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Magnetic Reward / Star / Responsibility / Behavior Chart for up to 3 Children. Rigid board 16" x 13" (40 x 32cm) with hanging loop

  • Magnetic Reward / Star / Responsibility / Behavior Chart for up to 3 Children. Rigid board 16" x 13" (40 x 32cm) with hanging loop
  • Magnetic Reward / Star / Responsibility / Behavior Chart for up to 3 Children. Rigid board 16" x 13" (40 x 32cm) with hanging loop
  • Magnetic Reward / Star / Responsibility / Behavior Chart for up to 3 Children. Rigid board 16" x 13" (40 x 32cm) with hanging loop
  • Magnetic Reward / Star / Responsibility / Behavior Chart for up to 3 Children. Rigid board 16" x 13" (40 x 32cm) with hanging loop
  • Magnetic Reward / Star / Responsibility / Behavior Chart for up to 3 Children. Rigid board 16" x 13" (40 x 32cm) with hanging loop
  • Magnetic Reward / Star / Responsibility / Behavior Chart for up to 3 Children. Rigid board 16" x 13" (40 x 32cm) with hanging loop
  • Magnetic Reward / Star / Responsibility / Behavior Chart for up to 3 Children. Rigid board 16" x 13" (40 x 32cm) with hanging loop

Magnetic Reward / Star / Responsibility / Behavior Chart for up to 3 Children. Rigid board 16" x 13" (40 x 32cm) with hanging loop

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Top selling Star/Reward/Responsibility Chart on Amazon UK
  • Ideal for at home. Magnetic Wipe Clean Board with hanging loop
  • Magnetic I will list e.g. I will Brush my teeth
  • Wipe Clean pen to add further I will categories and insert rewards
  • 80 Coloured magnetic stars in Red, Yellow & Blue
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Because there's only one mommy and there's three of youAwesome chart. It has improved my mood. It has improved my vocal cords. It has improved my coping skills. Now, that's truly amazing. I wish my children would just do all the things that they need to do without resorting to a chart. But my genie did not grant me that wish. Instead, I have this chart which I can point to and say, "did you do this today?" or "what do you have to do to get a star?" taking the "I told you to..." out of the equation. I let them pick their own rewards as long as it is under $5 and I get to not feel like I'm drowning in chaos. 5Great if you are diligent about being organizedI thought the chart would solve my organizational woes, teach the kids to be more responsible, and help them autonomously get ready for school, do their chores, complete their homework, and get ready for bed. I've realized that unless this comes with a recording that says, "5 minute warning!", then "2 minute warning!" and followed by "10 seconds!", I don't think it works very well in our household. It doesn't help the helplessly disorganized (me) because you have to have enough diligence to check on daily performance or remind the kids to do so. So I guess it didn't transform me overnight from the most disorganized person to the most organized person, but if this didn't work, then maybe my chances of becoming organized are about as good as my ability to solve world hunger. And, don't drop the little stars - we find little stars every once in a while that have been sucked up by my vacuum. Good luck to those more organized than me! 4Good Quality Though Stars Could Be BetterWe had a difficult time finding a single reward chart for our twins to use. This one fit all of the requirements we were looking for. It handles more than one child (3), has multiple lines for different goals and allows you to note the reward being worked toward. The board is very sturdy and easy to hang (via an attached string). The dry erase surface works well and cleans easily. The kids love the design and colors. The only room for improvement is with the stars which are a bit thin. This leads to two issues. First, they can be difficult to get hold of. Second, the magnet is not very strong and attempts to slide the stars around the board often lead to them falling to the floor or sticking to your finger. On the whole, this is a minor annoyance and we are happy with our purchase. 4Its pretty goodThis was the best chart I could find for what I was looking for. I do think it would have been perfect for my twins when they were in kindergarten. An incentive for them to do simple things like make their bed and brush their teeth in the morning when getting read for school.I have it hanging on our fridge using a hook, but it swings around. We haven't been using it lately, my 3 yr old just plays with the stars so its hard to keep track of everything when all the starts are on the board.Some things I wish it had was an all magnet back for the fridge, so it would be flat and not having it move around. It would be so much easier to move the stars around. Also I wish it had a section for goals, like learning to tie your shoes or put away the laundry. 4Good BoardWe have been using this for about two weeks. I was a little concerned about the dry erase wiping off to easily, but it doesn't. It comes off easily enough when you want it to come off, but you have to be purposefully trying to wipe it off. The stars and the chore magnets appear to be sticking to the board well (it may be a little too soon to tell on that). The provided magnetic chores are good. We used some and some gave us ideas of others we did want and could ad because of the dry erase.Some of the other boards I have seen warp, this one seems to be sturdy enough that it won't.Our daughter really, really loves the colors. She enjoyed helping me separate all the stars. Everyone smiles when they get a star. :) 4Ok. Not a very strong magnetic.It came slightly bowed. It hangs only by a string- similar to a shoe lace. Star magnets are very thin and the magnet isn't very strong. They fall off the chart often, especially if it is bumped or while adding a star to it. They stick better to my fridge. Same with the rectangular chores, pre-printed. I don't use all of the ones it came with so I stuck them to the back of the board. Since there is no where to store extra stars, we slid then to the top of the board. It gets messy but there isn't a place for them. Also, dry erase marker doesn't really wipe off well if it is on there for a week. I have to wet a cloth to rub it off and it still leaves a black smudge.BUT one board works for up to 3 kids! Saves $$. I use it for 2 - blue and red. I use the extra yellows (I call them gold) for super jobs.I wanted to get the Melissa and Doug Responsibility chart but I didn't want to buy two. My friend has that one. I like how that one has pictures to accompany the chores and a spot to store unused magnets. This one had a few more chore rows, which helped me since my kids have different responsibilities due to their ages (7&3). 3Awesome chore chart!I really like this chore chart!The customization options on this chore chart is really great. Some of the chore charts I have purchased have pre-made chores, and that's great, but pre-made chores AND the option to add specific chores AND allow the children to see their reward if they comply, was a super plus. It motivates them daily to do their chores because they have their "eye on the prize". It's not overly heavy like some of the wooden chore charts, the markers, eraser, and magnets are all included, and it wasn't overpriced. I definitely recommend this for parents starting to teach children responsibility. 5Cheap qualityI don t understand why this product has such good reviews. The pen smells really bad. The pen holder will not hold the pen, so you can t hang it up without the pen falling out. Removing each star is a pain, and the top paper layer will come off of many stars. The magnetic backing of the stars are very weak and a slight shake will cause all of them to fall off. Don t waste your money. But something else. 1Good concept. Bad construction.The magnetic strips with tasks/goals have a slight curve to them and will not stay onto the board. If the magnets were stronger, or the strips didn't have a bend to them they might stay on better. You could make new magnetic strips on your own, or hand write with the dry erase, but that defeats the purpose of paying for this kit that is supposed to come with everything. I would recommend grabbing a different chart, or making your own. 3 stars because I like the layout and concept. 3Kids Are Doing Chores Like Crazy!I bought this chore chart for my three foster kids. They were doing okay with their chores, but easily forgot them. Now that we have this chart hanging on a wall in the living room they remember everything they need to do. There are 10 chore options. and 7 magnetic chores. You can either use those (which are pretty normal basic chores) or you can write in your own. We wrote in our own. Our ten chores are:Brush Your TeethGo To Bed Good (no whining)Do Your HomeworkPut Your Homework AwayPut Your Toys AwayPick Up Trash (snack wrappers, toy wrappers, etc)Do Math Flash CardsRead For 15 MinutesPut Your Clothes OnEat All Your FoodJust to give people an idea of a few chore options. My kids are 7, 8, and 10. All do these chores pretty happily- and excitedly run over to put their stars on every day. They ask "I did [this]! Can I put my star on now?". We also have a rewards system. At the end of the week there are three prizes for the kids to choose from. The person with the most stars gets to choose first (getting the best prize- of course). And the second most stars gets to choose second. Third most stars chooses last.This chart is made for 1 to 3 children. There are three different colors of stars. Red, yellow, and blue. At the top of the page there are three "Name: _____" spaces for the three different colors. On the bottom of the board there are little boxes that read "Once I get ___ stars I will _______________". We don't use that part of the board- but I could see how for other children it would really motivate them. My kids are motivated in the competition to win the most stars. Plus they really love visually seeing how many chores they did. It rewards them every time they do something, because they get to physically put the star on the board.The kids can also visually see all of their chores. They're less likely to forget to brush their teeth or read for 15 minutes if they can see it listed on the board. It gives them a visual of what they need to do that day. They're pretty awesome at finishing all 10 chores now-a-days and I'd say this chart has made a huge difference.The set comes with 100 stars in each color (red, yellow, and blue). You have to punch the stars out from a sheet. They're magnetic and stick to the board well. They are easy to move around, but are strong enough to not fall off easily. The board also comes with a dry erase marker. The board lists the days 'Monday - Sunday', which is kind of weird. But it works. 5
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