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OXO Good Grips Rice & Small Grains Washing Colander

  • OXO Good Grips Rice & Small Grains Washing Colander
  • OXO Good Grips Rice & Small Grains Washing Colander
  • OXO Good Grips Rice & Small Grains Washing Colander
  • OXO Good Grips Rice & Small Grains Washing Colander
  • OXO Good Grips Rice & Small Grains Washing Colander
  • OXO Good Grips Rice & Small Grains Washing Colander
  • OXO Good Grips Rice & Small Grains Washing Colander

OXO Good Grips Rice & Small Grains Washing Colander

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Designed to allow water to strain at the ideal rate to wash impurities and starch from rice, quinoa, buckwheat, barley and more
  • Water pools to show when water is clear and grains are clean
  • Small, square holes help prevent tiny grains from falling through
  • Pour spout features extra drain holes to remove excess water
  • Soft, comfortable, non-slip handles make it easy to shake out extra water, agitate the grains, and pour into your cooking vessel
  • Strainer is also great for rinsing berries
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Customer Reviews

Good product but more grains get stuck over the time...If I were to write the review earlier, I would have given it 5-star. The main reason I bought it is for washing quinoa and similar small grains. It worked perfectly without any grains stuck in the hole for a few months (with frequency of 2-3 times/week of usage), then a few grains got stuck in the holes, then bit more grains got stuck, then a visible amount of grains got stuck (so I had to use toothpick to push out the grains).... Basically, more and more grains got stuck as time goes by. Also, it seems that once the holes grains stuck in them and got poked by toothpicks, the holes becomes slighter larger/looser, which means gains will get stuck again in future use. Well, I'll come back to write another review if there'll be whole lot more grains getting stuck in the holes along the way. For now, it's still functional even though some grains get stuck in the holes.4The answer for easy Quinoa cleaningI love OXO, and this unique product is another good reason for my love. The problem with quinoa is cleaning it. Recently I found out that if you soak quinoa overnight the seeds absorb the poison that you want to wash off (Dr. Andrew Weil). So you don't want to soak it. You want to rinse it over and over, as much as possible. This is by far the best tool for rinsing Quinoa. It drains just slow enough that you can grab and squeeze the seeds dry and then rinse again. What I do is run water into a 2 1/2 quart Pyrex bowel. Then I push the OXO Quinoa rinser down into it and stir, grab and squeeze the seeds. The OXO Quinoa cleaner fits perfectly into the Pyrex bowel. With the water continuously running into the Pyrex bowel the OXO cleaner immediately fills, there is no wait time. It's an instant process. This is the fastest way to rinse Quinoa multitudes of times...5Best ever! This product was just what I was looking for. I never have to worry about losing my rice & other grains down the drain. Love It!! 5If you cook a lot of rice...you need this!To cook rice in a rice cooker you need to rinse it several times. Before I got this product, I put my hand over the container and hoped the rice would not go into the sink with the water. This solves everything. Rinse the rice two, three, four times, over the sink. Then take a spoon and scrape it in your rice cooker. Add the right amount of water to the cooker and you are good.5perfectI was gifted an InstaPot thingie at christmas and decided to stop buying instant rice and use much cheaper regular rice. However I could NOT find a "rice strainer" where I live (very north MN). I only found tiny handheld mesh things (think kid's beach toy) that rust fast with our local water. I searched every store and ended up back on amazon. I have been impressed with the OXO brand with previous products and I don't mind spending a little extra for them. This doesn't stack with my mixing bowls or strainers BUT I discoverd it nests really nice inside my Kitchaid bowl that lives on the counter anyways, since I bought it I've been making healthy rice a few times a week so that's perfect for me, and the color blends in well in my space.5but I guess better than falling throughI bought this for quinoa cause in my other strainer, the quinoa falls through but this gets stuck in the holes at the bottom and I have to take a toothpick and push them out...but I guess better than falling through.3Purchased this product for quinoa and it works great. I've seen other product say it works for ... Purchased this product for quinoa and it works great. I've seen other product say it works for quinoa, and then I've read reviews where people say it doesn't function well for quinoa. Well, this one functions well for quinoa. I use it for rice and lentils as well, but I was worried whether it would work for quinoa, and it does. 5Perfect tool for the rinsing small grainsAs I have found with all OXO products, it is very well made and durable. The super fine mesh drain and ingenious pour spout are perfect for draining fine grains like quinoa, and also work for larger grains like rice. The round bowl shape contains the loose grains without spillover. Due to the small area of holes, it drains a little slowly, so it's best to measure and rinse the grains and then set aside in the sink while you prepare other ingredients. It is the perfect tool for the job.5Better Than Expected!This OXO Good Grips quinoa colander is fantastic. It's one of those rare products that are better than you expected them to be. Water drains well, but slow enough to use your hand to really swish around the quinoa. I wash quinoa till it's super clean. And then I wash it some more. Quinoa is one of those grains that benefit from a good cleaning. The colander's holes are a perfect size to keep in quinoa.5Works very well, but small. I've only used this for washing rice, which was why I bought it. It's better made than the Japanese versions I've tried before, thicker plastic, smaller holes, holds water in better for swishing rice around, but it's also much smaller. The most I can fit is 4 cups of rice, and I would have to wash it carefully so the rice doesn't spill out, vs 6 to 8 cups with the others I've tried. I like this enough to keep it, but would love to have a bigger version so I don't have to wash two batches of rice when I'm cooking for a lot of people. 4Primarily used to wash quinoaQuinoa is something I enjoy on a regular basis so I have gone through many methods and strainers. This is the best I have found for the process and I really like the sieve on the side for getting rid of the foam. It does drain slow but that is because you are washing the grains and not rinsing them.The loss of a star is a result of frustration from grains being trapped in the holes at the bottom. While not a huge deal, sometimes they do not want to budge and I don't want to ream them out and make the holes bigger.4Great StrainerThis is a great little strainer. I've used it for rinsing quinoa grains and the holes are small enough to keep the quinoa from falling out, yet the water still drains easily. It is sturdy and well made. Well worth it!5Not suitable for quinoa as advertised.The quinoa gets stuck in the holes and are a pain to remove. It would work fine for rice and other larger grains. However I bought it specifically for quinoa, which it was advertised for, and it doesn't work, so one star it is.1
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