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Munchkin Brica DualSight Baby Car Mirror

  • Munchkin Brica DualSight Baby Car Mirror
  • Munchkin Brica DualSight Baby Car Mirror
  • Munchkin Brica DualSight Baby Car Mirror
  • Munchkin Brica DualSight Baby Car Mirror
  • Munchkin Brica DualSight Baby Car Mirror

Munchkin Brica DualSight Baby Car Mirror

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Multiple mounting options allows driver to see rear or forward-facing child
  • Double push-lock suction cup attachment
  • 55% larger than original stay-in-place baby mirror
  • Provides wide-angle view of baby
  • Mirror pivots and rotates 360 degrees
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Customer Reviews

Blurry MirrorI had the older model, but broke the suction cup connector. I purchased this one, but the mirror is a bit blurry. I was able to connect the mirror from my original purchase to the suction cups from this mirror. The suction cups do not hold as well and it slides down a bit on my windshield. The mirror parts from both are close to the same weight. I plan on purchasing the original, discontinued model soon.3Works for me and will for you. I have this clipped on my visor in the car. My 2 year old son is always wanting me to turn around to look at him or show me something and now I can just peer up into the mirror while I am driving or at a light instead of turning around. Does the job. 5I liked using it when the suction cups worked on the ...I liked using it when the suction cups worked on the windshield. it was hot and they let lose, as expected, but it broken when it fell on the dash. I use the clip now and have to adjust it every time I get in the car and during our car ride, because the clip slips off the visor.3Doesn't stay put. Don't buy it.This constantly falls off the window. It can either suction cup to your window or clip to your visor, depending on if your child is RF or FF. I've ridiculously purchased this 3 times. The 1st one would randomly fall out of the window. The other 2 the ball pivot that the mirror goes into the base with would not stay in the position I put it in. I would constantly have to stop the car and adjust it. So annoying. I didn't have a head rest in my backseat to be able to buy any other type. I got a new car that does and I am done with these things.2Worlds worst baby mirror :(I bought 2 of these, for my 2 vehicles and what a waste of money! The only way these will stick to any window, is if you applied super glue to the two tiny suction cups. In the event that you actually get the mirror to stick for a few minutes, the mirror itself is so small, the reflection of your baby s face is all that you ll be seeing from your rear view mirror. When trying to adjust the mirror, there s a 99.9% chance it s going to lose suction, pop off your window, and you ll be back to square 1 all over again. Save your money and look elsewhere....that s my next step.1Always a good product Love these because they are so convenient! I just don t like how they are not a good mirror. Had it only a short time and touched it 3-4 times and it is scratched. 3Good mirror, just falls off periodically.Mirror has plenty of adjustment. Clear view of my granddaughter in back seat. Can be adjusted without coming off of windshield. However, periodically the suction cups just give way and the mirror drops off. This can be disconcerting at best while you're driving. Also, in location on upper windshield next to rear view mirror you can't turn sun visor all the way down without hitting it. But it stays up and you just readjust it for viewing.3Find something else!We bought these because neitger of our vehicles has movable headrests in the back seat, this was one of the very few mirrors we found that attached to the window, and we thought they were a somewhat reputible brand. The suction cups only worked for a couple months and then, regardless of how clean/dirty/wet/dry/warm/cold the window was these would fall off within a couple blocks of travel. The mirrors themselves are quite small, which was okay in the car but was pretty bad in the truck because it sat so much farther away from the rearview mirror. We finally gave up on them at around the 7 month mark when the hinge that allows adjustment lost all rigidity, so even if we could get one to stick to a window it usually readjusted itself and was pointing at baby's feet before we even made it out the driveway!3Would not work in our vehicles My husband and I both drive Chevy Impalas and we could not get these mirrors to work on our back glass so we could see our newborn in our rear view mirror. We were not able to get the correct angle of the mirror, and every time we would place it, it would move. 2Clear mirror, no distortion, great visibility!Absolutely Love the clarity of this mirror. Doesn't show a distorted reflection or appear far away like some mirrors. The only downside is that the suction is for use on the rear window for a rear-facing child, but i found an angle to make it work on the front windshield for front-facing seat; i put it next to the rearview mirror and tip: avoid the part of your window where the heat dots defrost so the suction can hold better. Also, the suction isnt very strong on one side so you might have to press hard but it'll stay in place once you do that. It comes with a clip too, in case you prefer to use it on your visor rather than windshield. But with all that said, the quality of the mirrror itself is well worth it and beyond anything you'll find.4Moves Too Much When Mounted on WindowThis mirror is very LOOSE and cannot stay in place over the smallest bump (when using the suctionCup window mount). I have to reposition the mirror at least five times a day.I use this mirror to keep an eye on my 4 month old in her car seat. I drive in heavy hilly traffic, and have to keep an eye on her, especially when she's sleeping, to make sure that she's resting comfortably during our morning commute. I drive the very uneven windy pothole infested roads of NY, so perhaps that is why my review is negative when compared with others? The mirror simply doesn't stay in place.Avoid if you live anywhere with bumps or gravity!2Great for the office tooHad been looking for a mirror for my office cubicle for months, but none of the ones advertised as such came with decent reviews. My sister-in-law then bought this for her car, to keep an eye on their kid in the back seat and I realized it would be the perfect fit.With the suction cups you can attach it to typical metal office furniture. I am using the clip instead, to attach it to the top/edge of my 24" computer screen. It gives me a very useful view of the office behind me (even if it looks a bit like I have a rear view mirror mounted to my monitor) ;o)The optical clarity is great - I can read the red letters on the exit sign at the end of a 50' hallway behind me, and recognizing people at 12-18 foot distances works great.5Could cause an accident!This just sucks. I had high hopes for this.The only redeeming value is that it is a decently reflective mirror. When clipped to the visor, it will randomly fall off, which is startling while driving and could cause an accident. It is even more infuriating when you are already dealing with cranky kids in the back seat. I don't drive on unusually bumpy roads either. The joint for positioning the mirror also becomes loose with temperature changes so the mirror changes position and has to be readjusted for continued use.The clip and suction cups have not worked for me.I am trying to figure out how to make the mirror stay attached and in position. I am thinking of making a little sleeve with a strap or two to attach it the visor.1
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