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Maxline M7500 Master Kit, 3/4-Inch x 100-Feet

  • Maxline M7500 Master Kit, 3/4-Inch x 100-Feet

Maxline M7500 Master Kit, 3/4-Inch x 100-Feet

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Kit includes: 100 ft; of 3/4-Inch Tubing, (3) Air Outlet Kits, (2) Tee Fittings, 3/4-Inch Straight Fitting, (20) Pipe Clips, Debar and Cutter Tool
  • 175 psi maximum working pressure, 3/4-Inch inside diameter x 1-Inch outside diameter
  • Compression style nickel plated brass fittings
  • Recommended usage 150 ft.; maximum from the air compressor, up to 4000 sq.; ft.; buildings, up to 10-HP air compressor
  • Use only with Maxline 3/4-Inch system
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Customer Reviews

Easy to install, No leaks first time. lots of volume.Installed this kit after reading hundreds of reviews. It was simple to install, does not leak and fit the bill for my home shop perfectly. Other users have expressed that the tubing is difficult to work with. I was not a stickler about getting my runs lazer straight, I simply lined up my holding clips level and snapped the tubing in place. In order to straighten the tube, I had my 3 year old sit on one end and I walked on the rest as I uncoiled it. Not much different from brake line or other soft tubing you've worked with before. The tubing cutter and reamer in the kit came in handy. As far as hooking the drops in, I used a 1/2 to 1/4 reducer bushing on each drop to fit my quick connects and used the included shutoffs as a water drain out the bottom of each drop. I like that the block for each drop has both a front and bottom outlet port after blocking the back port and feeding from the top. I was able to keep a designated hose threaded in to my main drop and use a quick connect above it on the same block. I had maybe three hours into my install that wa a total of about 75 feet. i was happy with the large radius corners for my application and found no reason to buy any extra rapid-air fittings although your mileage may vary for your application. I would not hesistate to use this product again.5Pretty easy way to get a nice looking installTakes a bit to uncoil and straighten the 3/4" tubing. When doing this, you'll end up with a long piece of tubing flopping around, so make sure your beer is in a safe place (ask me how I know)!I found the instructions to be clearly written and understandable. Do follow the instructions to use Teflon tape AND pipe dope when connecting to the aluminum blocks, as they will gall easily.This gives a nice finished look without having to deal with threading black pipe and such. I don't feel the included clips work very well so I bought additional 3/4" PVC saddle clamps. This was a critical part to being able to get the tubing mounted to the ceiling with nice wide sweep 90's and straight runs, as I could install a clamp over the line where I wanted it, then tweak the tubing into position.4Fairly quick to install, and no leaks.I got this kit to run air lines around my garage and at some point into the basement. If I didn't care about the basement I'm sure 1/2" would have been fine but that will be a long run so I decided to get the larger diameter. The pipe wasn't super easy to run, not like stapling up NM-B cable, but compared to running any kind of conduit I thought it was quite easy. I'm also not super OCD about getting the line super straight, but by careful unrolling and straightening you can get it reasonably good. It took me two evenings of a couple hours to run everything, mostly because parts required getting up into the attic. Heeding the advice of using ptfe tape and pipe sealant on all NPT fittings, I have absolutely no leaks, I proofed the system at 140psi and turned the supply off and even after a day the pressure held steady.To attach my couplers at the outlets, I got 3 1/2"-1/4" brass bushings here on amazon for $2 each. It's too bad this kit doesn't come with 45-degree angles for the outlets like the 1/2" kit does. It would be better if the outlets didn't stick straight out. I did also buy a separate Maxline 1/2" fitting (M8005) since the kit comes with a 3/4" fitting for the compressor connection and my regulator has 1/2" connections.The only reason I took a star off was that the compression fittings did not seem to go on very easily. Instructions say to tighten finger tight and thn an additional 3/4 turn. In no case was I able to go that far, and I even after putting some oil on the threads they were still galling as I tightened them. As I said, there are absolutely no leaks, so it's possible they just don't need to be tightened as much as the instructions say.4NO LEAKS, EVERYTHING YOU NEED IS INCLUDED. I installed this kit in my shop and I'm glad I did. I now have my 3/8" hose reel connected to one valve for my woodworking tools, another connected for my 1/2" hose reel for impacts for my 18 wheeler, and the other for some quick disconnects for household chores like blowing up balloons. I was originally going to run this in my walls before I put the siding up, but later decided against it. The clips provided worked great at 5' apart. The tubing bends the same as soft copper piping, so 90 degree bends are simple. I've used this for about 6 months now and still have no air leaks at the fittings. Great quality. 5I'm really happy with this, and really happy I dragged my feet on this purchase for years!Although I've only had this system installed for a week, I'm tentatively giving it 5 stars. Purely based on other reviews I have some concerns for down the road, but right now everything seems really, really nice. Based on questions people have asked and some other reviews, let me throw some stuff out there:The 3/4" tube is a little cumbersome to uncoil. You can make the machine on rapidair's website or something similar, but I had no problems getting the pipe pretty darned straight. My install consisted of several ~15' runs, the longest was 25'. I had a helper hold one end of the coil and then walked it out, holding it down with my feet as I walked with some really cushy flip flops. The end result was a *really* wide arc that was easy to straighten by hand. It was not a big deal.I measured out each segment, then cut a length of the straightened pipe adding about a 1' for slop & mistakes. I planned so that each segment would only have one angle to avoid frustration. Starting with the longest straight, I connected the pipe to whatever fitting was there (sometimes a tee, sometimes an outlet) and then walked the pipe into the corner, forming it by hand as I went. Once it was roughly in the right place, I installed one of the pipe clips to keep it in place, then laid out the other leg of the run. Aside from the straightening, I laid 90' of this by myself without help. It's not tough.Pro Tip: Read the directions. They are explicit and on-point. All NPT fittings should be wrapped with two wraps of Teflon tape. All NPT fittings should be doped (although I prefer Permatex High Performance Thread Sealant). Build the outlets (plug, M8005 fitting, 50120 drain, and air fitting of your choice) in ADVANCE. Install the outlets IN ADVANCE. No treatment (tape or dope) is required on the Maxline pipe fittings - the O-rings seal them, not the threads. As such, when cutting the pipe, it MUST be STRAIGHT, a perfect 90 degrees, and you must use the reamer to make sure the pipe is round (not ovalled) and properly beveled. Otherwise it may not seal properly on the fittings. Leave some extra when measuring the pipe in case you need to re-cut! If I have any complaints, it's that the cutter they supply is difficult to use - the "mouth" should be 2-3" wide to ensure a good, straight cut. Oh well! Finally, do not try to assemble the M8005 fittings onto the pipe first. They are not swivel fittings. The NPT side of the fitting must be installed first, then install the pipe onto it. When you finally assemble the pipe onto the M8005 (last step!) be sure you tighten the collar at least 3/4 turn.There seems to be some confusion about the three #M81010 outlet blocks that come with this kit. Each outlet has three ports - the top, back, and front part are all 1/2" NPT. The idea is to connect the pipe to the outlet at the TOP or BACK (such as through a wall) and then use the NPT plug to plug whichever one you did not use. Three outlets = three plugs. You could use the other port to "daisy chain" to another outlet, but that would be awkward. The front port is for your tool or a quick-disconnect but, again, could be used to daisy chain. I used Dixon Valve DC2504 (from Amazon) as they are 1/2" NPT -> 3/8" (industrial-style, there is an automotive style equivalent) quick disconnect, so no adapters needed. You can use Dixon Valve DCP2103 on your tool - it's a matching 3/8" quick disconnect with a 1/4" NPT. Easy! The bottom port is 3/8" NPT and is *intended* to house the drain valve. This makes it easy to depressurize the pipe system and drain water that *will* accumulate in the outlet. You *can* use this port to daisy chain or connect tools, but it's *supposed* to be a water drain. Three #50120 are included with this kit for this purpose!I ordered an extra tee (#M8011) with this kit with two purposes in mind: It broke up what would have been a very long (40'), very cumbersome run of tube *and* provided a space to mount an overhead hose reel. Plugging in and storing a hose would have been annoying, so I just installed an overhead reel permanently. #M8005 goes straight from the 3/4" pipe to a 1/2" NPT thread. I picked up a 1/2" NPT shutoff valve (in case I need to remove the hose for some reason, and so the hose doesn't have to hold 90psi all the time) but no quick disconnect to remove a restriction point. The hose connects directly to the shutoff valve. Easy! (Remember, assemble backwards - reel to shutoff valve, shutoff valve to M8005 fitting, *then* M8005 to pipe!)My final install looks like: Big ol' 80 gallon compressor -> shutoff valve -> flexible jumper (ALWAYS CRITICAL) -> PneumaticPlus SAU4020M-N06BG (filter/regulator) @ 100psi -> pipe system. The pipe system has essentially four legs - one goes from the garage into the shop (through a wall), one goes to two outlets on opposite sides of the garage, one goes to the second shutoff valve & overhead reel, and one goes to an outlet on the back wall, incorporating a SECOND regulator/filter for paint.I'm really happy with this, and really happy I dragged my feet on this purchase for years. Rapidair has a complete setup here, with all the parts & pieces you need to fully customize your solution. Six days later I have seen no leaks anywhere - and I'm literally itching to use my bigger air tools! :) I have yet to see whether the pipe will take a hit (it's on walls and in rafters, so hopefully it won't have to!) and what happens over time... until then, 5 stars!5Great product but hard to installI finished installing this kit a week ago and I'm very satisfied with the results. It doesn't leak at all, looks nice and the quality is excellent. However, if I had it to do over again, I would purchase the Maxline M3800 Master Kit. It has a 1/2" ID and should be much easier to work with. The 3/4" ID pipe in the M7500 kit was difficult for me to bend and straighten especially in awkward locations. Unless you have a very high capacity air compressor and/or very long runs, the 1/2" ID should be more than adequate. Unfortunately, the M3800 isn't much cheaper but it comes with a Compressor Manifold Kit which isn't included in the M7500 kit. There are other differences; I don't understand why the kits aren't identical except for the size.Mounting the aluminum outlet blocks to the walls of my shop wasn t straight forward because the mounting holes are too far apart to screw into 2x4 wall studs. The picture shows the adapter plates that I fabricated out of some scrap 1/4 aluminum plate. The two counter sunk center holes are for wood screws to attach to the stud. The four holes at the corners are tapped for 10-32x1/2" socket head screws. These really worked out well. So well, I wrote RapidAir suggesting they add something like this as an accessory.5Easy to install, professional results and a quality product at a very fair priceIn my other shop, I have the 1/2" Rapid Air system. It served me well for several years. In my new shop, i had been meaning to get the air plumbed-in for almost a year. I was tired of dragging an air hose across the floor.Now, one thing that never occurred to me is why my air tools never seems like they had the oomph that they should. So, I was poking around on Amazon Warehouse Deals and found the 3/4" setup for $145. I figured the additional volume that the 3/4" pipe would offer the the outlets, could make a big difference. That along with learning that there are air fittings with a 3/8" opening, that pass about 2x the volume of air that the typically 1/4" fitting and couplers do.The 100' kit was more than enough to plumb-in three outlets in my large shop. The tubing cutter and reaming tools provided made easy work of attaching the T's and couplings to the outlet blocks. You will need to make rather wide radius bends, and if you're up on a tall ladder installing the lines overhead, it'll help to have someone to assist uncoiling and feeding the pipe to you.I've refitted my air tools with 3/8" Milton P-style (also known as Automotive Interchange or Truflate T-style) coupler snd plugs, along with 3/8' ID air hose. Now my Snap-on impact guns sound like the tire guns at NASCAR. The difference is remarkable.For well under $200, you can't go wrong and if you find this setup on Warehouse Deals, it is a downright bargain.53/4" Maxline the good and the bad - more good than bad... Great kit for a permanent installation.Kit pretty straight forward to install and the air lines are well constructed. My set up is installed for a variety of applications including auto mechanic/paint and machine tool operation.Maxline comes coiled up so it will take a bit of effort to make the lines perfectly straight. I built the straightener developed by "Scott" (http://www.rapidairproducts.com/straightening-maxline.asp). Scott's design had a couple flaws which were easily overcome with washers. Total cost to build $35 plus scarp wood in the shop assuming you have the tools to get it built.I opted to not use 90 degree elbows for the corners to minimize the number of potential leaks. My installation does not leak at any of the joints. I used PTFE tape on all threaded joints except o-ring sealed joints. 3/4" EMT conduit bender does a good job of bending offsets and 90's. The 3/4" bender has about a 6" radius bend which is within Rapidair's spec.I was disappointed with the quality of the chromed brass fittings. While tightening, per the instructions, my wrench pierced a T-Fitting. These are not cheap to replace at $15 - $20 a pop. It looks like I'll have one for spare o-rings and compression seals... Also, the 3/4" Maxline has 1/2" FIP fittings requiring a bit of effort to adapt hardware store air chucks.Because this is a permanent semi-rigid installation, I highly recommend a flexible connections from the compressor to the Maxline. This will cut down vibration throughout the system and eliminate potential problems.***Don't buy the Rapidair 3/4 jumper hose for $39.99*** it's a waste of $$$. Instead order one to length from McMaster-Carr (here's what I ordered part # 54075k57 at a cost of $24.63 for 4' vs Rapidair's 3'). Plus you get to pick the color from McMaster... 45/8" not 3/4"I do not know if this is how PEX-AL is normally, but regular PEX is listed as 3/4" ID that is actually 7/8" ID, so when regular PEX is connected using 3/4" ID fitting that are actually 3/4" ID, the system overall is actually 3/4" ID.This PEX-AL tubing is listed as 3/4" ID and is actually 3/4" ID, so when this PEX-AL tubing is connected using 3/4" ID fittings that are actually 5/8" ID, the overall system is actually 5/8" ID not 3/4" ID.With the addition of a few fittings this will work fine for my application.Decide for yourself if it will work for you.2Don t buy this, waste of moneyI run a 3 stage air comprsssor. Regulator set at 175 psi. On the first day of use it blew a part. I own a mechanic shop, had to struggle to find a way to run other lines. Best thing to use is pvc pipe from Homestores. This stuff is junk. I ask for a refund and never got it. I wouldn t waste your money on this product. By the way. I have 1/2 radair lines that s rated at 150 to my small drops that s not coated in aluminum that didn t blow apart.1Better than I expectedBetter than I expected. I've used it at 150lbs of pressure with no issues. No leaks and easy to install. Will definitely use again (when I move)5Fantastic upgradeI originally had extra long hose just ran through the rafters of my shop. I needed something with multiple drops and better regulated pressure since I recently built a paint booth in my workshop. This kit solved that problem perfectly.I only wish it came with the reducers at the drop points to connect the 1/4 connectors, and more of the retainer clips.Make sure to measure out your space ahead of time and decide how many drops you need. Buying extra drops, or any fittings is super expensive separately and it may be cheaper to just buy a second kit.Follow the install directions, especially with the pipe thread sealant and you won t have any leaks.Great product, have been in use almost 3 months without issue.4
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