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Prepworks by Progressive Microwavable Four Egg Poacher

  • Prepworks by Progressive Microwavable Four Egg Poacher

Prepworks by Progressive Microwavable Four Egg Poacher

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Poaches up to 4 eggs at once in the microwave
  • Round shape is perfect to cook eggs for breakfast sandwiches
  • Non-stick surface makes for easy cleaning
  • Dishwasher safe
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Customer Reviews

Four different microwaves, four different results.Results from this four egg cooker will depend on your microwave oven. We have used our egg cooker in four different microwave ovens (repeatedly and over a period of months) and find that results will vary from very good to poor, depending on which oven was used.This probably explains why reviews show widely varying results.This egg cooker is cheap enough that it's worth the risk - if your microwave oven works great with the egg cooker then you're in luck.If not, no big loss. 4Perfect eggsPerfect eggs. Like other reviews said you have to play around with the settings on your microwave to find the sweet spot for cooking. Once you do its bliss. 5Undercooked whites and overcooked yolksI had high hopes for this product. I tried many different microwave settings and followed the advice of several Amazon reviewers. I even tried in different microwaves. No matter what I did, I couldn't get fully-cooked whites with soft yolks. In fact, I usually got unappetizing half-cooked whites (raw on the bottom) with hard yolks. At best, I got fully cooked whites and hard yolks, which is not the kind of "poach" I aim for. On the plus side, when the whites weren't runny, the egg was lovely and spheroid which would be great if I wanted to frame it instead of eat it. This product made me long to go back to the old-fashioned, pain-in-the-neck, water-and-vinegar method. So I did. 2Cooks egg whites like a champ, finicky for cooking whole eggsI used this mostly to microwave poach egg white patties. It does an excellent job at that. Just add a small few drops of water to each circle and one egg white to each circle. But whole eggs, that's very touchy. I haven't mastered that art. This device itself is very easy to clean, but what's not so easy to clean is the entire microwave when the cover blows off this thing and tiny pieces of egg yolk are blasted and plastered to the edges of my microwave on each of the six sides. I think it has something to do with the fact that not all eggs are exactly equal size... ?? If you stop it and check and take one egg out if it looks almost done and then keep cooking the others you can help prevent egg-splosions. Ultimately, I switched to cooking eggs on a stove. This was handy in college when I had a microwave but not a stove in my room. Washes well in the dishwasher and is very durable, lasting years and years. 4like spraying the pan with oilsEven with following the directions, the bottoms of the eggs are still a bit raw and slimy. I've tried several different ways, like spraying the pan with oils, cooking them longer etc., but for some reason they always turn out with a slimy goop on the bottom. 3Must use Pam!I just made my first poached egg. I sprayed the poacher with pam. Second, I added a t. of water, cracked egg in and added another t. of water. I cooked it for 40 seconds. It was soft to hard cooked. At least it wasn't slimey. It slid out with No problem sticking. I was going to buy an electric egg cooker for $35 but decided for $7, I would try this. Its great when your in a hurry. Its easy clean up. Its probably great for hard cooked eggs. Bottom line is you have to experiment in order to get it to your liking. Every microwave is different. I may try putting this in a frying pan with water. For the price, I cant really complain. 4Egg poacherThis little egg poacher is really wonderful. I had very nice results with it from the first time that I used it.Just follow the simple instructions and the results are going to please you. It cooks the eggs just great, but you have to develope your cooking time, which may take a couple of tries. My first time of using this unit was just O.K., not great because I missed my cooking time guess and slightly over cooked the eggs. Not really bad, I like my eggs slightly soft.The next time was much better and now I've got it working great. Your eggs will turn out just fine when you become familiar with how your microwave cooks them.I take my eggs out of the fridge and let them get to near room temperature before I place them in the poacher. My microwave setting lets me poach two eggs (to my liking) in approx. 45 seconds.Much faster, generating less kitchen heat and done as quickly as your toast is ready, breakfast is ready. I recommend this item to anyone who likes poached. Amazon price is cheap and delivery is quick. Get you one, you'll like it. 5I have tried using this item in the microwave and ...I have tried using this item in the microwave and it only worked 1 time. It is more of a hassle thereafter. I believe I am doing something wrong. I just use the egg whites. So now it is just sitting not being used. I wish I could give a more positive review. 3Easy and quick way to poach eggsThis is a very easy way make poached eggs with very little mess. Just crack the eggs in and microwave for a few seconds and volia! I do prefer eggs poached int he traditional way (on the hob in a special pan) but this is a quicker and easier way to getting almost the same result. I'll mention three considerations:1. This fits medium and large eggs but it's not quite big enough for extra large eggs.2. Timing is key to getting the eggs cooked to the right softness. This right timing depends on your microwave but the eggs cook fast so it's best to try just a few seconds at a time. Also the eggs seem to keep cooking a little after microwaving so it's best to stop cooking just before the eggs seems ready.3. I recommend pricking the eggs with a knife to stop them exploding while being cooked. 5I'm happy with thisMy doctor told me I need more protein in the morning and that eggs are a good choice, so I went looking for an easy way to cook them in the morning without messing up a pot or frying pan and I came across this little gadget.I read some of the complaints and a lot of them were about the water on the egg or that the white didn't get totally cooked and seriously, that pretty much describes a poached egg. If you want the juicy yellow you've got to deal with a little bit of jiggly white.You have to do some experimentation but once you get right it's gold. I love this and I've had 2 eggs every morning since I bought it.It's also a great way to make "hard boiled eggs" easily. 4
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