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TEKTON Phillips/Slotted High-Torque Screwdriver Set, 2-Piece (1/4, #2) | DRV41209

  • TEKTON Phillips/Slotted High-Torque Screwdriver Set, 2-Piece (1/4, #2) | DRV41209
  • TEKTON Phillips/Slotted High-Torque Screwdriver Set, 2-Piece (1/4, #2) | DRV41209
  • TEKTON Phillips/Slotted High-Torque Screwdriver Set, 2-Piece (1/4, #2) | DRV41209
  • TEKTON Phillips/Slotted High-Torque Screwdriver Set, 2-Piece (1/4, #2) | DRV41209
  • TEKTON Phillips/Slotted High-Torque Screwdriver Set, 2-Piece (1/4, #2) | DRV41209
  • TEKTON Phillips/Slotted High-Torque Screwdriver Set, 2-Piece (1/4, #2) | DRV41209
  • TEKTON Phillips/Slotted High-Torque Screwdriver Set, 2-Piece (1/4, #2) | DRV41209
  • TEKTON Phillips/Slotted High-Torque Screwdriver Set, 2-Piece (1/4, #2) | DRV41209
  • TEKTON Phillips/Slotted High-Torque Screwdriver Set, 2-Piece (1/4, #2) | DRV41209
  • TEKTON Phillips/Slotted High-Torque Screwdriver Set, 2-Piece (1/4, #2) | DRV41209
  • TEKTON Phillips/Slotted High-Torque Screwdriver Set, 2-Piece (1/4, #2) | DRV41209

TEKTON Phillips/Slotted High-Torque Screwdriver Set, 2-Piece (1/4, #2) | DRV41209

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Combine power and speed with the unique handles of the TEKTON 2-pc. Screwdriver Set. The handles rely on three-sided geometry, not just friction against your skin, giving you the comfortable leverage to break stubborn fasteners loose. For easy installation and assembly work, rounded top and bottom sections let your fingertips spin long fasteners quickly. The blades are made of premium chrome molybdenum steel and are strengthened through an exacting heat treating process. Rather than a layer of plating, the steel surface of the blades is directly treated with a hot black oxide finish—the same process used to protect firearms. This finish can’t flake off, and it preserves the precisely sized tips for an exact fit in fasteners over time. The butt ends have a clear size marking that is easy to identify in your tool belt or chest drawer. Set Includes: 1-pc. slotted screwdriver: 1/4 x 4 in. 1-pc. Phillips screwdriver: #2 x 4 in. Get organized with the TEKTON 10-Slot Screwdriver Holder and Organizer.
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Cheap steel, not worth the effort. *Edit 10/27/18* EditI will up the stars from one to three on this product simply for the customer service I received. After posted the review below, I was contacted by Tekton and told they would send me a new one, promptly. While I still think these have too soft a steel mix, the customer service is on the ball.--------I'm an electrician, and thought I would give these a try. Only used one, the 1/4 x 4" as this is my most used size Klein flat. Removing an old meter base this week caused these pictures. Was trying to undo the lugs holding the 2/0 wire, and I shouldn't be able to twist steel like that by hand. I'm not that strong. I'm sure they would warrantee it, but what's the point? Guess these might be good for a kid to learn with. Hoped for better, being USA. USA made with cheap soft steel, it seems. Next round will be Wiha. 3Sturdy, good value Very nervous about this purchase, but it turned out to work great. That's becoming a theme for me when I buy tekton. I was nervous because I use these tools on the car occasionally and I've broken the tips off all my other flathead screwdrivers doing car repairs. I don't have the budget for pro grade tools, but I like to do my own work when I can. For OCCASIONAL heavy duty work, these have been great. They feel sturdy in the hand, and haven't failed me at home. I wouldn't call these snap on grade, but they'll suffice as a DIY substitute. 5Inexpensive but made in USA quality. Great value for a USA made screwdriver set. I'm a professional mechanic and I've always owned Craftsman and Snap-On screwdrivers. I'm tired of Sears and their crummy service and wasn't willing to pay tool truck prices for a another set of screwdrivers. I've seen Tekton tool reviews on YouTube and decided to give them a try. The triangle/3 sided handle profile was a big selling point for me, plus the price. I also purchased Tektons screw driver rack to help keep them organized in my tool box. The rack fits fine in a narrow and shallow tool box drawer, but only holds 10. The other 6 drivers I had to leave loose in the back. Overall quality seems good, I'm not a fan of the rubber overmold on the handles but it seems that's the fashion these days. I'd rather just have plain hard plastic handles. The 3 sided handle definitely fits my hand better than the 4 sided SnapOn or the 5 sided Craftsmans I've used in the past. Fit and finish is good, especially at this this price point. Overall, I am very pleased with the Tekton products I have purchased. The only improvement I would recommend is a 6 point drive for attaching a wrench below the handle like the tool truck brands, at least on the larger drivers. 5GREAT screwdriver set Love this 12 pc. screwdriver set, they feel great and look great; the black oxide is a really nice finish on the steel shank and the handle is well made. Last but not least they are made in the good old U.S. Of A. I think the only draw back from myself is that they come in a cardboard holding I wish they would have come I something better to place in my tool box but nothing I was gonna take a star away from them another great product by Tekton 5Made in USA Good set,I got the 12 piece combo set,was the right bang for the buck for me,but doesn't include any #3 Phillips,or the extra large flat heads.Handles are great,very comfortable and easy to grip/apply torque to.I was surprised all of these are marked USA on the handles,I've seen other Tekton drivers labeled US made, but didn't see it in this listing.Screwdrivers themselves are good quality for the pricenot the best, but they aren't priced like the best either.I would have liked to see 6 point drive "nuts" on the shanks of some of the larger drivers by the handles,but again at this price point I can't complain.Recommended 5Overall a good choice These drivers are a good value for the money, you get a fairly comprehensive set. The sturdiness and ergonomic rating is tough. While I understand the design of the handles, I find them both good and bad. They are designed in a way that allows for a solid and low slip grip on the handle, but at the same time, the handle does not feel comfortable in my hand which I find odd. This is acceptable however since I am not turning screws all day, so the better grip outweighs the comfort. They do provide a good non slip grip, even when oily or greasy. Dropping these in a pan of oil is no problem, the grip is mostly unaffected and the shaft will soak in some oil. Wipe it off with a rag when you are done for an easy cleanup.When I compare these to the old classic Craftsman screwdrivers, they meet somewhat different uses. These drivers provide a better grip making them better for everyday screws. The Craftsman drivers though can take more abuse. I feel comfortable using a hammer with the Craftsman drivers, but would not have the same comfort level with these. In saying that, it is worth noting that use of a hammer with them is improper use as they are not impact drivers. The blades on these Tekton drivers are also not designed to accommodate a wrench for additional torque, either by a squared shaft or with a hex portion where the shaft and handle meet.Another point of interest with these is the black oxide finish. Unlike those with a chrome finish, these will/can develop surface rust if they are let to dry out. These may not be the perfect for for those just wanting screwdrivers in a homeowners tool bag, where the tools are not used very often. If you keep these in a larger tool chest like I do, you are likely already aware of keeping a light film of oil/grease on your tools, so the issue is more a moot point.If I had a say in how to improve these, I would consider the JAWSFIT design that is used on the Vessel 900 series Megadora cross-point tips (NOTE: this design can cause damage to decorative screws). The issue with the normal phillips design is they are prone to cam out and these are no exception. So if the phillips design tip is required, the JAESFIT design would at least help out. Ideally, the phillips head would be replaced with a JIS compatible tip which in my experience grips even regular phillips screws far better than any phillips driver. Although the JIS standard is somewhat obsolete, the specific compatible design I am referring to is the DIN 5260-PH/ISO 8764-1 standard which is compatible with the JIS standard screws. Unfortunately here in the US, the design standard used on screwdrivers is not disclosed to customers.Overall, I am happy with these drivers. They are a solid product and backed by Tekton's warranty which is top notch. It is hard to go wrong with these if you are in the market for general US retail available screwdrivers. 4TEKTON screwdrivers I absolutely love these screwdrivers! I have big hands but I can get a good grip on these, and they are comfortable in my hand. The drivers don't slip out of the fasteners as so many other screwdrivers do. I was always a Craftsman guy, but these drivers are better than that! 5They are not bad for DIY'er and shade tree mechanic I recently gave away all my old Made in the USA Sears Craftsman screwdriver and bought a set of these screwdriver. Granted the Craftsman never failed me and though they feel cheap due to the clear plastic handle. They do work. After much research on the web, I concluded these are going to be my next of screw driver for the next 10 to 15 years. Well, low and behold. I used the flat head the other day trying to loosen a stainless steel drain bolt on my friend's boat. The screwdriver blade twisted and deformed. Again, never had any issues with the old Sears Craftsman. Given that these were fairly cheap in price, I'm not going to bother returning the whole set back to Amazon and I don't think it's fair. So I'm not sure if this is a small defect where the screwdriver wasn't property heat treated. I stuck it the flat blade in a vise and twist it back enough where it's usable again.For $20 bucks for a set of screwdriver, They are not bad for DIY'er and shade tree mechanic. But I wouldn't recommend this for those who wrench for a living. As for the rest of the set, they seem to be holding up on light to medium use. 1Good for Everyday use! This is a great deal for a Made in the USA screw driver set. The handles are rubber coated for good grip but the shape requires you hold them pretty high up for maximum torque. The 3/16 and 1/8 shanks are too easy to bend. I don t think it s a result of bad steel, rather the handles used with those shanks are far too large. I would still like to see a larger shank with milled down tips. The rest of the screwdrivers are solid and this set fills the void Craftsman left. 5Very Pleased I have a lot of hand tools, including brands such as Craftsman and Snap On in my garage shop. However, I needed some additional hand tools for the basement workshop - I wasn't going to go to the garage every time I needed a tool. I don't require the most expensive brand out there either. Someone recommended looking at Tekton and after looking at the reviews, I decided to give them a go. I was happy with the price and so far, I've been very please with the feel and quality...just what I needed really. 5
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