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Wall-Mount Bookshelf Pot Rack with Grid & 12 Hooks

  • Wall-Mount Bookshelf Pot Rack with Grid & 12 Hooks
  • Wall-Mount Bookshelf Pot Rack with Grid & 12 Hooks

Wall-Mount Bookshelf Pot Rack with Grid & 12 Hooks

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Pot racks are a great way to organize your kitchen.
  • This heavy gauge bookshelf pot rack measures 36 by 8
  • Comes with a matching grid and 12 hooks
  • Lacquered to resist tarnishing
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Customer Reviews

Chinese Garbage, Non-existent quality control. Old Dutch is a FRAUDFrame is not square, wire rack does not fit the frame, and 1 5/8" too narrow. Wire rack barely held by metal studs that are mis-threaded and uneven to keep the rack flat. The rack itself is a wavy-gravy abysmal failure. Disingenuous company that fails to inspect quality, or doesn't care. Caveat Emptor - picures don't lie. 1Very useful and functionalI purchased this pot rack to allow for additional space in my apartment to. Also to display my new pots and pans. As stated by other buyers there are issues that need to be resolved when hanging. First and foremost the item does have some weight to it. Yet to be functional it does need weight. After all it's meant to hold pots and pans. It's weight is about 22 lbs.So that being said, as one reviewer pointed out, you need to either locate the studs or install hanging strips to mount it. I installed 2 - 1 x 2 strips which met the needs perfectly.Once installed I used the top rack, which is quite functional, for large pot storage and a small area for wine, olive oil etc.As to the packaging. The unit was shipped with adequate packing. As I have no use for the packing the material was of little concern. As it did its intended job. The item was shipped promptly and delivered with out issue. I would definitely recommend this unit for obvious reasons. Its not expensive as compared to others I researched. It is strong and should withstand many years of use. It is very functional and attractive as racks go. 5Very nice product but mounting requires some tools and skillThis rack arrived as advertised and is sturdy and when correctly mounted will hold most anything you want to hang from it. I am very pleased with the rack. But, the mounting instructions leave something to be desired. Here is my recommendation for mounting:Note: If your wall happens NOT to have the standard stud spacing, you're out of luck. The rack comes predrilled for a 32" spacing between holes. Find your studs and measure this spacing before starting. If it turns out you don't have two studs 32" apart for mounting, I suggest you box the thing up and return it. It's NOT a good idea to try and use drywall anchors to mount this rack!!!1. Here's what you absolutely must have to correctly mount this rack: a) a stud finder (and know how to use it, b) a good level (a laser model is even better), c) a socket set with a 10 mm socket (why do the Chinese ship metric bolts to the U.S.!!?? and beware ... the nearest U.S. size is going to strip the heads of the bolts, so if you don't have a 10mm go buy one and consider this part of the installation cost), d) a hammer, e) a drill with a small bit (1/8" or so). You may need a Phillips head screwdriver to get through the drywall if you like, but the manual screwdriver and the drill with a Phillips head bit won't help you screw this large bolt into a seasoned wall stud.2. Get the biggest pot you expect to hang and play around with where you want it on the wall. Once you determine that, the bracket bolts will be 13" higher than the top of the hold in the pot handle and in line with a wall stud. Use the stud finder to determine where the stud is. I used a small nail to ensure that I hit wood behind the drywall.3. Once you mark the top two holes for the brackets you are ready to mount the thing. Do not assemble the wall bracket to the frame as the instructions indicate before trying to mount the thing to the wall. Otherwise, it is a two-person job trying to hold the entire rack up to the wall while one person tries to screw the bolts into the studs.4. Once the two bracket holes are determined and verified, I recommend that you drill a pilot hole through the drywall and into the stud to help the bolt get started. Take the first bracket and either screw the bolt through the drywall to the stud or just pound it in with a hammer. If your house is more than 10 years old the studs will be cured, and if you are lucky you will have a seasoned pine or fir stud to screw into. I tapped the bolt once it hit the stud to make sure it was started. The pilot hole will help tremendously with starting the screw and it will verify you have hit the stud.5. From that point on, forget the Phillips head approach to screwing the bolt into the stud. The bolts supplied have heads that are too small for the size of the bolt, making stripping of the Phillips head or the 10 mm bolt head itself very likely unless you are careful. They should have had a larger head on the bolt to make this easier and it should have not been a metric size. Use your socket wrench and a 10 mm socket to *carefully* tightened the bolts. Even with the right sized socket it is easy to strip the head because it is too small for the size of the bolt and the torque required to screw the bolt into a seasoned stud.6. Tighten the top bolt in each bracket part way until the bolt is secure but not tightened all the way. Have your partner help you hold the main frame with the grill up in place while you attach the two front screws on the frame to the bracket. If you tighten these well, the rack will stay in place while you finish attaching all the other two bolts to the wall.7. Find the stud somewhere below the bracket with a stud finder. Using a level, project the stud location up to where one of the holes is located that attaches the frame to the wall. You can move the frame right and left to make this alignment if you haven't tightened the two bracket bolts at the top too tightly. You only need to locate one of these holes. The other one should be 32" away at the other stud, assuming your house is built with the standard stud spacing.8. You may not be able to drill the pilot hole for the lower bolts because your drill is not going to fit underneath the frame. I just used a hammer to pound the bolt into the stud to get it started. I finished the tightening with the 10 mm socket. Tighten all 4 bolts to snug the brackets and frame against the wall. You're done! You can hang the kitchen table from this thing and it wouldn't come out of the wall. 4Bad powder coat and quality controlI m returning it because the paint chips off if anything, and I mean anything touches it. I didn t even install it so I don t know how the hooks would hold up to a pan. But I bet it would all chip off and start rusting eventually. They claim it s powder coated but I ve never seen powder coating flake off like this.Also, the frame was bulging outward in the center and the grid was bowed up. I could bend them back manually but the grid still didn t have anything to hold it in place. I have the oval hanging version of this and it still has the bad paint but the design is better. Overall, it s not worth the money. Go spend $30 more on a stainless one or one with a lacquer. 1One of the best storage devices in my kitchen!First off, let me start by saying, I have a tiny kitchen, (less than 90 sq ft). So, basically, space saving devices are essential. As you can imagine, with such a small room, cabinet space is a bit tight, so anything that can get items up and out of my working space is a must. This hanging pot rack does just that, and may be one of the best space saving upgrades I've ever had the pleasure of purchasing. A gift from my husband, this item has really paid its way by making my small cooking space much more usable. So far, after over a year of having this in my kitchen (actually, to be more exact, adjacent laundry room), I have had a good opportunity to assess the longevity of not only the product, but its installation hardware.Not only is the hardware provided more than adequate when fastened into studs (as you can see by the picture, I loaded it up), but the item itself has been incredibly durable. Designed with 32 inch spacing between the lag screw holes, it can span three studs and screw into the outer two for a strong and secure mounting. I can't speak for situations where it would be mounted with expansion anchors or toggle bolts, but in studs, this thing is solid.Onto the finish. The plated metal coating has been remarkably durable, and after a year of use, I have seen no discernible wear. Well applied, the coating is thick and also attractive with no inconsistencies that I could find upon inspection. As for the design, I can think of nothing that would add to the usability. Not only does the heavy hanging grid provide ample space between pots, but it is also as durable as the framing itself.Another great feature, is the ability to store objects on top of the apparatus itself. Now, in my set up, I don't actually use the top for storage, but nonetheless, it is a nice feature (I'm not super tall and due to space constraints, I wanted to be able to access the space below without striking my head on heavy iron pots). While I did mount my rack high, and could store lesser used objects atop, I prefer the non-cluttered aspect of leaving it, for the most part, bare.All and all, I would completely recommend this product for those of you with a small kitchen, or anyone with a love of both function and aesthetics. Not only is it a handsome design, but it fulfills a strong utilitarian purpose. For the money, this item is bar none, an excellent value for its particular wall mounted application and quality. Without a doubt, this is a kitchen upgrade I would by again, as I could barely live without it. 5Looks nice and works.Heavy duty and performs its intended function of holding pots and pans. Unfortunately I had to create a brace for it since the mount holes are 32" apart (for 16" studs) but I have 24" studs. The powder coating is not heavy duty and easily flakes off. 3Holds a ton of weight and looks beautifulHolds my incredibly heavy copper mauviel pots and pans! Looks amazing, clean and classy. Really pulls the whole look together and easy to take pots and pans on and off. Lots of room for whatever else too. I installed it with different anchors and attached them to studs. I don't think it'll hold in dry wall alone. Makes me feel like I'm a fancy chef in a top restaurant! 5Heavy duty shelf with clean look and feelIf you plan on buying this shelf be aware that you should definitely install into wall studs. I had some challenges with the install which is why you see it upside down.The shelf is heavy duty similar to cast iron pans. There's no doubt it can hold plenty of items as long as you have it anchored properly. The shelf is versatile in that it can be installed as pictured or upside down. The holes on the shelf and bracket are spaced at 32" apart (horizontally) and 12" from the shelf to the bracket (vertically) so it works if you have studs every 16". However I did not have studs every 16" so I had to improvise.I have horizontal studs in my place (not sure how or why) and they were spaced every 2 ft. So I decided to drill extra holes into the shelf (5 additional holes) to guarantee the shelf would not fall. I then decided to be safe, flip the shelf so the there would be less pressure from the brackets having to be "pulled" from the wall. I then used 100lb wall anchors for the brackets.Note: Before installing the shelf, I put felt behind the shelf and brackets to prevent the unit damaging the wall too much once it's secured against the wall.I'm pleased with the shelf and the look. I was able to hang a few pans, pots, 2 cast iron pans, and on top I had a 6qt cast iron pan with a few other cast iron items. So far since installation I've checked daily and it's still secured against the wall with no movement. 4Very solid, holds many items, and looks wonderful!This is a solid and well-built rack with a nice area for kitchen books or decor! Nicely designed, it goes together very well and is firm and secure. We are very happy with the looks; it's a really nice addition to our kitchen and gives us a nice homey feeling. The color is powder coated and gives a nice antique look, matching our cabinets and hardware very well. We have darker cherry cabinets with bronze handles and they match this nicely.Besides looking great, a benefit of this rack is how much cabinet space you free up for other things. We like hanging gout pots and lids together (with the lid inserted through the pot handle and then the pot handle hanging. Some like to hang both pieces separately, that s up to how you like yours to look, it ll work either way. I like to grab a pot and get its lid too.In our home the wall studs are 16 on center, so the 32 spacing that this came pre-drilled for worked perfectly for us. If you have a wall with 24 centers you ll need to drill some additional holes on the back side (make sure you drill on the back not the front, the front side has threaded holes for the added supports). I strongly recommend you firmly attach this directly to studs due to not only the weight of the rack, but the weight of the pots and other items it ll be holding. I used a stud finder to assure a direct stud install. It would be sad to drill several holes in your wall. Make sure it s level by carefully measuring your first hole to floor distance and matching that on the 2nd hold.5 stars for a very solid and secure rack that performs well and looks great. 5Check for damage before putting up...It's very nice looking. But I am disappointed in their quality control. There is a small defect, one of the pegs they weld on, that holds up the shelf, is almost broken off. So, you can actually see where it is creating a hole, and on the part that is facing out. My husband had already put it up, so I told him just leave it, maybe no one will notice (cause you know he didn't see it, not many men pay attention to detail, they just put the thing up lol). I guess I am stuck with the defect. It's upsetting though because it wasn't cheap. Would have rated 5 stars otherwise. 4
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