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MarsLG Elegant 3-Level Dimmable Touch Switch Folding LED Desk Lamp 7-Watt, 2404WH

  • MarsLG Elegant 3-Level Dimmable Touch Switch Folding LED Desk Lamp 7-Watt, 2404WH

MarsLG Elegant 3-Level Dimmable Touch Switch Folding LED Desk Lamp 7-Watt, 2404WH

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Simple, and clean elegant design.
  • 3-level touch dimming switch.
  • Flexible positioning suitable for use in office, bedroom, school, and reading.
  • Anti-glare, non-flickering, non-flashing from LED light source.
  • Long life ~ 35,000 hours
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Customer Reviews

Nice little lampGot this today and I'm pretty happy with this lamp.I'm using this as a desk lamp and here are some comments:- It's a pretty dim lamp. The dimmest setting isn't much brighter than a night light. The bright is only 7 watts.- It looks like a "stick" lamp, but I think it looks good.- Some assembly is required, but it's super simple. Just plug everything together.- The base is nice and solid.- The lamp arm from the base can be moved all the way up or almost down to the desk.- The light arm can be swiveled either to the right or left, or straight at you.- The light arm can be swiveled around to direct light any way you want.- So far, it looks like everything will stay where you put it.- There are three light brightness settings.- You have to toggle the switch on the base to go through the light settings to off.- The switch is a "touch" switch and all you need to do is "tap, tap, tap". It's easy.- The LED light covers about 50% of the light arm and I wish it were less. May have to fashion a shade for it...- Wish this light came in black.Overall, it serves my purpose. I don't need a super-bright light for my desk.5Nice Lamp, Very KEK, But that durability DOE! Wow nice lamp!definitely larger than i thought it was!LIKE REALLY REALLY LARGER!downside base doesn't pivot. Only the top does, but has full 360 Degree on it.Base only pulls downward.Only concern is the light and the touch sensative dimmer. I feel like its gonna stop working in about 3 months. 4Great LED lamp5 Year Follow-Up Review: I'm updating my review to 5 stars (originally 4). When I first ordered this lamp in 2014 I was a single man. I'm now married with two kids. This lamp has seen it all.My wife uses this lamp exclusively as lighting for her online teaching, has taken it with her on our trips to visit family, and more recently has used it for photography lighting at work. My original fears have been erased and I wanted to update this review when my wife realized she left the lamp at work and I checked to see if this was still on sale. So, 5 years later, 10 dollars cheaper - I'm buying a second one.Original 2014 Review:This lamp is perfect for my desk. I really love the look and feel the LED gives compared to my other lamp, just a much cleaner and precise feel to it. The lamp itself functions as it is supposed to. Turning it off and on and switching between light levels is very easy. The moving joints of the lamp have given me a few problems and it's sometimes a pain to try and re-position it. I often feel if I move it too quickly it will snap. Some of the parts of the lamp do look fairly cheap, especially the plastic at the end of the lamp and the surrounding area of the LED. The plastic it came wrapped in was actually underneath that housing so there are tiny little pieces of plastic sticking out near the actual light that I can't get out. I have it facing in a direction where you can't see them, but it's still annoying.Still, for 25.99 I think it's a good deal and would recommend it.5The best desk lamp ever even if the price was four times as muchThis is a fantastic desk lamp for a very low price. I was replacing a halogen desk lamp on a flexible elbow arm becuase it was broken. I loved that lamp but this is 10 times better.Pros:Looks great, modern, cool. People see it and wonder what it is (when it is off). I can't say enough about how this looks like modern art. Even the button is just a white circle on the base that you tapExtremely light weight yet all the weight is in the base so it won't tip over.With two U joints it can reach any position you wantEach top of the button cycles from high, to medium, to low to offLight has the color of fluorescent but is an LED so it should last foreverThe build quality seems very goodAssembly takes 10 seconds an no tools as all you do is plug the parts together.Cons:Some reviews say the glare is bad, but that is not really accurate. The portion of the tube that puts out light is half of the tube (180 degrees of the cylinder). You can rotate this so none of the light is in your eyes no matter the position of the bulb. The only time there is a slight problem is if you have it rotated away from you but it is pointing right at a computer monitor that will reflect some of the light.If I have to find a con, the AC adapter for it has a large head on the plug (like the AC adapter for some piece of electronics like a router). Of course since it unplugs from the lamp as well is sure makes it easy to transport it.5Bright lamp, great 3 step dimmer. Somewhat limited range of motion.I ordered two of these LED table lamps and they function very well. At the highest of the 3 dimmer settings the lights are amazingly bright. At the lowest, great for reading in bed. Of the two lamps one had clearly been opened and was not inside of the protective plastic wrappings, which were mostly loose in the box. I tested it against the other lamp and both have the same level of brightness and functionality, so no harm there. Assembly of the lamp was very simple, taking just 1-2 minutes to assemble. I like that the upper lamp arm could be swiveled around it's axis to direct the light away, reducing glare. My only negative observation is that the upper arm of the lamp cannot be folded down, just to a 90 degree angle to the vertical mast, and up to 180 degrees in a vertical position. I have another set of LED lamps that is several years old that can fold either in the fully upright position or folded down against the mast, or any angle in between. If this is concern for you to be able to fold the lamp down against its mast you will not like this lamp. The touch sensitive switch functions very well. The lamp produces no discernible humming and does not flicker at all. The price is great and the lamp appears to be well constructed especially at its low price point.4Bought two; buying a thirdI really love these lamps!I bought two of these lamps; one for my desk and another for my wife's bedside table, where she likes to read in bed at night. I bought these because of their sleek design, as well as the fact that they can be used at different lighting levels. I got these after previously ordering two TaoTronics lamps that I was not happy with (see below) and I am totally pleased.The design is great. They feel like they're well made, with nice brushed metal, rather than shinny, cheap plastic.The touch power/dimming control is very responsive and easy to use. The lamp has three lighting levels, from very bright, to medium-bright, to a nice, dim mode which would be great for reading at night.The light is very sleek, consisting of a round base and two thin tubes that are maybe about 1/2" in diameter. The light can be moved in any direction and the head rotated 360 degrees. The vertical tube can also be pulled forward at an angle if desired.The light produced is completely defused, and therefore produces no shadows and specular refractions. It looks like there are many LEDs inside, very closely-spaced behind an opaque lens. The lamp produces almost no heat at all (the light head is barely warm to the touch.)The only thing this lamp doesn't have that I would wish for is a USB port for charging phones. However, I certainly can't complain about that as most lamps do not have this, and as a lamp this thing shines!I highly recommend this product and am ordering another one myself.I previously had bought two of the "TaoTronics Elune TT-DL01 (Piano Black) Versatile Natural Light LED Desk Lamp (4 Lighting Modes: Reading Studying Relaxation & Bedtime, 5 dimmable Level / Touch Sensitive Control Panel / 1-Hour Off Timer / 5V/1A USB Charging Port)" lamps and ended up returning them because I just was not happy with too many things about them. They were very flimsy, the plastic looked and felt very cheap and attracted fingerprints like crazy. The touch controls were a pain to operate and only responded with significant effort (the power and lighting modes worked pretty well, but the brightness controls almost never worked.) The light also was quite bulky in my opinion, especially for an LED light, considering how small LEDs are. It just looked clunky. It did offer different color tones which this lamp does not do, but overall brightness is similar. One other thing I didn't like about the TaoTronics compared to this light is the it had multiple sharp points of light that were harsh and not defused, causing lots of specular refractions; this light does not do this and is beautifully defused, producing bright but soft light. The pivot joints were very sloppy and did not hold the light in position well. The point below the vertical point was the worst. You won't have that problem with this light.5Very strong lightLove how it is so flexible with the head; you can twist it side to side (from the top) or swivel it left and right (from the base). The ability to select the level of lighting you want with just a very light tap, adds to my love for this LED desk lamp despite the fact that I usually just go with the strongest level. It's sturdy, the base is heavy enough such that it wouldn't topple. Will buy this again in a heartbeat!Update: I recently purchased this again (Feb) because we were so happy with the previous one we got. Unfortunately, the 2nd one we received wasn't entirely the same as the first.These were the differences:1. The finish this time was matte, the first one had a smooth surface.2. The button on the 2nd one was just a plastic grey button; first one was painted to look more "elegant"3. The casing for light on the 2nd one was a rectangular cut whereas the first one was kind of oval and looked much better4. The colour of the lighting appears more yellowish/orangey for the 2nd one5. The brightness/intensity of the light for the 1st one was more diffused; the 2nd one was way too bright and gave me a headache. Even though you could tone it down a notch, somehow the lighting gave me a headache. I can't explain it!Reducing from 5 stars to 3 stars because of the lack of quality control/reduction of the overall quality of the lamp.3Decent buyI expected some pretty good things from this purchase and the lamp mostly delivered, but there were a few features about which I was dissatisfied. Firstly, the lamp came 2/3 assembled: the vertical portion was already attached to the base. I would not have had an issue with this, but the vertical portion was attached crooked! It leans forward, which disrupts the supposedly clean lines of the lamp. The horizontal portion with the LED bulbs attached easily and swivels well, fortunately.Secondly, the instructions were in Chinese. Thankfully there is not much to assemble, or else it would have been difficult to decipher the instructions. It seems as far as the construction goes, you get what you paid for.Pros: The lighting sensor is very sensitive and matches the description. For reading or writing, I like to keep the lamp at the brightest or second brightest setting--the lowest setting is a bit dim for anything useful.4work on quality control because you have an excellent product in this smallPlease MarsLG, work on quality control because you have an excellent product in this small, sleek desk lamp. I love the simplicity of two frosted metal tubes attaching with a sleek polished hinge, allowing quite a range of positions. The simple design blends with any decor, even my eclectic home, and adds a ray of daylight to any room. I did not know how much I was missing with my CFL bulbs. Could they have been giving me head aches, too? I have felt better since using the MarsLG Elegant LED tube light to read and write. I'd love to see more of these, perhaps different heights? They'd be beautiful arrayed together or across a terrace. But I need to see more consistently good reviews. Even with a sealed bulb, I'd expect the lamp to last a few years. I'll be gentle with mine and see how long it does last. I hope to prove your critics wrong...5I LOVED IT!!--ONE MONTH: shorted out, FIVE STAR--NOT!!UPDATE--FAILED AT FIVE WEEKS---dammit.I LOVED THIS LAMP FOR 4 1/2 WEEKS. Then it started blinking on and off, and two days later the button wouldn't work at all. I would have exchanged it--I REALLY LOVED THE DAMNED THING--BUT REPLACEMENT WAS NOT ALLOWED--even though they're still being sold on Amazon. Now I just feel bummed. At least Amazon got me a refund. NOTE: THE BOGUS RETURN POLICY SAID IT CAN ONLY BE RETURNED FOR FULL REFUND IF UNOPENED ??!! I called Amazon at Contact Us. Amazon customer service is the best! (I could repurchase one, but now I'm disinclined--and that's only because I really liked it and wish I had another. Did I mention "Dammit!!"?I REALLY NEEDED THIS LAMP TO BE CLOSE TO PERFECT. IT'S BETTER THAN I HOPED---so far.Wasn't sure if I'd like the 'day white' tint, since I like more golden leaning tints on lights, but found I love this lamp and don't mind the white light at all. The lamp section rotates like rolling a pencil in your fingers---love that too! The three levels of brightness suits me perfectly. The light 'diffuser' works perfectly--no spots on paper (like a pricier one I read up on). I also REALLY like that the bulb can rotate toward the wall and provide glare free indirect room lighting! (I wear contacts and glare can drive me nuts) When I spin the bulb toward a wall the reverse of bulb nicely blocks bulb glare). I really like that it takes almost no electricity, since I leave it on low all night (soft white glow against wall, just right for this night owl). Also like the hinges; the top (bulb) section only does 90 degrees--straight up to horizontal, but the upright section lets one stretch it out over and closer to writing surface--and the rotating bulb makes perfect directing of light a breeze. The more I use it the more I love it.I've read of a rare quality issues--but have also read the sellers respond responsibly to complaints and set things right. All in all, I really couldn't be happier--so far. Will return if issues arise. So far IT JUST MAKES ME SMILE!!1Died after three monthsThe desk lamp was attractive when it first arrived and people commented about how nice it looked. Great price, too. But mine was always a little fickle on which outlet it would work. On my power strip, it would work on only one of the outlets (even if I had nothing plugged into any of them). I found that odd, but I let it go. After three months, it died. I turned it on, gave me a light, and then turned off for good. No drops, stayed on one place, it just died.[edit]I have to say, the seller has been excellent in responding to my problem. He replied quickly, helped me diagnose the issue via email (problem turned out to be the faulty power cord), and has promised to send me a replacement power cord that he will test before sending. I have to say, the customer service has been over the top great.[edit]The new power cord arrived, and now, the desk lamp work on all the outlets. I've raised it to 4 stars from the 1 I gave initially for two reasons: 1) the original desk lamp did come with a faulty power cord and so it can't get 5 stars, but 2) the seller was excellent to help me identify the problems and sent me a replacement right away free of charge. Since it was 3 months past, I really didn't think the seller was going to respond as well as he's done. Kudos to him and the store: LEDwholesalers.4
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