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PILOT Razor Point Fine Line Marker Stick Pens, Ultra-Fine Point (0.3mm) Red Ink, 12-Pack (11007)

  • PILOT Razor Point Fine Line Marker Stick Pens, Ultra-Fine Point (0.3mm) Red Ink, 12-Pack (11007)
  • PILOT Razor Point Fine Line Marker Stick Pens, Ultra-Fine Point (0.3mm) Red Ink, 12-Pack (11007)
  • PILOT Razor Point Fine Line Marker Stick Pens, Ultra-Fine Point (0.3mm) Red Ink, 12-Pack (11007)

PILOT Razor Point Fine Line Marker Stick Pens, Ultra-Fine Point (0.3mm) Red Ink, 12-Pack (11007)

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • PILOT RAZOR POINT MARKER PEN: This extra fine point marker pen is great for detailed writing. A durable fiber point supported by a metal collar makes for long-lasting performance & smooth writing experience.
  • HIGH-PRECISION WRITING: Pilot's classic marker pen has a strong fiber point to deliver smooth, vibrant, high-precision writing. Our patented tip design ensures crisp, clean, quick-drying lines.
  • DESIGNED TO DELIGHT: If you love the Razor Point fine line marker pen, you'll want to try Pilot's full line of fine-point marker pens, available in ultra fine & extra fine for all your precision writing needs.
  • TRUSTED QUALITY: We've been making pens for over 100 years. Whether you're taking notes, stocking up on school or office supplies, or writing in a bullet journal, Pilot has the perfect pen for you!
  • POWER TO THE PEN: Pilot makes exceptional writing instruments to suit all your needs. We have fountain, ballpoint, retractable, erasable & gel ink pens, whiteboard markers & more for every writing style.
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Customer Reviews

From doodling to crosswords, one of the finest thin point pens ever madeIt's a reunion of sorts for me with the classic Pilot Razor Point pen. I didn't know they even made these anymore!Way "back in the day", I used to doodle drawings around the edges of my notes while in class with my trusty razor point. This was during the time I was infatuated with Rapidograph pens for drawing and the Razor Point was a great approximation built for common use.These pens followed me into business (where I still doodled drawings during endless boring meetings) until I lost track of a supply.When my not-as-thrilling mass market Pilot Precise V pens started underperforming recently, I went on trusty Amazon for a solution. I was stunned to find my old friend, the Razor Point, still available.Nowadays, I use these babies for crossword puzzles. With everything shrinking in the newspapers of today, you need a seriously fine point to write with in those tiny boxes. The Razor Point always provided that and still does today.Plus, it remains one of the finest smooth-writing pens in the business. Economical but efficient, the pens still give the confident, smooth line of yesteryear.Although I've never had any problems with them, these are super-fine nibs, so if you're heavy-handed in your writing style, there is the possibility you can splay the tip and cause a sloppier line. Hard-pressers beware, this is a tool more suited to an even pressure style. Rollerballs are better for the hard-pressers.I am super pleased to have my old writing friend back. Now if I only had some classes or meetings to go to so I could doodle again!5Better than I expected!This is a great pen with affordable price. I tried it on two different types of papers; printing and notes, both turned out wonderful! It doesn t bleed at all, only if you hold the pen still longer than seconds. I tend to write really fast, and the flow of this pen is smooth enough to not make any noise during my hand movements. If you were someone who has a small handwriting and doesn t have that much hand movements then I would recommended a smaller point like 0.2mm, but if you re a fast writer then 0.3mm is just at the right place.5Fun Option For SketchingI bought these pens because they were recommended to me by an artist whose work I liked. They are excellent for drawing fine lines, but she especially recommended them because the ink washes out when brushed with water, which can create interesting effects on the page. I found when I tested the pens that the ink wash effect very much depends on the type of paper one uses. I got some slight washing, with most of the line left when using plain bond paper. But when I used watercolor paper (Canson Montval cold-press 160lb.) the ink washed out much more easily and it was possible to get a number of different shadowy effects. It's a fun tool to have for sketching, especially when travelling.5An Almost-Perfect TUL Marker Pen ReplacementHi, I'm a writer. I like to write first drafts by hand, then type them.Ever since TUL discontinued their marker pens, I have been searching for a replacement. So far, these pens have come closest. At first I didn't think I'd cotton to them (the line isn't quite as bold as I'd like), but I've come around somewhat.The Good:-These pens glide smoothly; very little pressure is needed-They don't spot or gunk up or do weird things while you write.-No bleed-through (unlike the Pilot Extra Fine Point Permanent Marker Black Extra Fines, which were the last Pilots I bought.)- The yellow cap tip actually DOES help me spot these pens. Didn't think I'd care about this feature, but now I LOVE it!-As I write, one side of the nubbin wears down, giving me the option of doing a bolder line (which I like, because to me this line is just a titch too thin). But there's a downside to the wear...The Bad:...unlike the TULs, the nibs on these pens wear down to the metal. The reason I threw out my first pen wasn't because I'd used up the ink, but because I'd worn down the nub!The Ugly:NOT WATER SAFE! Already dried writing gets smeared if it's accidentally splashed, so be careful!Sum Up:A FANTASTIC bargain a for an everyday pen that's heads-and-tails above the rest!However, if you're a marathon writer like me, you may wear 'em out before ink's used up, which I don't think is very cost-effective. I will try a different set of pens--because I am convinced TUL couldn't have cornered the market on the set of features that I loved about them.That said, to quote Bill Murray: "I've worked with better....but not many."I may be back for more.4I m very satisfied with the smoothness it writesI m a big big pen snob. I do a lot of journaling and go through a ton of pens. I recently modified how I do some of my journaling and required a more visible (denser ink) and picked the pilot razor. I m very satisfied with the smoothness it writes,no bleed through (although with thinner paper you will), but only thing I don t like is (i write at an angle) and this pen does not allow for me to do that forcing me to write upright which isn t an issue it gives me more practice in my writing but it just annoys the writer in me. Otherwise great pen!4Water soluble to a degreeThese pens are perfect for my purpose : to sketch and add shadows and perspective by wetting certain lines with a water brush. I always have both in my bag with a small journal in order to be able to sketch anywhere. I think once the surface has dried the ink is permanent. You might want to experiment with that point.5I like the flow of this pen when I'm writingI like the flow of this pen when I'm writing. I take a lot of notes for school and I wrote very small and these are a little too thick ( advertised as 0.3mm) for my note taking. Not bad quality pens though.4My favorite penRazor points may be my ideal disposable pen. You don't have to use any pressure and can keep them at a pretty flat angle when writing which is important to me since I also write a lot with a fountain pen. They are really fine and seem to last forever.If you want a similar light touch but even finer point check out the Uni-ball Signo DX. Those have the added benefit of holding up to a firm press as well since they are a ballpoint. If you press even moderately hard while you write you will soon ruin a razor point by either splaying the end, or more typically driving the fiber tip into the metal housing.5Work Great For Marking Fabric!!I got this pen set for marking and working with different fabric materials. I got the different colors so I could mark up my materials with cut and fold lines and not be confused. I use the red to mark cut lines. I use the blue when I need to mark fold lines. I use the 2 black pens for drafting my designs. As you can see from my photo, they make highly visible lines on fabric when going at a reasonably slow speed. All in all, work great for my needs.5Nostaligia for pens....?Back in the '80s my dad would use these pens all the time...I have no idea where he found them (this was in the pre-Amazon days, of course!) but as a kid I remember these pens and their distinctive yellow-tipped cap.Flash forward to late 2018. I purchase these pens (now we have this nifty thing called Amazon and I was able to not only find an entire box of them, but get them delivered for free in two days...hooray for progress) and they are not only a really lovely "blast from the past" but they write remarkably well. I see why they have literal staying power.Highly recommend them particularly for 'heavy writers' (I put a lot of pressure on my hand/pens) as well as those who like a really fine tip/point.5
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