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PILOT Metropolitan Collection Ball Point Pen, Black Barrel, Zig Zag Design, Medium Point, Black Ink (91301)

  • PILOT Metropolitan Collection Ball Point Pen, Black Barrel, Zig Zag Design, Medium Point, Black Ink (91301)

PILOT Metropolitan Collection Ball Point Pen, Black Barrel, Zig Zag Design, Medium Point, Black Ink (91301)

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Pilot's sleek Metropolitan Collection signature pens
  • Finest quality at a mid-range price
  • Medium 1.0mm point features rich, black Pilot ball point ink
  • Brass barrel with stainless accents
  • POWER TO THE PEN: Pilot makes exceptional writing instruments to suit all your needs. We have fountain, ballpoint, retractable, erasable & gel ink pens, whiteboard markers & more for every writing style.
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Customer Reviews

Hands down the best fountain pen I've come across in the under $25 ...Hands down the best fountain pen I've come across in the under $25 price range. The fine nib is thinner and more precise than most pens in this price range and this pen has a full metal body and some weight for balance. Great array of design and nib options as well. Very sharp looking pen for $10 is an added plus. Very smooth and even flow of ink and the fine nib is PRECISE, giving you amazing control. I always have a set on my desk in various nib sizes. This will be a staple of my office for years to come. If you're looking at a fine nib, keep in mind that the nib is a bit on the stiff side. Go with the medium nib if you are looking for a softer feel...my advice is just get both...you will have occasion to use them both.Note that Pilot nib sizes seem to be finer than most fountain pens. A Pilot Metropolitan medium nib equates closely to a Lamy fine nib and the Pilot fine to a Lamy superfine so size accordingly. 5Why did I wait so long?As a fan of well made gel, ball points, and mechanical pencils (mostly from Japan), I have followed blogs and reviews which extolled, and warned, of the virtues of the fountain pen and pen collecting.. The Pilot Metropolitan has appeared high on most lists as a good introduction to the fountain pen. As someone now in my early 60s, may last experience with fountain pens was quite messy, as a schoolboy trying out an adult's fountain pen. The details are fuzzy, perhaps the pen was a grandparent's, but I do recall messy hands, spills, and overall difficulty. I can report that the Metropolitan is easy to use out of the box, and fills quite easily with the enclosed cartridge. I'm yet to try the converter, but believe it's certain to happen. Either fountain pens have greatly improved, or fifty or so years have made this writer a bit more coordinated. Yet, I wonder why I waited so long. I wholeheartedly endorse this pen for the curious. Even the gel pen writing experience doesn't come close. 5Writes like an expensive fountain pen!I have grown up writing with fountain pens from school times then a few decades went by without using them and wanted to get back to them. I did my research and wanted to start out small yet effective. For one this pen is highly rated in several reviews for good pens under $20. I got mine for $14. I was skeptical from the time I placed the order.But man was I surprised - the pen rocks!Pros:Looks very professional yet cool (mine was golden with a lovely mid-pattern band)Writes every time without fail - I don't have to kick start flow as ink never dries up in the nib/tip.Did I mention how economical it is!Cons:It does not write as smoothly as I wish it did, but hey it's a starter pen. 5Five Stars at this price point is a real ratingAs long as you are not comparing $300 fountain pens to this pen and realize the price point is on the low end then this is a definite five star pen.Really nice weight, shape, feel and the contour feels perfect in my hand.It is a minimalist pen. I hate using this word as a descriptor but it is an "elegant" pen. I would not be embarrassed to take out and use this pen in a business meeting. Mine is brass (colored) plastic but is pretty heavy for plastic so it is weighted, or I am assuming it is. The graphics are minimal as well and fit nicely to the overall design of the pen. I would go so far as to say "perfect" for this pen.This is a snap cap not a screw on-off cap. But it snaps tight and feels good (for people who like the feel of pens opening and closing, one of the reasons I like the feel of the Cross Classic Ballpoint twist). If you uncap a pen, twist to expose the point or click and don't like the feel of "cheap" no worries about that with this pen where it concerns taking (snapping) the cap on and off. It is solid.Steel nib and writes very smooth. I really like writing with this pen. The pen writes smooth, mine is a medium, I have read that the fine points on these particular pens have a scratchy feel at the beginning but smooth out. Since I dont use fine tip pens I cannot say but as far as this medium point goes I have not seen that problem.The pen comes with a converter which is already in the pen on delivery (Mine was). Also comes with one prefilled cartridge.Overall Quality: Very GoodFeel: Very GoodGrip: Excellent.Design: Minimalist (Excellent for me)Writing: Excellent, no drag or scratchiness. Clean lines.Nib: High quality Stainless Steel. Excellent.Price Point - $0 - $50. Well worth the money at $16 or $17.This pen comes in the nicest case I have received with any "under $50" pen. The case is very sturdy. The case probably cost more to manufacture than the pen.Not going to compare to any other under $50 or under $30 pens because every comparison I have seen is an apples to oranges comparison. I really like the brass color and will probably buy another but in black.My standard for buying anything like pens, watches etc are : Would I buy it again? Answer yes. Would I give it as a gift?Answer: Absolutely.If you like the looks, buy it, at this price you definitely wont be disappointed. 5Great fountain pen for beginners! Don't lend it out. You will never get this pen back if you do.So I have a pen/pencil/stationary (fetish) collection. And yet some how I am new to the whole Fountain Pen scene. I have to say that at this price point Pilot is offering a gorgeous well balanced pen that catches the eye (people compliment the pen all the time and want to borrow it of course I say no) but also goes the distance I don't have to worry about babying this pen. I mean if this was a Montblanc I would didnt even touch it with kid gloves. I am only getting around to review this year after purchasing 2 years ago. And I have to admit other than the frustrating getting the ink flowing from the first time it is a consistently good pen. (I have learned that some hot water will help the ink flow (ymmv and I am willing to admit that this may or may not be a good idea) nevertheless it works for me. I am of course off to buy more refills my favorite is the blue/black classier and better looking than blue or black alone. 5Quality starter fountain penThis may be the perfect starter fountain pen, or the knock around pen you can take everywhere without worry about losing or damaging it. For the money, it's a marvelous and reliable pen that uses either proprietary cartridges or the included converter. The converter is simple in design, not the standard twist top, vacuum type, but it holds more ink than the standard converters. I have both medium and fine nibs. The fine is better for standard quality paper, but is a bit scratchy and gives feedback. I prefer the medium nib when using heavier weight paper as it feels smoother. Nib choice is truly a matter of taste, but at this price you can afford to experiment with what suits you best, both in pen nib size and ink. 5From my first try the pen has performed beautifullyThis purchase represents my first fountain pen. A friend introduced me to the realm of fountain pens and I tried a couple of her pens. The first one I tried was a more expensive pen and I have no idea what it was. She said she paid $80 for it used and I was uncomfortable just having in my possession. I thought it was a bit scratchy on the paper and was totally unimpressed. The next I tried was an inexpensive Chinese pen with an alternate nib that she had purchased separately. I liked it fine but did not rave about it. In retrospect I wonder, why did I even bother to research fountain pens and order four for myself?But I did, and this is the first pen I ve received. I had prepared myself for a potential learning curve in loading the cartridge and using the pen. But the included cartridge of black ink loaded easily once I was able to pry the converter out of the pen. A couple of squeezes brought the ink into the nib and from the first try the pen has performed beautifully. I got the medium nib in this pen, and I like it. The ink goes on smoothly and there are no scratchy writing issues. I like this pen better than either of my friend s pens. I have not yet used it with the converter and bottled ink.There is a bit of nib creep which means that a bit of ink seeps through the slit on the nib and sits on the top. Research tells me this may have to do with the ink chemistry or possibly nib imperfections. I just use a cotton swab to wipe away any ink when it bothers me.Bottom line: I really like this pen and it is a great introduction to fountain pens.Update after 4 days of use: I did a bit of research and read that wiping the "creep" with a damp paper towel can help. I did and sure enough I have had had no ink creep issues since then. I can't explain it.Also, I would like to say that the pen is beautiful, the cap fits perfectly and clicks into place to close and post gently snug on the end when in use. five stars all the way! 5As expectedMy first ever fountain pen was a silver metropolitan fine point and did it ever change my life. I cannot write if its not with a fountain pen. After adding countless additions to my collection, each better and pricier than the last, i thought it was the perfect time to find myself a reliable pen i can take to work and can take a little abuse and of course the only contender is the best pen you can buy for less than 20 bucks. A beautiful golden metropolitan. Medium nib this time as to prevent scratchy feelings because my job requires alot of writing and i need a smooth flow. This pen is everything you'd expect for 20 bucks and more. I do recommend buying either cartridges or the pilot piston converter because the little squeeze one thats included is laughably small and i run out of the ink in about 2 days of work where as the regular sized piston converter gets me about a months worth of writing. This along side my vanishing point and my Lamy LX are by far the highest quality pens i own. So for this sub 20 dollar pen to keep up with a 50 dollar LX or a 150 dollar vanishing point is pretty damn impressive. 5Great little pen for the moneyThis is comparable in price and quality to my Lamy Safari. For the price, the pen performs well. It's got a thick enough line to it to provide nice looking writing, yet not so thick that it's hard to write small or detailed. The pen lays down a nice line of ink with just enough wetness to feel like you're writing with water based ink, but not so wet that you need to keep blotter paper handy.For the price, this pen performs really well! I've had no skips or other problems.The pen comes in a nice box, and comes with one cartridge of black ink and a squeeze converter. I don't bother with cartridges, so I can't rate or review the cartridge. However, the converter works very nicely. I'm not used to squeeze converters, having only used twist or piston types, so it was a new experience for me; I had no problems though. The rubber squeeze converter is a nice throwback to the days of bladder-filled fountain pens, so there is an air of the classic, vintage pen in this.The nib writes very smooth with no scratchiness at all, though in that regard I will give my Lamy the edge. So far I've found nothing that writes smoother than my Lamy Safari, which is surprising since it's also a fairly inexpensive pen.I'm glad I bought this. I'd recommend it to others, and I'll likely buy more. Can one have too many fountain pens? :) 5Excellent introductory level Fountain PenA perfect introductory Fountain Pen. I bought a Fine and Medium Nib of this product as my first set of Fountain Pens and don't regret a thing. They are comfortable with and without the cap, and the weight does all the work when used properly. For around $11.00, not at all a bad purchase. When I started looking into introductory level Fountain pens, I was overwhelmed by the recommendations to spend around $50-$60 ea. for one of basic, good, quality.However, I stumbled across a few people to recommended this product as a cheap alternative for a beginner and I must say, I love them. They look good and write very well. However, the ink they come with is pretty poor. The pens scratched like crazy with it until I ran out and bought some Pilot Iroshizuku Bottled Fountain Pen Ink. The difference is Night and Day. The Iroshizuku brand Ink is smooth as silk in this pen. It glides effortlessly and looks amazing.Pilot Iroshizuku Fountain Pen Ink - 50 ml Bottle - Kon-peki Deep Azure Blue (Deep Blue) (japan import) (1, 10.5 IN) 5
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