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Shelf Support, Bracket-Style, Nickel, 1/4" (25)

  • Shelf Support, Bracket-Style, Nickel, 1/4" (25)
  • Shelf Support, Bracket-Style, Nickel, 1/4" (25)

Shelf Support, Bracket-Style, Nickel, 1/4" (25)

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Angular, with riveted pin
  • Without hole
  • For drill hole 1?4 "
  • Material: Steel
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Customer Reviews

They fit and work greatI bought these shelf brackets to hold up a very thick glass shelf in a china cabinet. I was a little worried that they wouldn't fit correctly, but all four of them fit perfectly. I love the coloring too. The brackets that came with my shelf, had plastic around them, but these ones were in my price range. You get 25 in a bag, which is a generous amount. Now I have back ups! I paid full price for this item and am just sharing my shopping experience.5These are EXACTLY what I needed, but will they work for YOU? Read on adn FIND OUT!Let me first start off by saying that this is an excellent product, and I will give the details of why I say that at the bottom of this review, but first, let me say that these MAY NOT be what you need. Before you pull the trigger and buy these, let me tell you why you may need a different type, and how to tell:~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~There actually is more than one commonly used shelf pin SIZE, first off. I can say with certainty that there are at LEAST THREE commonly used sizes. 3mm, 5mm, and 1/4". There may be more, but this is what I am aware of myself at the moment.The easiest way to determine the pin size that you need is to measure one of the pins themselves if you do in fact have at least one in hand.Trying to measure the hole can be a bit tricky, especially if it is a larger piece of furniture in a place where both positioning yourself to see the measurement, AND providing yourself adequate lighting to see well enough to ensure an accurate measurement, may be difficult at best. If you have at least ONE PIN, you can measure it where you have good lighting and don't have to be a yoga master to see what you are doing.The next thing you need to consider is the shelf piece that will sit on top of the pins. These pins are known as the, "L" type, for reasons that should be obvious. There are also the "Peg" style, and the "Spoon" style pins.If you look at the underside of one of your shelf pieces, you MAY notice either cutouts, or plastic clips that are a tell-tale sign of what type of pin you SHOULD use. Cutouts (or, small indentions if you prefer), are usually in the shape of the pin that fits properly, and keep the shelves from sliding in or out when moving items on and off of them. If there are plastic clips, these are almost ALWAYS used with "PIN" style pegs, and are designed so that the pins actualy snap into those clips. That type of pin is round on both sides, (the part that pushes into the holes on the sides, AND the part that clips into the underside of the shelf) They often, but not always, also have a sort of, "doughnut" right aound the center.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~If the undersides of your shelves do not have a relief of any kind for a certain type of pin, nor the plastic clips, this still does not mean that you can use this "L" type bracket. you MAY still need the, "Spoon" type.To find out if you can use THESE "L" type brackets in particular, (because I am using measurements from THIS actual product) do the following:Take one of your shelves and put it in the spot where it goes, but just let it lay all the way at the bottom of it's compartmenmt. (If you have at least four lipns, you COULD put the self on the pins, but for the sake of accuracy, it's much better and easier to just slide it in on the, "floor" of the bay it goes in)Now position the movable shelf piece so that either side is butted up square and flush against the side where the pins for it are supposed to go. Once you have the shelf in position and flush to one side, you need to measure the gap on the opposite side.Some "L" style pins are thicker than others. THESE PINS, WHEN INSTALLED, WILL TAKE UP 1/16", (OR 1.5MM) on EACH SIDE. PLACING THE PINS ON BOTH SIDES OF THE SHELF, WHICH IS, OF COURSE, VERY NECESSARRY, WILL REQUIRE THAT YOUR SHELF HAVE AT LEAST A 1/8", (OR A 3MM) GAP TOTAL WHEN YOU MEASURE AS I HAVE OUTLINED ABOVE, OR IT WILL NOT FIT BETWEEN THE "L" BRACKETS WITHOUT MODIFICATION TO THE SHELF!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~I JUST recieved THESE PINS, from THIS SELLER today. Measuring one of them using vernear calipers, the pin is 0.245" in diameter. Precisely what you want to see in a 1/4" pin. The actual pin LENGTH is 0.350"If you look closelyy at the picture of the product, you will notice that on the side that faces the edge of the shelf when installed, the round head is QUITE LARGE. That is becasue these are very nice, high quality pins!The pin itself is only 1/4" where it pushes into the hole in your shelving unit, BUT, that metal pin passes ALL THE WAY THROUGH THE BRACKET PORTION, and is much larger than the hole it goes through on the inside. Tnhis means that if the joint fails for whatever reason, it is STILL IMPOSSIBLE for the "L" piece to fall off when your shelf is resting on it. It si VERY SECURE!All of the peices I recieved are well formed with no, "double stamps," or other manufacturing defects, adn the finish is bright and without flaws on each one as well.Shipping was LIGHTNING FAST all the way from Utau to New York, too! Great job Router Bit World!If you find this review helpful at all, please click "Yes" to indicate that you did. Amazon's system for letting those of us that answer these question know if we are in fact providing helpful answers is an AWESOME SYSTEM that EMPOWERS CONSUMERS, but it only works if we make it work. :o)Thanks for reading, and as long as you are. let me just say that, when someone is doing a really crappy job, we NEED to let them know that their service is unacceptable, why it is unacceptable, and how to correct the problem, SURE!I think that MORE IMPORTANTLY, however, when someone is doing even a GOOD job, we NEED to let them know that too. This country, (the good ol' US of A), USED to be GREAT! It CAN BE AGAIN. Those of us that are just poor workin' slobs (in other words, 98% of us), HAVE to start holding one another up again.Every man for himself doesn't work. It never has. Be NICE to people who get the job done, and they go out of their WAY to do even MORE FOR YOU! Ignore their efforts, and they soon wonder why they go out of their way for you.5Great 1/4" shelf pins! Just drill a 1/4" diameter hole approx. 3/8" deep and install!These Shelf Support, Bracket-Style, Nickel, 1/4" pins are exactly what I needed for making adjustable shelves in my shop cabinets. The round pin is 1/4" diameter and 3/8" in length. I used a 1/4" forstner bit and set the drill depth just a hair deeper than 3/8" on my drill press, then drilled a series of holes in my cabinet sides using a jig to keep everything lined up and spaced evenly. These pins fit the 1/4" holes perfectly, sliding in and out easily, but with no wobble or "slop" in the fit. The L-shaped bracket provides plenty of extra support so that the pins and pin-holes are less stressed than they would be with more common (bracket-less) shelf pins, and the larger flat surface area provided by the L-bracket also provides better support to prevent dimpling in wood when the shelves are heavily loaded. You have to reduce the shelf length by about 1/16" to allow space for the brackets, but if the shelf is cut to fit snugly in the L-brackets, it will seat itself very securely and stay put. Also, if you need your shelf heights to be very specific and exacting, be sure to measure these pins and account for the drop of the L-bracket before you position and drill your shelf pin holes. I can't comment on the longevity of these pins since I only just bought them; however, the nickel coating seems very well executed and I suspect will resist corrosion and deterioration just fine.What's not to like? If you're looking for good sturdy 1/4" shelf pins, these fit the bill perfectly. Highly recommended!5Nice and SturdyThese turned out to be awesome. They actually accidentally match my hinges on my cabinets. I was missing one peg and decided to get these. I ended up replacing them all. Looks WAY better than the brown plastic ones that were installed with the cabinets. They were the same size as the standard pegs, so I just tapped them in.Highly recommend. Look great and get the job done. Super sturdy!5Just Say "No" To Plastic Shelf Pin SupportsThese are good, strong, solid metal shelf pin supports... far superior tothe cheap and weak plastic shelf pin supports that often come withadjustable-shelf furniture.One day, I returned home to find all of my books had fallen four feetonto the floor, and my shelf was resting on top of the books on thelower shelf. After a moment of wondering, "How is this possible?",I saw that the cheap and weak plastic shelf pins that were providedwith the $2,000 bookshelf system I purchased had broken under theweight of my books. It is very disappointing that even on fairly"high-end" bookshelf furniture, they are unwilling to spend an extracouple of dollars to provide you with safe and strong shelf pins.I ordered these solid metal shelf pin supports, and replaced all myold plastic shelf pin supports, as a preventative measure. As I wasreplacing them, more of the old plastic pins actually broke in my hand!Plastic shelf pin supports should be illegal, as the are a safety hazard.For about $5 you can get 25 of these, which is enough to do 6 shelves.That's a bargain.The only thing I find odd is that they are sold in packages of25 rather than 20 or 24 or 28 or 32... because ALL shelves requireexactly four shelf pin supports, so logically, they should be soldin multiples of four.Just make sure you buy the right size pins for your pre-drilled shelf holes.These are 1/4 inch, which is the most common size, but some shelfsystems use the metric 5 millimeter or 4 millimeter size holes.5Strong, easy to installOur kitchen cabinets had cheap plastic shelf supports that kept breaking, and since we aren't planning to remodel for another year or two, I needed something that would hold the current shelves in place. These are much stronger and more sturdy than the plastic ones and they worked great! Be sure to measure your existing holes to make sure you get the right size.5... wish these be a little bit cheaper but I loved these thingsI do wish these be a little bit cheaper but I loved these things. We bought a used beautiful oak desk. The lady that has this desk didn't use all the shelves that came with the desk so she didn't know where they rest of the brackets were and I wanted to use all the shelves. So I got on here and search and found a few not knowing exactly what size I needed but I lucked up got the right size and I liked them better than the ones that came with the desk so I changed the old ones out and used these on all the shelves. The ones that came with desk was round pegs but I like the flat brackets better. Do recommend and will buy again if I need some more. Thinking about ordering more just to have on hand just in case you never know.5Sturdy enoughBought these to put up adjustable shelves on a behind-the-door spice rack that I built, however the size of the peg is a tad larger than anticipated. Now, I must go back and redrill larger holes. Have quite a bit of drilling to do, but other than that the product looks very sturdy. They also are a bit larger than most bookcases. The odd thing is that they come in a pack of 25 and not 24 or a multiple of 4, since you'll most likely be using 4 per shelf. Maybe they figure to throw in an extra in case one gets misplaced or something.4I gave it 5 stars because it is built well ...I gave it 5 stars because it is built well and strong. The problem I had was trying to determine the length of the shank (the round part that goes in the hole). Our kitchen cabinets have very shallow holes; about a quarter of an inch. No one selling shelf supports show the length of the shank, so I had to guess. I guessed wrong. These shanks are 7/16 long. They are not returnable either but that's okay. I am going to try to cut one down and see if I can make them work.5Works great!The apartment I moved into had plastic brackets holding the shelves up in the kitchen cabinets. Of course after putting heavy glasses on one of the shelves it came crashing down one day. The plastic brackets had broken. I jumped on Amazon and ordered these more sturdy metal brackets and they hold a lot more weight than the plastic ones. I m happy with my purchase and have enough brackets in case anymore plastic brackets decide to break.5
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