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Moen SR2201OWB Shower Curtain Rings (Pack of 12), Bronze

  • Moen SR2201OWB Shower Curtain Rings (Pack of 12), Bronze
  • Moen SR2201OWB Shower Curtain Rings (Pack of 12), Bronze
  • Moen SR2201OWB Shower Curtain Rings (Pack of 12), Bronze
  • Moen SR2201OWB Shower Curtain Rings (Pack of 12), Bronze
  • Moen SR2201OWB Shower Curtain Rings (Pack of 12), Bronze

Moen SR2201OWB Shower Curtain Rings (Pack of 12), Bronze

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₪ 171.60 ₪ 286.00 You save: ₪ 114.40



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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • NATURAL HIGHLIGHTS: Old World Bronze finish delivers a rich, dark brown finish with striking light and dark accents
  • SMOOTH-ROLLING: Ball bearings eliminate snagging, tugging and pulling of the curtain and work on most shower curtain and rod types
  • UNIVERSAL: Fits most shower curtains and rod types
  • 12 per pack
  • BUILT TO LAST: Backed by Moens Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Shower curtain ring allows you to separate the decorative curtain from the shower liner
  • Offset hook design helps hide liner from view
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Customer Reviews

Would not glide easily over a tension rod and rusted within a yearI purchased this set of shower hooks to use in my guest bathroom. I bought them as the rest of our fixtures were Moen and I wanted the hooks to match.Rather than install a permanent rod in the combo bath/shower, we had a tension rod put in place. With that style of rod, one half of the rod is wider than the other (with the smaller side able toinsert inside the larger one so you can customize its width to your shower area.) Unfortunately, these hooks did not work well with that style of rod at all. We had a continual problem with the hooks popping off the rod each time we tried to move the shower curtain open or closed.After about a year, the hooks started to rust. We decided to switch to stainless steel hooks by another manufacturer and all of our problems were solved.These hooks were problematic from the start and I can not recommend them for anyone using a tension rod. They may work well with fixed shower rods but eventually the chrome plating will wear off and they will rust.2Beware of trying to put with curtain or liner with metal grommets.First of all, let me say these are very nice looking and excellent quality. The low review is the size of the balls on each end. They are nonremovable and WONT GO THROUGH METAL GROMMETS. so if you are buying this, be aware that a liner and curtain with metal gromments won't work with these.2eventually rusts, but very much depends on the enviornmentI bought two sets of these, the bronze and nickel back in 2016. The bronze ones, I put in the master bath which we use all the time. And after a year, they are rusted (see picture). The nickel set, was installed in our guest bathroom, and that shower almost never gets used, so those didn't really rust very much. Bottom line, the more you expose the rings to water vapor, and move them back and fourth, the more they will rust. As other reviewers have said, very much expected more from the Moen name brand. In the last picture, I attempted to clean up the rust with a brass wire brush, which removed the rust, but also exposed the copper plating under the dark bronze.3I purchased these because I like the double sided shower curtain ringsI purchased these because I like the double sided shower curtain rings. However, these are not necessarily intuitive to use. Once they are up, they're fine, but I'm not sure that I would buy these again. They work exactly the way they're supposed to - it's just putting the curtain and liner on that's a bit fiddly. I purchased these because I like that the rings allow you to put the liner on one side and the curtain itself on the other. However, these take a little bit of fiddling with because if you have a heavy shower curtain, It feels as if it will slip off of the rod, which is something you have to pay close attention to because one side is longer than the other. Once they are up, they're fine, but I'm not sure that I would buy these again. However, since I have them, I won't replace them. It's just putting the curtain and liner on that's a bit annoying.4You really have to have these - especially if you are short like me I will never have another kind of curtain ring. At 5'3, it has always been a struggle to hang the curtain and liner. No more! The design of these little babies make it a snap to remove one or both of the curtains, even for shorties like me. Yes, you must be careful how you pull your towel over the rod to dry off, but that extra moment of care is well worth it. Even if one of 2 of the rings become unhooked, it takes 2 seconds to slip the curtain back on. Everyone needs these! Best idea in shower curtain rings - leave it to Moen. 5excellent product - a real innovationLike another reviewer, I am a short person, so changing the liner has always been a pain in the butt for me. When I saw these double hook rings I was impressed just because it's a great idea. When I received the box I was happy because the box itself was heavy - indicating to me that the rings inside the box were made of metal and not just plastic made to look like metal. I am impressed with the look and feel of the rings. They are a lovely muted silver color, and very substantial. I have not put them up yet; I will update when I have installed the new curtains on the new rod with these new rings.Edit: I've been using these shower curtain rings for a couple of months now, and I LOVE them. In fact, I like them so much, I put them in *my* bathroom and ordered another set for the front bathroom reno (lol). They are untouched by any build-up from daily use, and the curtains have not messed up, or tried to fall of the hooks, either. They roll over the shower curtain rods easily, even the big hump in mine doesn't stop them. The best thing about them is that I can take the fabric curtain off, wash it, and replace it, without messing with the vinyl liner at all.I highly recommend these shower curtain rings.5Rusted just like all othersGreat when new, it's been less than a year and they are very rusted, the rollers are gunked up with rust, I bought the matching nickel Moen rod so I wouldn't have the same old problem, well, same old problem, rusted and need replaced again1Ruined by RustWhile these shower rings look nice and work well initially, they do not last long in normal bathroom conditions. They rust too easily, even with good bathroom venting. The design is partly at fault as the rollers rub against each other and wear out the chrome surface. The metal grommets of shower curtains also rub off the chrome. After one year of use there was significant rust and within two years we had to replace them.2Balls at ends are not removable!They look great but shower curtain and shower curtain liner do not weigh proportional enough to balance hooks evenly. This could be overlooked if the balls on either end were removable in order to allow for a reinforced hook hole to fit thru...I m stuck selling them at our garage sale this spring after never using them because I couldn t find the right combination of liner, curtain, and hole size to make them work.1DisappointedSo I ordered this shower curtain hanger as part of a bathroom remodel. I have used the upside down tear drop design with ball rollers for 12 years with the only issue being the time it takes to unhook and rehook a shower liner. This design aims at easy-on and easy-off for the shower curtain and liner, which seemed like a good solution. However, this design is meant to hold the curtain up higher than the liner, in order to present a cleaner appearance from the outside. The issue that I have is that my cloth curtain is heavier than the plastic liner. The result is that only two of the roller balls carry the majority of the load and the liner is still visible. This uneven loading also impairs the smoothness when opening and closing the curtain. I'm hoping that switching to an upside down "J" design reduces the leveraging experienced with this hanger.Edit: 4/24/2013We tried the "J" design. The first one broke at the weld during installation. The rest of the package was promptly recycled and we returned to this omega shaped hanger.Wife ordered new fabric curtain which turned out to be pretty light weight. It works very well with these hangers, as others have suggested.Conclusion:light weight curtain = happyheavy weight curtain < happy2RUSTS!!!!This is an update to my previously 4star review. 6 months later and i have to replace them because they have rusted so badly that theyre staining my curtain and the satin nickle shower bar. Theyre awful. Do not buy.It has a nice, solid, high quality look and feel to it. It screeches less (but still screeches...hence the 4 stars) on my metal shower rod than my previous set that did not have the track balls. I realize that's not an easy fix but I wish there was something that could be done about the noise without resorting to plastic. I like that the inside is longer, set lower in order to hide the shower curtain liners top edge from showing on the outside. And also, unlike my previous set, the design allows them to be held in place, never popping up off the rail when someone gets in or out of the shower. And the brushed nickel color matches my accessories nicely. So all-in-all, a great purchase and I would buy them again.1
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