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VersaPro 5000 Medicine Cups Disposable 1oz. Graduated - 1 PK/100, Clear

  • VersaPro 5000 Medicine Cups Disposable 1oz. Graduated - 1 PK/100, Clear

VersaPro 5000 Medicine Cups Disposable 1oz. Graduated - 1 PK/100, Clear

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Can hold upto one ounce
  • Suitable for dispensing both liquid and dry medications
  • Calibrated from 1-8 drams; 1/8-1 fluid ounce; 1-2 tablespoon and 2.5-30 mL and cc.
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Customer Reviews

I use these for measuring & mixing materials for resin ...I use these for measuring & mixing materials for resin casting.Inexpensive enough to be disposable (because some of the resin will always stick to the surface of the cups, making your subsequent measurements inaccurate).Especially handy if you're only mixing up a small amount.Depending on the lighting and your eyesight - the markings can be hard to read (especially since the resin components are the same color as these cups). I use a Sharpie to highlight the measurement I plan on using prior to use - that helps quite a bit. 5Excellent for measuring small amounts.Excellent for measuring in fractions of an ounce. I am using them to measure components of a high-tech three part marine paint, often 1 to 3 ounces of paint with the other components in fractions of 1/8, 1/4, 1/2, or less. The clear plastic construction allows light through making it easier to see the graduations vis a vis the contents. The 1 oz. size avoids using a larger container in which there would be greater loss of these very expensive ingredients by adhesion to the sides and bottom of the container when pouring. Also, the material stands up completely to these volatile chemicals and solvents.The latest version that I recently received in addition to the fractional oz. markings has the part of an oz. that each represents, I.e., ounce is 8, 1/4 oz. is 2, 1/2 is 4, etc., very useful for my purposes. 5Almost impossible to read the markings; not recommended.Extremely disappointed in these medicine cups. The problem is that the markings are almost impossible to see!The entire purpose of having these is so that you can measure liquid, but you can't in these cups because you can't see the markings. I have to hold these up to the light and use a sharpie to mark exactly where I need to fill it. And even with holding it up to the light I frequently have trouble. I could read the markings on the set they gave me at the hospital. The cups from the hospital were molded with the marks on them, these have the marks made by impression. Very faint impression. It's ridiculous and dangerous not to be able to accurately measure liquid medications. I have to replace them. The good ones cost only a dollar more; hindsight is 20/20 I guess.If you're not going to measure with them and just need tiny cups then go for it, it's a good price! 1Not good for measuring epoxyI purchased these for mixing epoxy. I don t mind so much that they are thin and flimsy, but once the liquid is in the cup it is impossible to read the measurements. The measurements are also imprinted on the inside of the cup, so when you stir and scrape the sides of the cup, as you do when mixing, you are scraping along the imprint. It caused a lot of micro bubbles as a result. These may be fine for holding pills, but I would steer away from using for liquids. 1Not the ones picturedI did not get the ones pictured. I specifically wanted these on the picture but instead the seller sent me the cups with the lip all around the top. I don't like those. These retain water on the lip, I reuse them for medicine preparation and don't want to be bothering to towel dry that part because it won't air dry as easily as the ones pictured. 3Flimsy and BrokenOnce a day, I put my morning and bedtime meds into these cups. (I assure you, there is no safety hazard involved; will spare you the details.) My intention was to reuse these; I figured they'd last forever. At least 10% of these cups were broken right out of the gate. I have no idea if others in the package are also broken. They are BEYOND flimsy and I'm often tempted to trash them or double them up. Not sure they are worth the cost; heck, the provided med up on a bottle of antacid is infinitely better quality. 2Measurements disappear when filledI bought these to replace some domed bottom medicine cups I was using to measure my resin. These took a little getting used to because they are flat bottomed. I like all the different measurement options on them, it allows me to mix slightly larger batches of resin easily.Another plus is that hey are pretty flexible and allow me to squeeze the cup to get a more direct pour for my resin.My only complaint is that it is very hard to read the numbers once any liquid is in them. Even with the clear resin In them the lines and numbers seem to disappear. I use a fine point sharpie and mark a line at the measurement I need. This is a must if I want to see where I'm measuring to.I don't see this being a problem if you are using them for regular crafty stuff but if you are measuring something important such as medicine, or resin that requires precise measurements it could be a problem.They are small graduating cups, just under 1.5 inches with a flat bottom.Pros:PriceSizeLots of measurement optionsFlexibleCons:Inability to read measurements once filled with any liquid, even clear liquid. 4USE CAUTION WHEN ORDERINGI ordered these in December and loved them. When I reordered this month they are a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT product. They are a harder plastic and have ridges in the bottom. This makes it particularly hard to mix epoxy and also to see the measurement lines once you add product to them. The product pictured was the same I had purchased but it def was not the same product I received in the mail. And guess what....RETURNS ARENT ALLOWED, even though the product isn t the same that I ordered. Ridiculous. 1Misleading!You will not get the cup shown in the picture! You receive a cheap flimsy version that looks different and buckles when trying to mix. Probably work ok just to measure medicine but for mixing. I usually purchase the style in the picture I would not purchase again from this brand. 1Quality has become very poorAmazon tells me that I bought my first batch of cups from this vendor in November 2012. Those first cups were good quality injection molded plastic with sharp, clear, easy to read graduations. When I saw that they were still available, I was happy that I wouldn't have to start from scratch to find more cups. When the new order arrived, however, that satisfied feeling soon turned to disappointment.The new cups show little resemblance to the first batch. The plastic in the new group is thinner and less resilient. If you squeeze the bottom too tight they cave in and have to be pressed back into shape. The graduations are very faint, making it difficult to read.Needless to say, I will not buy from this vendor again. 1
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