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Pikibu 180-Degree View High Definition Clarity Baby Car Mirror, Black

  • Pikibu 180-Degree View High Definition Clarity Baby Car Mirror, Black
  • Pikibu 180-Degree View High Definition Clarity Baby Car Mirror, Black
  • Pikibu 180-Degree View High Definition Clarity Baby Car Mirror, Black
  • Pikibu 180-Degree View High Definition Clarity Baby Car Mirror, Black
  • Pikibu 180-Degree View High Definition Clarity Baby Car Mirror, Black
  • Pikibu 180-Degree View High Definition Clarity Baby Car Mirror, Black
  • Pikibu 180-Degree View High Definition Clarity Baby Car Mirror, Black

Pikibu 180-Degree View High Definition Clarity Baby Car Mirror, Black

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Parents can see "All" of their children and children can see their parents
  • Unique rear view mirror design allows parents to see the interior of their car
  • Allows for a wide-angle and vertical view of children, rear view of vehicle and vehicle blind spots
  • High quality independent spring connectors secure mirror in place covering car factory rear view mirror
  • Special design balances maximum viewable area with sharp visibility
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Customer Reviews

Where have you been all my life?! I LOVE this mirror, it fits great on my 2005 Honda Odyssey mirror. I find it strange driving any other vehicles now because the mirror is too small. I'm able to see in my peripheral what the kids are doing (hitting, making faces at each other, etc) and carry on conversations with them. My favorite feature though is the elimination of blind spots! I'm able to see thru the rear side windows what vehicles are around me, I obviously still check my side mirrors but this eliminates the need for me to actually turn my head to double check when driving in traffic. I've been using this mirror for almost 2 months and I will use it til it breaks and then buy another - it's that good. 5glass mirror fell and broke, sharp pieces When I first bought this product a year ago, I would have given it 5 stars. It is so wonderful to see what the kids are doing in the back, without having to guess or turn around to see what they are doing. I felt it greatly increased my safety while driving. I even have a built-in mirror in my van, but it isn't wide enough.Well, it appears the interior of the car got so hot this month (July in Texas) that the mirror part fell off from the plastic mount. There was a sunshade behind it when it fell, so no direct sunlight, and this was the first time it fell or gave any indication that it would. When it fell it must have hit the cup holder (the crack and little pieces look almost identical to the other review's photo) and tiny small pieces were on the driver's seat. I kept hunting for the more substantial sized pieces (diameter of a pea, guessing 2 of them) around the center console but couldn't find them. Then one of my kids spotted a piece of a glass in the back seat floor next to the sliding door (minivan). How did a piece of glass get that far?! I'm still looking for one more piece missing, and will thoroughly vacuum my car to make sure my children do not get cut from this.First, it should be made of tempered glass (tempered glass is the type that makes tiny round pieces and doesn't come apart, like your car windows, and it is harder to break). Second, I'm surprised that it is even made of glass instead of some high-grade clear plastic. Lastly, if the adhesive cannot stand up to hot temperatures (many climates will produce a very hot car interior) the glass should be secured some way other than glue or something sticky, like a plastic clamp mount around it.If you look at the other few reviews I have, I don't go out of my way to give a bad review, but instead like to share about products that I like. But since this one is a safety hazard, I felt it was important to let other parents know. 1Exactly what I needed to see child in back seat and still see traffic behind me Review Update:I purchase a Pikibu 180-Degree View High Definition Clarity Baby Car Mirror in April of 2017 and absolutely loved it.My car was totaled in an accident in February 2018. My Pikibu mirror actually survived the accident, but the springs were broken by the person removing it from my totaled car.This mirror survived almost a year of Texas weather (including 100+ temps) and people touching it/moving it and I'm sure it would have lasted much longer if not for the accident.I contacted Pikibu and discovered my mirror was under warranty. They shipped me a new mirror for free. Within a week of contacting them my new mirror is installed in my new car and I can once again see my child in the backseat.I didn't realize how much I depended on my Pikibu mirror until I had to use the little rear view mirror that comes standard in the car.Thanks Pikibu for a great product and outstanding customer service.Original Review:I just installed this mirror in my Toyota Venza this morning. I had to stretch the clips on the back all the way, but it fits snugly, doesn't vibrate or move, which is great. This is exactly what I was looking for.My son just transitioned out of his booster seat. I never realized what a difference that booster seat made. I'm accustomed to seeing him in the mirror as I drive. Without the booster seat I had to either physically turn to see him or tilt my mirror down, which means I can't see traffic behind me.This new mirror clips right on over the existing mirror - literally took me about a minute to install it. I can see the entire rear window and back seat without adjusting anything.My son was impressed. He said for the first time he can look in the mirror and see my face while I'm talking to him.I've read the other reviews about the mirror breaking when it gets too hot in Texas. It's very easy to pop on/off, so I may take it out of the car during the day when it gets really hot. I'd rather have this mirror and remove it in hot weather, versus not having it and not being able to see my son. 5Just....amazing. I was instantly impressed (and excited) when I put this up. Takes two seconds to install over your existing mirror. Can see three times more of my car. It's amazing. Well worth the price. 5Was Perfect until 100 degree temp cause mirror to come apart UPDATE: Oct. 6, 2015Vendor contacted me to email them for a replacement. I received my replace mirror within 2 weeks. So far it has held up find during the hot days of 82-96 degrees (inside the card would be 118 degrees) here in California.ORIGINAL REVIEW--------------Love this mirror, took a week or so for your eyes to get use to it. Well today's weather hit the 100 degree mark here in Los Angeles, CA. I just pulled over to right this review because the mirror literally fell apart while I was driving. I purchase this mirror in March 2015, today is August 28, 2015.Don't know who to contact or what the warranty is but this a a bit of a let down. I am surprise it failed due to the 100 degree weather but notice that it the mirror is connect to the backing plate with, yup double sided White tape, just plain double sided tape and not 3M auto tape gray or red auto tape.If the vendor would like to contact me and send me a replacement, then I will update this review to 5 stars. For now it's a 2 Star due to the failure and I haven't had it long either, only 5 months.See pictures...It fell apart and landed on the driver side. It's 100 degrees outside but in the car with air conditioning it is in the 70's. Now I will be driving home without this mirror. 4Pleasantly Surprised...despite my reservations I was initially turned off from buying this due to two things. 1. The Reviews were a little too perfect. It almost seemed setup to boost sales. and 2. The price. Initially it was priced higher and had no free shipping.We recently purchased a new Nisaan NV van [...] for our large and expanding family. While the Van is absolutely Amazing...The issue with this van is that the rear view mirror is completely pointless. You cant use it to see out of the back of the van, because the headrests are all in the way, and it is so small that seeing your kids in the back is imposible. So, we needed a better mirror.As I mentioned above, I was initially turned off from this mirror. So, after buying a different one,(Britax Back Seat Mirror) for $16, we found that it did not at all fit well, and looked way oversized.Just a few weeks ago, I saw that they were offering initially $5 off for the Pikibu mirror, and then followed that with free prime shipping instead of the $5 off and the kicker...free returns if I didn't like it. So, I decided to buy it, but fully planned to return it, if it didnt work. And....to my pleasant surprise...It is PERFECT. The perfect size, the perfect coverage of our back seats. The perfect system to mount on our mirror. And it looks really clean and "factory" in our van. After realizing that I had not trusted the initial Amazon reviews, I decided I should do my own review on this, so others can hear that it is as good as others have said.I would have been much happier at $19.99 with free shipping (Rather than the $24.99) and I might have not initially questioned it, but it is still a good product that meets a need very well. 5Awesome Mirror!!!!! I am an avid review reader and user, but never write them! Yet this mirror has prompted me to write a review! It's THAT AWESOME!!!! I have a Honda Pilot and my 2 year old's car seat is right behind the driver's seat so it's always a challenge to see him. With this mirror, not only can I see all three of my little ones in the back seat and have conversations with them through the mirror, but I can see out all of my back FIVE windows too! It takes some getting used to because the mirror is so big and you can see so much, but that only took about a day or so for me. This mirror is way worth the money and I'll be getting it for all my new mommy friends as baby shower gifts! It does cover the entire rear view mirror so if you have buttons on it, they will be hard to access. But removing and putting the mirror back on is super easy and I can do it really fast with one hand, no problem! Buy this mirror!!!! ;o) 5Not meant for city drivers It would be a great product if I didnt live in the city where traffic is tight as well as parking and streets are little. It would be great if on a road trip with open roads but living where I live I used it for 3 days and thought it's too dangerous to use in the atmosphere I live. Instead of being "objects in the mirror appear closer than they appear"... It has me see an object at a distance. A car that normally I could tell was right behind me, with my regular mirror, looked like I had more room when really I didn't. It got annoying when having to take it off to parraell park and/or reverse in general. I'd only buy it too if u have a reverse camera otherwise it's dangerous to use even in more open areas. Even then it took a lot getting used to and easy to "install", I would only use it on a road trip driving in the country when more safer. I hope this helps city people wanting to buy this. 3wanted to hate it but I like it I did not want to like this because I did not like the idea of covering my factory mirror. This goes right on top of it...but I really do like the mirror.pros1. HUGE -- not too big that it distracts from viewing out the front window but it is really large and allows you to see across the span of the car (I have a Honda CRV 2014)2. Logo is not big -- i have seen reviews that say the logo on it is too big. But its just in the left side and after the first day really is not noticable at all. It no different than my H on the steering wheel for Honda. I just do not see it anymore.3. I like it enough that I do not take it off the car when the baby is not with me.cons1. Nothing that I can think.2. would have been nicer to be cheaper than 24$ If it was lower, then I would have given it 5 starsNeutral (nothing that is a deal breaker but things I wish I could change)1. I find I look more at the baby in the back then the rear window. just a new way to train your eyes now.2. I wear glasses so it took about 2 days for my headache to go away from viewing thru a new object3. takes a tiny bit of effort to get the clips to adjust to latch on to the mirror. It's probably just coordination for me. My hands are small. Once time it was on in 2 seconds, another time it took me 2min. But once it is on, it is pretty solid. 4A must for moms with multiple kids! This mirror is one of my favorite purchases in my 6 years of parenting. It's big enough so I can see the entire back seat area, and my entire back window. It's a must for moms with multiple kids. I have a newborn and a 6 year old and with the use of a front facing mirror for my newborn, I can see him and make sure he is happy, while also being able to keep eye contact with my older. She is easily the most distracting thing about driving for me, especially with all the "look mommy" statements. Now I don't worry about instinctively looking back, I can see everything in my mirror!A few things to note: this is a large mirror and takes up more wind shield space than your average rear view mirror part of your face is visible in the corner of the mirror. This was very distracting to me at first, but it's worth it to get over there is an adjustment phase because the mirror works different than a regular rear view mirror. I was used to looking straight in the mirror and seeing my back window. With this mirror, there is now my face, and the whole back seat that my eyes immediately tried to focus on, just because they were closer. This took a few days to acclimate to, but again, so worth it to get used to. 5
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