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Mr. Beams MB706 Wireless Motion-Sensing Mini Stick-Anywhere LED Nightlights, Small, White, 6-Pack

  • Mr. Beams MB706 Wireless Motion-Sensing Mini Stick-Anywhere LED Nightlights, Small, White, 6-Pack
  • Mr. Beams MB706 Wireless Motion-Sensing Mini Stick-Anywhere LED Nightlights, Small, White, 6-Pack
  • Mr. Beams MB706 Wireless Motion-Sensing Mini Stick-Anywhere LED Nightlights, Small, White, 6-Pack
  • Mr. Beams MB706 Wireless Motion-Sensing Mini Stick-Anywhere LED Nightlights, Small, White, 6-Pack
  • Mr. Beams MB706 Wireless Motion-Sensing Mini Stick-Anywhere LED Nightlights, Small, White, 6-Pack
  • Mr. Beams MB706 Wireless Motion-Sensing Mini Stick-Anywhere LED Nightlights, Small, White, 6-Pack
  • Mr. Beams MB706 Wireless Motion-Sensing Mini Stick-Anywhere LED Nightlights, Small, White, 6-Pack
  • Mr. Beams MB706 Wireless Motion-Sensing Mini Stick-Anywhere LED Nightlights, Small, White, 6-Pack

Mr. Beams MB706 Wireless Motion-Sensing Mini Stick-Anywhere LED Nightlights, Small, White, 6-Pack

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  • Bright LED light with minimum power consumption. Each LED nightlight runs on 4-AAA batteries. Contains Six (6) MB700 Light Fixtures.
  • Motion sensor turns LED-light on and off automatically only when motion is detected. Activates only during darkness to conserve energy.
  • Wireless stick anywhere LED light with 15 lumens. Includes built-in light sensor to conserve battery life. 20 seconds of light per activation.
  • Motion detection at up to 10 feet. Simple wireless installation in minutes. Perfect as an LED night light, stair light, path light, or step light.
  • Compact motion sensor LED light. Sticks easily to walls, in bathrooms, and on staircases using included double sided tape or screws.
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Customer Reviews

Don't buy unless you like designed-in frustration and poor qualityReview for Mr Beams MB706 Wireless Motion-Sensing Mini Stick-Anywhere LED Nightlights (also applies to MB702 - MB706 is just three MB702's bundled together in a box). Had high hopes, as I own a Mr Beams Wireless Motion Sensing LED Ceiling Light (Model MB980) that I installed in a small coat closet and am totally satisfied with. Decided to get these small lights to provide illumination for lower kitchen cabinets. Found it almost impossible to remove the battery covers. There are some molded-in lines to provide some grip on one side, but nothing to grip on the other side to slide the two pieces apart. Ended up sticking the end of a ballpoint pen in the screw mounting holes alternately while pulling on the other side that had the grip lines. Installed fresh batteries in one and the light came on. Temporarily propped it up in the cabinet and it looked like it would do the job OK (though I propped it on the front upper cabinet structure, so I had to reach my hand in before the sensor picked up the motion and turned the light on. The next two, after wrestling the battery covers off and installing fresh batteries, were DOA. Lights would not come on. Yes - I double checked the installation polarity, was using new out of the package good brand batteries (Energizer max +POWERSEAL), and even tried a second set of four batteries (from the 30-pack) thinking that one of the first batch might have been defective. After attempting to remove the fourth battery cover and having a very difficult time, I asked myself what the heck I was doing and decided to just send them all back. For a refund, not replacement, as I conclude there is a major design flaw regarding battery cover removal, and also significant quality issues if two out of three were inoperative as received.1Lights up the staircase extremely wellUsing this product in a staircase and they work great. There is an overhead light in this area, but sometimes someone forgets to turn it on before heading down the stairs. These lights solved the problem.I waited a while before reviewing because I wanted to make sure they worked properly. As I stated above they work great, but I now have a problem. The batteries need to be changed in a couple of them and I'll be danged if I can get them open to change the batteries. The lights are stuck to the wall on the side of the staircase and pressing in on the side of the case and pulling up does not open them. I'm afraid if I pull any harder it will rip the sheetrock paper. I'll figure it out eventually. Other than this problem I'm satisfied with the product.07/01/2017 - Ok, here's an update: I finally had to (very carefully) pull the lights off the wall. Upon doing so I found that in order to open the case to change batteries you have to pull down on the outside case so that it slides open. My problem was that I had put them too close to the staircase trim so it was impossible to push down on the case. My fault totally I should have realized this when I initially put the batteries in. I will try to come up with a better way to mount them (Velcro maybe?).I have therefore changed my rating to 5 stars since my original 4 star rating was based on my own stupidity.5So bright!These are so bright I only used 4 of them on my stairs instead of 6! I've had two people already ask where I got them. Love these and will order more products from this manufacturer. The photo is of my basement stairs- no windows and the overhead light is off. The Mr Beams do a great job all on their own.5Super helpful, extremely low maintenance & have stood the test of timeDon t you just love when a product does what it s supposed to do, without needing hand holding, incessant battery changing or fuss, in general? This is that product. LOVE these. One of the most handy household items in my home. Super convenient to light up closets & garage cabinet that tends to be dark.Battery life is long - we ve owned approx 8 Mr Beams units for 2 years, and changed the batteries 1-2 times per unit (some are used more than others). The units in the garage have held up to tough Florida heat. It stays 80-90 degrees+ in our garage all summer.I adhered them with 3M damage free medium picture hanging strips. It has made changing out batteries very easy. Also if I ever wanted to relocate one, I wouldn t damage my shelves in my expensive closet organization system. Adhere one strip to the unit, and one strip wherever you want light.These lights make it look like we spent even more on our closet organizers with custom lighting. Can t say enough about these Mr Beams lights!5Simple but need adjustment - modified sensitivity on mineSo I have a cat. And this cat likes to sleep on the stairs. I have stepped on said cat in the middle of the night in my dark stairs more than once causing me to stumble down some steps. So this was my solution. They are plenty bright, easy to install, and are super sensitive. The problem i was having was if someone walked by the bottom of the stairs or top of the stairs it would come on... my solution was to narrow its vision by painting all but the center iris of the lens so that you had to actually be on the stairs to set it off. And it works flawlessly.4Great night light. Two hacks (softer red color & AC power to eliminate batteries)Two hacks (I use these under the bed for a low glow across the floor, but not in the eyes, in case of getting up in the middle of the night):1. I found the light was too bright and white so I taped some red craft paper over the lighted area. Now it doesn't blind me.2. Constantly changing the batteries can be annoying, so I modified it to use an external power supply. It uses 6 volts, measured at a modest 35mA when the lamp is on, and tiny 0.06mA when the lamp is off (and just looking for motion). Thus I found a 6V 200mA transformer from Jameco (p/n 19052) and a 2.1mm inline jack (p/n 159611) and soldered an auxiliary cable into the Mr. Beams so it now runs on AC power. (By wiring in parallel to the battery circuit, it can still be run by batteries OR by the AC adapter, but never both at the same time.)5Great, but...These are nice and bright and good motion detectors. My only caveat is that the battery compartment is hard to open. While that is a minor problem, the means of attachment to a wall that is supplied, small screws and double sided tape, will not survive a battery change in my opinion. I figure using Velcro or other hook and loop tape will solve the problem. Because I have not used their tape and screws, I will stand corrected if someone used the tape and or screws successfully changing batteries. But, five stars anyway.5Another Great Product from Mr. Beam Providing small area lighting on my boatIm becoming a Mr. Beam fan.We live on our sailboat and have changed all of our lighting to LEDs. There are a few places where its inconvenient to pull wires if we want a new light and we have tried a couple of Mr. Beam products that have worked out very well for us. The long battery life that results from Mr. Beam's designs means its not worth drilling holes and spending lots of money on marine grade wires so we can install a light that works off ship's power.I bought these little lights because we needed some light for a ice chest type refrigerator (Engel) that we us for sodas and beers.At night we always had to grab a flashlight when looking for a soda or a beer to make sure we got what we were after. It seemed like it would be convenient if we had a light that went off an on automatically when we opened the little fridge.This worked OK when we first installed it but the sensor beam was a bit too wide and the light was always going on when people walked within a couple of feet of the light.So I fashioned a little hood, from aluminum foil, for the sensor that restricts its field of view and now the light only comes on when someone lifts the lid of the little fridge and puts his or her hand in the path of the restricted beam. The daylight sensing feature still seems to work fine as the light only turns on at night.Ill include a couple photos that show how well it works for this application.5I do highly recommend !100% recommend. I love the low profile. I had very dark, dangerous steps and this light turns on when it detects motion which it does very well. It turns itself off in about 20 seconds or so. It's nice and bright but does not overpower or anything crazy. Requires four AAA batteries. (I bought this a few days ago and wish I was one of those guys that gets discounts for good reviews, but this is just my honest opinion. If it saves somebody from falling on the stairs, it pays for itself 1,000 times over. I am actually surprised that these aren't built into homes as required code safety features.5Love these little lights... I have these everywhere. I've outfitted both my mother's house and my own. I have them inside the cabinetry in both the kitchen and the bathrooms. I even have one on the wall of my extra small master bath about 3 inches above the floor just to give a little illumination when I walk in. I would hate to count just how many of these I've purchased because I DO NOT want to know how much I've spent but I will say it has been money well spent although I don't want to know.I've only had one to not work properly and the folks at Mr. Beam replaced it immediately. Although the 1st young man apparently misread because he sent me a back cover for a style I do not own but when I reached out again it was all straighten out.Btw, I have Mr. Beam ceiling lights in all of my closets as well as my mother's and I have the regular spotlights, not the connected ones, at both our places as well. I'm probably a little bias but Mr. Beam is my only go-to for wireless lighting. 5Like a cute but somewhat malformed bunny looking thing I like these. They aren't exactly motion sensing only in complete darkness. They will pick up motion in low light and turn on, but I can live with it.I use them to light the steps to the second floor, and they do it perfectly. They are fairly bright, so in my small home one at the bottom of the stairs and one at the top are enough to do the job. Now to find something to do with the rest of them. Probably the garage would be good and the basement steps too.A tip for placement. You won't know the best position to put them in until you actually place them and see them at night. You probably don't want to drill holes all over the place, so use painter's tape to mount them temporarily so you can try them in several positions before you mount them. I found the cheap painters tape worked best. The expensive 3M painters tape came away from the wall too quickly (which is what it's supposed to do) and they fell down after an hour or so.One last tip. I used the 3M Command Performance mounting strips (without the hooks) to mount them. Trim as needed. I left the removal tabs sticking out above the light. It really isn't that ugly and kind of makes the lights looks like a cute but somewhat malformed bunny looking thing. 4Great for low-traffic areas. Short battery life in high-traffic areasThe MB706 motion lights work really well for night-time motion lights in low-traffic areas. The light is enough that you can see to get around but not so bright that it blinds you when it comes on. The problem is that these lights use AAA batteries, which are expensive for their capacity and life. Rechargeable batteries are an option, but again, for AAA's they are an expensive way to go (the batteries to run the light cost more than the light itself). Another problem is that the unit is difficult to take apart when you're replacing the batteries.These are really good to have in low-traffic areas, where you occasionally need a little light (closet, cupboard, above your circuit breakers). If placed in a high use situation (for example, where the pet walks past many times per night), you'll be forever replacing batteries.Things that would make this motion light better:1. Easier opening to replace batteries2. Adjustment for motion sensitivity3. Adjustment for daylight sensitivity4. Adjustment for duration of light activationYes, I know that 2, 3, and 4 would increase the cost... but if it could be done without much increase, it would go from good to awesome!3
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