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Norpro Nonstick Heart Pancake/Egg Rings, Set of 2

  • Norpro Nonstick Heart Pancake/Egg Rings, Set of 2
  • Norpro Nonstick Heart Pancake/Egg Rings, Set of 2
  • Norpro Nonstick Heart Pancake/Egg Rings, Set of 2
  • Norpro Nonstick Heart Pancake/Egg Rings, Set of 2
  • Norpro Nonstick Heart Pancake/Egg Rings, Set of 2
  • Norpro Nonstick Heart Pancake/Egg Rings, Set of 2
  • Norpro Nonstick Heart Pancake/Egg Rings, Set of 2
  • Norpro Nonstick Heart Pancake/Egg Rings, Set of 2
  • Norpro Nonstick Heart Pancake/Egg Rings, Set of 2
  • Norpro Nonstick Heart Pancake/Egg Rings, Set of 2

Norpro Nonstick Heart Pancake/Egg Rings, Set of 2

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Measures: .5" x 4.25" x 3.5" / 1.25" x 11cm x 9cm, Set of 2
  • Who can resist this adorable egg and pancake design? Great for making heart shaped eggs or pancakes that the kids will love! Or use for making homemade egg sandwiches! Deep enough to add extras like veggies, cheese, cooked ham or bacon.
  • Each ring holds 1/4 cup batter or 1 raw egg. Once the bottom is cooked, remove ring and flip the egg or pancake!
  • Nonstick coating for easy release and clean up. Wood handles stay cool while cooking and fold down for easy storage.
  • Recipes and instructions included.
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Customer Reviews

The best egg cooker for bagel sandwiches! Another kitchen gadget that I can't believe I lived without for so long. They make eggs in the perfect size and shape for bagel sandwiches. My wife and I absolutely love this, it makes a quick on-the-go breakfast or lunch. In the time it takes to toast a bagel, your eggs are done. Put the egg, slice of cheese, and a little deli meat on the bagel and you have a handheld breakfast you can eat on the go.A tip for these is to butter or lightly oil the pan and heat it up with these in the pan before adding the egg. That way it instantly starts to cook and harden when you add the egg, so it cooks in a perfect circle with no runs.I crack the egg on the pan and put it right into this circle mold. Beat with a fork for scrambled, or leave as it is for sunny side up. 5Useful and pretty I've been using only one of these because my pan is small. It has been working for me this way but takes a long time if I'm making a lot of something. But that is nothing new because most things takes me a long time anyway.The little wooden knob on it is very useful because the metal part gets really hot.It doesn't slide around so it doesn't scratch the pan. Or at least it hasn't yet.I have to grease the rim in between using sometimes because the pancake batter sticks to the sides. But it is only sometimes when it is done right the heart slips right off.I love this for frying eggs. I can never get a good fried egg because when ever I break the egg in the pan the egg spreads all over and makes it harder for me to get perfect eggs that I can turn over easily. But with this heart mold I can have perfect eggs and a heart at the same time. I guess if you are good at cooking eggs you won't need this but I have found it useful.My niece and nephew felt special as well when I made them blueberry heart pancakes and eggs. 5Seal is difficult to maintain I purchased these to top off a Valentine's day breakfast for that special someone.I tried them on eggs, pancakes, and pasta.For eggs the heart shaped ring wouldn't prevent the egg whites from leaking out of the ring. Also, the eggs stuck to the nonstick ring even though i poured the oil into the ring itself. This may be able to be alleviated by having the pan much hotter than usual but I didnt try this solution yet.For pancakes the rings work flawlessly, the batter is thicker so nothing escaped and the pancake fell out of the ring easily enough.I also made heart shaped pasta by using the rings as a cookie cutter, which made wonderful stuffed pasta.I wish these rings either had a silicon tip on one side of the ring to act as a seal or were entirely made of silicon. 4NOT "Nonstick" I agree with all the negative reviews. I use Pam because the nonstick does not work. I poor the egg in slowly, because I have to create a "base" in order to keep the egg from poring out of the ring from underneath. The stick, with the wood top, only "bends" into the center and not to the outside of the ring, so you can't put on a lid to the grill (with a very deep pan it could work). With all my work, the ring does function. With that in mind I almost gave 2 stars. One star, because it does not work as described in the product title. 1Non Stick Coating? I haven't figured out what coating the ring has on it, but it seems not to be Teflon or similar non stick...When I lifted the ring out of the pan, my fried egg was still stuck inside.Not too sure about the non stick advertisement, on the other hand, I actually didn'y expect much of it anyway.Whatever sticks to the ring comes off easily... 3Great for pancakes..... These make really nice heart shaped pancakes just as long as you use cooking spray, oil or butter to prevent sticking. Eggs are more runny, so it may not be as perfect. Regardless I still tried it with eggs and I will probably try it again. I think no matter what eggs may leak some but since my stove is not on such level floor, it may happen always. Not putting too much mixture in the rings and having a flat floor surface is much better of course to preventing leaking. It's a nice way of changing from the boring round pancakes, so I will recommend. 4PERFECT SIZE!!!! Perfect size!!!! The key for your eggs not to stick to the egg rings is to spray the rings with cooking spray, heat a non-stick pan up and place the egg rings in the pan also & spay the pan with cooking spray right before you crack the eggs into the pan. By heating the pan and the egg rings up the pan cooks the eggs from the bottom & the egg rings help cook the sides of the egg and make it easy to release. VIOLA! PERFECT EVERY TIME!!!! I like that it has a cork handle because it doesn't get hot. I don't recommend putting them in the dishwasher because of the cork handle. I hand wash these in hot soapy water and they clean up like a dream!!!! 5but it worked great for me I just got it today. I was lil scared when I saw negative reviews, but it worked great for me!! I love it! 5Additional Cleanup My wife likes her eggs done one way, while I prefer to cook mine with salsa, onion etc. With only one decent frying pan in the house, I thought egg rings would be the way to maintain peace at breakfast, and to a fair degree that worked out. Problem was, the eggs started sticking to the edges of the rings. I started wiping the rings with a lite coating of oil before dropping in the eggs, but that didn't seem to help much if any. I found myself taking extra time to break the eggs free from the rings, before serving them, which usually resulted in egg pieces sticking to the rings and adding to clean-up time. Admittedly, this isn't a deal-breaker for many, but I tossed the rings out after a coulple of weeks. Still . . . if they ever decide to manufacture egg rings with Teflon or a similar non-stick coating, I'll probably give them another try. 3Great heart-shaped pancakes! I was thrilled to receive these in my Christmas stocking! I have used them a few times to make heart-shaped blueberry pancakes and they work great. They are easy to use, don't stick to the pancake (you may have to run a knife between the edge and the batter before flipping) and the little knobs stay cool so you don't burn your fingers. I rinse them off before throwing them in the dishwasher and it's been working great. They make the cutest little pancakes, I uploaded a photo of the very first pancakes we made with them. Easy and so worth it. 5
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