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Moen DN8424CH Preston Collection 24-Inch Bathroom Single Towel Bar 3/4 Inch Bar, Chrome

  • Moen DN8424CH Preston Collection 24-Inch Bathroom Single Towel Bar 3/4 Inch Bar, Chrome
  • Moen DN8424CH Preston Collection 24-Inch Bathroom Single Towel Bar 3/4 Inch Bar, Chrome
  • Moen DN8424CH Preston Collection 24-Inch Bathroom Single Towel Bar 3/4 Inch Bar, Chrome
  • Moen DN8424CH Preston Collection 24-Inch Bathroom Single Towel Bar 3/4 Inch Bar, Chrome
  • Moen DN8424CH Preston Collection 24-Inch Bathroom Single Towel Bar 3/4 Inch Bar, Chrome

Moen DN8424CH Preston Collection 24-Inch Bathroom Single Towel Bar 3/4 Inch Bar, Chrome

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • VERSATILE DESIGN: Chrome finish is highly reflective for a mirror-like look that works with any decorating style
  • COORDINATING COLLECTION: Coordinates with other Moen bathroom accessories
  • FLEXIBLE PLACEMENT: For use in the bath as well as the kitchen for hanging towels and more
  • PEACE-OF-MIND: Designed for hassle-free installation
  • BUILT TO LAST: Backed by Moen's Limited Lifetime Warranty
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Customer Reviews

Exactly as pictured This towel rack works great. It's a towel rack, so it isn't anything too fancy. The chrome matches exactly to the chrome already in my bathroom. My only issue is that the bar rolls when towels are pulled off of it. Not sure if that was an installation error or just the nature of the bar. It's not bad enough that I'm going to return it, just a little annoying. 4Inexpensive, but look nice! I bought this as an alternative to paying two or three times as much for a Kohler Kelston collection towel bar. It's not identical, but it's across the bathroom from the Kohler fixtures, and looks enough alike that any difference is not noticeable.This arrived super-quickly, and with the nice paper template for marking where to screw everything in, it was easy to install.My only complaint is that the bar fits a little loosely into into the wall anchors, so it jingles and rotates when you put a towel onto it. Pretty minor. 4Good towel bar For $14, you can't go wrong with this one. One thing...when I installed it at first the bar was able to rotate freely in the end caps. This made a metal on metal squeaking sound which was annoying. I took out the bar and wrapped each end of the bar with a little electrical tape. Little enough tape so that the end cap still covered the tape. Put the bar back in and it didn't rotate anymore. Perfect! 5Decent quality, great look! My wife and I recently moved, and with that move came a bathroom that needed updating. Having helped my parents build three bathrooms, but never having bought the supplies, I was pretty surprised to see that a decent towel bar/rail at Lowe's cost upwards of thirty dollars! My wife and I definitely did not want to spend $120 on all of our bathroom hardware, so I jumped on Amazon and found the Moen line of accessories.PROS- Very reasonably priced- Looks very sharp- Quality is reasonable- Screws are hidden- Easily installedCONS- Included template is not the best- Included anchors are junkAs far as the quality goes, I am pretty pleased. It is definitely as good if not better than what you will find at Target/Walmart, and better than anything you can find at Lowe's/HD at this price. Heck, the cheapest Lowe's offered was $9.99, and that was for an ugly composite "wooden" towel rail that weighed less than the ten dollar bill I would have paid for it with.I would suggest throwing out the included template, and get out the old spirit-level and ruler. This will make for a much more accurate installation! I would also suggest picking up some of your own drywall anchors for this project, the included anchors are far from ideal and some better ones are cheaply purchased.OVERALLWe love the look of this towel bar and when anchored properly to the wall, it feels very sturdy despite being made of aluminum. I would definitely recommend this product, however the buyer should be aware that at this price, you're only going to be getting the quality of something around $20-30 in brick-and-mortar stores. If you are looking for wallplates to match, I would highly recommend the BRAINERD 64209 Architectural Single Switch Wall plate and the BRAINERD 64234 Architectural Single Duplex Wall plate - they are a touch darker than the Moen accessories, but overall go very well with everything! 4Beautiful looking towel rack Beautiful looking towel rack! Came with an instruction manual, a pre-measured out installation guide and a set of screws and anchors, I strongly recommend that you have a level, a shopvac, a drill, a pencil and some patience. I loved how this ended up looking in my bathroom! Thank you Moen for a great quality product! 5Looks Great and Great Price! While remodeling our bathroom, the previous owner put up fancy Moen accessories in the bathroom which looked great. Getting them off the wall however, was a completely different story. We ended up ripping them off and breaking the original 24 inch towel bar that was there. Words of Caution and a Warning: It's incredibly difficult to get these off the wall once they are on there even after watching 3-4 videos on how to remove it. You need the strength of Hulk to get them off the wall.After realizing that we now needed to replace the broken towel bar, we went to Moen's website and found what we needed. For $145. I think not. Thanks to Amazon, this towel bar that isn't an exact match to the original one, but is sure close enough (you wouldn't be able to tell unless you had them next to each other) we were able to get it for much less and are very happy with the purchase. We will now hang this one in the same spot as the other and pray that we never, ever have to take it down again. :-) 5Looks great! Installation could have been easier. The satin steel finish on this towel bar looks great in a modern bathroom, and the bar itself feels pretty sturdy once installed. Great product for the price. Would have been 5 stars if not for the installation. If you're a well-versed DIY handyman, the installation shouldn't be difficult. But don't expect to get much help from the provided stencil or instructions. The fold-out paper strip is difficult to hold flat against the wall while you're measuring where to affix the bar. I had to abandon the stencil and just use a tape measure and spirit level to mark the drill holes and proceed.PROS+ Brushed/satin finish looks sleek+ SturdyCONS- Provided template is not useful. Had to rely on relative measurements with my tape, and judgment to install this correctlyTIPS> When you place the bar against your wall to fasten with screws, make sure the little tightening screws in the round bobs face toward the ground (so they are hidden out of sight)> I used a small piece of painter's tape on both ends of the bar before slotting it in the mounts to eliminate the squeaking sound that other reviewers pointed out 4easy to assemble, decent quality From start to finish, overall this was an easy project, that this 43 year old female was able to accomplish on her own. I ordered the 24" bar because the studs where I wanted to place it in our bathroom were 24" apart.I used a stud sensor to locate our studs and went from these. I liked the included guide. I was able to tape it to the wall, level it, and then retape it. The holes drilled were perfect and once the towel bar was mounted, it too was level. Excellent. The box includes anchors for non stud assembly, but I have always believed the best and most secure mounts are stud mounts.To me, this was not a 5 star item because one screw, when I was screwing it it, the head broke off. What makes this worse is the length of the screw is still in the wall so I could not take it out and put another one in. Thus, on one side, my towel bar does not have the complete support. This is disappointing.I like that there is a whole line of matching accessories. I like the brushed chrome. Overall ... I like the quality for the price. 4Very solid connection to wall - looks great! Solid connection to wall although the bar itself is pretty thin and cheap feeling. I'm replacing a ridiculous set of Modona towel racks (a single like this one and a double) that were purchased from Amazon last year but only recently installed in a bathroom renovation so way too late to return due to less than poor manufacturing. Moving from the Madona to the Moen is like night and day! This rack actually connects to the wall correctly and is very solid. If not for the thin bar, I feel like it would almost support pull-ups (the exercise, not the diapers). As I had such a poor experience with the Madona, I have to give 5 stars in spite of the thin feeling bar. It looks great and is solid. What more is there to say? 5Good bar This is a good bar; nice finish, no seams, no slop.Don t blame the maker for an inability to mount a plate/clip to a wall. There s nothing wrong with this thing s mounting plates. The only rule is NEVER EVER NO WAY NO HOW use those little plastic conical anchor inserts to mount anything anywhere unless you re an expert. They re a hard material anchor, not for drywall, and if you do use them in drywall then it has to be for a very light load. Like a small picture or a clock. There are a gazillion different wall situations and the manufacturer can only give general advice, but to expect four screws to stay in powdery brittle plaster of drywall with a friction fit, putting up with years of slamming of big wet towels, is just silly.I agree the instructions and the template included with these bars are not good at all. Here is one piece-of-cake method for mounting a towel rod. No template needed ort wanted. It uses the ACTUAL length of the bar which is handy if you ve cut it short a bit.Mark a horizontal line on the wall with a pencil. I use blue masking tape to avoid having to clean up pencil marks later.Put the two end caps on the rod and then tape the whole thing together with a few feet of cheap electrical tape. Stretch it.Place this assembly against the wall where you want it to end up. Have a helper mark a circle around each end cap where it touches the wall. Put the assembly aside and dig out the mounting clips. Back out the mounting set screw(s) as far as you can without them actually falling out.Place a clip centered inside each circle in turn and mark the three holes, which should line up vertically. Use the two outer oval holes for screws and the one center hole if you are using a toggle bolt. Sometimes this center hole is a bit tiny. Drive a screw into each hole to test for wood backing behind the sheetrock.If you find wood, tighten the screws down. If not, remove the screws and enlarge the holes with a standard sized Philips screwdriver pushed straight in. Insert anchors into these one or two holes.Remove the masking tape, if any. Mount the bar. Remove the electrical tape. Get the nail polish remover if any adhesive bled off the tape onto the bar. Done. 5
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