan applications. I was going to give the MA-T51MN-WH a try for my Panasonic fans, but realized they're twice as expensive as this switch. No thanks...I'll pass. I found another timer switch on Amazon with a ton of Amazon review that should work with the fans at 1/3rd f the price. 1Incompatible with LED bulbs If you're looking for a switch to turn an LED bulb on and off, this will not work. Only certain switches will work with LEDs and THIS IS NOT ONE OF THEM.Read the ads for countdown timers carefully and you'll notice that the honest ones include the words "incandescent", "LED" or "CFL" in the title. I didn't realize there was a difference until I installed this timer. It initially worked great, hooked up to an incandescent bulb. But when I switched out the bulb for an LED, the LED bulb lit up whether the switch was on or off.At first I thought the problem was a faulty LED bulb. But after trying other bulbs and doing research, I discovered this is a KNOWN issue. You can't just buy any ol' timer. You have to purchase one that SPECIFICALLY works with the load you're switching on and off.If you want to use this switch with incandescent bulbs, it works fine. I recommend that you go to Lutron.com and download the additional instructions, which allow you to program this switch to always default to the interval of time which you have preset. That way you never have to worry about others changing the settings because it will automatically return to what you have preset.I went all the way with this switch and was VERY happy with it until I replaced the bulbs. What a disappointment to discover that my favorite LED bulbs will not work with this switch. What an ADDITIONAL disappointment to discover that anyone who sells these timers KNOWS about this issue. So the fact that this ad fails to mention the switch's limitation to incandescent bulbs, borders on deliberate dishonesty.Three stars for being a reasonably nice product. (It's a little flimsy, but other than that, it works great). Minus two stars for the sin of omission committed by the seller. 3Nice design, but with an annoying quirk: cuts out briefly one minute before actually turning off [Edit 5/19/18: I'm downgrading my rating to two stars, because the issue of "momentarily cutting out one minute before powering down" has proven to be super annoying. I'll probably eventually swap this out with a different brand, since it's annoying to hear it cut out for a second or two every single time it gets to one minute left]I purchased this switch to control the exhaust fan in a bathroom ceiling fan. The design of the interface is convenient, since it remembers your setting, gives you a visual indication of approximately how much time is left. Installation was a snap, since I was putting into a three-switch panel that already had Lutron rocker switches anyway.However, it does have one slightly annoying "feature": when the fan is about to turn off (I think it's 1 minute remaining, maybe it's 30 seconds or something), it switches to blinking the last light very rapidly. When this "about to turn off" mode starts, the switch itself cuts out briefly. So, one minute before the fan goes off for good, I hear it slow down, go off for a second, then come back on for its last minute. If this was powering a light, that would obviously be quite annoying. Since it's a fan, I can live with it. (I dunno how much it's shortening the life of the fan, but hopefully not really that much) 2
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