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Paper Mate Profile Elite Retractable Ballpoint Pens, Bold Point (1.4mm), Black, 12 Count

  • Paper Mate Profile Elite Retractable Ballpoint Pens, Bold Point (1.4mm), Black, 12 Count
  • Paper Mate Profile Elite Retractable Ballpoint Pens, Bold Point (1.4mm), Black, 12 Count
  • Paper Mate Profile Elite Retractable Ballpoint Pens, Bold Point (1.4mm), Black, 12 Count
  • Paper Mate Profile Elite Retractable Ballpoint Pens, Bold Point (1.4mm), Black, 12 Count

Paper Mate Profile Elite Retractable Ballpoint Pens, Bold Point (1.4mm), Black, 12 Count

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Ballpoint pen with bold 1.4mm point helps you confidently communicate your thoughts
  • Soft grip for comfortable everyday writing
  • Reliably vivid ink brightens up your notes
  • Metal accents and color-matching barrels personalize your pens
  • 12 vivid black ballpoint pens bring your handwriting to life
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Customer Reviews

Great Pens & I've Used Them for YearsI was so happy to find these pens on Amazon! I could no longer find them in stores. I use the blue ones more than the black. I have an ergonomic-grip black pen that I use, and I leave it at home. Considering the price of these pens, if I lose one it's not a great loss. I keep a black PaperMate Profile Elite pen and a couple of blue ones in my purse for those times when I need a pen and cannot find one that writes well enough when out and about taking care of business. There is the PaperMate Profile pen, and then there is this one, the Profile Elite (a huge difference in writing). These pens write smoothly and last a long time. 5Ink does not come out of clothingThe" Papermate Profile Pen" has always been my favorite pens. That is until I purchased the "Papermate Profile Elite." I have never had a problem getting the ink out of clothing or anything else. I have always just used a stain stick and it has come right out even if I wait until the end of the wash week.The "New" "Papermate Profile Elite," the stains do not come out, whether I use a stain stick or, soak them. I have tried every trick I know, (And I Know A Lot) and the ink does not come out. It must be a new composition of ink. Going back to the originals! 3If they are ever discontinued, I will never write by hand again.These are the best pens I've ever used, and I've started buying them on my own once my office stopped stocking them. They are smooth and don't put an indentation into the paper like "sharper" pens do. They don't glob, and they don't skip. The writing is very solid and even.If they are ever discontinued, I will never write by hand again. 5This is the best pen I have ever usedThis is the best pen I have ever used. It is ball point, a rarity due to the huge amount of gel pens out there. What a relief, I almost forgot how nice ball point pens are. Unlike gel pens, this pen enables you to write fast by gliding over the paper, leaving an evenly distributed ink mark. Therefore, not as much effort needs to be exerted leaving my hand less sore if I write a lot. Gel pens are an idiotic invention. Gel pens just skid and scrape over the paper. Gel pens don't glide, they make a mess, and have an uneven ink flow. The old quill, inkwell and blotter are similar to gel pens, yet the process works better. 5Pens Are Not All Created Equal; This One is ExceptionalI'm usually fond of generics and buying in bulk, but not when it comes to pens. When it comes to pens, I've only been disappointed from purchasing cheap pens in bulk, even from well-known brand names. Cheap ballpoint pens clog easily, and do not have a smooth writing experience. Gel pens tend to be smoother and clog less, but I've found that even cheaper gel pens have the same problem. From my experience, Paper Mate Profile Elite Ballpoint Pens have always had a smooth writing experience and they have never clogged up, even if I haven't used them for months. Ultimately, I've found a smoother, sharper, longer-lasting writing experience with a single Profile Elite pen than I have with a pack of 10 cheaper ballpoint pens that ultimately had to be thrown out for clogging up so quickly. The message is clear: Profile Elite pens ultimately give you a better writing experience at a lower cost than 10 cheap brand-name ballpoint pens. 5My Favorite Writing PenI really love these pens. They have become my all time favorites. They're comfortable to hold. I love blue ink and especially the medium point size. The medium point works great for when I'm packaging meat for my freezer and date and mark the plastic bags, they write perfectly on the plastic. I have tried a finer point pen on the plastic and it wouldn't even write at all. I will continue to use these pens as long as they make them. I will be buying again. 5Excellent Ball Point PenI love these pens! If you're going to buy pens you might as well buy the best! They write really great with a nice color blue that doesn't fade. I have been buying a Profile Elite Pens since they came out. It's a good medium ball point pen that feels good in your hand and writes as smooth as silk! It almost makes you have better penmanship. Papermate makes really great pens! 5OK pens, not great.Needed blue ink pens and I found these on Amazon for a reasonable price. They work ok; there's a problem with the ink flow. Intermittently the ink acts like it's gone, then it resumes flowing when I pause and wait. If I write slower, the issue doesn't seem to come up. Inconvenient to have to write slower - that's not my nature. Probably wouldn't buy these again given the ink flow issue. I'm wondering if these pens are "seconds," meaning they have a known defect and Amazon is the way to unload them for PaperMate. The grip is comfortable. The pens are attractive. Amazon price is better than at most stores.. 3Great Pens, great price in DOZEN box - but beware of skipping ink while writing.Overall, Papermate Profile Elite retractable pens are great pens that look very attractive, feel comfy in ur hand & write boldly & smoothly. The only drawback is that every single pen "skips" when ur writing. Suddenly for no discernable reason, the pens ink stops flowing. I guess its due to air bubbles. I shake the pen down but sometimes even that doesnt help. Usually I scribble on other paper or lite cardboard to get the pen flowing again. This happens w every Papermate Profile Elite retractable pen I use. Other than that, I love these pens.I can NEVER find them in the DOZEN BOX IN BLUE at my local big box office supply stores which is irritating. So I buy them here on Amazon. The Seller was quick to ship, but the box it comes in arrived flattened bc it was shipped in an envelope. No biggie, the pens were unharmed. If Papermate could fix the skipping ink dysfunction, these would be the Perfect Pen. I like this Elite model much better than the regular Papermate Profile model bc that model tends to leave blobs of ink on papers & all over my fingers, plus they also hv the same skipping ink malfunction. 4So comfortable and easy to write with, my penmanship actually improves!Excellent pens. As others have reported, this pen is so comfortable and easy to write with, it seems to effortlessly glide across the page! A bit pricey, compared to other Papermate pens; even the Profile is considerably less. But this Profile Elite is the bomb and so worthwhile, it is easy to justify the price. The seller Office Depot chose unwisely to ship in a soft envelope, instead of box, and the pen's cardboard box inside was crushed, with pens spilling out as I pulled it from the plastic shipping bag. But the pens were intact, so no harm done. It's interesting to note that my hand doesn't cramp when I'm writing fast or for a longer duration with this pen. And the ink flow starts immediately, continuing steady and smooth, without any 'overflow'. 5
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