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Mind Reader Mounty Coffee Pod Holder, 10.71" W x 15.75" H, Black/Cork

  • Mind Reader Mounty Coffee Pod Holder, 10.71" W x 15.75" H, Black/Cork
  • Mind Reader Mounty Coffee Pod Holder, 10.71" W x 15.75" H, Black/Cork
  • Mind Reader Mounty Coffee Pod Holder, 10.71" W x 15.75" H, Black/Cork
  • Mind Reader Mounty Coffee Pod Holder, 10.71" W x 15.75" H, Black/Cork
  • Mind Reader Mounty Coffee Pod Holder, 10.71" W x 15.75" H, Black/Cork
  • Mind Reader Mounty Coffee Pod Holder, 10.71" W x 15.75" H, Black/Cork
  • Mind Reader Mounty Coffee Pod Holder, 10.71" W x 15.75" H, Black/Cork

Mind Reader Mounty Coffee Pod Holder, 10.71" W x 15.75" H, Black/Cork

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Coffee Pod Capacity - Holds 20 single serve coffee pods comfortably for your convenience. Compatible with all major brands such as Starbucks, Green Mountain, Newmans, Dunkin and more.
  • Wall Mountable - Ability to be mounted on the wall or refrigerator and save you valuable space on your kitchen countertop or breakroom table. Simple and easy installation to the wall.
  • Cork Top Design For Personal Notes - Equipped with a cork top above the 20 capacity single serve coffee pod holder for messages to loved ones at home, co-workers at the office or for your children at home.
  • Space Saver - They say time is of the essence, well sometimes so is space! Get the storage drawers, carousels, and coffee caddies off your valuable kitchen counter top space for good. The Mind Reader Wall Mount Coffee Pod Holder is great for removing the clutter from your kitchen counter.
  • Dimensions: 2. 72" L x 10. 71" W x 15. 75" H
  • Open View For Your Convenience - A clear open view of your coffee pods for easy access to delicious coffee in the morning. No more having to rummage through drawers or your kitchen pantry for your favorite cup of joe.
  • Coffee Pod Dispenser - Coffee pod dispenser functional for easy grabbing. Simply grab your favorite flavor of coffee from the coffee dispenser and commence your day. Great for afternoon coffee breaks.
  • Built to Last - Constructed with attention to detail and created from superior plastic materials for years of usage. The durable coffee pod dispenser is sure to hold all 20 of your single serve coffee beverages with no issues.
  • Easy Installation - Extremely easy to install onto your wall, the lightweight construction makes it simple to attach to your wall. Comes with adhesive stickers for hanging.
  • Open Top Compartment - An open top compartment for easy refilling the coffee pod dispenser when running low. Simply refill your dispenser by adding the coffee pod down one of the 4 single slot compartments.
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Customer Reviews

Works great!I wish I could give this item 4.5 stars - It's not quite perfect, but its almost there!Here is why I docked this item one star:> I used 3M strips to hang this to my wall instead of the adhesive strips that come with. I would highly recommend doing that. The adhesive strips that come with are so-so.> There are little slats/grooves for the k-cup to slide in to. It can be a little finicky to slide the cups in sometimes.Other than that, this is a great purchase. I got it for my office so my coworkers and I could have easy access to coffee cups. The little cork board is great and is deep enough to stick push pins it without worrying about them falling out. I use it to hang office keys / stick notes.If you're looking for a great wall hanger for a good price - I would recommend this wall-mount. Just keep in mind, it's really worth it to buy some 3M strips for this guy. :)4Rack works great for holding cups, adhesive doesn't hold rack.To reiterate what others have said, the adhesive DOES NOT WORK. I read the reviews and still decided to try. After I got this rack, I scrubbed down the wall in the kitchen (thinking other people's problems might have been insufficent wall prep) and put up rack the evening I got it. It came crashing to the kitchen floor at 4:00 am the next morning! I then added 3M double side tape OVER the tape, top and bottom, and tried again. That lasted 4 days and the 3M separated from the adhesive tape on the unit, letting the unit again come crashing to the floor yet again. It's now hanging on the refigerator where it works just fine. We had minor plastic damage after the first fall which we fixed with Elmer's glue - not great but it works. As a rack for the K Cups, it works GREAT- if the adhesive had worked I would give it a 5 star. OR in the alterative, if they manufactured this with holes in the plastic so you could screw/nail it onto/into the wall. So 5 stars for the concept and 2 stars for application for a 3 star average. If you buy this, forego the wall installation and put it directly on the refrigerator doo.3Great and easy to access storageTook one star away because the adhesive sticker provided is not strong enough. Invested another 5$ for command hanging strips and it does the job. It does everything it says it does. Great and easy to access storage. Happy with my purchase.4Perfect K-cup rackI love this. Used the sticky tape to mount directly to the side of refrigerator. The magnets? Useless. But the concept is ideal.5I'm so happy I decided on the Mind Reader WMNT-BLK " Mounty" ... I'm so happy I decided on the Mind Reader WMNT-BLK " Mounty" Coffee Pod Fridge/Wall Dispenser. It leaves a whole lot more space on my limited counter top area. I chose the hanging style over the counter top/drawer version, because I didn't want the added cleaning of spills and drips. For instance, if I were to spill coffee or even water while trying to fill my Keurig, it would be all over the drawer version. The dispenser is easy to hang on the fridge, so don't worry. (I chose the side of the fridge), you can put it on the wall, cabinet, where ever you want, it's really light weight in design. I put ours up all by myself! Without any help from my husband, so it's pretty easy, and If I can hang it, anyone can. I loaded four different flavor K-cups in the dispenser, almost enough to have a different flavor each morning before work. :) I think the little cork board space on top is a nice added feature, It comes in handy for pics or memos, I have pics of my fur babies, of course. :) 5Decent. Worked how I wanted it to.Got it today. I'm a little nervous after all the negative reviews, but the adhesive stuck quite well to my backsplash and is holding. Make sure you wash the area and dry thoroughly before you stick it even if it looks clean already, and make sure it's a relatively smooth surface, (avoid paint with texture, etc.), and it should work just fine. I agree the magnets are really weak. It barely stuck to my fridge, empty! Fortunately I didn't want it to go there. Tracking number didn't work and it was a day late. Still hasn't updated to "delivered" yet, and I got it from a different carrier than they advertised so shipping is confusing and needs work. So with all of that I feel it's a weak 4 star.4Really great idea but doesn't work outIf you plan to use the magnets to stick this on your fridge, don't bother to buy it. My husband and I tried and tried to get this to stay on the fridge, it kept falling. We added larger magnets. It still fell. After scratching up the fridge and gashing our wood floors when it fell, we gave up. The holder doesn't lay straight, it has a bend to it that prevents it from adhering correctly to the fridge. Maybe would work if you screwed it to the wall, but we have no wall space in the kitchen. I would have returned it if I hadn't already thrown away the box. We really wanted this to work. :(1too bad they didn't spend a couple more nickels on glue ...Had to reglue some of the tiny magnets when I got it as they were out or falling out.I decided to just use the mounting tape on the back and it came crashing down after a couple of hours then the rest of the magnets fell out. I glued the rest of the magnets back in, removed the tape and tried the magnets on the fridge. They are tiny and don't have enough power to hold the unit empty, much less full of cups. Ended up using industrial velcro and it is working ok. This holder won't hold the cups with the soft bag bottom, so you need to use regular keurig type cups. I think a lot of people buy this for its ease of mounting. too bad they didn't spend a couple more nickels on glue and some bigger magnets to make it work the way they say it will.1Very HappyLove this! Works as intended & looks great. I'm a new coffee drinker and keurig-owner. I like not having to dig around the pantry for the right flavor, and for hyper-organized OCD-types like myself, it is a very satisfying setup.5Strong magnetsI ordered several wall mount K cup holders and although I did not choose this one I thought it was worth mentioning because it was a very nice well-built unit. This unit is made with a fairly heavy gauge plastic and utilizes 8 super strong neodymium magnets to hold it to the fridge. I know that most of you out there aren t metallurgist or science majors, but here are a few facts you should know about the application of magnets to refrigerators. These magnets will only stick to refrigerators with steel doors, if your refrigerator is a high end unit that has real stainless steel doors it will not stick at all. The less expensive stainless steel refrigerators aren t really stainless steel doors they are stainless steel clad., Meaning the manufacturer took a regular refrigerator and stuck a duplicate stainless steel door on top of the steel door in which case this holder will be attracted to your door but it will slide down. For those of you that think stainless steel is magnetic you are correct for surgical stainless steel,however decorative stainless steel is non magnetic. Overall it s a really nice unit and comes in a box suitable for a gift. I simply didn t keep it because I found another with a much larger capacity.5Great concept. Not uniform construction.Love that it keeps things off my countertop and that I can put it on the side of my fridge.However, one of the pod slots doesn't sit close enough together. The pods in that column are always falling out or getting stuck because their rims fall behind the track (see photo). This is especially frustrating at 4:30am.Maybe I got a defective one or maybe I just need to spend more $ on a different one, but after having this one a few months, I m feeling like I want to start shopping for a better, less-frustrating one.3 stars because I still like it and perhaps the one I got is defective but I can t give it 5 stars because I m frustrated with it and feel like I want to get a different one after only a couple months.3
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