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Olympia Tools iWork Smart Phone Repair Tool Kit, 15-piece white

  • Olympia Tools iWork Smart Phone Repair Tool Kit, 15-piece white
  • Olympia Tools iWork Smart Phone Repair Tool Kit, 15-piece white
  • Olympia Tools iWork Smart Phone Repair Tool Kit, 15-piece white
  • Olympia Tools iWork Smart Phone Repair Tool Kit, 15-piece white
  • Olympia Tools iWork Smart Phone Repair Tool Kit, 15-piece white
  • Olympia Tools iWork Smart Phone Repair Tool Kit, 15-piece white
  • Olympia Tools iWork Smart Phone Repair Tool Kit, 15-piece white
  • Olympia Tools iWork Smart Phone Repair Tool Kit, 15-piece white
  • Olympia Tools iWork Smart Phone Repair Tool Kit, 15-piece white

Olympia Tools iWork Smart Phone Repair Tool Kit, 15-piece white

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • REPAIR WITH PRECISION: Designed to repair wristwatches, phones, glasses & other gadgets with accuracy with this travel repair kit. Its good for all types of small and delicate screws on your devices.
  • POCKET SIZED TOOLKIT: 15 piece repair toolkit includes screwdriver, suction cup, pry bar, storage box & more. Easy-grip handle has free-spinning end cap for constant finger pressure.
  • MADE TO LAST: Our durable and long-lasting tools help you with home, garage & industrial projects. With professional-grade quality, easily repair & fix issues with our tool cabinet essentials.
  • THE RIGHT TOOL FOR THE JOB: We engineer a range of bolt cutters, clamps, chisels, folding carts, hammers, pliers, saws, screwdrivers, tape measures, utility knives, vises, bolt cutters, saws & wrenches.
  • SUPERIOR INSTRUMENTS: Olympia Tools provides quality & innovative hand & specialty tools, tool accessories & outdoor equipment for construction, woodworking, mechanical maintenance & home repair.
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Customer Reviews

Case Closed I've used quite a few phone repair tools in the past. Many of them are made of cheap materials and may only last one or more repairs before the heads get stripped or the equipment starts to malfunction. This is a great kit the includes almost everything needed in a handy case. I bought this in an emergency while on vacation after the iPhone 6s took a spill into water. The tools included in the kit are professional and durable, with a sturdy case to hold everything you need to open your iOS or Android phone. The screwdriver and heads are magnetic, making it easy to lift a loose screw from the tiny crevices of your phone. I only wish it came with a small magnetic place mat or holding container for the micro sized screw involved in phone repair. I used the clear lid, but while open it is tilted at an angle and it does not have any partitions to separate the different screws. Don't let that deter you though, because the quality of the tools is what makes this set work well for many repairs in the future.iWork Smart Phone Repair Kit+ Durable professional quality+ Great stylish closing case+ Magnetic screwdriver+ Includes almost every tool needed for repair+ Shipped from Amazon super mega fast- Wish it had a magnetic mat or divider- Who knows what security type screws newer phones will have in the future 5Great kit, white spudgers aren't incredible I bought this a couple years ago to take apart some Smartphones, and it's still kicking. It's a really great product, very sturdy design, and the case that the tools are in is really well designed to allow firm gripping of the tools, but also being accessible.The little white spudgers are a bit of a negative though, the tips of both of mine bent enough to make them fairly unusable for separating smartphone frames from their backs anymore. That said, they lasted about 10 Smartphone repairs, so that's still fairly good for just being plastic.All of the rest of the tools are still perfectly in tact and perfectly functional, which can only speak to their quality.Great Tool kit! 4Exactly what I ordered I received my toolkit and it was exactly what I ordered. The case was brand new and the tools have worked as needed. I am still waiting on the replacement glass for my phone(the reason I ordered this kit), but I have used the driver and several bits on several small projects - fixing my sunglasses, tightening a screw on my sons toys...I would recommend this kit as a do-it-all kit for projects that require small bits, although the driver is a bit heavy for some of those projects.I am not sure why I would ever use the telescoping aspect of the driver. 4high quality kit - only the suction cup is a piece of scrap! I just can team up with my previous reviewers. The repair tool kit itself is a high quality box of tools.Unfortunately the suction cup is a piece of scrap with no change of opening anything - not usable!But the rest of the tool kit is (yes you can buy better kits for much more money) worth its money.The bits are magnetic. The hole set includes the following parts (will upload a picture of the label):1x Aluminium telescopic precision screwdriver1x suction cup (as I told. This one is scrap!)1x mini pry bar1x mini puller1x storage box1x PH001x PH0001x 1.2mm1x T41x T51x T61x T81x T101x pentalobeSo with this kit you can also open the Apple iPhone 4, iPhone 4s, iPhone 5 and also the new iPhone 5s! 5Keep looking if you want to open an iPhone. It is advertised as having a pentalobe screwdriver for iPhone.It comes with one labeled "pentagonal", but it does not fit the iPhone pentalobe screws. Putting it under a magnifying glass, I count 6 points, so it seems that it is actually probably a T1 or T2 torx bit.This is very disappointing, as the primary reason I chose this set was for the pentalobe to open an iPhone. 2Should include a pentalobe, but mine didn't. Otherwise a great basic tool kit. Overall, this tool set struck me as well-built and good quality. However, the *only* reason I purchased it was to get access to a pentalobe driver so I could take apart my iPhone after it got water-damaged, and the kit I received was missing that piece! The listing says that pentalobe is included, but it seems the person assembling the kit included two identical screwdriver bits by mistake (see photo).If the pentalobe driver had been included, this would be a five-star item. However, since I suspect many others are in my situation and mostly concerned about getting access to a pentalobe driver cheaply and quickly, I would advise you not to expect the pentalobe driver to be included 100% of the time. You may have to return it and wait for a new one to ship. The company really needs to step up their quality control to keep this from happening.Thankfully it turns out I have a neighbor who works for Apple, so he loaned me a pentalobe driver and I was able to return this toolkit for a full refund from Amazon. That was a lifesaver, because I was under a time crunch and waiting multiple days for the return shipping and then receiving a new kit would have been problematic.A few additional tips I learned:1.) In a pinch, you can take a large safety pin and file down the point to a small flathead shape - this will allow you to crudely open a pentalobe screw if you don't have a pentalobe driver. (It's tedious but I got it to work.) I found a YouTube video explaining the process but couldn't find the exact one again when I searched for it just now.2.) If you have a water-damaged iPhone, you can go to an Apple store and they will replace it with a new or refurbished one for way cheaper than buying a brand new phone from scratch. I got a brand new iPhone SE for 269 dollars! Amazon won't let me include a direct link, but you can search for "iPhone service pricing" online and then look at the section called "Other damage (out of warranty)" to see the price for your model. 3Very Nice Screwdriver Set I was working on my ASUS Laptop when I bought the Screwdriver set. This set had everything that I needed. Changing the tips or blades is extremely easy. The drivers are a very useful length, reaching into the deep dark holes where the problematic screws hide. The handle is light and strong, thick enough to give you enough torque to work the most stubborn of screws. I have lots of screwdrivers but none small enough to really work right on my laptop. Very good Purchase! 5THIS IS THE TOOLKIT YOU WANT FOR REPAIRING YOUR IPHONE This toolkit is extremely high quality. The screwdriver has replaced my other "small electronics" screwdriver. I thought the telescoping shaft would be gimmicky and awful, but it is actually incredibly solid. I was "stabbing" my desk pretty hard while it was extended, to test its build quality, and it didn't phase it at all. Put a couple dents into my desk though haha. This kit has everything you need to repair an iphone and several other bits I didn't use so I imagine it would work on other phones as well. The bits are all magnetized.If you have trouble lifting the screen off with the suction cup, just keep trying, change the position every time the cup detaches while keeping it near the home button. Don't be afraid to be firm, the cup will detach before it harms your phone. Just don't jerk or yank on it, use firm constant pressure. It took about 20-30 tries (detach/reattach) before it finally loosened the screen enough to get the plastic pry tool inside.The only thing I would add to this kit would be a set of fine tweezers because there are a few super tiny pieces inside your phone you may need to mess with that they don't mention in youtube tutorials.I almost went with one of the cheaper kits but am beyond happy I didn't. Even though this kit is so specialized to smart phones, I see myself getting a lot of use out of it in the future. The screwdriver alone is worth the money, in my opinion.There were a couple cosmetic scratches on the case when it arrived, who cares. 5Great toolkit for cell phone and digital camera repair This set paid for itself with the first repair I did, when I replaced the screen and digitizer on my HTC cellphone. After the phone, I used these tools to repair an old Nikon digital camera I had lying around. If you underake any such repairs, be sure to find a video on YouTube that shows you how to do it, and watch several different ones. All of the videos I have seen leave out some essential step, which you only discover when everything is in pieces. In most of these repairs you will also need a guitar pick, or its equivalent (if there is one) to separate delicate parts and a hair drier to loosen the adhesive which glues the internal parts of these things together (If you are careful the adhesive is re-usable, while the tape sold for such purposes can be too thick to allow you to get the re-assembled pieces back in the case). I also recommed getting a product called UnDo, sold by Amazon, as a universal adhesive release agent - when it dries, the adhesive will regain its stickiness, just as if it were new. 5Decent, durable stuff * After using these for more than 3 years, I can confirm this took kit is durable!+ All the parts are well manufactured. I like how they do snap and go style instead of unscrew-put in place-tighten up kit.The extension is also brilliant. I used these for both laptop and phones.- After a year, I noticed the tips, the ones I used often, don't have magnetic anymore.- The suction cup is pathetic. It is too small and the edges don't stay down. I used only one time and that was all to it. I do change iphone a few times so this is a must have thing. Luckily the battery replacement seller include suction cup. Anyway, this deserves a star deduction. 4
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