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PILOT Dr. Grip Center of Gravity Refillable & Retractable Ballpoint Pen, Medium Point, Navy Grip, Black Ink, Single Pen (36181)

  • PILOT Dr. Grip Center of Gravity Refillable & Retractable Ballpoint Pen, Medium Point, Navy Grip, Black Ink, Single Pen (36181)
  • PILOT Dr. Grip Center of Gravity Refillable & Retractable Ballpoint Pen, Medium Point, Navy Grip, Black Ink, Single Pen (36181)

PILOT Dr. Grip Center of Gravity Refillable & Retractable Ballpoint Pen, Medium Point, Navy Grip, Black Ink, Single Pen (36181)

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Designed with perfect weight distribution for comfortable, balanced writing
  • Wide double layer comfort grip and balanced gripping axis reduce writing stress
  • New Turbo Charged Black ink with Medium point for ultra-smooth writing performance
  • Recommended by the Arthritis Foundation
  • Retractable and refillable
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Customer Reviews

The Best Pen EVERThis is my favorite pen of all time. I write in cursive so I need a pen that writes smoothly. The ballpoint ink lasts for ages and the barrel is soft. They used to make the barrel's plastic a little softer, which is what I prefer, but I think they changed the formula. This plastic is stiffer, but still feels good. The pen itself is thick and heavy, which I like when I'm writing. I always write with this pen. 5For a ballpoint pen? Great!I generally use fountain pens, but there are situations where I need a ballpoint. If I'm flying, I prefer ballpoint, because the fountain pens tend to leak. If I need to fill out a carbon copy form (it happens way more often than you'd think), the ballpoint is necessary. If I'm running around the city, I'm not going to trust my fountain pen to have enough ink. Ballpoint to the rescue.Of all the ballpoints I've used, the Dr. Grip is the best. It doesn't have liquid or gel ink that can take a bit to dry, like fountain pens or gel ink pens do. It's got that old school sticky ink that dries instantly as soon as it hits the page. The grip is squishy and comfortable to hold. It's one of the primary reasons I switched to fountain pen: I don't have to press down as hard, and my giant beast hands can hold onto the bigger pens with ease. This solves all those problems and more.If they didn't cost what they do, I'd have a giant stack of these on me at all times. 5Cheap knockoff of originalThis is a horrible knock-off. When I saw the price I thought yay! A back up of my favorite pen! I was sadly mistaken. It doesn t glide as easily when writing with it, the grip is harder than my other one and it stops writing all the time! Tried to change out the ink and it won t come out! I ll just buy my pens from staples like usual for now on. Don t buy! Really is a crappy knock off of an amazing pen! 1This Pilot pen is my very favorite pen EVER, and I've been scouring office supply stores for a great pen for years!I have no idea how I could be happier with this pen! Since my diagnosis of MS 20 years ago, my grip has significantly weakened, which makes handwriting much more difficult and tiring to produce. I have been looking for all this time for a pen (and mechanical pencil) that is supremely comfortable in my hand, intelligently ergonomically designed, and is also dignified, classy, and beautiful. My search is over -- this Dr Grip Center of Gravity Retractable Ball Point Pen fits all of my requirements. I love the blue insert in the cushy well-proportioned grip. I also bought a pink "Breast Cancer" awareness (which included a donation to research). I am well satisfied with the lovely shade of blue ink as well, because it neither skips, nor "railroads," (meaning leaving two thin blue lines rather than one neat line). It doesn't smudge excessively either, which I particularly appreciate, being a left-handed writer with a right-handed slant. I'm always dragging my hand through what I just wrote, and this ink dries fast enough to avoid smudgy correspondence.If I were to ask for something to make this pen beyond perfect, I would ask for more colors: deep purple, maroon, blue-green, and,...well, surprise me! I might just have to buy more pens so I can write with these great colors! 5Amazing pen inside and out, ergonomics+smooth writing ink.I'll cut to the chase, the Center of Gravity design is one of the most comfortable pen designs I've ever used, I write a lot and sometimes I'll get cramps and fatigue in my wrists or even fingers, with this pen I can keep going for longer sessions.In addition to the nice grip and balance design, the Pilot turbo ink is superb! If gel roller ink was described to be in between liquid ink and ball point... then I would describe this ink to be in between gel and ballpoint oil ink.. it is just so smooth+fluid(it just glides!), and it doesn't bleed through like gel and liquid ink has a tendency to. Having said this, I've bought refills for this pen and noticed that it wasn't as good as the refill it shipped with(this goes for the Full Black version, the cartridge that it came with wasn't as smooth as the one that came in the CoG, I swapped them and used them extensively to make sure I wasn't imagining it, hah.. I mean I could be wrong, but it is noticeable.. and having said that, the refills that I bought are still adequate and better compared to competition ball point pens out there.) I'm briefly comparing this ink to the original Dr. Grip (had it since the mid 96-97'), Fish Space pen(medium point), and Zebra F701(that's nice and smooth too, but a bit too light for my preference). 5Like writing with the tears of an angel...This is seriously one of the best pen's I have ever used! I hate gel pens so I was ecstatic to find that Pilot has ball point versions of Dr. Grip. The ink in this is freakin' incredible... it's like writing with the tears of an angel! Once you use this pen, you'll never go back to settling on those 99 cent packs. It writes oh so smoothly and has good weight to it. I've been using this pen for 3 weeks now and I refuse to use any others. Definitely worth $6.49. If you're debating whether or not to get it, GET IT! You won't regret it. As for the ink refills, I would have no problem buying them considering how amazing the quality of the ink is. 5I don't know why I put up with cheap pens for so long.Many years ago, I had one of these dr. grip pens, then I went to pentel rsvp in school and then inc trio 3 after college. Walmart started making the trio under their label, but it disappeared. They were great pens with a big grip and the price was good. After a ton of looking around, I bought one of these. This is my second in a month or so. It writes 10x better than the cheap pens and feels amazing. I work in sales and service and also serve on a board for a club and chair a committee meeting. While writing isn't really my thing (I would much rather type), when I need to jot down notes, this pen is my new favorite. 5Expensive but worth itDr. Grips are my favorite pens.The ball-point rolls effortlessly across the page, and the ink fills in solidly. Compared with cheaper pens, I find I don't have to push as hard, and writing overall becomes significantly less tiring. I write with my pen everyday and I never leave home without one of these.The pen feels right in the hand. It is weighted well, just heavy enough to sit well. The material is high quality. The grip is rubbery and you won't find it slipping off your fingers.It's expensive, but in my opinion, well worth the price. 5Great pen for people with hand pain (and everyone else)I have a couple of these pens and replace them or give them away regularly. The Dr. Grip Center of Balance pen has a nice weight to it and is well balanced. It feels really good resting on your knuckles as you write. The lower barrel also has a soft gel covering which makes long writing sessions much more comfortable.The ink flows well, not scratchy or skippy. It's great for fast writing and taking notes during a lecture.If you have hand pain (because of arthritis or other injury) this pen will feel much more comfortable than others. The larger size makes it easier to grip and means your fingers can be spaced a little farther apart while writing. I have a bit of pain in the distal knuckle of my middle finger, but I can write for long periods with this pen.The Dr. Grip Center of Balance is heavier than the regular Dr. Grip; I like this one better but they're both fine writing tools.Buying the pink version supports breast cancer research which is just a great bonus.It's a great pen overall with features that will help people with physical injuries in their hands. Highly recommended. 5Handwriting solution for those with hand problemsI have Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, and so one of my many symptoms is my hands fatiguing VERY fast. I'm talking after writing out my first name, my hand gives up and my penmanship is terrible. These have really helped me put much less pressure on my hands when writing.Definitely recommend if you have problems with fatigue during writing, arthritis, or anything else along those lines. 5
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