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Miele Type U AirClean FilterBags, S7000-S7999 Upright, 4 Bag and Filter Set

  • Miele Type U AirClean FilterBags, S7000-S7999 Upright, 4 Bag and Filter Set
  • Miele Type U AirClean FilterBags, S7000-S7999 Upright, 4 Bag and Filter Set

Miele Type U AirClean FilterBags, S7000-S7999 Upright, 4 Bag and Filter Set

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Fits Miele S7000-S7999 Uprights
  • 4 AirClean Bags, 1 motor filter, 1 AirClean Filter
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Customer Reviews

Work wellThere is not much to say other than these filter-bags fit well in my vacuum cleaner, they work well, and they do the job they are supposed to do. I like that when removing a filled bag, the little "doors" at the top automatically close, preventing dust from coming out. They are a bit expensive and pricier than the "Brand X" versions one can find, but otherwise I have no complaints.5Better than emptying plastic containers!The Miele replacement bags are the companion to Miele vacuum cleaners. These are the best bags that I've used (in comparison with Hoover or Eureka), & changing the bags is so much easier & cleaner than emptying the dust container on bag-free vacuum models. We had two bag-free upright vacuums in a row, & it was always a mess cleaning the filters & emptying the plastic dust containers. You could not avoid getting dust scattered all over the head of the vacuum cleaner & the adjacent floor. The Miele bags have a sealing system that tightly-closes the bag when removing the bag from the bag-storage compartment, so no dust or debris escapes & there isn't a mess to clean up. The bags are an added expense, but not an expensive one at the price of always having to clean up after container changes. We'll never go back to a bagless vacuum system.5Great Bags, Fair PriceThese are excellent bags and the price is reasonable with the shipping included. There are a number of positives for these bags but my favorite is the fact that they contain odors when vacuuming. My Dobie, Max, is a great dog but he is a hair shedder as is normal for his breed. With my bagless vacuum there is quite a stench when these hairs are picked up and blown around in the vacuum's dust container. That is not a problem with these bags. You do not smell anything when vacuuming and for that alone I would offer 5 stars. However, these bags have other positive features, besides trapping dog hair odor, such as the large amount of debris they can hold, their flexibility and the quality material with which they are made.5Bags slip off*Update 5/14/19*These bags are much better and I haven't had issues with them. I still believe they were just a faulty batch and will continue to purchase. Thank you!*Update 12/14/18*I was contacted by customer service. They were very courteous and are sending a box of filters. I have increased to 3 stars and perhaps will increase again after I see how the new box works out.Out of this double pack (and Ive purchased these before) 4 of 8 bags were useless. The ring that it supposed to hold the bag tight is too big/loose and will not stay up. (Yes Im installing properly...have done this for 3 years) Because I wasnt aware, until it was too late Ive had to clean the entire vacuum 3x and replace all of the filters. Not sure how to contact you any other way. I would like a full replacement box, at no charge, and I suggest quality control be alerted to this issue as I am quite unhappy, given the cost of these filter bags5bags plus hepaComes with three bags and filter element for the motor filter. I figure it is good idea to replace the engine filter every 3-bags worth of vacuuming. This combo makes sense, when I use the last bag, I'll install the air filters.One star missing because it is not clear if the filters (not the bags) are motor AND HEPA or just motor filter elements. I am not sure if one of the elements is intended for that, because the HEPA is sold in a rigid frame. I suppose they are selling hte material that you cut to size and insert in the original frame.I never know when to replace them, and like the idea of doing it according to how many dust bags I use, i.e. every 3, or 6 dust bags.Helpful hint: I used a Brother label maker to put the install date of the HEPA filter, so I will know when it is time to replace it. I also labelled the accessory for the upholstery as 'for furniture only' Maybe the cleaning lady will get that right :-)4If you have pets and deal with the "pet smell" coming from the bag when you vacuum, you might want to try the FJM size bagsThese are a good fit for my Miele U1 Jazz vacuum, but expensive. And something I've found about using a bagged cleaner when you have pets in the home is the fur in the bag can leave a smell in the air the next time you clean with the vacuum. I hate this smell. It makes my freshly cleaned home stink. This isn't an issue with bagless vacuums, just bagged ones. And a mistake made by Amazon helped me figure a way around this.The first time I ordered these Type U bags here online, I was sent Miele Type FJM AirClean bags instead. I didn't realize it until I went to put in a new bag and they were half the size of these Type U bags. I checked my online order to make sure I ordered the right ones, and I did. But what arrived were FJM bags instead.Luckily the top connector piece on the Miele FJM bags is the same as on these Type U bags, so even though they were less than half the size of the Type U bags, they still fit. I used the FJM bags and then also ordered another set of Type U, this time getting the correct ones. But I found that using the small bags worked out so much better because the contents of the bags didn't stay in the vacuum as long. I replaced the bags more often, so the pet hair wasn't lingering in the bag waiting to make the house smell the next time I vacuumed.I've gone through a box of the Type U bags and a box of the FJM size bags and now that I need more, I'm ordering the FJM bags instead. While these Type U bags are made for my Miele and the best fit, for my situations ( with two dogs in the home) the smaller FJM bags work out so much better and keep my home smelling clean.4Expensive but well worth it.Quality set apart is my best description of these replacement bags, true to the saying 'you get what you pay for'. So easy to put a new one in the vacuum, probably the easiest on the market. I have to disagree with one reviewer on something, you still get that dust smell after time. I don't think there is any vacuum that can totally avoid that. If they start smelling it's time to change them! On the cost issue, yes they are a might expensive, but hey they are Miele! They are a quality match to the vacuum for sure. Haven't had to buy the hepa yet, that sucker alone is $25.00! Good thing is that one is only every 50 hours, this doesn't even show signs of needing replacement. The other side is black, it's not dirt (as some might think looking at it), it's actually charcoal. I am a firm believer in sticking to original vacuum bags, I have made the mistake of using inferior bags in the past, knowingly and unknowingly. Trust me, the cost saving is not worth it. The cheaper bags can ruin your vacuum and shorten it's life by many years.5Our Miele vacuum cleaner does an excellent job of not only picking up dog hair Our Miele vacuum cleaner does an excellent job of not only picking up dog hair, dust, and whatever else makes it into our house in the woods. Thanks to the filterbags, none of the dust makes it back out of the vacuum cleaner - no dust motes/hair seen floating in the sunlight streaming through the patio window. 5New U style bag won't stay attached while vacuuming.I have been buying the Miele U vacuum bags for my Miele S7580 for years with no issues. My last package of bags are different than the previous U design. The green attach port used to be on top, the new style the green attach port is near the top of the side. This style will blow off my vacuum and make a royal disaster inside of the bag compartment.1Much simpler than bagless vacuum solutions, clean, easy, cheaper in the end.I just love our Miele vacuum and these bags are the best. I will never, ever get a bagless vacuum again. The mess and dust with cleaning a bagless vacuum is just insane. With these bags, you simply remove it and throw it in the trash. They even have a flip seal so practically no dust/dander/gross stuff gets in the air when you switch bags. Compare that with banging a HEPA filter from a bagless vacuum against the trash bin and having all those allergens floating up and into your nose, clothes and, if you are not outside, home. The Miele vacuums are great and their bag solution is very well designed. For anyone who has allergies from in-home pollutants, I strongly recommend going with a Miele bagged vacuum rather than the "convenience" of bagless which, essentially, is just marketing because they don't do the job nearly as well as this solution.In addition... These last a good long time. I have had the bags completely full and the vacuum still sucks up dirt. In the end, I have saved money over expensive HEPA filters and sub-filters and all the other junk I needed with my previous bagless vacuum.5Same Bags as Original Equipment Provider - Miele S7I have been trying to fill my original Miele S7 and finally succeeded just so I could see if this bag matches the quality of the Original Equipment. The short is It Does! The long is It Still Does.I do not mind spending a few bucks more for a truly quality product and this is indeed a quality product that is worth the extra few cents per bag. What comes off the floors and walls stays in the bags and is not redistributed over other parts of the home. Additionally, it is so nice to buy a product that lives up to its hype and realize a quality product is just a call away.5
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