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Rtic Stainless Steel Bottle (18oz)

  • Rtic Stainless Steel Bottle (18oz)
  • Rtic Stainless Steel Bottle (18oz)
  • Rtic Stainless Steel Bottle (18oz)
  • Rtic Stainless Steel Bottle (18oz)

Rtic Stainless Steel Bottle (18oz)

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₪ 201.60 ₪ 336.00 You save: ₪ 134.40



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Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Designed to keep beverages cold for up to 24 hours and hot for up to 6, our water bottles feature double wall construction with an extra interior copper layer for superior performance.
  • Constructed from premium grade, 18/8 stainless steel thats non-toxic, non-leaching and BPA free.
  • 100% leak proof cap with a three finger grip.
  • Extra wide opening for easy filling, drinking and cleaning.
  • Vacuum insulated to keep liquids and beverages fresh.
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Customer Reviews

Awesome.Used this yesterday in North Texas for my daughter's softball tournament. Temperature outside was 110 . Filled the bottle 2/3 full of ice and pre-chilled water the night before. Was outside in the blistering heat all day. Kept refilling with chilled water. Kept ice at least 36 hours. I finally had to pour the rest of the ice out the following morning to wash the bottle. This bottle amazed me holding ice in this heat. At times, when i touched the metal bottle it was so hot due to the outside temperature felt like it was almost burning my skin. But still kept ice. I'm sold. I put the yeti lid with the spout on it fit perfectly. A must have for outdoor activities. 5Missing O-ring PlacementI am writing this review to talk about the missing o-ring problem some buyers are having when purchasing this item. I bought the 64oz and 18oz bottle from RTIC's website two weeks ago. I got both bottles in four days and both of them leaked badly. I contacted RTIC customer support and they sent me two o-rings in the mail that arrived 6 days after being notified that they were being sent out. Yeah it sucks but what can you do.On to the o-rings. Customer support said that the o-rings "will go around the top of the lids", which is pretty cryptic since what is considered the "top"? Because of this I did some experimenting and figured out the best place to put the o-ring. Please see attached pictures to see where to put the o-ring for maximum effectiveness IMHO. In one image you will see the unaltered bottle top with the o-ring from RTIC next to it. In the second picture you will see two tops... one with the o-ring "at the top" (BAD!), and the other with the o-ring threaded behind the rubber basket (GOOD!). With the o-ring in the "BAD!" location water would still leak out when violently shaking the full 64 oz bottle. With the o-ring in the "GOOD!" position no water leaked out no matter how violently I shook the full 64 oz bottle. The third picture is of the top with the o-ring in the most effective location according to my extremely scientific experiment. I hope this helps someone out there and remember that your results may vary so test it first before you possibly leak stuff everywhere. 4Great bottle, poorly insulated lidBought bottle for a trip to Disney to keep the family hydrated. First impression was great as it appears and feels very solid. Was concerned that bottom was plastic from the picture but turns out it s black metal which I was pleased with. Immediately filled it with ice and water and left on my counter. Ice lasted 36 hours which exceeds the claim - this was at approx 70 degrees room temp.Only complaint is the lid seems very poorly insulated. I get a significant amount of condensation on and around the lid and maybe the top inch of the bottle which is essentially the depth of the lid. It s enough condensation to make other items in backpack wet. Obvious it s a poor lid as no condensation at all on rest of bottle. Still keeps contents very cold, but frustrating enough to not give it a higher rating as I have not had this problem with similar bottles from the name brand 3Keeps Ice Water For 48 HoursLiterally the best thing I have added to my EDC in a while. I keep this in my car to top off my Contigo water bottle. It is easy to clean thanks to the large opening and it is built like a tank. All of my friends that shelled out for a Yeti or Hydroflask are jealous. It works just as well for half of the cost. Saves me a couple of bucks on waters and drinks during the weekends so it has paid for itself. 5Quality/size is perfect for the price!Great price for the size/quality of the product.Some reviews complain about a strange taste after use. I did notice that it tasted funny after the second day, but it did go away fairly quickly and tastes fine now.Keeps it cold for very long periods. Even with the cap off, a small amount of ice lasted 24+ hrs at home with the cap off.In the heat I had no problems as long as the cap was on.Does everything my freind s yeti does for about half the price. 4It's great for tradesmenI'm an HVAC service tech, I work on hot rooftops and hot mechanical rooms all day. I've been using this every day for 6 months. It's been thrown around on rooftops. In and out of my van, knocked off boilers, dropped tossed and all the like. This thing is a life saver. It keeps my water nice and cold for when it counts. My only complaint was the cap that came with this bottle. The threads were really loose. I clipped it to my bag one day and started climbing a ladder and it stripped the threads on the top and it fell to the floor. So I ended up buying a yeti top with the straw and it fits and works great. I reccomend this bottle to everyone. Theres no need to overpay for another brand. Yeah you might have to buy another top cap, but its 10 bucks extra and you're still coming out ahead. 4Over 24hrs cold? More like barely 2hrs.It s sturdy and huge. And somewhat more affordable than the competition. That s the two stars right there. So the packaging claims it keeps beverages cold for over 24 hours. I cleaned the bottle out as it suggested and then filled the bottle half way with ice and water around 4pm. This picture was just taken at 6:15pm barely over 2 hours later. My glassware I have in my cabinets could maybe keep that pace.I have a 20oz YETI and bought this because at night I drink my water entirely to the point where I have to refill it in the middle of the night and didn t want to any longer and this was affordable and claimed to be great keeping things cold. I m pretty disappointed.It is the first use so I will update after a few months and we ll see if it was a fluke or not. 2I love this bottleI like this bottle a lot, I ve been using it at works for several months now and it keeps ice in it (even if I leave it in my car in 80 degree weather) overnight. And even then the water is still ice-cold. The bottle seals up perfectly and doesn t leak when I have it sideways in my backpack all day.Let me be clear. The bottle will leak if you don t put the lid on tight enough.... I ve seen a lot of people complain about it leaking. I ve experimented and found that if you don t tighten the bottle cap then it will leak. But that is user error. 5Started rusting from the inside after 2 months. Can't get warranty.The Pros:This bottle keeps water cool for extended amounts of time. I'd fill it up with water and ice and leave it in my car for a few hours sometimes when I go shopping. When I come back out, it'd still be refreshingly cool.The Cons:Bought this bottle in April and have been using it daily and cleaning it daily as well. It's been almost 2 months, and there rust spots on the bottom interior already. Two months of use and and started rusting already. Did I mention I cleaned this daily?This was a great bottle while it lasted. Trying to get warranty on this, but the warranty does not apply for items not bought directly from their website or sold directly by them on Amazon. 1People dont usually read 5 star reviews, but read this one :)i bought one these long ago and really liked , since then i've bought 2x 18oz, 2x 36oz and one of the 64oz, because they are exactly what i was looking for, super simple and do their job. They don't have the built in cup into the lid or a sippy straw, just a basic design, but because of that it has advantages, nothing spills, ever, i carry it in my patrol bag sideways and the simple and sturdy design has yet to lead a drop, also keeps the hot drinks hot and the cold ones cold, what its job is. If you want the built in cup or easy access sipping opening, this is not for you, but if you want something that keeps the temperature of whatever you put in it the same, and it wont leak no matter what, this is the product for you! Highly recommend it. 5
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