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OXO SteeL Turner

  • OXO SteeL Turner
  • OXO SteeL Turner
  • OXO SteeL Turner
  • OXO SteeL Turner
  • OXO SteeL Turner
  • OXO SteeL Turner

OXO SteeL Turner

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Oversized head is ideal for flipping pancakes, hamburgers and more
  • Extra sturdy for tough tasks
  • Brushed stainless steel construction
  • Sleek, brushed stainless steel handle features flexible fins for comfort
  • Dishwasher safe
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Customer Reviews

Perfect The handle on this spatula is the perfect width for holding. I love the rubber grippers OXO adds to the side of the handle. It makes for a comfortable cooking experience. The angle from the handle to the blade is the right angle to be able to flip food comfortably. I bought this to use with a cast iron skillet that melted my favorite plastic spatula. This has a nice even edge so it can get under the food with a clean quick wipe. When done cooking, I toss it in the dishwasher and it comes clean with no scrubbing and no fussing. I have had to cash in on the lifetime warranty before and OXO was very easy to deal with. They are a great company that takes good care of their customers. 5Good quality, good price. Happy customer. I've had the same cheap "stainless steel" spatula for years. Not a good grade of stainless, though, so kept rusting unless I immediately wiped it dry after washing, and never let it sit around without washing it after use. So I bought this OXO Stainless model to replace it and so far I'm very pleased. About my only concern is that the handle seems like it has a small gap where the "neck" of the spatula enters it, where bacteria could potentially accumulate. But other than that, it feels well made, sturdy, and seems to be made of good quality materials. 4A good spatula. I have been looking for a good turner/spatula for a long time. There are many styles and sizes and none of them seem to be quite right. This one however seems to be working. The handle is just a little long so maybe I need to order the shorter one, but it turns eggs over very nicely and hamburgers too. Yes I would recommend it to a friend. 5Clearly marked 18/0 stainless steel that is magnetic. I ... Clearly marked 18/0 stainless steel that is magnetic. I have no worries of this leaching any nickel into what I am cooking unlike some cheaper stainless steel lesser known brands. Some others have noted that the lack of nickel will make it prone to a little rust if you don't make sure they are put away dry, so its a trade off of rust resistance vs trace amounts of nickel in your food, especially if you are cooking acidic food.I was not compensated in any way for this product or review. If you found this helpful, please click the helpful button below. 5A great spatula - - - almost. This is almost a fine spatula, but it has one near-fatal flaw in my opinion: the end of the spatula is curved rather than perfectly straight. This complicates some ordinary cooking chores, such as stirring gravy or scraping the bottom of a skillet. As for me, this simple change in design would be worth another two stars in overall rating of this product. 3This is a nice spatula, but it's not the flexible type of ... This is a nice spatula, but it's not the flexible type of spatula with the very narrow edge of my childhood. It's substantial and the edge is thick, which is fine for flipping burgers, but it doesn't slide under the edge of a pancake the way I was looking for. It's a shame, too, because I was so excited when I saw this that I bought two, one for me and one for my sister, because we'd just been talking about the difficulty of finding those flexible, thin-edged spatulas of our childhoods. Maybe Vermont Country Store will carry them. It's a nice spatula with a solid frame, good heft, easy-grip handle--it's just not the Platonic ideal of a sharp edged, pancake-flipping, egg-turning spatula I remember. 3Partners for life Pancake turners are not sexy or flashy, but when my old one fell apart because a single rivet failed, I decided to replace it with a more durable one.This is it.The steel blade and shaft of this utensil are a single piece, unlike cheaper ones which rivet the blade to the shaft. The handle is cushioned with silicone.This one will outlast me -- it feels damn near indestructible. Don't waste your money on supermarket knockoffs. 5Good, but not perfect It feels great, it stabs great, it looks great. I like OXO products a lot, but this one has missed the mark a bit. The handle is very comfortable to hold; very large and chunky, with rubber grips. The tines are nice and sharp, and a good length. The weight is good, it feels sturdy.But the problem with it is where the handle joins the stem (if that is the correct word). This is a 2-part fork, and the main problem is that the stem is quite thin. I'm not sure how far the stem extends into the handle, but I have noticed it bending during use, and I'm already noticing a bit of rust at the joint, and I'm very worried that one day soon it is just going to break off. I think when it does break (not if, it is definitely going to break) I will be looking for a sturdier replacement. I would have given it 3 stars, but it hasn't broken yet so it still gets the benefit of the doubt. Who knows, perhaps the stem really does extend all the way through the handle, and if it does then it may last 10 years before giving up the ghost. 4Exportable to UK! Wanted a flexible thin stainless turner with a flat edge for my cast iron skillet here in UK. Believe it or not nobody sells such a thing in euroland.The traditional turners of well known brand with wooden handles are not importable. Not sure why but I guess the wood is not allowed in EU trade area? Perhaps someone can enlighten us. In Europe you can only buy thick stiff,slotted stainless steel turners with rounded ends or plastic equivalents. Neither are good for maintaining a good surface on a skillet. However this OXO was importable (but not sold locally.) Postage was worth it and now everyone wants to know where I got it. Never use it for lasagna, not sure why you would want to but perfect for general use on a skillet. 5Sturdy, nice grip, perfect for cookies I have a number of nylon pancake turners, but my metal ones are so old that they need to be replaced. I wanted one that wasn't real wide, and this is perfect. I bought one to see if I would like it. I do, and I think I'm going to get a couple more.Many of my pans are not non-stick, and therefore I can use metal utensils. I prefer metal turners because the edges are thinner, almost sharp. They're perfect for removing cookies from cookie sheets without damaging them.The handle is comfortable, and does not get hot. 5
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