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STANLEY Screwdriver Set, Jewellers Precision, 6-Piece (66-039)

  • STANLEY Screwdriver Set, Jewellers Precision, 6-Piece (66-039)
  • STANLEY Screwdriver Set, Jewellers Precision, 6-Piece (66-039)
  • STANLEY Screwdriver Set, Jewellers Precision, 6-Piece (66-039)
  • STANLEY Screwdriver Set, Jewellers Precision, 6-Piece (66-039)
  • STANLEY Screwdriver Set, Jewellers Precision, 6-Piece (66-039)
  • STANLEY Screwdriver Set, Jewellers Precision, 6-Piece (66-039)

STANLEY Screwdriver Set, Jewellers Precision, 6-Piece (66-039)

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • 14 Days Return

  • Swivel-head handles provide precision and reach
  • Hardened and tempered steel blades
  • Bright, plated shafts are fluted for a steady, solid grip
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Plastic storage case included
  • Resists corrosion
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Customer Reviews

Sturdy tools for tiny to medium size screwsStanley 66-039 6-Piece Jewelers Precision Screwdriver SetThe set includes two sizes of Phillips head and four sizes of flat head screwdrivers, housed in a sturdy red plastic case bearing the "Stanley" brand with a clear cover. Each tool sits in a pair of size-matched grooves and the cover has nubs that press against the screwdriver handles to keep them from shifting inside the case in normal use (first photo). It comes in a retail cardboard box which identifies it as "Precision screwdriver set" part number 66-039 (2nd and 3rd photos).The nominal sizes, going from left to right, are as follows (I measured the width with a micrometer): Phillips head #1 (1/8 in), #0 (3/16 in); flat head 1.4 mm (1/16 in), 2.0 mm (5/32 in), 2.4 mm (5/64 in), and 3.0 mm (7/64 in). The inch values may not be quite right because I'm not very good at reading the vernier in 1/128 inch :-).They are packed with a thin coating of Cosmoline or WD-40 oil, so you may want to clean them before using them on a sensitive mechanism.Each screwdriver is assembled with a rotating head and knurled handle to facilitate turning them in delicate spots. You can see how this works in the third photo at lower right.The quality seems pretty good although the heft and feel of the rotating head is not quite as smooth as a similar set that I purchased in 1999.I've only had it for a couple of days but the metal feels strong. The smallest size worked very well to tighten the hinges on my glasses.5NOT Jewelers Precision Screwdrivers - they should change the description on theseThese are well made, quality screwdrivers from Stanley. My only issue with them is that they're NOT jewelers screwdrivers. They're simply too BIG to be used for jewelry and watches etc. They're good for fiddly little screws that you find on electronics, but just not good for the really small screw heads that you see on jewelry and watches. For jobs like that you should try the screwdrivers on the link below, which I found to be much finer (although they are cheap and fragile!).SE 75314SD 7-Piece Reversible Jeweler's Screwdriver Set4metal slivers--watch out!So far these are working fine except for one MAJOR issue: the handles are made from some cheap metal that flakes off easily, and I've gotten several metal slivers from using these screwdrivers. Not pleasant!1Not "Jewelers". Not small enough for the job. Not returnableI purchased this item directly from Amazon, not a third party, after searching on "tiny phillips screwdriver" on Amazon and looking at all offerings. As this was called a "Jewelers Precision" set, and from reviews, it looked the most likely to have a Phillips head small enough to remove the tiny screws from my camera that needs inside-lens cleaning. Both Phillips screwdrivers were way too big for the job for which they were purchased. The Stanley's packaging box only says "Precision Screwdriver Set". Nowhere does it say "Jewelers". I feel this was misrepresented in the listing. I tried to return the set within five days but it isn't returnable. There was a link to Amazon's return policies, but I couldn't find anything in them to explain why this isn't returnable, nor could I find anything about "no returns" in the item listing. It looks like a sturdy set, but isn't what I need, nor could the phillips drivers be used on jewelry requiring a tiny phillips head. This is the first time I've been so disappointed in Amazon.Stanley 66-039 6-Piece Jewelers Precision Screwdriver Set2High quality tips make these the best I have owned.I have bought three sets of these as gifts, I like mine so much. The secret to them being superior is the hardened blades, I have never had one bend or twist like so many others on the market... a good investment. The plastic case isn't great, the hinge is prone to breaking, but a rubber band cures that problem.It is amazing how often one needs one of these, many items require removing a tiny screw to change the batteries. This is a must have tool for the household.5These are so convenient to have around the home!I don't know why I waited so long to purchase a set of screwdrivers like this! I have no intention of using these for jewelry so I cannot review them for that purpose. I have had so many situations where I am searching for a tiny screwdriver to open something or the other, usually to get to a battery compartment, and just can't find one that fits. I think I have just made my life just a little bit easier and less frustrating with this purchase. They are neatly cased together and easy to store. Since they are all housed in one place I won't need to go searching in the various places individual ones always seem to spread out to. For being so tiny, these are sturdy and made well. I give these two thumbs up and a strong recommend!5NOT WORTH THE MONEYI have had one of these Stanley screwdriver sets for longer than I can remember. I kept it close by in the kitchen. It has been my go to screwdriver set whenever I had a small screw to tighten or to remove. Philips screwdrivers are notorious for stripping but not these Stanley's. They held up all these years but also over the years the case got broken and one screwdriver bit got misplaced. I decided that it was time to treat myself to a new set. The old set was made in Japan. Guess where the new set was made? If you guessed China, you got that right. Unfortunately the quality stayed in Japan. I used the large Philips from new set to remove a screw from an electronic indoor/outdoor thermometer. That was enough to chew up the Philips tip. I will place the old set in new box and return to the kitchen. Pricey box. I also bought myself a set of 22 small precision bits from Nanch Tools. Set includes a very nice case and great holder. Yes, they are from China also but if they are truly hardened as claimed, they will be worth it.1Smallest flathead is 1.4mm.Got a watch from amazon for a decent price. Got it out of the package and it was too small. Instead of going to a jeweler to have it sized, I though I can fix this if I have the right tool and proceded to order this tool set. The smallest of the drivers wasn t small enough, so I decided to return it. Much to my chagrin, it isn t an item that can be returned (I m not really sure why). Better to just go to a shop where you can verify the tool fits before you buy it and find out you re stuck with something you ll likely never use again. Thanks amazon. Super helpful.1REALLY bad qualityBought because used Stanley tools for years. Used mostly smallest flat screwdriver to repair clarinet- after 2nd use it broke- the bit is turning inside of the handle. Put superglue and inserted bit back- worked for couple of screws and started to turn again. do NOT recommend to everyone- same quality as in dollar store. Also the metal itself is way too soft- it bends.1Did not fit my glassesThere's nothing wrong with these small screwdrivers however even the smallest (which is only a flat-tip) is too big for the phillips screw on my Nike frame eyeglasses from roughly 2008 or 2009. For those who might have one, the small flathead screwdriver that screws into the corkscrew on a Swiss Army Knife fits the glasses just fine, but the short handle is hard to work with, I was hoping at least one of these would have worked since they come up in a search for eyeglass screwdrivers.3
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