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VIVO Gray Height Adjustable Childrens Desk and Chair Set | Kids Interactive Workstation

  • VIVO Gray Height Adjustable Childrens Desk and Chair Set | Kids Interactive Workstation
  • VIVO Gray Height Adjustable Childrens Desk and Chair Set | Kids Interactive Workstation
  • VIVO Gray Height Adjustable Childrens Desk and Chair Set | Kids Interactive Workstation
  • VIVO Gray Height Adjustable Childrens Desk and Chair Set | Kids Interactive Workstation
  • VIVO Gray Height Adjustable Childrens Desk and Chair Set | Kids Interactive Workstation
  • VIVO Gray Height Adjustable Childrens Desk and Chair Set | Kids Interactive Workstation
  • VIVO Gray Height Adjustable Childrens Desk and Chair Set | Kids Interactive Workstation
  • VIVO Gray Height Adjustable Childrens Desk and Chair Set | Kids Interactive Workstation
  • VIVO Gray Height Adjustable Childrens Desk and Chair Set | Kids Interactive Workstation

VIVO Gray Height Adjustable Childrens Desk and Chair Set | Kids Interactive Workstation

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • ERGONOMICS - Comfortably designed and height adjustable to avoid unhealthy slouching. Perfect Birthday or Christmas gift for your child
  • AGE RECOMMENDATION - This desk and chair station is recommended for children ages 3-10
  • MATERIAL - Both desk and chair have solid steel frames for sturdiness and stability
  • STORAGE - Large organized pull out drawer for storing coloring utensils, books, papers, etc.
  • 3 YEAR MANUFACTURER WARRANTY - This product comes by a limited 3-year Manufacturer warranty as well as friendly tech support to help with any questions or concerns.
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Customer Reviews

Worst piece of furnitureIt has been only 4 months since I bought this stupid thing and one side of the chair rolls down and does not stay at the set height. I am so fed up with adjusting the height of the chair again and again and the moment my 5 year old sits on it, it goes down. And i cant return this to anyone or exchange it since the manufacturer is in China and Amazon would not help. One of the biggest reasons I am not in favor of buying things online. My sincere advise to everyone, dont be penny wise and pound foolish. Spend a little more but buy a good piece of furniture from a store. It would go a long way with your budding geniuses studies.1Almost perfect This is a great children s desk. The quality and finish is excellent. The powder coated metal and laminate parts are very durable. Since most of the desk is welded together a lot of the holes for the bolts did not line up perfectly. However it was close enough with a little force applied to the parts when bolting it together. The biggest issue was the drawer slide assembly. In order for the drawer to slide in and out smoothly the brackets needed to be perfectly adjusted by bending them into correct alignment. This takes quite a while to achieve. It would have been better if the mounting points on the slides had some play to adjust them when mounting the drawer assembly. The chair does not slide on carpet. The adjustable feet are useless. They just spin freely if loosened at all. If the feet fall off or are removed the caps at the ends of the base of the feet fall off. So the only option is to keep the adjustable feet screwed on snug. 4Quality! I studied the reviews on this product and went back and forth on purchasing it for our sons 6th birthday. I am so glad we did! The quality is wonderful and it was very easy to assemble. We have not had any problems with the chair adjusting like others have mentioned. This was a wonderful purchase and my son loves it! The desk top space isn t huge but it s perfect for his age. I can see this desk working well for the next few years until he needs to spread his homework out more. I do recommend this product! 5Has a feature used in occupational therapyI bought this for my daughter for few reasons. 1- I needed something that would fit in a small space and this is def space saving! 2- she benefits from writing at an angle since she puts lots of pressure on the pencil and ends up laboring over homework. I love that this gives her the option to also flatten it. 3- color scheme goes with her room and can be placed in my youngests room after.It took my husband an hour to build. The material is sturdy and we have no complaints.4Excellent Desk/Chair for Kids!I purchased 2 of these desks for my 8 and 9 year old daughters. Both items arrived very quickly came securely packaged in boxes. Directions are given in pictures and are extremely easy to follow. All screws and small parts are clearly marked and packaged. The desks and chairs were fun to put together (I like putting things together) and took less than an hour for each set. I watched TV as I constructed them. My daughters are very happy with their desks and chairs, and I m happy Bc they have room to grow and still use them. Highly recommend! A+++ all around!5Couldn't be more pleased!We bought this and having Prime, it arrived in 2 days. The package was in great condition as were all the contents when opened. I was nervous about putting this desk together based on reviews on other VIVO products, but it was a cinch! I think you have maybe 16 screws to put in total and you are given the tool to do so with easy to follow instructions. The product is great quality! The pieces are really heavy and seem durable. The book rest is wider than it looks as my son's Kindle Fire can fit on it easily even though he has a huge child-proof case on it. Another plus that is not mentioned is the book mount tilts to any angle! The lamp is another great feature and can move to any position with 3 different light settings! The drawer has ample storage room. We immediately put in our son's dictionary, a few books, a pencil box and several writing utensils. After all those supplies, there is still room! We tried the desk at every height as well as the chair and there is definitely room to grow. We also raised the desk to view that feature as well. This feature caused me some anxiety but after using it in person, it is safe. You can raise it and then screw the sides in so that it won't slip. Originally I thought my child would be able to move it back and forth as he wanted and was unsure if it would catch his hands, but it really isn't possible since you screw it in place at whatever angle you choose.My son is 6 years old and we bought this for his next school year so as to have a place to do homework. Because he attends a Montessori, it was important to us that the desk fit his size. I really could not be more pleased with this product. Honestly, the only reason I took so long in deciding to purchase was price but after researching several models and styles, I realized that the price was not an issue. Since my child is so young, I didn't want to spend more than $150 on something I didn't expect to last. Most desks are about $125 or more and that doesn't include the chair which falls between $40-60. These amounts combined are more than this complete desk set as well as without the benefit of being able to adjust the height as my child ages. Really great product and I highly recommend! I will update in future if I do have any problems, but I really doubt that will be the case!5Perfect for kindergartner and upIt is PERFECT for my 5 years old to do homework for kindergarten. He is 43" and table at lowest setting and chair in second lowest setting. It is not difficult to put together. Looks sharp, does not take too much space (we live in apartment), will grow with him, and functional with drawer. Since we want to maximum the desk space, I got a clamp lamp to use for the table. My 5 years old is begging to do homework on it....he has no idea what is coming for the next 20 years! LOL5Perfect desk and chair for children.This desk was delivered on Sunday my SO had it put together pretty fast. It's sturdy and perfect for our 5 year old who just started homeschool yesterday. He was able to sit at his desk for long periods of time while practicing writing his letters and while learning how to use his laptop. The desk top is easy to adjust and the little drawer is perfect for crayons and pencils. The chair is also sturdy and it seems to be comfortable enough. I would recommend this desk and chair to other parents looking for something similar. I love that the desk and chair adjust so my son won't grow out of in a few months. My son is 40lbs and about 43.5 inches. It looks like the chair is as low as it will go.5Five Stars Well constructed and easy to out together. I'm sure it's going to be a hit with my niece.[edit]As expected, a big hit. 5Perfect for home schoolerThis desk is great for our home schooled 5 year old. He has issues with handwriting, and one of the most basic fixes was to make sure he was seated at a desk at the right height with a chair that let his feet be flat on the floor. With the many settings, this desk will grow with him for years. The drawer inside is the right size to hold his notebook and activity book as well as scissors, glue, and writing utensils/crayons. One of my favourite features is the tilting desk top, which he uses for art. We tape butcher paper to the desk and tilt it for him to use as an easel. The surface of the desk is very easy to clean which is important for a five year old who doesn't keep all his pencil/crayon on the paper, and the two little grooves on either side of the desktop keeps his pencil from rolling to the ground.All in all, with how sturdy it is, and the adjustable height of the desk and chair, this desk is an incredible value. It was also easy to assemble.5Excellent desk for a growing childMy daughter is 5 and is in kindergarten, so I wanted to find something that she could do school work, but also use for other things as well. This desk appealed to me because you could adjust it to grow with them, and since she's a petite little thing, this seemed like a good idea since it could grow with her.It's been everything and more in the few weeks she's had it. She uses it to build lego sets, watch things on a phone or her kindle, has a good view of the TV, and even allows her to have a laptop up there for when she wants to indulge in a session of Minecraft. The storage area underneath is extremely nice since she can put paper, pencils, pens, and anything else in there and it stays out of the way. She has not used to the adjustable surface yet, but everything else about it has been great.There has not been a single instance of her tipping the chair back, so I don't think that's actually an issue unless the child actively tries to tilt the chair back, and the light the deluxe version has is actually pretty neat. It's much brighter than you'd expect and having the different brightness levels plus ability to tilt it is extremely nice, particularly when she's using it to build Lego sets.Putting the desk together was mostly easy and straightforward. Nothing was damaged even though the box looked like it went through a serious game of kickball where the box was the ball. The cupholders on the side aren't the greatest thing, but that's more because we have an opportunistic dog who went right after the cup of chocolate milk she placed in there.There's plenty of surface area for her to work with and easily can hold a laptop with an external mouse and mouse pad if you so desire. The light needing to be plugged in does mean you'll need to have it near an outlet, but that wasn't an issue for us.Overall, I'm very pleased and impressed with this desk and definitely think it's worth the price, particularly since you can raise the desk and chair as your child grows.5Awesome desk that will grow with your child for a long time! This is our second desk like this. I homeschool and we bought one originally for my younger son who needed a slanted to surface to help his writing and fine motor skills. This worked awesome. My 8 year son really like it and we ended up getting him one. He loves that he can raise and lower it so easily. He raises it and stands at his desk to do some of his work or can pull up a big swiss ball and sit and do his work if he doesn't feel like sitting still in his regular chair. It's also great that the desk tray can store their own pencils, crayons, markers, and help aids. They hang their water bottles on the side on the clip. We love the little cut out on the top of the desk on the side. My boys keep pencils in one side and an error in the other. These desks are pretty quick to put together (30 min max) and will last years. The chair seat is a little long for my kids so we got seat cushions and we tied them to the back of the seat so it acts as a back rest. I also put a big stretchy elastic band around the back their chair to help the pad stay in place. With the $5 seat cushions from walmart, their backs can actually rest against the pad and they are more ergonomically correct in a sitting position rather than slouching. Overall, these have definitely been worth the money and they truly will grow with our boys. 5Safety hazard Height Adjustable failnearly after 8 monthsbought this item in February 2019. After nearly 8 year the Height Adjustable lock failed. The table and chair lost one of it's locking capabilities to hold the height on one side. The table and chair both did this. And yes I made sure that the adjustable legs were in their self locked position. This makes this item a safety hazard. I corrected this by drilling 2 machine bolts in each leg at the highest height. Thus because of this reason I could only give it 2 stars. However it did hold up the first few months on all accounts.1Great deskI am very happy with the desk but when it came it was missing the removable cup holder. The tilt lock knobs on both sides of the desk rotate in opposite directions. If the desk is tilted up and you want to bring it down if not conscious the desk will slam down, which is why we will never have the desk tilted up but use it leveled. The desk is sturdy and looks beautiful. Even with my previous statements I believe this to be an excellent purchase. I am a fan of the light and book tray. These additions make this desk worth having. I also like that this desk does not take up much space, which makes it ideal for small spaces. The directions were clear and concise, all the pieces came organized making it very easy to find everything and assemble the desk easily. It cleans up well, all I have to do is wipe it off.4
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