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OttLite T18330 18w Replacement Tube Bulb, Bulb Type B

  • OttLite T18330 18w Replacement Tube Bulb, Bulb Type B
  • OttLite T18330 18w Replacement Tube Bulb, Bulb Type B
  • OttLite T18330 18w Replacement Tube Bulb, Bulb Type B

OttLite T18330 18w Replacement Tube Bulb, Bulb Type B

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • ADVANCED LIGHTING: Our Type B bulbs show colors true to life and produce clearer details, all while reducing glare and eye strain. This bulb will provide you with low heat and low glare illumination for years to come.
  • EFFICIENT: The output of an 18-watt OttLite bulb is roughly equivalent to that of a 75-watt incandescent bulb. Compact fluorescent bulbs (CFLs) require 75% less energy, generate 75% less heat, and lasts 10x longer than standard incandescent bulbs.
  • NATURAL DAYLIGHT: For over 30 years OttLite has focused on bringing the power of natural daylight indoors. With our groundbreaking technology, you will be able to see more clearly without strain and do what you love for longer.
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Customer Reviews

The right bulbI have had 2 Truecolor Ott-lites for many years and one of the bulbs finally burned out. I first puchased the T18330 model replacement bulb, which to the naked eye looks exactly like my old bulb. Although it looked right, it did not fit the lamp. It was an itty-bitty fraction of an inch too big, and I broke the bulb trying to make it fit. I decided to purchase this one as the description indicated it was for the Truecolor Flex Arm Ott-lite, and I was very pleased when it fit the lamp perfectly. According to the packaging, the model number for this replacement bulb is T24J3B, item #237346. I just purchased 2 more of them to have on hand for when another bulb burns out several years from now. It was difficult to find the correct replacement bulb now, so I'm afraid it will be even harder to find the correct replacement bulb in another 10 years.5It works, so far.This bulb fits my Ott-Lite Crane Desk Lamp. It lights up. There is nothing remarkable about it. So it gets three stars because-- it's okay.My Crane lamp is at least six or seven. It's had the original bulb all that time, seeing daily use.The only reason I had to replace it now was pilot error. I forgot to turn it off so it ran for about 11 hours straight and I believe it suffered heat stroke.It wasn't easy finding a replacement bulb. The original bulb, 18W, made in Thailand, was U-shaped like the current 13W Ott bulb, but has a four-prong notched base. The package states "18W" and "508 Technology". The 13W bulb will not fit this lamp. The current version of the replacement bulb has four basic differences: Two parallel tubes instead of one U-shaped tube Non-notched base Warmer color temperature Made in ChinaBecause of the two-tubes I wasn't sure that this was the right bulb though reviews said it was. And since some of the reviews complained of short life I ordered two.The old bulb had a notch on each side of the base that lined up with two protrusions in the lamp's socket. I think this was to make the bulb a proprietary item. At some point this changed. New bulbs don't have the notches in the base and won't fit in the older socket without minor modification. Using long-nose pliers, it was easy to snap the little walls that formed the protrusions and twist them out. Using a sharp-edged flat screwdriver as a tiny chisel removed most of the rest of the walls. One reviewer used a Dremel tool which is a cleaner method.The new bulb fit well enough into the modified base. Once the pins were aligned with the holes in the socket, mild pressure snapped the bulb into place with a "click". Without modifying the socket the bulb will *not* fit. Let there be light. And there was.The bulb has a slightly lower color temperature than the original so the light is very white instead of the slightly blue cast of the original. I prefer the previous, cooler light, but I can live with this.Being made in China is a wild card at this point. Some high quality products are manufactured there, as is a lot of junk. I have no idea where this lamp falls in that spectrum so it's wait and see.This bulb works in the Crane lamp with an easy, minor modification. No magic, no glamor, three stars.3OTT LITEThe bulb that I purchased came fast and was well packed. However, I must warn purchasers that the bulb may not be the problem if your OTT Lite is not working. It seems that the ballast or transformer on many OTT Lites is not the most reliable component. Afer receiving my bulb and finding out that my lamp was not working with either bulb, the old or the new, I did research on the web and found that the OTT Lite has serious problems with the ballast burning out and being very expensive to replace. I called OTT and found out that they would sell me a new ballast cord assembly, but I would probably need to pay someone to replace it. That part would cost $20 plus labor. They told me that they would sell me another lamp with 20% off. That would cost around $52 or $53. However, it was cheaper on Amazon.com. I did some shopping and found places like Tuesday Morning were selling similar lamps at lower prices still. They had the a fancier Ott Lite for 49.99 with a long 18W bulb and the Verilux Lamp for around $40 on a special sale.Bottom, line, you may not need a bulb, the lamp may be defective not the bulb. However, if you do need a bulb, this company sells a good product at a fair price, and ships very quickly and sends the product extremely well packed. Good seller.5Buyer bewareRead the other reviews that warned this manufacturer is off by a few critical micron measurements. Challenge accepted. Indeed, this did not fit my older model Ott, at first. Five minutes later, thanks to an x-acto knife, a heat source like one of those long neck candle or bbq lighters, a little patience, and a questionable smoke inhalation experience, it fits now. Slipped right in like a glove. Having heard similar situations where Korean copies of many general items sold on the internet are close copy cats but off I am not convinced this is an authentic manufacture. The light is not the complete HD true color light I remember. Close, but not.3very clear which bulb to buy, love itI turn off my Ott Lite as soon as I'm finished sewing, so I conserve my light bulbs (I have two Ott Lites). So, I find that these light bulbs last a long, long, time. Since we have recently moved to Florida, I didn't have my usual place to purchase sewing supplies. The large Fabrics store said on their web site that they also had this bulb, however, it was not clear if it was the right one that I needed. What I really like about Amazon, is that it was exactly clear which Ott light bulb I needed for my light. The little sticker on my Ott Lite said to never use a light bulb greater than 18 watts. On the bottom of the base of my Ott Lite it said Model #OLFO18TC. On the chart for this light bulb on Amazon, it gave that number as the Part Number. It gave the Model number of the standing light as #TC10016. This light bulb is called Type B, OLT-18w. So I clicked on Purchase, and the light bulb was delivered to my door in two days. It was easy to change the light bulb. There is a little plastic "door" where the bulb goes in, that you pull down, and then you just pull out the old light bulb, and then push in the new light bulb, and then close the little plastic "door" flap. Thank you, Amazon, for having this, and thank you for the clear directions on which Ott Lites use this particular light bulb. Full spectrum light really makes a difference, if you have never tried it.5This is the one with prongs that are catty-corner from one another.Was exactly what I ordered and needed, although it took time to be sure this is what would fit my Ott-light. These bulbs are hard to find so I was glad to see this here. This is the double bulbs that plug in with little prongs that are catty-corner from one another. Be careful when you get your bulbs to not get the ones with the wrong prongs. It would be helpful if the picture for these were showing the prongs better and not use the same picture for the different types of prongs.5Adjustment needed to my lamp for bulb. Easy to do.Took a while to arrive. Before ordering I read the reviews & found some of my concerns matched most of their's. For one, I bought one bulb at a fabric/craft store that should have fit my lamp & had to return it because it wouldn't fit into my Ott-Lite floor lamp. Upon returning it, I was told they no longer sell the original bulb for my lamp. Devastating to hear! The lamp was not cheap & still rather expensive on sale. After reading reviews on Amazon, all helpful BTW, I realized I would have to adjust my lamp by possibly taking it apart to do this. That's intimidating! My neighbor is an electrician so I asked his opinion & he suggested I take a pair of needle-nose pliers & snap the blockage out. It worked & now I can use the bulbs I bought. It is a very fine lamp & I was so worried I'd never be able to use it again. Disappointing there wasn't a way for me to know this would happen & what to do at the time. I now know to contact Ott-Lite customer service.4Genuine OttLite at one third the price!I have three OttLites that take the 18w bulbs. When time came to replace one of the bulbs, I found that the "notched" ones that fit in my lamps were no longer available. I wasted several days calling around to find them. Luckily, another Amazon buyer had figured out how to make the new replacements fit the old lamps by clipping off the little plastic tabs inside the lamp. I figured I had nothing to lose since I'd have to buy a new lamp if I couldn't find the bulbs...so I took long-nosed pliers and snipped the plastic tabs away. Two-minutes and the new bulb fit perfectly! I'm thrilled because the lamps were expensive when I bought them years ago and the new ones don't look (or feel) as sturdy as the ones I have. Great price Amazon and great suggestion from Amazon customers! It's been a couple of weeks and no problems with my lamp. Thanks.5Good price - owners of older models take noteQuick delivery and I have a nice bright light again. If you have an older (as in later 20th, early 21st century) Ottlite model, please read on. I bought my Ottlite from Amazon between 1998- 2000 or so. The light bulbs in these last quite a while. This is bulb #3. When I got the first replacement bulb, I was startled at the price. That bulb lasted 12 years. In the meantime, Ottlite discontinued my lamp and changed part numbers. This replacement was hard to install. It took hours of maneuvering and the base was different from the replacement. But it finally fit, though only after, I accidentally snapped off the lampshade and I was able to install the bulb. Nice bright light. I'll need to figure out a way to get the shade back on or jury rig it.3PERFECT Replacement Bulb; Bought 2 Here for Price of 1 @ Local StoreThis bulb IS an OttLite OEM 18 Watt replacement; the packaging and the bulb itself are "officially" from OttLite. Light output is EXCELLENT--it gives off what appears to be full-spectrum light.We bought this for a large OttLite floor lamp/reading light. The bulb we were replacing had two "notched out" areas on the base, which this bulb does not have; its base is smooth and un-notched. However, that did not affect how it fit into our fixture in the least; this still "plugged in place" perfectly with no modifications and the light output is even a little brighter than before (old bulb was about 4 years old & may have faded over time).Very happy that I was able to buy TWO bulbs here at Amazon for the price of just ONE at our local store. Great value; highly recommended.Have a question about this bulb or light? Just leave a comment & I'll be happy to help you, if I can.5
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