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Rubbermaid FG193300WHT 9-1/2-Inch Spoon-Shaped Spatula

  • Rubbermaid FG193300WHT 9-1/2-Inch Spoon-Shaped Spatula
  • Rubbermaid FG193300WHT 9-1/2-Inch Spoon-Shaped Spatula

Rubbermaid FG193300WHT 9-1/2-Inch Spoon-Shaped Spatula

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Spoon spatula blades are molded into handles for seamless construction that resists dirt and bacteria build up
  • Clean-Rest feature keeps blade off countertops, reducing contamination
  • NSF-certified for food safety and commercial dishwasher-safe
  • Ideal for cold food scraping and scooping like icing, cake mix, batter, cookie dough, pastry ingredients, butter, and more!
  • Permanent blade and handle bond gives increased strength
  • All handles and blades are white
  • High heat spatula versions are also available from Rubbermaid Commercial Products
  • All handles and blades are white
  • High heat spatula versions are also available from Rubbermaid Commercial Products
  • Recognized as a Brand of the Century, Rubbermaid is one of only 100 companies named as having an impact on the American way of life. RCP products are made in Winchester, Virginia.
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Customer Reviews

Not quite the Rubbermaid of oldRemember when everywhere you went there were those great Rubbermaid spatulas? They had the wooden handle (or later a plastic one even), but they had that perfect balance of stiffness and flexibility. I wish I could go back in time and tell myself to stock up because I am finding replacements hard to find. The generic brands that I have found in random stores tend to either be so stiff that I might as well use a wooden spoon, or so soft that they aren't able to scrape anything. I find this new version of Rubbermaid to be among the many that are a little too stiff for my liking. While not horrible, it doesn't clean the cake batter off the sides of the bowl anywhere near as nicely as my old version Rubbermaids do. I do however like how the rubber head is attached to the fairly solid-feeling handle. No taking off the head to clean (or having the head fall off lol) anymore. I wanted to like this new version (made in China for anyone that cares), but I fear I must continue my quest for the perfect spatula. 4A Work horseI purchased the whole set of these at a bulk food chain store years ago. This size was my favorite size for specialty bread doughs. It really saves on arm muscle fatigue. I was heart broken when it finally wore out. I searched everywhere locally to no avail. So, when I found it on Amazon, , (that took some time), I prayed that it was the same one. It was. Yayh!! 5Seamless. Hygenic. But sticker removal will make you nuts!I got really tired of having to remover the blade from the handles of my spatulas/scrappers to remove the crud that builds up in them. I do not remember this happening with the spatulas of years gone by. But it seems to be an issue with spatulas of today -- the cheap ones, the expensive ones, the ones with wooden handles and the ones with handles of metal and plastic. Not sure why this happens, but it is maddening.So this single piece spatula does away with that problem. No seams or joins to trap butter, batter or frosting. Pop it in the dishwasher, and you're good to go again. And the handle design, which slightly elevates the blade from the counter top, is an unexpected plus. No setting the spatula down for "just a second", only to find when you pick it back up it has picked up errant sprinkles from the counter -- or that it has deposited a smear of frosting on your formica, tile or granite.But, oh that sticker! I ignored other reviewers who complained about the sticker. How hard could it be to get a sticker off? I thought they just weren't trying.In truth the sticker is fairly easy to get off. But the glue that affixed it? Forget it. It will not budge for soap, Goo-Gone, steel wool....you name it. Rubbermaid must have bought this stuff at a NASA surplus sale. That little strip of glue residue remains, an irritating reminder of Rubbermaid's inconsiderateness. So I took it down a star for that -- and am sorely tempted to take it down four stars. But in truth this is a serviceable spatula; easy to clean, with a semi-flexible blade and a study handle. The off-white color is a little grim, but a quick trip through the dishwasher and it's returned to its original industrial look -- it doesn't get greyer of dingier over timeA lot of potential purchasers have asked if this is made of rubber or silicone. The answer is no --- if what you mean by "rubber" is natural rubber from a rubber tree. Nor is it silicone, which is heat resistant and known for its hypoallergenic nature. The blade is made from Thermoplastic Rubber, TPR, a synthetic material which has both the characteristics of rubber and plastic. TPR is a relatively new class of polymer. It has the solubility and thermoplasticity of polystyrene, while at ambient temperatures it has the toughness and resilience of vulcanized natural rubber or polybutadiene. It is not stiff, but is moderately flexible. You will not be able to snap it in half with your hand, which has been my experience with "stiff plastic junk". But like stiff plastic junk, and unlike silicone, you can't use it for hot temperature cooking, like melting sugar or making gravy. When exposed to heat, it will start to deform/melt. The handle, according to Rubbermaid, is made of polypropylene plastic. Polypropylene is a low cost, chemical resistant plastic which is why I assume Rubbermaid uses it for the handle. However the join of handle to blade appears seamless; you will not notice it.I wish Rubbermaid made this in colors -- it would seem easy enough to add color to the plastic handle. But Rubbermaid has to do something about the glue. The glue cheapens a product which, while inexpensive, is a good buy. 4Awesome spatula, seamless between handle and headI bake and cook a lot, and I am very picky about my spatulas. They can't be too stiff, where it's hard to use them to scrape bowls well, and they can't be too flimsy either. It is very difficult to find the perfect one. Recently I was shopping for a new spatula after my old favorite had started breaking down around the edges from age and too many trips through the dishwasher. None of the stores in my area had anything that would work for me. After reading reviews on Amazon, I decided to try this Rubbermaid Commercial one. It's perfect! It seems very well made and sturdy. I like that it is seamless between the handle and head so that water can't get up inside. I plan to purchase a couple more soon. 5Great replacement for old Pyrex scrapers!! Awesome!Finally, I have found a scraper equal to my old Pyrex scraper! Yes, I still have my old one, and after all these years (at least 30) it is starting to break. Have been searching, but couldn't find a rubber one. I kept hoping though! It is stiff enough to scrape my bowls and pans out, yet it is not rigid, there is some flex to it. The silicone scrapers just don't seem to work the same, ever. I'm ordering the next size up as well, for my taller bowls. The only reason for the 4-stars instead of 5-star is the sticker that came on it. 20 minutes it took to scrape it off and slight stickiness was left. Some rubbing alcohol took care of residue. But come on - 20 minutes!!!! Otherwise, this is awesome! If you've used the old rubber Pyrex scrapers and loved them like I do, this is great! Ohhhhhh, there is a small lip/ledge on these near the handle part, so that when you lay the scraper down, the scraper portion doesn't lay on the counter, but just above it. So no mess! Sweet! 4The adhesive on the labels was impossible to get off ( even with nail polish remover and other cleansers) and it remains on the handles even now and just look dirty and stickySpatula and handle are all one piece, so somewhat rigid. They are large enough for big bowls of batter or quickly scraping out the remains of pot or pan drippings. This may be a nit, but I expect that utensils that go in the kitchen be ready for use after washing. All three that I purchased came with the labels wrapped tightly around the handles. The adhesive on the labels was impossible to get off ( even with nail polish remover and other cleansers) and it remains on the handles even now and just look dirty and sticky. 3It's HUGE!Be aware of what you're buying here. This is a "Commercial" scraper and they mean it. It's HUGE! This might be useful for small restaurant cooks who are working with massive buckets-full of stuff. Or even folks who regularly buy the enormous, 5 - 10 gallon cans of stuff from Costco. But for us everyday folks, this is completely useless. It is way too big to fit in any normal sized can or a jug of mayo, etc.This Amazon listing proclaims the length (13-1/2"), which is not an issue. But nowhere can I find it lists the width of the scraper part. That would have been very useful in understanding its enormity. And, as others have noted, it is quite stiff. I can't use this for anything. 3Better than some, but still not what we are all looking for (see update)I feel I must deviate somewhat from the crowd here on these Rubbermaid Scraper/Spatulas (FG1901000000). They are indeed more pliable than the gaggle of brightly colored rigid $5 ~ $15 each scraper/spatulas that the local chains insist on carrying (to the exclusion of anything like these white ones at $1.88 each). However they are not as pliable as the older Rubbermaid and Pyrex wood handled ones that have over the years now gone brittle on us. The curvature at the business end of these is also different and does not fit quite as well into the curvature of typical Sunbeam and Kitchenaid mixer bowls. I would rank these about halfway between those we grew to love and those bright colored disfunctional ones now sold in our local stores.I would be remiss if I didn't register one direct complaint about these. The three I ordered all came with adhesive bar code labels affixed on the handles. When I say adhesive, I mean "adhesive". They would not peel off. We had to soak them in hot water, and still then had to scrape them off with our fingernails. Then Goo Gone was necessary to use to remove the remaining label fragments and adhesive. $1.88 each, plus labor. I hate those kind of labels.UPDATE 12/23/2014): Farberware is what you should be looking for. Plastic handles, but the business end is shaped like those we knew and loved and the material is perfect. Pliable like those of old for scraping, shaped right, and tolerant to cooking temperatures. They are a bit pricier and I found Farberware in different combinations here on Amazon recently, but my wife found a set of (3) Farberware spatulas at a chain named Big Lots for only $4.00. Here is a link to that sku "http://www.biglots.com/p/farberware-silicone-spatulas-3-piece-set". Appears from the web site that they are only available in-store at Big Lots. Hope this helps! 3NOT for high temperature useI got this as a replacement for a silicone scraper that I use when cooking in non-stick pans. The first time I used it, though, it melted. It probably works just fine as a scraper for cold to warm, or even very warm foods, but not in a hot pan. I should have done more research first. BTW, the label was a bit of a pain to get off, and one of the scrapers was greasy-dirty as received - but both cleaned up very easily with a little Goo Gone.Don't be scared, but I'm going to talk a little science now.... I'm a materials engineer by training, so I looked into the details of the materials in this scraper (eventually). According to the Rubbermaid site, this is a two piece scraper with "Blades molded onto handles for permanent bond." and the "Seamless construction resists dirt or bacteria build up". The handle is made from polypropylene, a good choice for stiffness. The blade is made from SEBS (Styrene Ethylene Butylene Styrene - a thermoplastic copolymer), which has a pretty good range of properties for a flexible material, and ought to be very durable for low-temp applications. SEBS, though, gets progressively softer above 100 degrees C and is a moldable liquid at 170 degrees C (338 F). It can NOT work at the 500 F someone put as an answer in one of the questions. To do that, you need real silicone, which is naturally more expensive. 3Great Item for your kitchen but............It's my opinion that every kitchen needs one of these. Not for spreading icing, but for getting that last bit of peanut butter, or jelly, or honey, or similar products out of a container. Sometimes a regular-size spatula will work, but often the container just doesn't allow a thorough removal. One caveat - the "description tag" on the handle is very hard to remove! I tried soaking, then scrubbing, yet still glue remains. Don't want to try a solvent as this is a culinary item, not for my garage. 5
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