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Streamlight 74754 Strion LED HL Rechargeable Flashlight with 12-Volt DC Charger - 615 Lumens

  • Streamlight 74754 Strion LED HL Rechargeable Flashlight with 12-Volt DC Charger - 615 Lumens
  • Streamlight 74754 Strion LED HL Rechargeable Flashlight with 12-Volt DC Charger - 615 Lumens
  • Streamlight 74754 Strion LED HL Rechargeable Flashlight with 12-Volt DC Charger - 615 Lumens
  • Streamlight 74754 Strion LED HL Rechargeable Flashlight with 12-Volt DC Charger - 615 Lumens
  • Streamlight 74754 Strion LED HL Rechargeable Flashlight with 12-Volt DC Charger - 615 Lumens
  • Streamlight 74754 Strion LED HL Rechargeable Flashlight with 12-Volt DC Charger - 615 Lumens

Streamlight 74754 Strion LED HL Rechargeable Flashlight with 12-Volt DC Charger - 615 Lumens

₪ 1,072.00 ₪ 643.20 Save: ₪ 428.80
₪ 643.20 ₪ 1,072.00 You save: ₪ 428.80



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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • C4 LED technology is impervious to shock with a 50,000 hour lifetime
  • Lithium ion battery is rechargeable up to 1000 times; fully recharges in 3 hrs
  • Deep-dish parabolic reflector produces a concentrated beam with optimal peripheral illumination
  • Regulated run time provides consistent performance throughout battery life
  • Durable anodized aluminum construction with knurled body for a sure grip
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Customer Reviews

Best Light for Law Enforcement! I am a Police Officer, and I have to say this light is simply incredible. It's the brightest, most compact light I've been able to find. I replaced an older Streamlight Stinger (which is still a great light) with this Strion HL model. I wanted something extremely bright, but compact enough to fit in my tactical vest pocket--This fit the bill exactly.This light is perfect for traffic stops (which is a very large part of the job). The Stinger I've used for years has a more concentrated beam and when I would shine it into a vehicle, the occupants could see exactly what I was illuminating (kind of like a large laser pointer in this regard). The Strion HL has a broader beam and does an excellent job of lighting up the entire interior of each vehicle.The HL model is also perfect for clearing houses/buildings and searching through wooded areas because of the extreme brightness and broad beam.I can only think of 2 negative things about this light (that are easily corrected by changing the settings on the light)...1. The charge only lasts about 1 hour on the 500 lumen setting. This is sufficient for me on most days. You can always turn the lumens down to increase runtime if needed. Even at the 250 lumen setting, this light is extremely bright!2. It is so bright that it's hard to see when using it to illuminate for writing purposes. Once again though, you can turn the lumens down if necessary.Bottom line is that this is an excellent product that is backed by the Streamlight quality we've been used to for so long. I've done a lot of research on other flashlights out there, and I am confident that this light is the best on the market right now! I would recommend this light to anyone. It's worth every penny! 5Very happy with this light I was a little apprehensive about spending this amount of money on a light for my duty belt, but I'm glad I did. It is very bright and has different settings. There is a high power, low power, and strobe setting, and it is easy to switch between them. This has saved me from lugging around the traditional Mag light whenever I go into buildings for searches or whatever. This is always on the belt and handy. It holds a charge very well, and I have not had it fade out on me yet. It's also made of a very lightweight material, so it doesn't add much weight to an already overloaded belt. That being said, you can tell it is very durable and can take some abuse. As far as the cost, well, I guess by the time you add in the price of less expensive lights and the batteries for the life of the light it all kind of evens out since this one is rechargeable. Overall, I think you can't go wrong here, even at this price point.Update 05/31/2016:Just wanted to update this after using the product for a few months. No regrets with this one. I am so glad I got this, and it is worth every cent. If you are on the fence, go for it. I haven't had this die on me yet, and there are times that I don't charge it for a couple of weeks. I think this is much smarter than getting a light that requires battery replacement. The only thing is that sometimes the button on the cap can be finicky if it's not screwed on firmly. I couldn't figure out why the light wouldn't work properly, and then it dawned on me. How the cap got a little loose is beyond me, but a quick twist fixed it (sometimes it is that easy).Update 04/07/2019:I'm so impressed with this light I had to give a long term update. The light has taken a beating and still works. It still holds a charge well, and I only recharge it once every couple of months. This is one of the best professional purchases I've ever made. I love this light. 5I like stuff that works. I'm a nightshift Patrol Officer and got tired of wasting money on flashlights that would work a short while and then leave me in the dark. I NEED my light to be dependable ALL the time EVERY time. I wish I had bought this light sooner because I would be money ahead. This light is a nice size to slide into my pant pocket as a backup light. I bought the Stinger HL for my primary. The Strion has a really nice beam pattern and floods a car well on traffic stops. It is a little bit short to hold under your arm and uniform covers it sometimes so I like the Stinger better on stops. I like the switch on the tailcap and it works as it is designed .... but.... I prefer an on demand level selection instead of the press and hold to change brightness. As in you have to hold switch down for a couple seconds and wait for the level to change. I would rather just bump the switch and get what I need immediately. I do like how you just double click for strobe and its there right now instead of having to cycle through to find it. I've been using it on Duty and off for about a month and I really like it so far. Battery life is good and plenty bright for all around patrol work. It is a little pricey but I think worth it after all the money I've blown past years on junk. I feel like it should be more around an even 100.00 for what it is but I'm happy with what I got for my $$$. It seems tough enough also. I've dropped it several times with no ill effect. It is the PERFECT off duty EDC light. slides right in my back pocket next to my wallet. I plan to buy a couple more to mount in permanent locations in my house and cars. I give it 5 stars because my gripes are just MY personal preferences and not a flaw in material or quality. 5Legit This flashlight is a little beast. My friend has the larger model which made me give this a try. Both are top of the line items. Battery life estimates are quite accurate. All modes function properly even after months of use/wear and tear on my duty belt. Dropped it several times on pavement and other hard surfaces, no issues. One thing I found odd was the charger. Seems cheaply made. Just a little gray clippy thing with a small red led light. First few times I put it on the charger the led light took several minutes to turn on, as if there was a poor connection. Now, after a few months, it turns on immediately and functions as described in the directions. One thing I love about it though, is that you can charge this flashlight constantly without burning up the battery or the charger. The charger is also silent, which I find impressive given how quickly it charges and how powerful the flashlight is for its size. All in all I am 100% satisfied with this product. I would HIGHLY recommend the....Strike BTL Quick Cam Roto-Loc Articulating Tactical Holster for Basic Tactical Lights...it fits this flashlight perfectly and I have little doubt it's one of the best quality holsters of any style/use. 5Top quality. Not Chinese junk! Always been a fan of Streamlight products. Always superior quality and built to last. This flashlight did not disappoint. I already had a regular Strion for the last 5 years and wanted to add another to the collection. I went with the high lumen. And I thought my old one was bright?!?!? These flashlights are not meant for tight quarters. They are way too bright. If you're looking for a flashlight to, say.........read a book in your tent? Not the right choice. If you want to light up the other side of a football field? Now we're talking! It has a focussed beam, not a floodlight. Small, but powerful. Perfect to keep in your purse next to the pepper spray LOL. Very popular among law enforcement officers. Well worth the money compared to those cheap Chinese copycats. 5Awsome light. I was debating between the Stinger and the strion, but after comparing everything I was on the fence about which one to purchase, as much time as I spend in a vehicle this strion light is shorter in length so it is much more comfortable and easier to maneuver around, also this strion is a lithium ion battery not an nicad or nickel metal hydrate. Cost really didn't play much of a role because they were close enough for the extra lumens in the stinger, but I chose this strion for all around use especially from a vehicle. I also use it as a vehicle spotlight because our vehicle does not have a spotlight in it. I can light up an area to positively identify objects from more than 75 yards away so no vehicle spotlight needed. Love this light... Love this light! 5Love this light Love this light. Bought this because my academy issued light had batteries. I used it for a month on night shift and the batteries were losing their power already so I decided I needed a rechargable light. A buddy had this one and it was incredibly bright and he liked it more than his primary.This light is good for up close use like clearing a house. It's not as well suited for searching for things in the distance. My main flashlight is a Streamlight Stinger DS LED and that one is better for distance. Most of what I use my lights for is close distance so I used this one the vast majority of the time.I've read this light comes with 3 light settings + a strobe setting. I'm not sure if I'm missing something or not understanding flashlight settings correctly but all I am able to get working is 1 regular setting and 1 strobe setting. But that's all I want really so I'm good. :) 5Extremely bright little light!! I love that it's rechargeable instead of taking expensive lithium batteries. Man this thing is BRIGHT!!! I have another strion that is a few years old and it is around 260-300 lumens and I love it. I got this and noticed it was the "high lumen" model and is at 500 lumens! It works perfect on my older charger and is insane bright! I have a knock off light that is rated at 1,000 lumens and it doesn't seem much, if any, brighter than this. A lot of the cheap lights overrate their lumens for wow factor. Streamlight rates their lights true. My old strion and an even older stinger LED DS are still running strong and reliable as can be I just needed another light for around the house. Streamlight builds some seriously tough lights for the money, you can't go wrong with them. The main reason I stick with streamlight over other brands like surefire is that A: they're fairly priced, not hogs like surefire and B: they are rechargeable. No need to buy crazy expensive CR123 batteries every couple weeks. 5Extremely bright So far it's a great light. Extremely bright. The charger has a micro USB slot which was unexpected. The light is comfortable in your hands. Battery life is good even on the highest intensity. 5Durability and brightness..... These Strion flashlights are incredibly durable and produce an extremely bright light. I am law enforcement and will not use a different flashlight ever. The battery life lasts at least 4 hours and while the head of the light does get a little hot it will not affect its purpose. As for durability I had to break out a car window and used the head of the light to do it, broke out on the second hit and still stayed lit. Only suffered minor scratches to the flashlight and still works to this day. Highly recommended! 5
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