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National Hardware S825-521 8208 Magnetic Doorstops in Nickel

  • National Hardware S825-521 8208 Magnetic Doorstops in Nickel
  • National Hardware S825-521 8208 Magnetic Doorstops in Nickel

National Hardware S825-521 8208 Magnetic Doorstops in Nickel

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • 14 Days Return

  • Manufactured with die cast zinc and steel
  • Mount body to wall and base to door to prevent wall damage
  • Strong magnetic action to hold door in open position
  • LifeSpan Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Decorative and functional
  • Magnetic Doorstop with Catch US15
  • Holds door open
  • Prevents door from slamming shut
  • Mounts to floor or wall
  • All mounting screws included for easy installation
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Customer Reviews

Sweet!! OhMy wife saw one of these at a store, and I found them on Amazon, ordered three, and had them all on the doors in maybe 30 minutes.I had the old spring door stops, but they don't hold the doors open. We get hella winds around here in the Mohave, and with windows open doors slam. Also, I need to wedge one open to bring groceries in. These are a very attractive solution to all of those hassles.I unscrewed the old spring stops, laid the long part over the hole, drove the screw, and threaded it on. Used a pencil to mark where the small piece goes on the door, unscrewed it, drove the screws, and threaded it back on - DONE! The first maybe took 15 mins, the others less than half that. If you don't get it exactly lined up, don't tighten the long piece - it will move slightly so the magnet holds to the door. Sweet!!Oh, yeah - my bride just loves 'em. Another piece of good news, is they don't get held open just walking through the door - just when you want them to. Great design and implementation - I guess the Stanley brand still means something. Well done!5Great! I have four of these.I've used this type of of door stop before and bought one of these to install in the "toilet room" in our master bathroom; the wife picked the color. After I installed it, it works perfectly(!), but the wife came in and said "Hmm, that's not the right color." Its in the "toilet room" of our master bath, you can't see it unless you have the door shut.... Still, it works perfectly.I've ordered 3 more of these for other locations in the house.This one was just as easy/hard to install as the others. The long piece that installs on the wall (typically) has three screws and dry-wall anchors, though I would use better anchors if it will be in a high traffic area. The smaller part is tricky to install - here is how I do it:Tape a piece of paper to the door over the location where the part will be installed.* Put the "door piece" on the magnet you just installed and close the door against it.* Trace the outline of the door piece on the paper, note that some markers will bleed through some papers and mark the door.* Disassemble the "door piece", removing the spring and "bumper" part and screw the screw plate back into the the outer shell* Align the outer shell to the outline on the the paper and mark the location of the two screw holes on the paper.* Set the door piece aside.* If you are drilling pilot holes, and you should be, drill your pilot holes. Otherwise, start the screws and then remove them.* Remove the paper from the door* Remove the screw plate from the outer shell and screw it onto the door* Reassemble the door piece.It does not matter if you did not install the door piece perfectly aligned with the magnetic piece, it will still work.5works great Overall, I am so happy with these. My children's bedroom doors wouldn't stay open, or they would blow shut with the window breeze. The magnetic door stopper are working perfectly to keep the doors open all of the way.Only complaint is that the item didn't come with any instruction. It took me a bit of time to figure out the best strategy to install them. There is some weird screw part that you don't know what to do with. I'm told buy my man that it's possibly needed when attaching to hollow doors, so I didn't need them. I attached the wall stopper rod first. Then lined up the magnetic receiver to the ball end of the rod. Then I traced on the door where I would mount the magnetic receiver part on the door. It's best if you try to line up the ball and receiver perfectly so that the hold is strong. Hope that makes sense and will help others. 5Video Review for Stanley Home Designs Magnetic Doorstop Here is the video review I did for the Stanley Home Designs Magnetic Doorstop that I purchased using Amazon Prime. At the time of purchase, I paid $8.69/ea and bought two.4Nice concept and works well..... read onThis product works very nicely and is pretty stylish. I haven't seen many similar products like this out there.The product will ONLY work correctly if the magnet end (post side fastened to the wall) is aligned PERFECTLY with the spring/button end mounted on the door. If it's slightly off, the magnet won't have good contact and won't hold the door very well. The button/spring end is concave and is designed to have the round end of the magnetic post fit in the cavity to have a good contact area. There's no leeway or way to make minor adjustments once the holes are drilled. You'll end up having to unscrew, relocate the spring/button end and re-drill holes in your door.I recommend fastening the post end to the wall and with the button/spring end attached to the post magnet, open the door all the way and press the door against the device. Mark the door by tracing around the base of the button/spring end. From there, unscrew the bottom of the button/spring end and center it in the circle drawn. This will ensure that both sides are properly aligned and you have good magnetic contact between the post magnet and the door.... Now all I have to do is putty up all those extra holes I made in the door.4Great, helpful product These are a really great concept, especially for someone like me who lives in an old house and has doors that don't like to stay open by themselves. Not only do you have a door stop, you have a door-holder now. This would be a really great product for those who experience door-slamming due to drafts in their home. As far as the magnetism goes, I don't get why some are saying that it is too weak to hold their door open? It is notably magnetized when trying to close the door, so maybe that was due to installation angle/error? could be manufacturer defect. I purchased 2 of these stops for my bedroom door and my son's bedroom door. Both were the same in quality and functionality. Installation wasn't too difficult according to my husband, he did have to do some drilling in order to place the wall and base anchors along with the screws. We did not install either piece to these on any kind of angle, just made it so they would line up and do the job when the door is pushed to the fully-open position. All in all this is a great, very innovative and helpful product. If you found this review helpful, please click the button showing that you did! 5Excellent product. We used a door stopper before and ...Excellent product. We used a door stopper before and it was always getting lost. This is much more elegant and easy to use. Holds well.5No More Self-Closing Doors!Our house was built in 1910, and EVERYTHING is crooked. Due to this, some of our interior doors would not stay open. The doors constantly swinging shut on their own was utterly annoying. This magnetic doorstop was a great solution to our problem. The doorstops are very easy to install and hold the doors open effortlessly. Just a little pull on the doorknob and the magnetic hold releases. Now our doors close only when we want them to!5Think hard before you purchase!!This door stop works great, but if you have a heavy door, or a door with spring hinges it will only work properly when installed PERFECT. When I say perfect I mean, it s hard near impossible to get it perfect enough. I read the other reviews with pictures and statements saying it needed to be lined up better. I figured thanks for the advice I don t make that mistake now. Welp I m very handy and know what I m doing first try I was off less than a 1/8 of an inch and it wouldn t hold. The way it is designed limits how you can easily fix mistakes. The mounting holes are so close together, you can t remount. And you can t line up stop and button easily because the mounts are not one piece. I am keeping for now, but I would look elsewhere in the future until they get a better mounting solution or design with a little forgiveness.3Works well, but instructions are vagueMy back door won't stay open, so this magnetic doorstop was the perfect solution. I'm very happy with the construction and appearance of the product. The magnet strength seems perfect, not too strong - not too weak. I purchased a similar but longer item for another door and that one has an excessively strong magnet. This one works very comfortably.I had to take one star off for the instructions. You'll notice it says to use a 3/32 pilot bit for the "long screws," and a 5/32 bit for the "long screws." Yes, they refer to both as "long screws." The picture of the drill in the upper left calls for a 1/8 bit. Ultimately, I ended up using a 7/32 bit.4Super easy to install, very attractive, and no more scuffed doors!I've purchased over a dozen of these for my own homes, and just purchased 4 more for my parents home.They are wonderful!My first purchase was for a rental unit of ours. It's an old Victorian in the Railroad or Shotgun style of floor plan. The front door enters into a long, narrow hallway and I noticed that over time, the bottom of the front door got terribly scuffed from all the times people walked in with their hands full of things and had to keep kicking the door to keep it open.A traditional wedge door stop would work, but that means having to have one handy and also taking a few seconds to put it in place.This magnetic doorstop is the perfect solution. It's simple to install, is very attractive, has a strong hold even in a breezy doorway, and comes in lots of different finishes to match your existing hardware.I'm buying a bunch for my parents because my mom uses a walker and is having trouble with her walker scuffing up their doors. In their case, the strength of the magnet is pretty darn perfect - - - it's strong enough to keep even their breeziest back door open, but not so strong that she isn't able to easily just reach behind her to release it as she walks through. My mom is teeny and not very strong (5' and 89 lbs).All in all, one of my favorite finds. Who knew a door stop could make such a difference.5Good quality but a lot harder to install than you'd expect. I wanted to install these catches because we have a couple doors that swing open or closed due to the walls not being plumb. I'd seen them in a very high-end home that we rent in Hawaii every year, and realized I could have them at home for just a few bucks. They're pretty good quality, but I have two minor gripes. First, they are damned hard to install in such a way that the two parts line up perfectly. I've installed three so far and none of them actually hit perfectly. They're all slightly off-center, despite my best efforts. There are no instructions or tips for how to do it right, either. And I'm not sure if it's because they don't quite line up, but my second gripe is that they don't seem to have the magnetic pull I expected based on the ones I'd used before. I will often swing a door open and it hits the catch, but instead of catching, the spring loaded magnet bounces the door back off the wall and it closes again. On the upside, it doesn't take any extra amount of force to pull the door off the catch, so I suppose it's a tradeoff. 3Not enough Magnetism! Installed it carefully, aligning door and wall mounts. Disappointed that it does not hold door open, considering trying to reduce tension in door hinge springs which gently close door. Door is between garage and home. Not a particularly heavy door.1
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