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Natural Comfort Classic Heavy Fill White Goose Down Alternative Duvet Insert Comforter, Full

  • Natural Comfort Classic Heavy Fill White Goose Down Alternative Duvet Insert Comforter, Full

Natural Comfort Classic Heavy Fill White Goose Down Alternative Duvet Insert Comforter, Full

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Fabric: 200TC 100-percentcotton ticking
  • Design: piped edge,7-Inch stitching box,4 loops on corners
  • Machine washable and dryable for easy care
  • Package Dimension: 20.0 H x 20.0 L x 15.0 W
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Customer Reviews

You get what you pay for I suppose I had higher hopes for this after reading high reviews. Looks fluffy and nice, though was very stiff to sleep with, didn't like to move and bend like you would expect a fluffy comforter to (it does bend and fold nicely in geometric ways with the baffle seams, so I guess if you are shaped like a Tetris piece this would work very well!). The first time I washed it, the fabric along the face of one of the baffles ripped open (not at a seam) - I have a very nice washer and have never had problems or damage washing other comforters or sheets, not sure what happened here. Pretty bummed I spent $50++ on a comforter that now has a hole in it. This would be a nice piece for a guest bedroom that doesn't get used much - it looks VERY beautiful on a bed, just didn't quite impress me beyond aesthetics. 3One Month Review One month reviewIt is amazingly nice and full (thick) and so comfortable to lay under. I am not picky about my blankets but I have to admit that I really love crawling under this comforter. This is a great purchase. I own a queen sized bed and choose to buy the KING sized comforter which worked out perfectly. There is plenty of comforter to cover myself and my wife while we turn in our sleep without one person stealing the covers. The product is well worth the price.There are two possible CONS:- Attracts and retains pet hair.- It is warm to nearly hot. We sleep with the temp set at 67 degrees each night (Idaho Winter) with a ceiling fan running at mid speed and I am too warm most every night. I do tend to sleep hot though. My wife on the other hand, who sleeps cold and will generally run a heating pad at night for her legs, has been sleeping perfect every single night since we opened this on Christmas morning.For the record we have a sleep on a 1" memory foam add on pad and a simple cotton sheet set. No other blankets or covers. 5Warm, but not heavy at all I was fairly disappointed. I bought this to have a heavy blanket, but it's quite light--the whole thing weighs well under 6lbs.It is not particularly comfortable to sleep under without a duvet cover which is unfortunate since those covers can be very expensive. I am looking for a good price on a flannel cover. In the meantime, we sleep with a fleece blanket and this over it.Also, it takes time to "warm up" so the first 15 minutes or so is not comfortable, but then it gets very cozy and I must admit it's been much harder to get out of bed in the mornings lately!I got the king size for a queen bed which I think was a good decision. It almost doubles as a bed skirt. 3Decent Would anyone like to order one of these that smells like cigarettes, comes in an open bag, and has dog hairs all over it?No? Neither would I, but that's what I got from "Soft And Fluffy" when they shipped me mine...All credit to them for getting me a UPS return and then sending me a NEW one, but it should never have happened in the first place.If you see that your seller for this would be SoftAndFluffy, please think twice.As for the duvet insert itself (the new one, not the previously enjoyed one) it's decent enough. Nothing to rave about, but nothing to really dislike. Its not as thick as I had expected, but nice and warm all the same without being too heavy.Basically it is what it should be. The material isn't lumpy or uneven across the duvet thanks to the boxed design, but I haven't had a usable one long enough to know if it will shift over time. 4So Luxurious! This is a great comforter! Extremely fluffy, thick and warm. I used to sleep with a lightweight comforter with duvet cover and a light quilted blanket on top and still feel a little chilled. With this blanket, all I need is a duvet cover and no quilt. It's quite warm. I love that it is so soft and puffy. Very pretty on the bed. Also, when I opened the package I found a note from the seller letting me know that the one I had ordered was not available so they sent an upgraded version of the same thing (higher thread count!) for free. How nice!! I ordered the "oversized queen" and it fits the regular duvet cover size of "queen" very well. I was always annoyed at my last comforter being too small inside the cover and slipping around inside. This size completely takes care of that problem and fills it out nicely. Feels very luxurious. Highly recommend! 5Soft, warm, but can't call it "down alternative" This is a *pretty good* duvet insert that fits well inside my duvet cover and is very warm. But I was really hoping for more "down" since it's advertised as a down alternative. Typically when I read "alternative", I imagine something with a similar functionality of a down comforter, but without actual down feathers inside. Instead, this just pretty much feels more like fluffy cotton. Not the end of the world, and not worth returning over, but had to be mentioned nonetheless. With the very reasonable price, I also can't complain too much.Pros:[+] Pretty good quality[+] Perfect size for king size duvet[+] Soft[+] Warm[+] Good price relative to most other duvet insertsCons:[-] Not down[-] Wouldn't even call it "down alternative" 3If someone offered me a custom blanket at any price point, I would tell them to get this. This blanket is absolutely amazing. It's very, very soft and breathes extremely well. I think it's better as a spring/summer blanket if you live in an extremely cold climate, and save on indoor heating. It's the best blanket I've owned when the temperature is between 64 degrees and 78 degrees (F).I bought it over 1 year ago. At least 300 nights, 4 washes, half dozen guests (all were happy, and 3 even commented how comfy the blanket was) through a winter and summer in Dallas. I wash the cover every week and I wash the blanket itself every couple of months. I don't have a big washer/dryer, but the insert is soft and washes easily compared to other Queen/King-sized inserts.I also bought another very highly reviewed duvet: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B003TV4PI0/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o06_s03ie=UTF8&psc=1 which was pretty good. I would give that one 4 stars. It is warmer, but much stiffer and less comfortable. 5Inexpensive, well built and warm. Our dog likes to scratch and scrape himself a nice fluffy place to sleep on our bed. Unfortunately, his nails ripped through our duvet cover, and into our beloved down comforter. I tried to sew it back together, but it was too far gone. Enter search for a new comforter for our chilly Chicago winters. After a short discussion, we decided that no more ducks needed to be tortured for our winter comfort. I liked the sound of "Natural Comfort", and for a sanity check, this one weighs more than the others I looked at in the same price range. It arrived, and it's quite heavy (that's a good thing). The boxing and stitching is well done, and the cover fabric is nice and soft. I would always suggest a duvet cover, cotton flannel is my personal fave for winter. Anyway, for the price it's quite nice and very warm. Size is for sure a little bigger than the bed, which is nice. 5Nice duvet I got this after our puppy ate our duvet. I can't stand duvets but my husband loves them so I picked this up for him, and I like that it's a down alternative and not real goose down. He really likes it. It is rather large so it does not quite fit into our Queen size duvet cover but it's not too bad. I think people with normal body temps will probably like it but I consider anything above 60 degrees outside boiling hot so I started sweating profusely when I tried it. I pretty much keep the thermostat at a toasty 57-59 degrees at most when I'm home alone in the winter...when it's snowing so I'm not typical. Oh, I didn't notice it's made in China which is lame. I always make a point to not buy anything made in China but this was a fail on my part. I'm too lazy to return it for that reason though. 5Love We have a queen size bed 12 inches tall foam mattess we decided to get a queen xl since we like it hanging. For the price it's great, we wanted goose but hypoallergenic and we can put bleach. We had one before but it wasn't in squares and ended up having the fluff go everywhere not even.So far we love it. We have heated mattress and it's still bit cold where we are and we had to take the fleece top off since we got too much heat. It holds in our heat really good. So if we don't have it our heater on for put mattress we will still use it for warm summers but we will see. It goes very well with our new honeymoon bedsheets. Soft all together and just great sleep. 5
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