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Update International SPS-20 Induction Stock Pot, 20-Quart, Silver

  • Update International SPS-20 Induction Stock Pot, 20-Quart, Silver
  • Update International SPS-20 Induction Stock Pot, 20-Quart, Silver
  • Update International SPS-20 Induction Stock Pot, 20-Quart, Silver
  • Update International SPS-20 Induction Stock Pot, 20-Quart, Silver
  • Update International SPS-20 Induction Stock Pot, 20-Quart, Silver
  • Update International SPS-20 Induction Stock Pot, 20-Quart, Silver
  • Update International SPS-20 Induction Stock Pot, 20-Quart, Silver
  • Update International SPS-20 Induction Stock Pot, 20-Quart, Silver
  • Update International SPS-20 Induction Stock Pot, 20-Quart, Silver

Update International SPS-20 Induction Stock Pot, 20-Quart, Silver

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Professional Quality Stock Pot - 20 qt capacity, induction ready, and NSF listed
  • Ergonomic Handles - Large ergonomic handles are securely riveted to safely lift and transport
  • Superior Heat Distribution - Heavy duty 3-ply bottom for superior heat distribution
  • Includes Lid - Comes complete with cover (cover not NSF Listed)
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Customer Reviews

Loved this pot last year. We'll see about this new one.I received one of these last year and liked it so much I bought another one for myself. There are some differences in the one I got recently that I'm not happy with. The welds for the handles on the lid and the pot have made bumps that protrude slightly and are visibly darker. The one from last year has bumps as well but they are almost imperceptible. The rims around the pot handles have some smudge that seems to wipe off (with a bit more than average effort) and there is an actual 1/4" metal shaving protruding from behind one. The pot seemed lighter so I weighed it. My first pot is 5452 grams and the new one is 4702 grams. So, that is a 13.75% decrease of material. I measured the wall thickness as well. My first pot was .98 mm and the new one is .9 mm. That would explain 8.1% of the difference, but the handles are slightly larger on the new one (which I like better). The rest of the weight comes from the place where I really don't want it to come from...the bottom. It went from 11.1125 mm to 9.525 mm, for a decrease of 14.28%, although it does appear to be 4.76 mm (3/16") wider.I like the first pot so much that I'm willing to give this one 4 stars still (last year's model is a solid 5). After a good cleaning (and a bit of sanding for that metal shaving) it should be okay. The versatility of a pot like this is fantastic. I just don't like the idea that it is a little bit less robust than before, and I'm definitely not a fan of the thinner bottom, but I'm hoping it doesn't make much of a difference in how it heats up as far as soup. I'll revise this review if it does.4Great!This is a great stock pot. We finally have a stock pot that takes up the entire width of the 11" element on our Electrolux Induction Range!! So many of them are quite a bit narrower but taller. I like the proportions of this one much better. The handles and lid are very nice and there's a good weight to the pot, but not too heavy. The finish is very nice. Note, the weight listed on Amazon is way off. I measured it at 6.5 pounds, not 7.9 pounds.5Even heating on induction; completely smooth interior for easy cleaningThis is for the SPS-16, 16 quart Update International stock pot. Very uniform boiling pattern due to the thick base. I'm pleased with the rivet-less, spot-welded handles which means I don't have to clean around rivet heads--the entire interior is uninterrupted, smooth, stainless steel. I'm puzzled by some of the reviews dissing this design. It's not a bridge! If the pot is full (70 pounds, including the pot), the 20 spot welds each support 3.5 pounds. Do you really think the handles are going to rip off? For comparison, I've been using another 16 quart stock pot that has only 16 spot welds on the handles for a decade with no problems.The lid fits into any pot with a 10-15/16" to 11-3/8" inside diameter. Bonus for us, that's a perfect fit for our 11" Scanpan skillet.5Extra room saves a boiled over mess on your stovetopThis is a great pot for anyone that makes homemade soups! For an average family it is more than enough BUT the extra volume in size allows any cook room to add extra meat, vegetables or stock to a recipe with no fear of the soup boiling over and allows plenty of room for stirring. I love this pot and highly recommend it. Extra care in packaging during shipment was done and the pot arrived in excellent condition. The only drawback - the handles. It would have been nice if they were coated so then didn t get so hot. I find it difficult having to use potholders on the handles when the pot is full of soup due to the overall weight...just a minor issue.5Great quality pot easy to cleanI just LOVE this pot! The design is perfectly smooth stainless inside and out that is extremely easy to clean (NOTE: You need a big sink!) We use it to cook our quince for making quince spread and have found the thick heavy bottom to ensure even heat that prevents burning when the temperature is carefully controlled on our induction cooktop burner, even over extended cooking times. As our production goes up, we will definitely consider purchasing a second pot. Oh, by the way, it also made a fabulous turkey soup, easily holding the bones from a 28 pound turkey!5a very good purchaseI bought this item for the sole purpose of home cheese making. I use it on electric cooker which I find more difficult to adjust compared to gas based ones. This pot has stood very well against over a year of frequent use.Its thick base helps even heat distribution and so far I have not experienced any burnt milk. I sometimes need to heat the whey for 45 minutes at the highest heat to achieve 200 F (for ricotta making) and even at that setting, I have seen nothing getting brown or nastily sticking to the bottom.As a part of cheese making I constantly monitor the temperature of the contents and I have not seen much difference between the bottom and the top (mixing or not mixing only makes 1F difference) which is another indication of even heat distribution.Capacity wise: For sure it is not 20 quarts. I have comfortably worked with up to 18 quarts (without the lid) and up to 16 quarts with the lid on (at 18 quarts lid touches to the milk, which in my opinion is a design flaw.). But for me it is enough and I was sort of expecting this capacity issue based on reviews so I can not complain about it.For cleaning, I use hand washing due to the massive size and it is not very easy but it is a price you have to pay for this size.I can also ensure you about the quality of steel. It does not get oxidized or go gray in time; and as long as you close the lid properly, it is not an insulated pot but it can retain the interior heat for sometime (it also depends on what you have in and its specific heat value plus the mass as well as the temperature difference between outside and inside) For example: 16 quarts of milk that has been heated up to 93F can retain the inner temperature over 85 for a couple of hours.For the price and quality, I think it was a good purchase and I recommend this item to anyone who is particularly interested in home cheese making.5Love this pot so much i need to get a ...Do canning. Make cheese. This heavy bottom stops the stuff from burning when heating the curds - ALWAYS did that no matter how much i stirred on the thin bottom pots.When you make apple sauce and apple butter - you get a bit of scorch almost every time - even with constant stirring. Not now.Salsas and pasta sauces? No more burning to the bottom.Surprisingly the heat actually seems to be more effeciently and quickly spread through the ingredients than with smaller pots. The 4 gallons of milk on the last batch of raw goat milk mozzarella didn't take very much longer to heat at all - and that is the time consuming part, so it took a touch longer than the typical 2-gallon batch, but i got pounds more cheese for maybe a total of 5 or 6 more minutes.Love this pot so much i need to get a couple smaller sizes for other batches to run simultaneously...5It PittedI spend several hundreds of dollars on Amazon a month and this is my 1st complaint. I purposely purchased your large Update International (SPS-40) 40 Qt Induction Ready Stainless Steel Stock Pot w/Cover https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B000X1OLJW/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o02_s04?ie=UTF8&psc=1 because it seemed like the best. ITS NOT! now it's a huge 40 qt pot so I had no need for it immediately but I wanted to have it so I could make a lot of chicken noodle soup. I literally used it for 4 hours, MAYBE 5 at the top end and it pitted all over the bottom! I used it ONLY one time. So I am a business person and would not a negative review so I figured before I posted a 0 or 1 review, I would reach out and see what you would do to remedy this situation. I either need a new pot or a better one if you have it and I'd be willing to pay the difference. I am NOT happy at all!I would have commented earlier, but as I stated, I finally got around to using it because most people don't need something this large very often and I finally just used it.Please advise.1Boss PotI love this stockpot. It is heavy stainless steel everywhere it touches the food. While it has an aluminum core in the bottom pad, that core is wrapped in induction-friendly steel, AND it is separate from (but firmly attached to) the pot. There will be no aluminum leaching into the food.My first test of the pot was a big batch of tomato sauce - nothing stuck to the bottom or burned, and the tomatoes did not stain or pit the inside of the pot at all. It cooke beautifully.The value aspect of the pot is exceptional. I bought a very very fancy name brand stock pot - much smaller - the same day. It was marked way way down but still cost more than this, and it is nowhere near as good. This is like one of my grandmother's pots - updated to work with modern cooking technology.5A beautifully designed and highly durable stainless steel 4.5 gallon kettleI got this for brewing beer in small 2.5 / 3 gallon batches. Was going to go with the cheapie $40 one I also found on here but decided that spending $15 more on a much higher quality kettle would be worth it, and I was most definitely correct. It came in a box that looked like it had been through hell and back but the kettle itself showed not a single dent or scratch. I tested the strength of the walls by squeezing hard on the sides of the kettle and it barely showed any flexing. I can tell that this is a very durable product that will last for many years.Couple of notes:* The kettle bottom, body and lid are stainless steel and magnetic so they should work fine with an induction heater. The handles are non-magnetic, possibly aluminium* The bottom is completely flat, which is also important for cooking with an induction cooktop* The internal dimensions are ~10x11.5 inches, so using some basic math to solve for the volume of a cylinder we can see that the maximum volume would be about 4.5 gallons or 18 quarts (17 liters)* The bottom is REALLY thick, a bit more than 1/2 an inch, which is great for evenly distributing heat and maintaining temperature* The design of the kettle is quite nice, whoever made this definitely put time and effort into every detail5
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