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Martin Yale 1624 Manual Letter Opener, Automatically Activates When Envelope is Inserted, Blades are Fully Enclosed

  • Martin Yale 1624 Manual Letter Opener, Automatically Activates When Envelope is Inserted, Blades are Fully Enclosed

Martin Yale 1624 Manual Letter Opener, Automatically Activates When Envelope is Inserted, Blades are Fully Enclosed

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • 14 Days Return

  • Automatically activates when envelope is inserted
  • Blades are fully enclosed to protect fingers
  • Ergonomic design to conform to the hand
  • Lightweight machine that opens envelopes in seconds
  • Requires four (4) AA batteries (not included)
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Customer Reviews

Ease of OperationI was particular about which battery-operated letter opener to purchase. I read reviews and looked at product details. I chose this handheld unit because of its size/portability. I had a smaller one many years ago, but do not remember its manufacturer. I managed without one for the past ten years. Then I finally got tired of opening the envelope with all other methods. So, taking a risk, as I have never heard of the Martin Yale brand.I am completely pleased with my choice! It zips open ALL envelopes with ease, and is neatly stowable on my desk within reach at all times.One precaution, as with all power openers, be sure that the enclosed documents are stacked at the bottom of the envelope before zipping the top off. 4Impressive & Disappointing at the same timeI have to say I was very impressed with the high speed with which this letter opener drives a letter through its mechanism, but it's design is not real world use friendly.One of the reasons I wanted to use something in this price range over regular letter openers was so that I would not have to use both hands to open letters, which is required with a paper knife or smaller letter openers. The problem with this one is that it is a little bulky to hold in one hand but not heavy enough to place on a desk where it will stay in one place.Even worse it has no sticky feet to ensure that it stays in one place. So if you put it on the desk and place a letter in it the whole thing will move and the letter will only be half opened before the envelope itself will raise out above the blades leaving half of it unopened.So if you slide a letter through it you will have to ensure that you continue to press down on the bottom part of the letter so that the top part of the envelope going through the blades stays down enough to be cut completely. In effect you are then back to just getting a cheap letter opener and slicing the envelopes manually and be assured of more consistent results.The shipping and timely delivery were, as is almost always the case with Amazon, top notch.I dictated this review so if there are any typos please excuse the errors. 3I have never had such fun opening envelopesI got this for my elderly mother who still insisted on using a knife to open her letters. She never quite got the hang of it. So I got it. I LOVE IT!!!! I open junk mail just for the pure fun of opening the letter. I never throw mail unopened anymore. This is so much fun. It opens the letters with such a delicate little strip that you don't ever touch the contents. I took away the knife from my mom and now I open all her letter for her. I am very happy! 5Works, but not reliable for high volumeI have gone through two of these in the past few years. I agree with the good and bad reviews. It is very useful for opening letters quickly and helps alleviate discomfort in the hands. However, definitely 'tap down' the contents as a previous reviewer mentioned or it will slice the enclosed documents. Also, you must hold the unit to prevent it from sliding on a tabletop. The motors in both my units stopped running afer about one year of use. I open 10-100 letters each week. I don't want to have to purchase another but am struggling finding another affordable option. 3Works very, very poorlyI bought one four years ago and it still works great. So when I needed a new one it was a real disappointment. It can only open an envelope about 40% of the time on the first try. But sometimes I'll try 3 times on the same envelope and it still can't open it. What happened??? It would be great if the company could send me another one but one that works well. 1Highly recommended!I bought this one for my 87 y/o mother who has lost the use of one arm, her primary arm, due to a surgery she had. She is one that, for the many things that I have bought for her to try to compensate for only having one usable arm, tends to either try it once and rule it out or set it aside and never try it. This wasn't the case here, for she gets a lot of junk mail and has struggled to open mostly junk mail (she's got the "fear of missing out," or FOMO, so has to open every piece of mail)...well, no longer. Now, it's not uncommon for me to phone her while she's zipping through her mail. In fact, she figured out how to use this product better than I did, and I have the use of both arms. I highly recommend this one! 5Not Very Good, Short LifeThis product works (when it does) by stripping off a narrow sliver of the top length of the envelope, requiring you to hold the device and the envelope over a wastebasket unless you want to pick the clippings off the floor. Sometimes it doesn't do a complete job and you have to tear open the last part of the envelope. My unit quit after 21 months of light usage. When I contacted Martin Yale's customer service, I was told that the unit would not be repairable and, as it was past the one-year warranty, it was my problem. I found a handsome wooden knife-type bone-simple letter opener that works a lot better, needs no batteries, and I'm sure will give years of trouble-free service. 1Opens Up Sealed Envelopes FAST!I thought I'd give this letter opener a try since it's so highly rated and recommended by other shoppers.Pros----- FastIt takes about a second to open a letter.- SmallThe device is small and won't take up a whole lot of deskspace. It's probably a bit longer and taller than a full-sized stapler. It fits quite snugly in your hand if you want to hand-hold it.- One-Handed OperationYou can either hand-hold the letter opener or set the letter opener on the desk and feed the envelop with one hand.Cons----- May Cut ContentsThe letter opener opens an envelope by shaving off the edge of the envelope. However, it cuts far enough from the edge that it may sometimes cut the contents of the envelope as well.- Cheap PlasticThe plastic looks a bit on the cheap side. It has a shiny not matte texture.---The Martin Yale Automatic Letter Opener will make opening your letters fast and easy. Despite a couple of shortcomings, I like it! 4absolutely wonderful product.perfect Five-star product. great for anyone dealing with loss of strength in their left hand( grasping an envelope is required to operate a manual letter opener). this product zips off only about 3/32" from the edge of the envelope--And this is the only reasonably priced opener that ships from the USA That I found on Amazon.Edit: so now it is almost 3 months since I purchased this product. And I would like to update my review. Number one negative: if there is more than one piece of thin paper inside the envelope, it chokes and stops, and then you have the pull on the envelope to yank it back out. Eventually, a buildup of paper jams caused it to stop working completely. I was able to use a paperclip to clear the jammed bits of paper and get it working again, but it took a while.Second negative: as someone else mentioned the envelope tends to ride up and then the knives stop cutting the envelope.I am thinking of just buying a conventional slicer, and taping it to the edge of my countertop. And open up envelopes that way. Since my stroke in July, I can't use my left arm, so my options are limited. 5Excellent choice. Will buy one for home..I am just delighted with this gadget. My employer insists that we leave at 4pm - the work/personal time balance is a cultural requirement here, so I have to work fast and I don't have time to open envelopes the old-fashioned way.This letter opener works wonderfully. You hold the device in one hand, place an envelope on the feed pad with the other hand, and (with a bit of gentle pressure to keep it on track) nudge it toward the (invisible) blade until you feel a bit of traction. Then you and the machine work together until a 1/4 inch slice is taken off whichever edge it encounters. If you hold it over a wastebasket, the strips will fall neatly into it.This item is not unreasonably loud, but it does not work silently, either, so I choose to use it in a common area, rather than (possibly) distract co-workers in nearby offices.This letter opener is safe. I don't know how this manufacturer came up with something so genius and so affordable. I will be ordering one for home use soon. 5
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