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Pigma Micron & Bible Dry-Liner Study Kit (Set of 4)

  • Pigma Micron & Bible Dry-Liner Study Kit (Set of 4)
  • Pigma Micron & Bible Dry-Liner Study Kit (Set of 4)
  • Pigma Micron & Bible Dry-Liner Study Kit (Set of 4)
  • Pigma Micron & Bible Dry-Liner Study Kit (Set of 4)

Pigma Micron & Bible Dry-Liner Study Kit (Set of 4)

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Customer Reviews

Two of the four highlighters are perhaps too dry to highlight, the ones that work are great though!Overall, I'm not truly happy with these marker as only two of them highlight well. In spite of having to use paper towels to remove some of the natural wax material in an attempt to get them to mark in my bible well, they still don't mark well. It's interesting that they wouldn't all mark the same, but they don't. Two of them are so hard to use, I'm afraid of ripping a page with them. I've yet to figure out why, but I'm pretty disappointed that only two out of the four work well. They came packaged well, are a great size for a dry highlighter, the color choices are nice, but they do go on very light. 3Too dry on pagesIt's more like a chalk that doesn't come on smooth. It pulls against the page especially on Bible pages. I highlight in most of my reading books which are christian books but I don't use this because of the way it comes across the page, just too chalky and not a smooth transaction. I threw it out! 1If you love your Bible, don't buy this!I normally don't read reviews, as I don't want them to sway me one way or another into buying a product. If I go to a store, I don't have a group of people behind me saying "yay" or "nay" to the purchases I might make, right? Right! So, it seems only fair to give sellers on Amazon the same courtesy. However, this is one instance in which I wish I had read the reviews beforehand. I've heard of these type of highlighters and my Christian sis has quite a few, so, I decided to give them a try! I don't have just one or two Bibles, I collect them. I have several dozen, along with Bible Companions, devotionals, and other books that I like to read through and mark. These "highlighters" don't do their job and, depending on the paper type, tear the book you're attempting to detail. For a person who considers a Bible precious book, this is not a good thing. On my very first try at highlighting with this kit, I chose the blue. The tip was rather dull, but I didn't want to press too firmly, since the Bible I was marking has very thin pages. It didn't take ANY effort at all, on my part, though, for a hole to be made! I held the page down and in a swift motion, highlighted the headline. Voila! A hole. I considered that it might have been my fault and highlighted further but it only got worse. I tried it without holding the page, even less firm than before, not as fast, sharpening the tip before using it again ... nothing worked. It ripped again further into the paragraph and the letters seem fuzzy and unreadable as if water has leaked onto the page. It's just not worth it. I'm going back to my regular highlighters! They may leak through a bit but at least I'm confident of what I have highlighted, it's easily readable, and I know for certain no pages will be ripped in the process! I won't have that happen to anymore of my Bibles! If you value yours, you'll look elsewhere! 1One of the best Dry Highlighters ever.These are the best Dry highlighters out there. I have used these for many, many years, and no matter how many times I use other brands, I always return to these, because simply put, they are best of the best period. I have used many brands, but these I feel are solid, do the job, and create a wonderful high light that does not bleed through, specifically thin paper like a Bible. I buy these all the time, highly recommended. 5Great Hilighter!These highlighters are perfect! No bleed throughout and are the perfect brightness in color. Only thing I recommend is not to leave them in a hot car. 5We love these highlightersWe love these highlighters, they don't leave any gunk behind like a lot of other Bible highlighters do. They also don't bleed through the thin Bible pages. In addition they also last a very long time (I highlight quite a bit, and one highlighter can last over a year before it's used up). 5TOO LIGHT - YOU CAN'T EVEN TELL THAT YOU'VE HIGHLIGHTEDVery disappointing - These are way too light, you cant even tell that you've highlighted - I went over the section (in my bible) so many times I thought i would rip the page. 2Wears off bible lettersVERY dry highlighters... to the point that you can t see it without going over it at least five times and by that point it has worn off the black ink on the page and you can barely read the text. Don t buy these unless you have very thick paper and even thicker text. 1Better than colored pencils, gel pens, & dry markers.These don t bleed thru very thin paper, nor tear it. I have used colored pencils of many brands, gel highlight pens, and dry markers to highlight in my bibles and other books, but always return to these. Some colors are softer than others in the same set (I presume that s due to pigments being different for diff colors) but all are safe . I made a color guide for myself (eg pink is prayers & promises versus their recommendation of pink being for salvation). And I then just wrote that guide on the blank backside of the sets paper. (I also put my color guides in front fly page of each book anyway). It can be a touch difficult to get ink to write over the color, so I m careful. I really like the little ruler that comes with it, but wish it had a tint to it so I can see it a bit easier; 100% transparent plastic can be hard to locate on my desk occasionally lol, and to make sure where I have my edge in reference to the words I m underlining. I appreciate it has a wavy edge and a straight edge tho, so I can use the wavy edge for, say, the actual words of Jesus when I m in a bible without red lettering. The refills are easy to obtain and fill. It s easy to also but individual colored ones without buying a whole set. I buy this set (& individual replacements) repeatedly for myself and as gifts for others. 5I was very disappointed with these when I realized how much pressure you ...I was very disappointed with these when I realized how much pressure you have to apply to bible pages when you use them. They are specifically made to highlight thin bible pages, but I found that you have to apply way too much pressure to the pages to use them. In fact, as some other reviewers stated, you will tear the page you're highlighting if you aren't careful. I prefer the gel type which go on smoothly with little pressure. 2
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