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Moen 8912 Home 12-Inch Bathroom Grab Bar, Stainless Steel

  • Moen 8912 Home 12-Inch Bathroom Grab Bar, Stainless Steel
  • Moen 8912 Home 12-Inch Bathroom Grab Bar, Stainless Steel
  • Moen 8912 Home 12-Inch Bathroom Grab Bar, Stainless Steel

Moen 8912 Home 12-Inch Bathroom Grab Bar, Stainless Steel

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Warm and Inviting: Brushed Nickel Finish Provides a Lightly Brushed Warm Grey Metallic Look
  • Certified Moen: Part of Moens Commerical Product Line
  • Original Equipment Manufacturer: Authentic Moen Replacement Part
  • PEACE OF MIND: Designed for hassle free installation
  • Built to Last: Backed by Moens Limited Warranty
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Customer Reviews

Screws are garbage, softHandle is well made. Confirming material is stainless. Screws are garbage, soft, Philips is very shallow, rips off at low torque. Covers were made from thin gage, very easy to dimple. Functional handle though. Used 3/32 to predrill screw holes.3Well made and a must for bathroom safety. If ...Well made and a must for bathroom safety. If you're remodeling a bathroom or building a new one, this Moen barCan go far to avoid a fall accident. You should give the project some careful thought so you need to give it some realthought. Just remember, it's much easier to mount safety/grab bars the necessary thought and planning BEFOREyou've mounted the sheet rock.This newer Moen bar is fatter than what we've used in the past and seems much more secure to hold onto.5Pretty much what I was expectingThe grab bar is pretty industrial looking. If you have ever been in a public restroom that had hand-rails, then you should be familiar with what this one looks like. The bar comes as one unit - and you get a bag of six fairly long screws to mount it with (I just used two on each end, into a wall stud). I mounted mine vertically next to the toilet - so that it's within easy reach for an elderly relative. The looks are sort of utilitarian, but for the price I'm good with that. If you want something more fancy, I would go with one of the more expensive models. I'm happy with my purchase.4Great bar, but... the hardware...Dear Moen, Your brand name is gold- it has immense value for a good company, so why do besmirch your brand with cheap, foreign hardware?! Fire your hardware buyer and hire someone that knows what they are doing, and don't let the accounts drive decisions over pennies. Your brand is worth more than that. I bought two bars. Both exactly as described and very well made. The hardware was CRAP. Two of 12 (two bars) screws had tilted (bent) heads, they were a coarse thread pitch (hard to get into a 2/4 even with a pilot hole), and the head slots were too shallow and the wrong shape--- couldn't keep a #2 Phillips in them without them camming out and tearing up the head. I quit after destroying two of them about 1/4" shy of victory. Did the hour round trip to ACE Hardware and got 12 properly pitched stainless steel screws with poper #2 heads and had both bars installed in no time. Hex or Torx heads would be even better. If you buy these, thow all but one of the screws away, take it to your favorite hardware store, and buy some quality hardware to install them. You'll save time and you're blood pressure will be lower.3Jacuzzi now is safe to enter & exit.This Grab Bar (mounted on a wood enclosed lolly column) makes my new Jacuzzi hot tub safe for us oldsters to enter and exit.Added later: For writer with thin paneling so only one end can attach to a stud, I recommend NOT BUYING this 12-inch bar. Find out distance between your wall studs. Amazon's 32-inch will be much safer. If studs are 16-inches on center, perfect. If 24-inches, angle the 32-inch grab bar so each end mount is over a stud. Solid mount is essential to safety. A falling person needs that safety.5What you see is not what you get.The item you are seeing in the installation video and what you will receive are quite different. I bought special tools for this installation. When I opened the package I found a grab bar and 6 drywall screws. The elderly lady insisted that I install it anyhow. I told her not to trust her whole body weight on this because it is just screwed into sheetrock. My sheetrock installs done in the past have 6 screws on each mounting flange. This comes with 6 wall board screws total (three on each end). It may hold 200 pounds to 300 max. The lady using it weighs 175 pounds... (I had to ask due to safety)... it was an uncomfortable question. This will loosen over time and become a hazard. I'm disappointed with Amazon and Moen for not having their info correct. I install these for peanuts as a favor usually. I lost money on this and don't feel good about the safety of the installation. There are no big weight bearing wall insert as shown in the video.1Secure Mount Anchors Not includedThis product is a Moen, so it most likely deserves a 5 Star rating. But, I took off one star because the description is very misleading. Video shows installing Secure Mount Anchors, and it also shows Secure Mount anchors right on the description page. There are NO secure mount anchors included, only hardware for STUD installation. If you need this item in a location where there is no stud, you will need to buy Moen secure mount anchors sold separately, which are around $20.I would recommend this for stud installation, please do not be deceived by advertising shown on this page.4You need these in your bathroom! Hospital quality and a good investment for your safety.We installed these in our bathroom, while it was being remodeled. It was the best thing we could have done. Even for someone who is not handicapped, they are a safety net for even someone who has a little dizziness issue while getting out of the shower or getting up from the toilet. We have ours installed on pine paneling and they are sturdy and keep us from slipping which is the number one cause of hospitalizations in older adults. They come in different sizes so I just bought different sizes not knowing what I really needed. The remodelers just put them where they thought they would be best. My husband has seizure disorder and many tmies will fall in the bathroom, and these are strong enough he can grab them and keep from falling on the floor. Good product, no complaints.5Put them in properly and expect them to last foreverYes I watched the attached video about mounting these on drywall without studs... pleeeeeze don't ever do that. Not safe at all. Find studs and buy lengths that allow you to connect into them. Also remember that short rails like this 12" should be vertical, with both ends into the same stud. Some of the others that don't add up to multiples of 16" (standard wall stud spacing) can be mounted at a slant, to allow someone sitting in the tub to easily reach it from the sitting position and use the higher part to stand up. With three screws into the stud at each end, these are VERY strong, but probably not strong enough for someone to do chin-ups of course. I doubt anyone who needs rails to stand will be doing chin-ups, however.For me, I put up a 12" vertically at the entry point, just to hold on while stepping into the tub and to stabilize while reaching for the longer rail at the back, which I put at a slant, as mentioned above. I used torx screws rather than the nickel ones that came with. I feel like these will last the lifetime of this house and will be used by almost anyone taking a bath or a shower, not just the elderly. Well worth the low price, very strong and took just minutes to install with my cordless driver. Absolute asset in the bath. Get them!5I would recommend only drilling one hole at each end and putting ...These worked out well for having hand rails along the steps leading from our house and into the garage for my elderly parents. The long screws are extremely secure when fastened into a stud as described in the instructions.I would recommend only drilling one hole at each end and putting those two screws in first before marking and then drilling the remaining four holes, so that you can more easily align all the holes and get them screwed in properly without binding.5
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