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Pacific Handy Cutter HC-900 Single Edge Handy Original Box Cutter, 12 Pack, Lightweight Utility Knife, Retractable Blade, for Boxes, Paper, Tape, Cardboard

  • Pacific Handy Cutter HC-900 Single Edge Handy Original Box Cutter, 12 Pack, Lightweight Utility Knife, Retractable Blade, for Boxes, Paper, Tape, Cardboard
  • Pacific Handy Cutter HC-900 Single Edge Handy Original Box Cutter, 12 Pack, Lightweight Utility Knife, Retractable Blade, for Boxes, Paper, Tape, Cardboard
  • Pacific Handy Cutter HC-900 Single Edge Handy Original Box Cutter, 12 Pack, Lightweight Utility Knife, Retractable Blade, for Boxes, Paper, Tape, Cardboard

Pacific Handy Cutter HC-900 Single Edge Handy Original Box Cutter, 12 Pack, Lightweight Utility Knife, Retractable Blade, for Boxes, Paper, Tape, Cardboard

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • PRECISION CUTTING - Our tap-open, tap-close single blades are durable and razor sharp for long-lasting, efficient cutting of boxes, cartons, tape, cardboard, paper, and more. Get precise, first-try slicing with added protection from blade.
  • COMPACT AND CONVENIENT UTILITY KNIFE - Solid, all-metal construction built with a PHC's one of a kind, tap-to-close mechanism. This sleek, minimalist design fits easily in pockets, desk drawers, tool kits, or anywhere space is a concern.
  • EASILY REPLACEABLE BLADES - Compatible with RB009 or RB012 single edge blades, this quick and simple to replace blade design maximizes ease of use for an efficient slicing and cutting experience.
  • BRUSHED ALUMINUM FINISH - Pacific Handy Cutters uses high quality aluminum to engineer these long-lasting, all-metal slicing and slitting tools.
  • ORIGINAL FLAT BLADE BOX CUTTER - The original HC-900 Handy Cutter, invented by Pacific Handy Cutter in 1950, was the first-to-market flat blade box cutter, setting standards across numerous industries.
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Customer Reviews

Basic, functional box cuttersI have been using this style of box cutter for nearly 20 years and recently ordered two cases for my employees after our company inexplicably removed all utility knives from our approved supply list.These are basic, no-nonsense box cutters.They are lightweight, slim and fit comfortably in the coin pocket of my jeans.The replacement blades are inexpensive and easy to find.Comfortable to use.Others have complained that the box cutter is too loose. This is a common issue with this style of knife and there are a couple easy solutions to that.1. Set the cutter on the ground (seam side up) and stomp it lightly with your heel.2. Put a slight bend in the blade holder, about halfway down.Both of these steps increase the friction and make it less likely that the knife will open in your pocket.If it's too tight and won't open easily, remove the blade holder and stick something long and flat (like a butter knife) into the sheath. Work it around until it's loosened to your liking.These are exactly as expected and I will continue to purchase these for my employees. 5I've handled box cutters for many years working in various grocery stores and these are the worst I've encounteredThis is a poorly designed item - there is no "tap open/tap close" - the blade literally falls out of the sleeve when held upright. There should be much more friction/tightness securing the blade holder within the sleeve. If not handled carefully, the blade holder slides right out of the sleeve with the blade exposer - which could present a dangerous situation if you're not paying attention. I've handled box cutters for many years working in various grocery stores and these are the worst I've encountered. 1Great product - be weary of shippingNot much to say about the product. The box cutters are great, fairly cheap, and will last you forever. However, just wanted to give a heads up that the packaging is very flimsy. The box opened up during delivery and a dozen box cutters (many with blades exposed) were jumbled around the box. I attached a picture to show what I opened my box to. The order was shipped with a backpack wrapped in a thin plastic bag, so I m worried one of the dozen blades may have knicked or cut it. Although the product is good (hence the five stars), be careful with the shipping. 5Good product for what it is - but don't expect a cutter/scraper product when buying.I worked in a grocery store years ago and we used Pacific Handy Cutter tap/close type box cutters for all of our box cutting when new orders arrived and we stocked the shelves. (back in those days, they were just a simple silver metal color :-) ) I had several but over the years either by losing them or relatives just having to have one, I ended up down to my last two. The thing I liked best about these cutters was how easy I could remove the blade on the box cutting side and switch it to the other side and use it as a scraper. If you used one of these in the "old days" and expect to be able to use these as a scraper as well as a cutter, look elsewhere (perhaps to the Red Devil product listed on Amazon.) This product does not have the split opening on the opposite side of the box cutting blade to make it a scraper. Perhaps this was dropped as for safety reasons but it is a simple cutter and I can't understand why they would take away such a nice feature. I'm guessing they want people to use those retractable standalone scrapers which are nice, but the Pacific Handy Cutter that had the box cutter on one end and the scraper on one end was so much more convenient. In conclusion, if you are just looking for an inexpensive, nicely designed razor blade box cutter only, you will like this product as it works great. 4Basic Tried and True DesignThese are very basic design. They hold up because they are so simple. I won't cover all the durability and how to use as many other reviewers have done that. What I will say is I carry this is a shirt pocket and it's never accidently opened on me, not once. Just make sure you close it and there will be no problem. Now if you have one that is loose, just pinch the sides with a pair of pliers to tighten it up and all will be good. These are the most cost efficient box cutters out there. One note, listing says "Assorted". All 12 are exactly the same as the one pictured in the listing. 5A must for every household.I worked at a grocery store for a year or so, about 10 years ago. At the grocery store we always had box cutters around to use for so many different tasks, and I got into the habit of using one often.Simple box cutters are hard to find, though!Since my time at the grocery store I've tried buying cheap razor blade scrapers (which work well but not for cutting) and razor blade cutters (which cut well but don't scrape, AND they are usually bulky enough that I end up not using them because they're too big to be comfortable to use). I haven't ever found simple box cutters like this in a store before.More often than not I just try to use scissors to cut things. Scissors are a poor substitute for a good box cutter, though!So, I was happy to find these, and even happier to have them around.Some people seem to care a lot about the colors, and their reviews reflect that. The colors are assorted; mine came 1/3 white, 1/3 yellow, and 1/3 orange. Orange and yellow are not my favorite colors but...it's a box cutter! What difference does the color make?? Would the people concerned with that be as particular about the color of their scissors or bottle of toothpaste? I doubt it! If you don't like the colors that you get, here are a few ideas for you:- Use a Sharpie to write names on them (in case you wanted a wider variety of colors for identification among different cutters);- Wrap the sheath in duct tape. If you want to be extra-fancy, buy several different colors of duct tape and you can have a rainbow of different colored box-cutters;- Spray paint your box cutters in whatever color you prefer.Be assertive, people! You are only limited by your imagination. If you want hot pink box cutters, make it happen!Anyhow, these box cutters are extremely useful. We just purchased new couches a few days ago and they came in large cardboard boxes that we needed to break down. I happened to have one of these in my purse and MY, OH, MY, what a difference! It was so quick and easy to cut the boxes down. It reminded me of the time that I lived with my sister and we bought a Christmas tree and I used the "saw" on my pocket knife to trim a bit off the bottom of the trunk. My pocket knife worked so well compared to our steak knives! Annnd, then a couple years ago when my husband and I bought a real tree (which needed to be trimmed) and I used a real saw. It was a difference of night and day. If you are cutting boxes with scissors, it's as if you're trying to use a pocket knife to trim the bottom of the Christmas tree! Live large! Get box cutters! But don't use them to trim the bottom of your Christmas trees. I don't think these box cutters would work well for that.Highly recommended for anyone! (Except children and people who are at risk of harming themselves.) Great product! 5Handy Box Cutter Better than the restThis (which is the hc-100) and the brushed metal (hc-900) are both from Pacific Handy Cutter. They are the last good quality box cutter I have found. The Hyde brand went too cheap and aren't worth the thin metal they're crimped from. I tried the Cosco Jiffy cutter and it is O.K. for light use like cutting tape and such. The important thing for me is the width of the end that holds the razor blade. Razor blades have a notch on each end and the Jiffy cutter's is just narrow enough to almost fit in that notch. After a little use it wears down and the blade sticks out too far and breaks much easier when cutting. Also, once it is inside the notch of the blade it wears through and breaks much faster. The Handy Cutter's retaining end is just a little wider which enables the knife to last much longer. I use these cutters for light to heavy use cutting cardboard. The difference to me is after half a day of work the cheaper made (not cheaper costing) knife already has the blade sticking out too far; causing blades to break and possible damage to the merchandise inside the boxes I'm cutting. The little extra width on the Handy Cutter means I can use it a couple of weeks before it starts to wear out, even longer if not cutting too thick of cardboard. One other thing...The Handy cutter is about a 1/2 inch longer, which is causes less fatigue on my hand from constant use. I hope the manufacturer (Specrum) doesn't do like all the rest of the box cutter companies seem to have done and change a good knife. 5The best utility knife since the 1950s! These are the real deal. Safest for your shop!These are like the original from the 1950s... used by professional stockers and packing folks all over the country. They are Made in USA, and beat the pants off of the Chinese knock-offs. These feature aluminum outer sheathes over steel holders. Over the years they seem to have removed the bottom grabber / scraper feature that some makes had. No problem as I only needed to hold the blade that way once in a blue moon. Very few people, outside of the packing / shipping and store room stocking trades know that these make some of the safest and most useful utility knives. I can't tell you how many accidents I have seen or heard of with the bulky Stanley style, and crummy break-a-blade style utility knives -- overkill for most any job as the blades stick out too far and retract clumsily with the thumb button. These boxcutters on the other hand ... neatly glide away when you are not using the blade, safe to put in your pocket. They have unlimited other uses anytime you need a sharp blade.. electronics, home restoration, cutting sheetrock, opening delicate stuff like watch cases, not to mention cutting cardboard!...The safety razor blades are not as tough as utility knives ... no problem --- just flip it over when it gets dull and replace it for pennies at any drug store or hardware shop. 5Flawed Design that is Unsafe And DangerousI have used box cutters similar to these for 8-10 hours a day for years.I find these to be unsafe and dangerous.They do not stay closed or open they simply slide anyway they wish while using them.They will literally disassemble themselves while in use.Do Not Purchase For Safety's Sake. 1The One, The Only, The Original Box Cutter!For three out of four years in high school I worked in Grocery. We threw freight as part of that job, which back then (early to mid 1970's) included using a Garvey Price Marker (adjustable rubber stamp with ink pad), individual price ink stamps, a price tag gun for frozen foods and cash registers where you typed all prices and figured out what change was due on cash transactions by yourself. No machines to make you stupid, no bar codes to scan. And we all used the Pacific Handicutter. Everyone, at all stores used them. It is the ORIGINAL box cutter, so accept no substitutes. this is the best one out there hands down. Buying a dozen was a better deal than buying individually, and trust me, you will want one in your car, your truck, your shop, utility room, etc. 5
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